East Windsor Wants To Be Picked for Third Connecticut Casino

East Windsor Connecticut

East Windsor ConnecticutAs one of only two towns remaining to be chosen as a site for a third casino in Connecticut, East Windsor is hoping they will be the chosen one.

When a casino is built from scratch, it brings about a great deal of revenue to an area. A casino project is usually a massive scale, meaning it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to create. Such projects brings jobs to the chosen area as well as the potential for increased revenues via tourism. For most people, a gaming venue coming to the local area is a win/win. East Windsor is one of just two areas in the running to be the site of a third casino for the state of Connecticut and the city hopes they will be the winner.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Officials of East Windsor are open to the potential that a new casino venue can bring. Officials know that a new casino in the state will be a big deal and there will be job as well as revenue opportunity. First Selectman of East Windsor, Bob Maynard, stated that the area is open to tax revenue and jobs. He considers the casino to be more of an entertainment facility instead of a casino.

The site that is currently being considered in East Windsor is where the Showcase Cinema is, a now vacant movie theater. There is also a vacant retail store being considered that was once home to Walmart. A new gaming venue would need to be strategically placed to attract customers as well as in an area large enough to house the facility as well as parking and all the extras that go along with the plans.

The site is actually close to Interstate 91 and is close as it can be to the heart of East Windsor. Maynard stated that the town prides themselves on the rural charm of the area but they also know the value of the gaming venue’s potential. Kevin “Red Eagle” Brown is the Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council, a group behind the casino proposal, who said that they are hearing many positives about Windsor Locks too, the second area being considered.


According to Brown, the towns are now recognizing what they can receive from a gaming venue being placed in their area. The Mohegan Tribe and the Mashantucket Pequot have been working together to find a spot for the casino for more than a year now. It has been two years since the tribes have been trying to create a third casino in the state. The tribes would be running the new venue together outside of reservation lands as a commercial venture.

Brown stated that people are realizing that tax dollars, jobs, improvements to services and more in the local community will take place if the venue is placed in their town. There are many good things to come and both communities want to be a part of it.

Next week, the chairmen of both tribes will be meeting with residents of East Windsor in a town hall setting to discuss any questions the townspeople may have about the casino development. According to Maynard, he believes that the East Windsor elected leaders are in favor of a gaming venue and that land is ready to be developed with little intervention by the local government. The property has to be zoned correctly and if so, a business can build as it sees fit.

The plans still have a way to go and the tribes have seen contention from several groups, including MGM Resorts. MGM feels that the tribes are not being open with the process of selection as they should be. Though the tribes say that there is nothing to report.