Derek Stevens is Offering Free Flights to Las Vegas

Over the past two months, tourism rates in Las Vegas have been the lowest in history. Casinos are set to reopen here next week and many hope that the tourism industry finally starts to recover. To help with this, one major casino owner announced he’s offering free flights to Las Vegas.Airline Flight

As many know, this city relies on tourism to function normally. Now is the perfect time to look at when things may start getting back to normal here. We’ll also discuss how to receive one of these free flights.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Tourism Rates Have Been the Lowest in History

Between 2007 and 2009, Las Vegas found itself in serious trouble. A global recession had taken hold and tourism rates into the city began to plummet. This lack of visitors proved to be devastating for casino companies, many of which were forced to permanently close down their venues in the city.

Things eventually recovered. In fact, the past few years have been incredibly successful for Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole. Gambling revenue was surging and several major new casino-resorts were being constructed on the Las Vegas Strip.

The past two months have shown how fast things can change. All of the casinos in Nevada were forced to close down in March. Tourism into Las Vegas completely stopped and many of the casino companies here started losing millions of dollars every single day.

City officials eventually decided to shut down two of the concourses in the Las Vegas International Airport. Almost no one was flying in or out of the city. City officials realized how bad things were becoming and began pushing hard to get back to normal.

Governor Sisolak has approved plans for casinos to reopen on June 4th. Even with the safety measures set in place, many expect a surge of new visitors here. One casino owner has a unique way to try to boost tourism rates in the city.

Derek Stevens is Offering Free Flights to Las Vegas

Some of the most powerful casino owners in the world are based in Las Vegas. That includes Derek Stevens, the owner of several major casinos in the Downtown area. Like all other casino officials, Stevens has taken a major hit due to the global pandemic.

With casinos set to open next week, this may be the most important time to start promoting tourism. Many of the casino-resorts in this city are already accepting reservations. Derek Stevens is taking a unique approach to attracting new visitors.

The casino mogul has announced that he’s offering 1700 free flights to Las Vegas. These flights are available through many different carriers and are available from 20 different cities.

Stevens initially planned to offer just 1,000 flights. Those were completely booked within a few hours and he then added another 700. He released a statement about the situation to the media earlier today.

“We knew there was a high demand for Las Vegas, and to see these flights book as quickly as they did is overwhelming and exciting,” Stevens said. “As we begin to reopen our doors across the city, we are proud to help reinvigorate travel to Las Vegas while supporting airlines in America impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. While we’d love for visitors to stop by downtown Las Vegas, we primarily want to get people back to Las Vegas to experience the attractions and amenities that make it one of the greatest places on Earth.”

These free flights to Las Vegas are being offered on a first-come, first-serve basis at As you might expect, these are selling out extremely quickly. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see Stevens offering even more of these free flights soon, though.

Expect More Las Vegas Deals Over the Next Few Weeks

Some expressed doubt that tourism rates in Las Vegas would increase just because casinos were given permission to reopen. There was fear that the strict safety measures being set in place at these venues would deter potential visitors. Based on how fast the flights that Stevens offered have been selling out, it’s clear that many people are excited to visit this city.

Many expect more deals like that one to start popping up. Many of the major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have already started to significantly drop their room rates. Every casino company is different, though.

Members of M Life Rewards may notice some of the new deals available. That includes a drop in prices for the Sky Suites at the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino. There are also some fantastic flexible rate deals available for The Bellagio and the New York-New York.

It will be very interesting to see how many tourists flock to Las Vegas next month. Many of the casinos here have lost a historic amount of money over the next two months. Unless revenue starts to increase here, things may not end well for some of these venues.

It’s exciting to see Derek Stevens offering these free flights to Las Vegas. Perhaps more casino owners will do the same to help promote tourism here. Stay tuned for updates!

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