Circa Las Vegas Could Help to Boost Tourism in Downtown Las Vegas

Derek Stevens Circa Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas is preparing for another hugely successful year. Casino operators here are anticipating surges of tourism, and not just on the Strip. Casino executive Derek Stevens believes that Circa Las Vegas could help to significantly boost tourism in Downtown Las Vegas this year. 

This new casino is one of the most exciting ones to open in the Downtown area in many years. Now is a great time to talk about how this venue and others in Las Vegas might fare over the next eleven months. 

Let’s get into it!

Derek Stevens Predicts Tourism in Downtown Las Vegas to Increase in the Future

A huge amount of attention has been put on Las Vegas and its incredible economic recovery throughout 2021. The casinos here experienced huge surges of tourism throughout the year. Several monthly gambling revenue records were also set during the year

With the pandemic becoming more under control, analysts are predicting another great year for the city’s casino industry. The majority of popular casino-resorts are based on the Las Vegas Strip. Other areas of the city, including Downtown Las Vegas, are also very popular and home to world-class gambling properties. 

Derek Stevens is one of the most prolific casino owners in Las Vegas. Stevens opened Circa Las Vegas in late 2020 at a time when the city was still struggling. Stevens spoke to the media this week about Circa, and claims he expects this property to boost tourism in Downtown Las Vegas in the future

“We really like it here. We love Fremont Street. We love downtown Las Vegas, and we love to operate these businesses. The great thing about Vegas is you never really know what’s gonna happen to the future. Sometimes you gotta let the day or the business conditions or the economic conditions, you gotta let them come to you. And we’ll see what happens. We really like it here in downtown Las Vegas,” Stevens said. “We like what we’re doing. I’m not looking too far ahead here. I mean in 15 years I haven’t looked too far ahead, kind of let things come to you. Let’s do something pretty great for the city.”

Circa Las Vegas is a very impressive casino with one of the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas. There is no doubt it will help to bring in more visitors to the Downtown area. What other Downtown properties are anticipating tourism surges this year?

Downtown Las Vegas Casinos Work to Bring in Visitors 

Las Vegas is known for being home to the world’s most expensive casinos. The majority of these are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is now home to many popular casinos, as well, including Circa Las Vegas. 

Some of the oldest and most historic casinos in the city are located in this area. The Golden Nugget was originally built in 1946 and remains a hugely popular casino in the city. It has gone through many renovations over the years and is preparing to see boosts of tourism in Downtown Las Vegas as the year continues.  

The D Casino & Hotel is another very popular venue in Downtown Las Vegas. This property is owned by Derek Stevens and was the first casino to accept Bitcoin for hotel rooms. Its location near the end of the Fremont Street Experience makes it a popular option for tourists in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Station Casinos is one of the largest casino owners in Las Vegas and runs many successful properties outside of the Las Vegas Strip. This company claims it is now interested in opening a casino in the Downtown area. Specific plans for this proposed venue have not yet been revealed. 

It’s a very exciting time for the entire casino industry in Las Vegas. We’ll be sure to offer updates on how the city’s gambling operators are faring over the next eleven months.

More Casino Companies Work to Break into the Las Vegas Market

In mid-2020, the casino industry in Las Vegas found itself in a dire situation. All of the casinos here were forced to remain closed for months and it was unclear when they would receive permission to reopen. Things are much different now and the casinos in Las Vegas have been thriving. 

It is not a surprise to see many casino companies now working hard to break into this city. Analysts are predicting another successful year for the casinos here in 2022. This has led many gaming operators to look at purchasing different casinos in Las Vegas. 

MGM Resorts recently sold The Mirage to Hard Rock International for just over $1 billion. This marks the first time that a tribal casino operator has run a casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a major accomplishment for Hard Rock and has led other tribal groups to look at purchasing a casino in the city. 

More Las Vegas casino sales are likely to take place over the next year. Stay tuned for more updates on these sales as soon as they are announced. 

Do you expect tourism in Downtown Las Vegas to increase this year? How will casinos like Circa Las Vegas fare in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!