Dana White Confirms Date For Miocic vs. DC 3!

The UFC continues to make major announcements! MMA fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting news on what will come next for the heavyweight division. Today, Dana White revealed that Miocic vs. DC 3 will take place in August.Miocic Punches Cormier

This is likely the biggest heavyweight fight the UFC could put together right now. Fans around the US are already placing their bets on the potential outcome. Today, we’re going to check out what to expect from this slugfest.

With Gym Reopen, Stipe Miocic is Ready to Fight

Stipe Miocic is undoubtedly one of the greatest heavyweight MMA fighters of all time. He’s 19-3 as a professional and is the only man to ever defend the UFC heavyweight title three-straight times. The Cleveland native has found his toughest test to be Daniel Cormier.

That’s not entirely surprising. Cormier himself is a once-in-a-generation mixed martial artist. The former Olympian has only lost twice during his MMA career. Cormier and Stipe have fought on two occasions and both hold a win over the other.

Everyone felt the trilogy bout was inevitable. Unfortunately, Miocic has been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for his training facility to reopen. Prior to this, the champion was dealing with a major retina injury.

Many states around the country are starting to allow businesses to reopen. Not long ago, news broke that Ohio had lifted much of its restrictions, and Miocic’s MMA gym was back open. Daniel Cormier then told the media he was in the training room, as well. It seemed like just a matter of time before this trilogy fight was announced.

This is probably the most important heavyweight fight in the history of MMA. The winner will likely go down as one of the division’s GOAT’s. Fortunately, fans now know when to expect this important fight.

UFC President Dana White Sets Date for Miocic vs. DC 3

There have been times when the heavyweight division was a little stagnant. Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier have reinvigorated the weight class. Their trilogy will likely be one of the biggest MMA bouts in recent history.

This week, Dana White told the media that Miocic vs. DC 3 would officially take place on August 15th. He did not reveal a specific location for this event. At the moment, the most logical option is for this bout to take place at the UFCs own arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What’s important is that the UFC has gotten both men to sign the fight contract. Fans are now busy speculating how this fight will end up playing out. Some feel Miocic will capitalize on the body shots he found success with during his second fight with DC.

Others think Daniel Cormier will go back to his wrestling to get the win over Stipe. He’s one of the best grapplers at heavyweight and likely has the advantage here. What most agree on is this will be an incredible fight.

Miocic vs. DC 3 is just one of many exciting bouts scheduled to take place this summer. We just recently got confirmation of where the UFC’s “Fight Island” is located. Officials within the UFC also revealed several important bouts scheduled to take place on this island event.

The First “Fight Island” Event Will Feature Three Title Fights

The news that the UFC had booked its own private island to hold fight cards spread like wildfire. Fans imagined this island being located somewhere in the pacific ocean surrounded by a dense tropical rainforest. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Company officials have just announced that “Fight Island” is actually Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. For months, the UFC has been building infrastructure to host events here. The first card is scheduled here for July 11th.

We already know which fighters will headline this event. Check out the three main bouts below.

  • Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns
  • Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway
  • Jose Aldo vs. Petr Yan

Each of these bouts is for a world championship. Many feel this is one of the best line up of title fights the UFC has ever put together. It won’t be long before sites like Bovada begin offering odds on the entire “Fight Island” card.

It’s an exciting time to be an MMA fan. We now know when Miocic vs. DC 3 will take place. Soon, we’ll know where to.

Let us know who you think wins this heavyweight trilogy fight in the comments section below!