DraftKings Searches for Cyber Attack Culprit

Summary: After a cyber attack took place at their website, DraftKings is seeking permission to find out who attacked them via a federal court filing.

DraftKings is a brand synonymous with daily fantasy sports that recently began a foray into the sports betting world. After the United States Supreme Court ruled in May that sports betting could be legalized across the nation, the brand wasted no time getting started in this new industry. Last month, the company was hit with a cyber attack, rendering their online gaming activity useless. The company filed a document this week within federal court of Massachusetts to gain permission to look in to who was responsible for the attack.

Taking Action

DraftKingsIn the court filing, DraftKings noted the cyber attack and how it prevented the users of their site from taking part in activities they offer. Personnel of the brand spend many days trying to contain the attack and working preventing any further damage from taking place at the site due to the attack.

Chief Legal Officer of DraftKings, R. Stanton Dodge, commented the DraftKings is trying to identity the perpetrator to be able to better protect their interests in the future. In speaking with the Boston Herald, Mr. Dodge stated that the distributed denial of service or DDoS attack was detected in August and responded to immediately. No information regarding customers or the company was compromised during the attack.

The company is taking the attack very seriously and the filing in the court is the necessary next step to identifying the individual or individuals responsible and then holding them accountable. It is important for DraftKings to find out who attacked their site. They not only offer daily fantasy sports now, but also sports betting. The company has only grown in recent months and stopping any such attacks is imperative for secure operations.

The Attack

It was just one day after DraftKings opened their mobile sportsbook in New Jersey that they were subjected to a cyber attack. Taking place right before midnight on August 7th, the attack started, with the security protocols of the company stopping the attack from affecting service.

On August 8th, a second attack took place, this time with the site seeing three times the average volume of requests. Service for lost for just under 30 minutes. According to DraftKings, the responsible party sent thousands of packets of information or commands to their website with the intent of damaging and impacting the company in a negative manner.

The filing by DraftKings was approved by Judge Mark L. Wolf. With the approval, the company can now subpoena information from the IP addresses associated with the attack. User information as well as usage logs are being requested to find out who the 10 people are that are reportedly associated with the attack. The company is asking several companies for information including Google, T-Mobile, Verizon, NetActuate and the American Registry for Internet Numbers.

The company must determine who was behind the attack, particularly now that they are involved in sports betting. With the football season beginning, the brand will accepting an influx of wagers on NFL and NCAA action. If an attack like this were to happen again, even more people could be affected which could set the company in a negative light as they begin their foray in this new industry.

As the investigation continues, we shall hopefully see who was involved and why they decided to attack

DraftKings and what they hoped to gain.