Downtown Las Vegas Will Soon Get Neon Arches to Welcome Visitors

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas SignDowntown Las Vegas will soon get an illuminating set of neon arches that will serve as a beautiful welcome greeting to visitors heading downtown.

The arches will be built on Las Vegas Blvd., between St. Louis and Bob Stupak avenues, adjacent to the STRAT. It will face visitors as they drive down or walk north on Las Vegas Blvd toward downtown LV.

In an artist’s rendering of the new arches, the design of the arches will be a vibrant baby blue color, with the “City of Las Vegas” sign in baby pink. It’s a great tie-in to the aesthetic visitors can expect to find in Downtown Vegas, vintage storefront designs, and a bustling, colorful art scene.

The arches will reflect the city’s effort to renovate infrastructure in the downtown area, and update signage. Pretty soon, the new downtown sign will be popping up in Las Vegas tourist pictures in the same fashion as the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. That’s the hope, at least.

Construction on the 80-foot arches is set to begin on Monday, March 16, and is scheduled to be completed in September. According to the city of Las Vegas, the project will cost around $6.5 million. “Sporadic closures” on Las Vegas Blvd. will also be put into place to allow construction to take place.

Las Vegas Neon Signage

It’s no secret. One of the blazing images that make Las Vegas so memorable in the eyes of tourists and locals alike is its neon signs. It only makes sense that downtown Las Vegas wants to pay homage to its iconic neon roots by installing the new arches.

In fact, there’s a non-profit Neon Museum located downtown that exists solely to collect, preserve, study, and put historical, decommissioned signs on exhibit for visitors to explore and enjoy. Until April, visitors can still catch Neon Museum’s popular “Lost Vegas” exhibit, which is a collection of large-scale artworks by acclaimed, quirky director Tim Burton.

Based on the success of Tim Burton’s exhibit, which has benefitted the downtown economy substantially, the museum says they plan on featuring more traveling exhibits in the future.

One of the museum’s latest iconic additions will be the former Hard Rock Hotel’s 80-foot-tall neon Gibson guitar sign since the property will become Virgin Hotels this fall.

Yesco, the sign company which originally purchased the guitar sign, donated the piece to the Neon Museum who is thrilled to be its new retirement home. Since the sign is 27-years-old, there will be some work done on it to spruce up the neon effect and replace missing bulbs.

Most Iconic Las Vegas Neon Signs

Other iconic neon signs that have found their permanent home at the Neon Museum include:

The Aladdin lamp: It used to shine brightly at the former Aladdin casino that opened in 1966 and closed permanently in 1997. The Planet Hollywood now sits on the property.

The Stardust: The sign represents the booming atomic age era in Las Vegas, and was first created in 1958. It was rescued before the Stardust Hotel & Casino was imploded in 2006. It’s the biggest, brightest sign in the neon boneyard.

The Moulin Rouge: The former Moulin Rouge opened in 1955 and was known as being the first integrated hotel in the city. Fun fact: The same designed who designed the world-famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, Betty Willis, was the same designer behind this elegant signage.

Have you been to the Neon Museum of Las Vegas yet? Let us know what your favorite piece of neon signage is in the city, old or new!