Chicago Residents Push Against the 78 Megadevelopment Casino Plans

City Of Chicago State Seal With Dice Rolling Background

Officials in Chicago are receiving pushback on their newly-proposed casino location once again. Hundreds of residents have openly pushed against the 78 megadevelopment casino plans recently introduced. This once again leaves city officials in a difficult situation.

This casino has been planned for many years. Unfortunately, Chicago’s leaders have been unable to come up with agreements on where this new gambling venue should open.

Here’s what you need to know.

The New 78 Megadevelopement Casino Plans are Already Receiving Backlash

Lawmakers in Illinois approved plans to open a casino in Chicago back in 2019. It has been nearly three years since these plans were approved, yet construction on this Chicago casino has not begun. Getting this property built has proven to be far more difficult than most initially expected.

Many different locations to host this new casino have been proposed over the years. Most have received major pushback from various groups. It does not appear that the issue of location is being resolved anytime soon, either.

City officials recently announced plans to open this casino in the 78 megadevelopment just south of Downtown Chicago. It was exciting to some, as this could help to draw more individuals to this new area. Officials were disappointed to see hundreds of residents immediately push against the 78 megadevelopment plans.

A survey conducted by the 78 Community Advisory Council revealed hundreds of complaints about these plans. Residents feel it will lead to an increase in crime in this area. Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th), spoke about this new survey to the media this week.

“I’m listening very carefully in terms of what is the feedback,” Sigcho-Lopez said. “We will make sure that the feedback from the [Community Advisory Council] as well as from the surrounding neighborhoods is respected.”

Many steps will need to be taken in order for a casino to go under construction in this city. Stay tuned for more updates on its progress over the next few months.

What Other Casinos are Opening in Illinois Soon?

Chicago is not the only city in Illinois expected to receive a new casino. The Capital Plan approved here in 2019 allows for six new casinos to open in the state. Only one of these new casinos has started to go under construction.

There are still questions as to which cities will welcome one of these properties. Several cities have submitted proposals for a new casino. Officials in these cities point to the huge impact this will have on tourism and revenue that can be used to fund various social projects.

A new push to open a casino in Danville, Illinois has begun recently. The Illinois Gaming Board will soon meet to discuss whether or not to allow this property. Many in Danville support opening a new casino for the reasons listed above.

Most are still looking forward to seeing the Chicago casino open its doors. It does not appear that the 78 megadevelopment casino plans are gaining tremendous support. There are several other areas of the city still being considered, though.

Illinois is already home to the most successful casino industry in the American Midwest. It is not the only state in this region working to expand its number of legal gambling options. Here’s a quick look at some of the other states interested in doing the same.

Midwestern States Look at Sports Betting Regulation

The US has a long and rich history of allowing casinos. Up until recently, however, the country’s sports betting industry was limited to just Nevada. That is no longer the case and every state now has the ability to legalize and regulate sports gambling.

Many states in the Midwest have already done so. That includes Illinois, which launched its first sportsbooks in early 2020. A growing number of states in this region are now pushing hard to make sports gambling legal before the end of 2022.

Minnesota is one such state. Lawmakers here have already presented several bills to make retail and online sports betting legal this year. Many believe that Minnesota has the potential to generate a huge amount of tax revenue from this industry each year.

Missouri is another state interested in making this form of gambling legal. This state, home to the Kansas City Chiefs, is home to a huge number of passionate sports fans. The majority of residents here support the legalization of sportsbooks.

What do you think of the 78 megadevelopment casino plans? Where do you expect the casino to open in Chicago? Let us know in the comments section below.