Chris Christie Signs iGaming Compact with Nevada and Delaware

NJ Governor Chris Christie

NJ Governor Chris ChristieNew Jersey will now share online poker liquidity after Governor Chris Christie signs new compact deal with Nevada and Delaware.

Years ago, Nevada and Delaware governors decided to sign an agreement where the two states would share player liquidity as far as online poker was concerned. The two states, along with New Jersey, are the only states in the US that currently offer legalized casino and/or poker gaming. Nevada offers only poker online so that is why the agreement with Delaware strictly involves poker. New Jersey was invited to join in but declined. It seems now, the state has decided it’s worth a try and Governor Chris Christie recently announced that New Jersey will now be sharing player pools with both states.

Player Pooling All Around

With the deal, players of online gaming in New Jersey will be able to compete against players located in Delaware or Nevada. This should be a positive for all states involved. New Jersey is the top operating state as far as gaming is concerned so they would only do better to offer their gaming options to other states. Delaware and Nevada are small populated states so they will be able to bring in more traffic as they open up to players in New Jersey.

For New Jersey, online casino gaming has continued to do well and be on the rise. However, online poker gaming is not doing so great and continues to have difficulty getting on an even keel. Online poker in the state should certainly benefit from the additional player pools.

Governor Chris Christie Signs Agreement

A press release was issued on Friday in which it was announced that Governor Chris Christie had reached an agreement with Nevada and Delaware Governors. In the press release, Christie stated that his state had been a pioneer in developing authorized and regulated online gaming, with continued success since launching in late 2013. By pooling players with Delaware and Nevada, the state should be able to see an increase in growth for annual revenues, be able to attract more customers and create opportunities for online gaming operators as well as players.

Christie stated further that the agreement is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for iGaming and New Jersey looks forward to working with the two states in this endeavor.

What Does the Deal Include?

Once approved by state regulators, licensed operators in New Jersey will be able to pool their online poker players as well as increase the size of progressive jackpots. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director David Rebuck commented on the new deal by stating that New Jersey will be able to approve a game offering for all three states once an operator submits a product for testing. Reportedly, Rebuck had started the discussion again of player pooling with regulators in Nevada back in July.

In Nevada, the focus will be offering online poker gaming with New Jersey as that is all the state provides. 888poker and WSOP are already licensed in Nevada as well as in New Jersey. Technology teams are reportedly already setting up to discuss the next steps in the process with the timeline moving forward to get gaming going.

Speaking of the WSOP, the company could not be happier with the decision. Caesars Interactive Entertainment, the operator behind the WSOP brand, applauded the leadership within the government of each state along with regulators for reaching the ‘meaningful agreement’. The company plans on taking immediate efforts to bring the compact with Delaware-Nevada and adding New Jersey to ensure can share player liquidity with all three states.