eSports Interest on the Rise with 14% growth for 2016


eSports continues to be a popular online gaming option with the United States seeing 14% growth for 2016.

eSports is a term used to describe electronic sports, where computer gaming takes place in an organized and competitive environment. Computer gaming has been around for decades in competitive form but with the rise of internet usage over the past few years, eSports is beginning to become a very popular option, especially among millennials. The popularity is growing so much that that gambling industry is taking notice.

Increase in eSports Popularity in the United States

NielsenNielsen eSports Report is reporting that fans of eSports is growing at a rapid rate. When compared to last year, the gaming option has increased by 8%. In the report, it was noted that 77% of eSports fans are male with 66% being millennials. Fans are twice as likely to spend time on activities and entertainment related to eSports and are twice as likely to stream sporting events online as those who are non eSports fans.

The information found within the report also shows that 71% do stream events online and 40% are viewing events on television. 23% of those surveyed are actually attending the event. Individuals interested in eSports are more likely to be a fan of fighting sports as well as racing and soccer, both European and in the United States. The group is also more likely to enjoy sports video games.

Director of Nielsen Games, Nicole Pike, recently commented on the study by stating:

Nicole Pike Statement

Las Vegas to become eSports Capital of the World

The city of Las Vegas is no stranger to gambling and entertainment. The city is reportedly interested in becoming the eSports capital of the world and showing great interest in the genre. According to ESports Betting Report, the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee will be meeting this week to discuss eSports and how the industry can be implemented in the state. This committee is led by Governor of the state Brian Sandoval.

The agenda for the meeting, which will take place on Wednesday, is titled: “How Nevada can become the eSports capitol of the world”. Regulators of gaming, lawmakers and executives will be on hand to discuss this topic. It will be interesting to see what will take place and how the city will implement changes to become invested in eSports.

Looking Towards Millennials

It has become clear that gambling towns such as Las Vegas are looking towards millennials and how they can get this generation of individuals interested in gaming. Changes have already taken place in Las Vegas to try and get millennials to visit the gaming floor. Caesars properties have added a skill based gambling game known as Danger Arena to entice this group of individuals to place wagers. Gone are the days when basic gambling entertainment or the flashy lights of Vegas are inviting. The younger generation need something more stimulating to capture their interest. This could be were eSports comes in.

The eSports industry includes video gaming of which millennials are interested in. If Las Vegas can figure out how to capitalize on eSports, they certainly could become the new capital of the world for the activity and cement themselves as a further giant when it comes to entertainment and gambling.