Circa Sports Plans Summer Launch for Reno Sportsbook

Circa Sportsbook video wall
This summer will mark a first for Circa Sports. The sports betting operator announced plans to launch its first sportsbook outside of Las Vegas. Circa will be teaming with the Legends Bay Casino in Sparks, NV for the launch. The launch date and final terms of the deal have not yet been announced.

The sports betting market in the Reno area is a far cry from that of Sin City. However, there is still plenty of sports betting revenue to go around. Circa Sports will try to use its experience in the industry to break through into the new market.

Before the sportsbook can open in the Reno market, Legends Bay Casino needs to open. The casino project has been under construction since 2007. After 15 years, the partnership with Circa Sports could be a sign that the project is coming to an end. It will be the first newly constructed casino to open in Reno in three decades.

What Is Circa Sports?

Circa Resort and Casino opened in October 2020 in Las Vegas. The casino resort has over 8,000 square feet of gaming space. There are also several fine dining options and a rooftop pool. One of the biggest attractions at Circa is the three-story sportsbook located on-site.

The Circa retail sportsbook is one of the most unique gaming experiences in Vegas. However, for its new deal with Legends Bay Casino, Circa Sports is partnering with Olympia Gaming. Olympia Companies, which owns Olympia Gaming, is in charge of developing the casino site. Details of the partnership are still coming out.

After it is completed, Olympia Gaming will be in charge of running the new sportsbook. However, it is believed that Circa Sports will be providing the mobile sportsbook app for the casino. This will be Circa Sports’ sixth sportsbook in Nevada and its first in the northern part of the state. Circa sports also has operations in Colorado and Iowa.

Reno’s Legal Sports Betting Market

Few gaming markets can come close to matching the production of Las Vegas. Still, Reno’s sports betting market more than pulls its own weight. In 2021, the Reno market as a whole generated nearly $890 million in gaming revenue. It was the 11th largest market in the US.

Included in the market are nearby Sparks, NV, and bettors traveling from Salt Lake, UT. The Reno market is largely dominated by Caesars Entertainment, specifically its William Hill brand. Caesars is the largest gaming company in the region, so its dominance is not surprising.

Despite the presence of several other competitors, Circa will attempt to break into the market. Circa Sports quickly established itself as one of the best retail sportsbooks in Las Vegas. The gaming company will look to do the same in the Reno Market. Details of the retail sportsbook have yet to be released. However, if it is anything like Circa’s three-story venue in Vegas, it will certainly lure away bettors from its competitors.

When Will the Legends Bay Casino Open?

Construction on the Legends Bay Casino first started in 2007. It was supposed to be the first newly constructed casino in Reno since the early 1990s. While it still will have that honor, it will come long after it was originally planned.

Legends Bay Casino was initially delayed by the financial crisis in the late 2000s. The project then moved to a phased approach due to limited financing options. That caused progress on the construction to be significantly slowed. The recent pandemic only further slowed construction on the new casino.

After more than a decade and a half, the Legends Bay Casino appears ready to open. There is no opening date set, but the project is expected to be done sometime this summer. It is unclear how the new partnership with Circa Sports will affect construction plans. Regardless of when it opens, the new casino will enter a drastically different gaming market than the one in 2007.


Construction on the Legends Bay Casino appears to finally be coming to an end. When the long-awaited casino finally opens, it will do so with a Circa Sports partnership. Circa Sports will work with Olympia Gaming to run the sportsbook at the new casino. Details of the partnership are still being released.

Since opening in 2020, Circa Resort and Casino has been one of the must-see attractions in Las Vegas. Now, the gaming company will open its first sportsbook in northern Nevada. Circa Sports also operates in nearby states such as Iowa and Colorado.