Circa’s Football Betting Squares Are Coming Back!

Circa Sportsbook

Circa Las Vegas is one of the coolest new casino-resorts in Nevada. Soon, this venue will be putting on exciting events surrounding Super Bowl weekend. Many are excited to hear that Circa’s football betting squares are officially coming back this year!

Betting squares are a fun way for football fans to get in on the action. The ones at Circa have grown extremely popular with visitors. Today, we’ll explain what Circa and some other casinos in Las Vegas have planned for Super Bowl Sunday.

Here’s what we know.

Las Vegas is Working to Bring in Visitors for Super Bowl LV

The city of Las Vegas is still considered the entertainment capital of the world. You might not know that by visiting right now. Many of the casino-resorts are struggling to bring in visitors and gaming revenue has been on a decline here.

It’s a new trend for this city. Prior to 2020, Las Vegas saw approximately 40 million visitors every single year. New casinos kept appearing throughout the city and it seemed that things were going better here than ever before.

The effect that last year’s events had on Las Vegas is well-documented. Many hoped that things would be recovered by early 2021. It’s becoming clear that this will take significantly longer. In fact, no one can accurately say when Las Vegas will see pre-pandemic levels of tourism.

Casino companies are still doing everything they can to bring in visitors. Many of these companies are hoping that Super Bowl weekend ends up bringing a surge of tourism. Historically speaking, this is a big revenue-generating time for Las Vegas.

Things won’t be quite as festive in Las Vegas as they might normally be. Many of the major casino-resorts here have events planned, yet reservations remain much lower than what was seen in years prior. Circa Las Vegas is beginning to announce some of its events surrounding the big game on Sunday.

Betting fans, in particular, are excited to hear what Circa has planned. It will be an exciting time for those who end up making the trip to Sin City.

Reports Confirm that Circa’s Football Betting Squares Are Returning

Most NFL fans are familiar with betting squares. For those that don’t, it’s fairly simple. Essentially, this is a grid usually consisting of 100 blank squares. Bettors are then either randomly assigned a square, or they are able to choose one for themselves.

Once the squares are assigned, you begin setting numbers for the different squares. Once all of these numbers have been set, everyone can sit back and enjoy the game! Winners will be announced after the first, second, third, and fourth quarters. A winner is declared when their two numbers match the last number of both team’s scores.

Circa Las Vegas offered its visitors a bettable version of this popular Super Bowl game last year. This week, the casino’s sportsbook manager Chris Bennett confirmed that Circa’s football betting squares are officially coming back! Bennet spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and expressed his excitement to see this game return.

“The popularity blew me away (last year),” he said. “It was maybe the most fun thing we put up for betting since we opened for business. I learned a lot from doing it last year and roughly what the odds should be on every given square, because the sharp bettors, they’ll comb through this and tell you if you’re wrong.”

Super Bowl betting squares are an extremely fun way for football fans to feel more involved in the game. Some of these squares are also offering some massive opportunities to win. In the end, the owners of Circa just hope that this new game will help to bring in more visitors.

Not everyone will manage to make it to Las Vegas to watch the big game. Fortunately, there are now easy ways for football fans across the country to bet on the NFL championship game!

There’s Still Time to Bet on Super Bowl 55 Online

The 2020/2021 NFL season has been one of the most-watched in history. Many football fans have been largely stuck at home for months and followed every game of the season. On February 7, this historic season will finally come to an end.

Many of the visitors to Las Vegas will end up betting on this game. You don’t have to be in this city to place your wagers on the action, though. There are now amazing online sports betting sites operating throughout the country.

That includes Bovada. This website is still allowing its members to place a variety of bets on the big game. Some are choosing to bet on the moneyline. Kansas City comes in as the -165 favorites and Tampa Bay comes in as the +145 underdogs.

This is just one option, though. This site also offers a wide range of amazing prop wagers on this championship game.

Those lucky enough to make it to Las Vegas may want to take part in Circa’s football betting squares. It will be a fun way to get involved in the game with other fans.

Do you plan on going to Las Vegas for the game? Who do you think wins at Super Bowl LV? Let us know in the comments section below!