Coronavirus in Clark County is Already Raising Concern

Covid-19, the coronavirus you’ve been hearing about in the news, may have finally hit Nevada. New reports indicate that a man tested positive near Las Vegas. Obviously, the coronavirus in Clark County is causing major concerns for people and businesses here.Nevada Sign On Highway

The coronavirus has now been confirmed in 17 states around the country. Infections in Las Vegas would raise concerns due to the huge number of tourists that visit this city. Today, we’re going to look at the impact this coronavirus is already having on Nevada.

Let’s get into it!

New Cases of Coronavirus in the US Are Recorded

It’s no surprise to see the coronavirus continue to spread around the country. It’s now spread to a huge number of nations across nearly every continent. Iran, South Korea, and Italy are working hard to contain their rising infection rates yet these efforts don’t appear to be working.

The virus has already spread to 17 US states, as well. Washington remains the worst-hit state. Hundreds of people have been confirmed infected here and more than 10 have been killed by the virus. Oregon recently recorded a case inside one of the state’s casinos.

California is also being affected. Many new cases are popping up here every single day. This is also the first state outside of Washington to record a death from the coronavirus. Many analysts predict that the real number of people infected in the US is far higher than what’s being recorded.

There have been real fears of this virus spread into Las Vegas. It’s one of the most-visited cities in the country and packs a huge number of people into very small areas like casinos. A major outbreak here could result in significant spreading around the country.

Unfortunately, it appears this scenario may soon become a reality. One man in Clark County appears to have tested positive for Covin-19. Here’s what we know about the situation.

The Coronavirus in Clark County is Now a Reality

Health officials in Nevada have been testing hundreds of individuals they fear could be infected with the coronavirus. According to new reports, one man in Clark County has just tested presumptively positive for the virus. This man said to be in his 50s, is now in isolation within a Nevada hospital.

Steven Horsford, a Nevada state representative, spoke with the Nevada Independent about this new case.

“Obviously we want to understand who else may have been exposed, any medical professionals, any other family members,” he said. “Anyone else that may have been under care at the VA, so we’ll continue to follow that throughout the day.”

The man was said to have recently traveled to Washington, where he likely got exposed to Covid-19. Unfortunately, he also visited Texas, which just recently recorded its first case of the virus. Officials are now attempting to locate those who may have been in contact with him.

It’s troubling news for several reasons. Las Vegas is an easy place for a respiratory virus to spread. As of now, it’s important to note that he’s only “presumptively positive,” meaning the results have yet to be formally confirmed by different labs.

The coronavirus is already having an effect on Las Vegas businesses. The gambling industry, in particular, is taking a hit.

Las Vegas Casino Companies Experience Stock Price Drop

The city of Las Vegas relies heavily on its gambling industry. It’s the gambling hub of the United States and is home to many of the biggest casino-resorts of the world. If the coronavirus begins to spread here, there’s fear that visitation to the city will drop dramatically and the casinos will start losing serious revenue.

If that happens, things could go bad quickly. Due to new reports of the coronavirus in Clark County, several major Las Vegas casino companies saw their stock prices fall dramatically.

This morning, Red Rock shares fell by 11.3% to $17.03. MGM Resorts International saw its stock prices drop by 8.7% to $21.28. Las Vegas Sands’ fell by 2.8% to $55.64 and Caesars Entertainment saw its stock prices fall by 3.9% to $11.48.

Many have been speculating how this coronavirus could affect Las Vegas. In recent months, this city has experienced significant revenue increases. If this virus spreads, that trend may change.

As of now, only one case has been recorded in Nevada. It’s reasonable to assume there are probably more that simply haven’t been found. How this will affect the city is not yet known.

It’s an unusual time for the US casino industry. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!