Delaware Continues to See Increased Revenues in Online Gaming

Delaware GamblingMonthly online gaming revenue totals in the state of Delaware continue to increase, showing the industry is still evolving.

The online gaming industry in the state of Delaware had difficulty when launched three years ago but over time has been able to see a nice evolution, with increases in earnings each and every month. The online gambling industry seems to be taking shape and reports show that revenues continue to roll in with high numbers.

August Earnings

For the month of August, the state was able to see an increase of 54% year on year. This is a huge increase in net revenue for the state when compared to last year. The state earned $244,387 this August which is still lower than the $281,000 earned in June. Seasonal trends have found that online gambling revenue numbers tend to fall during the summer months but Delaware still did well so the fall should be even more lucrative for the state.

For August, Delaware Park saw a net revenue increase of 65% which is a huge jump from August 2015. The net revenue numbers show just over $130,000 for the year with table games and video lottery gaming being the most popular products. Dover Downs came in second with $95,268 in earnings which is an 83% increase when compared to last year. Even Harrington Raceway was up, despite being the low earner on the totem pole. Harrington brought in $43,229 which is 54% more than last year. 306 new players signed up for gaming accounts during the month.

Online Poker Still Hurting

While the online casino industry of Delaware continues to thrive, the online poker sector is still having troubles. The state seems to not have the liquidity needed to create a thriving pool of players for poker. The population is quite small and even with the introduction of shared liquidity with Nevada, Delaware has still struggled to see a nice poker vertical. Year on year, the state actually saw a decline of 7% with only $29,155 earned for the month of August.

PokerScout, an online resource site for iPoker gaming, has revealed that the online poker shared traffic on the 888 platform between Nevada and Delaware sees only 150 players based on a seven day average. This is pretty low and explains the low revenue numbers.

Finding a New Partner

The best solution for Delaware to be able to bring in more traffic, especially where poker is concerned would be by finding a new partner. With only New Jersey in the mix, this is the obvious choice. Plus, New Jersey is a huge leader in the online gambling market of the United States, having seen a more than 32% increase in gaming which considering the year to date totals and online poker seeing an almost 11% increase.

However, New Jersey has shown no intentions of sharing player pools. The state was asked to join up with Delaware and Nevada when their partnership began but never did. Officials have discussed the option but nothing but discussions have taken place.

If the state of Pennsylvania, the closest one in the US to passing legislation, were to do so, then they might be interested in working with Delaware. Pennsylvania would have the numbers as the state has almost 13 million people within their population. Delaware doesn’t even have one million individuals residing in the state.

For now, Delaware relies on the revenues from online casino games and is doing quite well with their offerings. We will have to wait and see if the state is able to see an upswing when it comes to online poker gaming or if the revenues in this gaming category will continue to be lacking.