Doodle Jump Game Coming to Land Based Casinos

Doodle Jump

Doodle JumpGamblit Gaming has joined forces with Lima Sky to bring a popular mobile game to the casino floor.

In 2017, we have seen much progression in the gambling industry to cater to the younger audience of gamers. the millennial generation is not terribly interested in traditional casino gaming such as with blackjack or poker. The younger generation of gamers want something different. This has caused great change in the gambling industry with the introduction of games that are more mobile friendly or similar to games that are played on social media sites. Games are even being created that provide an element of skill like video games in order to entice players.

The latest instance of a new gaming offering hitting the casino floor involves Gamblit Gaming and Lima Sky. Gamblit Gaming is a gaming software provider who has teamed up with the game publisher known for the popular mobile game Doodle Jump to bring the gaming experience to the casino floor. Doodle Jump was first released in 2009 and was made available across several platforms including Android and iOS devices, plus Nintendo DS and more. The game has been downloaded numerous times, over 250 million to be exact. Now a real money version is on offer and will be ready to hit gaming venues in 2018.

Play for Money

It seems that gaming developers are seeing the appeal of taking popular mobile and social media games and creating options for casino game play. Younger casino visitors will recognize the popular title and give it a try. Creating a Doodle Jump gambling game will surely attract young players and be a way to provide more options to the game floor that the millennial generation will find appealing.

The game will be placed within the TriStation game machine of Gamblit as well as the G-Sports eSports platform. Lima Sky Chief Operating Officer, Matt Turetzky, commented on the new game by stating that with real money wagering, the game will have an added level of excitement and engagement but will still hold true to the core elements of the game that makes Doodle Jump so popular among gamers.

Gaming Machines Already Set Up

Gambling Gaming already has Model G game tables in Las Vegas at several casinos. The TriStation platform will be launching sometime this summer. The hardware and games are already deployed in several locations which will make it easy for the Doodle Jump game to be added. Such venues as Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino as well as the LINQ, Paris Las Vegas and Caesars Palace all offer the gaming platform.

Skill games are becoming the wave of the future and Gamblit Gaming is placing themselves at the head of the pack when it comes to such gaming installations. The company has already secured deals with several venues in Nevada and has recently partnered with the Oklahoma venue, Downstream Casino Resort.

Gamblit is most well-known for the Model G gaming tables offering Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure, of which the Oklahoma casino will offer along with several venues in Nevada. The company is set up to deliver many quality gaming options for patrons visiting casinos in a few states and seem to be ready to move their products to other areas in the US as well.

This is just one example as to how the industry is changing and new gaming options are being placed on the casino floor. It will be interesting to see as the industry continues to grow this year, what other changes are to come and what new experiences gamblers will have to enjoy in the future.