Delaware Online Gambling Continues to See Record Highs

Delaware Online GamblingDespite being small in population, the state of Delaware has gained ground with online gambling, having set a record high yet again for earnings.

Online casino and poker gaming are few and far between within the United States. Currently, only three states offer such gaming, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Delaware and New Jersey are the only states that provide both casino and poker gaming, while Nevada sticks to just poker gaming. Between the three states, Delaware is the smallest and has the most trouble earning money with the online gaming industry. While others states are earning millions of dollars, Delaware can barely break the six figure mark. However, after much trial and error, it seems the state has finally gained ground and is continuing to see strong revenue numbers.

Record-Breaking July

The Delaware Lottery just recently released the earning figures for the month of July within the state’s online gambling industry. Even though the summer is usually a quiet time for online gamblers, the state was able to earn $281,000 for July with the total amount of money wagered at the three racinos online gambling sites coming in at $6.6 million.

The figure is surprising when you compare it to the amount earned in July of 2015. One year ago, the state was able to earn $139,000 less than 2016. The 2016 July amount was $109,000 more than July of 2014. Solid gains were made, which has allowed the state to easily move forward with offering quality gaming for players of the sites.

Video lottery was the big online earner with $161,000 brought in in total. Poker was the lowest earner, at $33,000. Poker is the least profitable option that the online gaming sites provide. Players located in Delaware seem to be more focused on casino gaming rather than the poker option. Despite the low numbers, the results for July of this year are still $5,000 over what was earned the same month last year.

Continuing with a Positive Run

The state continues to see positive gains when it comes to their online gambling offerings. In June of this year, the state earned just over $300,000. This was the third month in a row that the state saw such high figures. Even though July was not as lucrative, it was still better than previous months when looking at year-on-year figures.

If you take a look at the figures from a perspective of the state’s size, the results are actually even more amazing. The population of the state is under 1 million individuals so the figure seems to come out that the average profit for the state for gamblers of legal age is just over $340.

Comparing Delaware to New Jersey

The numbers do look a bit slim when you compare the figures to the state of New Jersey. New Jersey has been dominating when it comes to online gambling. The state has 8.9 million residents with just over 7 million that are of the age to take part in online gambling. This is a huge difference from the population of Delaware.

New Jersey has the potential to bring in much more cash than Delaware and does so. It is not uncommon for the state to see hundreds of millions earned in just one month of operations. But one does have to consider that the population plays a major factor.

Delaware partnered with Nevada to share poker player liquidity in the hopes of bringing in more traffic and while this has worked, it is not enough. New Jersey has yet to decide if they want to share player pools and with no other states to work with, Delaware can only do what they are doing for now. We shall see if other states decide to legalize the activity and if the state will be able to work with others to bring in more players in the future, which would definitely impact the revenue earnings.