Encore Boston Harbor is Being Sued for Cheating

Less than a month ago, the first casino establishment in Everett, Massachusetts officially opened its doors. It was an unusual location choice, yet analysts predicted the casino would become one of the biggest gaming venues on the East Coast. Unfortunately, the Encore Boston Harbor is being sued for alleged cheating. Court Gavel and Lawsuit Sign

It’s a tough blow for this Wynn-owned casino, which hoped to become the top gambling establishment in Massachusetts. Today, we’re looking at why players are suing this casino. We’ll also look at its revenue earnings over the past few weeks.

Encore Boston Harbor Posts Impressive Revenue Figures

The Wynn casino in Boston officially opened its doors on June 23rd, 2019. The decision to open this casino in Everett was met with some serious backlash. Everett is not known as a tourist destination. It’s largely an industrial zone, home to a water and sewage agency and power plant.

Of course, the Wynn has a proven track record of operating successful casinos. This company runs some of the top casinos in Las Vegas and other cities around the country. It’s not entirely surprising to see that it’s already posting some impressive revenue figures.

In its first week of operating, the Encore Boston Harbor has generated more than $17 million. According to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, this casino generated more than $2 million per day. Alan Woinski, president of the New Jersey-based Gaming USA Corporation, is impressed with how well the casino is doing right now.

“This was the best opening period for a new casino in a long time,” he said. 

John DeCree, a Union Gaming analyst, claims the high earnings are not entirely surprising. He feels the trend will continue as Wynn Boston Harbor begins to expand their marketing efforts.

“Usually the first 30 days of a new casino opening are very strong, so it’s not surprising,” DeCree said. “However, Wynn Resorts executives said they haven’t even really started marketing to their higher end players yet until they have a few months of smoothing out the operations, so it looks like Encore Boston is off to a good start with a promising outlook.”

Unfortunately, Encore Boston Harbor is being sued. Let’s take a quick look at why.

Encore Boston Harbor is Being Sued This Week

According to new reports, the huge revenue earnings coming into this casino may not be all that it seems. An individual is claiming that this casino is cheating blackjack players and withholding slot winnings from players. A class-action lawsuit alleges that the Encore Boston Harbor “willfully and intentionally” altered playing odds in the casino’s favor.

This lawsuit states the Wynn casino paid customer with odds of 6 to 5 for blackjack. Under state law, casinos are required to pay players odds of 3 to 2. That may not seem tremendously important, yet it could save the casino an estimated $30 million each year, according to reports.

There is also an issue with this casino’s slot winnings. According to the lawsuit, the Encore only pays out slot winnings in whole dollar amounts. Extra change is simply added to the casino’s coffers. Over time, this small amount of money adds up to millions.

Officials at Wynn are denying the allegations. Company spokesperson Michael Weaver claims that the Encore is following all of Massachusetts state gambling laws.

Future of Encore Boston Harbor

It’s never a great thing when a casino is sued during its first month of operating. With that being said, a huge number of New England gamblers have already played in this establishment. As one of the only major casinos in the Boston area, it’s unlikely that this lawsuit will have much of an impact.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission states that it’s aware of the lawsuit. Before this casino opened, Commission officials visited and approved the games.

Gambling experts believe the Encore Boston Harbor will generate more than $800 million in its first year of operating. As we mentioned earlier, this casino has not made much of an effort to target VIP players. Once it ramps up the marketing efforts, this gaming establishment may grow to become the biggest land-based casino on the East Coast.

Encore Boston Harbor is being sued. Most feel it won’t have any major impact on its operations moving forward. The state Gaming Commission may be forced to review the casino’s gambling structure and ask for changes to be made.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this lawsuit over the next few weeks!