DFS Bill Passes in NY; Will Gambling Be Next?

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New York StateDaily fantasy sports is now a legal activity within the state of New York with many now asking if online gambling will be next on the list.

Aside from online gambling, daily fantasy sports has taken the forefront in the United States as a gambling activity that has come under great scrutiny. Since the New York Attorney General decided to deem the activity illegal based on state laws last year, many states have come forward to do the same. Legislators across the United States have looked at the activity and have either deemed DFS illegal or decided to create legislation to put regulations in place for operators to follow. After being the first to announce that DFS is illegal gambling, the state of New York now joins those who have legalized the contests.

Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in NY

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to sign a bill into law that will allow for daily fantasy sports operators to offer their services in a legal sense within the state. The bill was passed in June and had just made it to the governor’s desk on Tuesday. Cuomo stated that he signed the bill due to the popularity of daily fantasy sports along with the fact that the activity was taking place without regulations in place as well as consumer protections.

Lawmakers felt that Cuomo would sign the measure into law, it just took some time for the measure to make it to the governor’s desk for signing. DraftKings and FanDuel, top operators of DFS gaming, have been out of the state since March due to a cease and desist sent out by the AG. Both companies can now begin offering their services without feeling threatened by possible prosecution.

Similarities between DFS and Online Casino/Poker Gaming

The argument for daily fantasy sports betting in the state seems to consist of two factors. First DFS was ruled a game of skill rather than chance as it was in the past. Second, legislators wanted regulations in place as well as consumer protections so the state could benefit from activity that was already taking place as well as ensure that consumers are protected as they take part in DFS contests.

Now, one can compare DFS to online casino and poker gaming as players are taking part. Offshore sites are offering their services to residents of New York and players are taking part as best they can. This means New York is missing out on online casino and poker funds and consumers are not protected as they would be if operators faced regulations enforced by the state.

The very same argument could be used for online casino and poker gaming as it was for DFS. If the state were to put regulations in place, players would be protected from losing money as they are now with DFS gaming. The state would benefit as operators would have to pay a licensing fee as well as taxes to provide such services. Both activities are essentially parallel when you consider reasons why legislators should have regulations in place.

So what does the passing of DFS gaming mean for online casino and poker players? Could mean that state legislators may be considering creating proposals for online gambling in the future or it could just stop here, with DFS contests taking place legally while online gambling such as casino sites are nonexistent.

As other states begin to develop legislation for online gambling, New York may find that they have to follow suit. Only time will tell what the state will do but having passed daily fantasy sports regulations only helps to further the cause for online casino and poker gamers.