Cut The Rope to be Gamblified by Gamblit Gaming

Cut The Rope

Cut The RopeGamblit Gaming has plans to gamblify the game of Cut the Rope, offering the popular social game to gamblers in the United States.

Skill-based gaming has become a popular trend in the United States, especially for land based casinos. Gaming venues must be able to provide their visitors with gaming options that meet their entertainment needs. The millennial generation is not interested in taking part in traditional casino gaming like slots or blackjack. Instead, players tend to gravitate towards games they recognize from mobile devices or social media or something that has a level of skill like a video game.

Gamblit Gaming is a leading supplier of skilled-based options and real-money game play, having offered skill games to casinos in the United States in recent months. The company recently announced they have started a new partnership with ZeptoLab to gamblify the game Cut the Rope. The millennial generation will be able to recognize this game as it is popular via mobile devices and online game play.

Cut The Rope For Real Money

ZeptoLab is the developer behind Cut the Rope 2 and the new partnership with Gamblit Gaming will see the game gamblifed to create a casino style variant. Gamblit has plans of transforming the game so it has a wagering capability and can be added to land based venues in the United States.

The Cut the Rope franchise is quite popular, having experienced more than 1 billion downloads of the game in total. Cut the Rope has five variations including the original Cut the Rope, Cut the Rope 2, Time Travel, Experiments and Magic versions. The games are played across mobile platforms.

The portfolio of ZeptoLab has over 60 million monthly users who are active on a regular basis and as many as 6 million games are played each day. To say that Cut the Rope is popular would be an understatement. The game is extremely popular and one that gamers are sure to recognize and want to play once it is available on the gaming floor.

The real money version will debut in 2018 and will be placed on the TriStation game machine provided by Gamblit. The Cut the Rope 2 game will provide fresh challenges to players as well as obstacles to basic game play. The game has been so popular that it won the Apple WWDC Design award as well as the Best Handheld game award by BAFTA.

Debut This October

This October, the Global Gaming Expo will run from the 3rd to the 5th with Gamblit Gaming showcasing the new gambling version of Cut the Rope at their booth. The international gambling trade show and conference will be the first time the game will be revealed for players to see how it works, learning exactly what gambling aspects have been added.

Gambling Gaming should be successful with their interpretation of the Cut the Rope game. The company develops and publishes a variety of gaming options to bring skill, arcade style and a casual atmosphere to casinos across the US. The company works closely with the developers of games in order to create a gambling style version of the content.

Once gamblified, the games can be used to create lucrative streams of revenue for mobile gamine and land based venues. The technology, expertise in gambling, account management and more are provided by Gamblit Gaming to create one of a kind content for gambling operators to offer their customers.

It will be interesting to see how well received the new game will be at G2E and how the gambling aspect will be added. Players are sure to enjoy a chance to wager on one of the most popular games available online today.