Cities Begin to Show Interest in Satellite Casinos for PA

Pennsylvania Seal

Pennsylvania SealAfter legislation has been made law allowing for a gambling expansion in Pennsylvania, many cities are already looking to add a satellite casino.

Changes are afoot in the state of Pennsylvania when it comes to the gambling industry. Governor Tom Wolf recently signed a gambling bill into law, signaling the start of many new additions to the already flourishing gambling industry of the state. One change included the addition of satellite casinos. Cities in the state are already beginning to show interest in becoming one of the chosen areas for such gaming venues.

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Several local media outlets are already reporting that this week, cities across the state are beginning to discuss being chosen as a satellite casino home. Only ten will be allowed so cities will have to hope they are chosen to offer the new gaming option. The new law now allows for small-scale satellite casinos and eligible cities have begun to look at the benefits of hosting such gaming. It is believed that such areas as Lancaster, Reading, York and Altoona are being considered as a future home for a satellite casino. Land-based casinos are reportedly already looking at these areas in order to be the owner of the smaller gaming venues.

Candidates will have to be approved in order to be given permission to build a satellite casino. The casino will operate alongside existing operations and must be in an area that has been approved by the residents living there. A satellite casino must also be a minimum of 25 miles from a property of a rival gaming company. The satellite venues will be able to add as many as 30 table games and as many as 750 slots.

Municipalities of the state have until the 31st of December to vote to approve the construction of a satellite casino in their area or not. The Lancaster mayor spoke to media earlier this week, stating that he will most likely propose a ban in his area. So despite operators looking at Lancaster, if not approved, then that area cannot host a smaller gaming venue.

Lawrence County officials have shown interest in being a host and with the county being located near the border of Ohio, a venue in this spot could help to keep money in the state. Gambling venues located in Ohio would no longer be earning as much funds from Pennsylvania.

There is still a ways to go but with cities already showing interest, it should not take long for progress to begin in regards to the creation of satellite casinos for the state. Pennsylvania already holds the number two spot in the US for overall gaming earnings and with this expansion on top of everything else being added to the state, we could see them quickly outpacing Nevada.

Other Additions

With the satellite casinos begin discussed, the state is also set up to offer even more new gaming options. Tablet gaming will be allowed in airports in designated areas along with video gaming terminals being added to local truck stops. Online casino games as well as poker was approved along with sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Lottery sales can also take place online now.

With so many aspects in the mix, the state is building heavily upon their already successful gaming industry. It will be interesting to see what 2018 brings and how long it will take to see every new offering come to life. For now, we will keep you updated on the latest developments as they are released.