Osage Nation Begins Construction of Casino Projects in Bartlesville and Pawhuska

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The Osage Nation broke ground Tuesday a new Osage Casino in Bartlesville and Pawhuska, projects that the tribe has been planning sine seven years ago.

Announced last year, the project will both relocate and expand the Osage Nation’s existing casinos in Pawhuska and outside Bartlesville in Osage County.

Per Osage Casinos CEO Byron Bighorse:

“We received approval for both applications last summer and immediately got to work on adjusting the scope of the properties to accommodate today’s construction costs. Demand in both markets continues to rise, and I am proud that we worked together as an enterprise to see this come to fruition.”

Expected to Open in the Fall of 2022

The two casino projects have been in the works for years. The Osage Nation applied with the United States Department of Interior to transfer the Bartlesville property to a federal trust for use in gaming in 2014, while an application for the Pawhuska property was filed two years later.

The transfers were approved last June and in April 2021, the tribe approved credit agreements for the construction of the two projects.

Both the Bartlesville and Pawhuska locations will have hotels, pools, spas, fitness areas, and a meeting space which are not in the current casino locations. While completion of the projects were delayed in the throughout the planning process, both are expected to open in the fall of 2022.

New Casino Locations

The New Bartlesville casino is located at a 125-acre property at 1803 US Highway 60, less than two miles west of downtown. It will have 57,400 square feet of gaming area with 500 slot machines. Currently, the existing Bartlesville casino has 42,000 square feet of gaming area and 44o video slots.

Meanwhile, the Pawhuska location is at a 60-acre plot at 1421 John Dahl Ave., across Oklahoma 60 from its current location. The new property will have a 40-room hotel, 3,675 square feet of meeting space, and 250 electronic games.

Both casinos were originally planned to be larger but with the current construction costs, the tribe decided to reduce their scope.

Cherokee Nation Likely to Receive License for Pope County Casino

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For months, lawmakers in Oklahoma have been looking to award a new casino license in Pope County. The state has approved a measure to allow a gambling venue. Now, it’s looking for the best possible applicant to run this venue. This week, a consultant company offered it’s opinion on the best tribe to operate the Pope County casino.State Map Of Oklahoma

Many are excited to see this new gambling venue be constructed. Now is the perfect time to look at which group is the most likely to run this property. We’ll also take a look at how some of the other casinos in Oklahoma are doing right now.

Let’s get into it!

Oklahoma’s Casino Industry Remains Open

Many are surprised to hear that Oklahoma has one of the largest casino industries in the United States. Since the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed in the late 80s, Native American tribes in the state have been able to operate Class III casinos here. Today, there are more than 100 casinos operating in the state.

In March, all of these gambling venues shut down. The new coronavirus had begun to spread throughout the US and casino companies began to close their venues as a precaution. It immediately became clear how many local economies rely on the state’s gambling industry.

Local residents started calling for these casinos to reopen. Rates of Covid-19 remained low in Oklahoma and as time went on, more tribes began opening their casinos to the public. Today, most of the gaming properties here are now up and running.

For months, state officials have been looking at proposals to open a new casino in Pope County. Many tribes believe this area is in need of a casino. State leaders recognize how important revenue is right now and have gotten on board with the idea.

Many different tribes have submitted proposals to operate the new Pope County casino. It’s still unclear which will be chosen. This week, a major consultant company based in Arizona offers its opinion on the matter.

Consultant Chooses Cherokee Nation to Operate the Pope County Casino

If the analysts are correct, the new gambling venue set to open in Pope County will be hugely successful. Obviously, different gaming groups in the state are interested to see who gains approval to run this property. We might be close to knowing who that is.

The Oklahoma Racing Commission is trying to decide who should gain the license to operate the new Pope County Casino. It’s reached out to consultants to help make the decision. One major consultant company based in Arizona recently gave its opinion that the Cherokee Nation’s proposal is the best.

It’s interesting news. Initially, it seemed likely that the Racing Commission would award the casino license to a company based in Mississippi. This regulatory body will meet next week to discuss the best way to award this license.

Dustin McDaniel, an attorney for Cherokee Nation Businesses, released a statement on the matter to the media this week.

“It is unfortunate that the Commissioners didn’t have the benefit of access to this report prior to awarding scores to each applicant on June 18, but we will offer it as part of the record and hope that it is helpful when the Commission meets next,” he said. 

It’s interesting to see the Arizona consultant company endorse the Cherokee Nation’s proposal. That doesn’t mean this group is guaranteed to receive the license. We’ll need to wait and see how things play out over the next few weeks.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Still Working on Sports Betting Regulations

A huge number of states around the country now have legal, regulated sports betting operations up and running. This is proving to be an incredibly lucrative industry. Many states are earning millions of dollars every month via taxes from their regulated sportsbooks.

Oklahoma has taken its time embracing this industry. Lawmakers seemed unwilling to approve any legislation to regulate sports gambling. Native American tribes and state government officials continued to negotiate over tax rates and where sports betting would be allowed.

Finally, in June, Governor Kevin Stitt approved two new gaming compacts that allow sports betting in-person at certain casinos. For now, online sports betting is not being approved here. It’s still unclear when the first sportsbooks will officially launch here.

Many lawmakers in the state have opposed this decision. Even the state attorney general has voiced his disapproval with sports betting regulation. It’s unusual when considering how large Oklahoma’s gambling industry already is.

In time, it seems likely that Oklahoma decides to regulate online sports gambling. With casino revenue down, sports betting may prove to be hugely valuable to the state. No one knows when casinos will return to the way they were in 2019.

Which group do you think will be approved to operate the Pope County Casino? Let us know in the comments section below!

Casinos in Oklahoma Are Starting to Bring in Players

It’s been almost two months since all of the casinos in Oklahoma closed their doors to the public. Many gaming analysts had questions about how popular these venues would be once they reopened. Some have recently started to accept guests again and it appears many are enjoying having their local casinos back.Neon Open Sign

The past two months have been some of the toughest in the history of the US casino industry. Fortunately, it appears that things may finally be improving. Today, we’re going to look at how Oklahoma’s casino industry is doing as it slowly begins to reopen.

Let’s get into it!

States Are Slowly Beginning to Reopen Casinos

The US land-based casino industry was forced to shut down weeks ago. Health officials around the country successfully argued that keeping gambling venues open to the public presented a serious health risk. As time goes on and cases of Covid-19 begin to drop, however, several states have begun allowing casinos to open back up.

That includes casinos in Oklahoma. As many know, Oklahoma is home to one of the largest Native American casino industries in the United States. Forcing casinos to close here immediately had a serious impact on the state’s economy.

Officials in Oklahoma realized it was important to reopen casinos. These venues employ a huge number of individuals and provide valuable revenue to many parts of the state. It now seems like every day, more casinos here are beginning to accept guests again.

Louisiana and Mississippi are also set to reopen their casino industries. To the surprise of many, casinos in Louisiana will open back up on Friday, albeit with heavy social distancing measures set in place. It’s not entirely clear when Mississippi’s casinos will reopen, yet Governor Reeves is aiming for Memorial Day.

Nevada is taking its time allowing casinos to open again. Leaders here recognize how important the gambling industry is, yet they want to avoid a surge in new infections. Many believe the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas will be up and running by June.

Some felt that even after reopening, casinos would have a difficult time bringing in players. That doesn’t appear to be the case in Oklahoma.

Casinos in Oklahoma Are Already Drawing in Large Crowds

There are many casinos now spread around the state of Oklahoma. Some of these venues are just finally beginning to reopen. Several major gaming analysts predicted that revenue would be slow to recover, however, as many would be unwilling to visit a casino due to concerns over safety.

Some of these analysts may be forced to change their minds. On Monday, the Thunderbird Casino in Shawnee held a soft opening to the public. Incredibly, there were hundreds of individuals waiting outside before the casino even opened its doors.

Jenny Mitchell, a regular casino player in Oklahoma, expressed her delight in seeing this venue resume its operations.

“I’ve been waiting for it to open,” Mitchell said. “I’ve been waiting this whole time and I’ve been coming here since they opened.”

Of course, things will be a little different here than they were in the past. Guests are already having their temperature taken before entering the casino. There are also strict distancing measures set in place on slots and table games.

It’s a great sign for other casinos in Oklahoma that have yet to reopen. The Thunderbird Casino is making it clear that guests still want to play inside a brick and mortar venue. Hopefully, enough revenue is earned to keep all of the casinos here above ground.

Las Vegas Casinos Start Releasing Reopening Plans

As we’ve already mentioned, Nevada has yet to formally allow casinos to start opening up again. Governor Steve Sisolak has been hesitant to reopen the state economy, much to the dismay of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman. Fortunately, casinos in this state seem to have come up with safe guidelines to start operating again.

Not long ago, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved these reopening plans. It was a huge moment for the state and many casino companies immediately began setting dates to accept guests.

This week, several major casinos in Las Vegas released their casino plans. All of these venues are working hard to ensure their staff and patrons stay as safe as possible. Much like casinos in Oklahoma, all of the gaming venues in Las Vegas will require strict social distancing.

The conversation is now shifting to how many visitors will start traveling to Las Vegas. Tourism here has dropped to the lowest levels in history. Many may be unwilling to board a flight right now with concerns about the coronavirus.

As we’ve seen in Oklahoma, however, there are many that will take the risk. People around the country may be looking for an escape after being in lockdown for weeks. Perhaps this will result in a huge surge of visitors to the Las Vegas casinos.

It’s an interesting time for the gambling industry. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation in Las Vegas over the next few weeks!

Oklahoma’s Casino Issues Are Starting to Improve

For months, lawmakers in Oklahoma have been clashing with the state’s tribes over gambling compacts. Some of the leaders in Oklahoma argue these tribes cannot operate casinos until these compacts are renegotiated. Fortunately, Oklahoma’s casino issues are finally beginning to improve.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

It’s fantastic news for tribes with casinos here. Of course, the entire land-based casino industry in the US is facing serious issues right now. Today, we’re going to look at the history of this dispute and talk about how it’s being figured out.

Let’s get into it!

History of the Oklahoma-Tribe Casino Dispute

As many know, Oklahoma is home to one of the largest casino industries in the country. A huge number of Native American tribes operate casinos here. These gambling venues help to draw in many visitors from nearby states such as Texas.

Initially, Native American tribes here signed 15-year deals with the state to run these gambling venues. These compacts set a certain amount of revenue that casinos would need to pay to the state. At the beginning of this year, the 15-year compacts between the state and tribes officially expired.

Many tribes here claimed these compacts auto-renew. They have refused to shut down their gambling venues, despite the state’s requests. Some of Oklahoma’s leaders have stated these venues are now operating illegally and tribes need to negotiate with the state to come up with a new tax structure.

It’s become a very serious issue. Governor Stitt threatened to shut down the casinos in this state. Finally, these two parties began entering into negotiations.

Until recently, these negotiations seemed to be at a standstill. Several tribes here refused to start paying more in casino revenue taxes. This week, news began to surface that lawmakers and several tribes here have come to an agreement.

Here’s an Update on Oklahoma’s Casino Issues

It was difficult for analysts to predict how long this issue would carry on for. It was clear that tribes were going to fight against raising their current tax rates. State leaders were also adamant that the compacts be renegotiated.

It looks like Oklahoma’s casino issues are finally clearing up. Today, news broke that Governor Stitt had reached an agreement with several tribes. Reports claim that the Comanche Nation and Otoe-Missouria have officially signed new deals with the state.

The Governor released a statement about this situation to the media this week.

“As an Oklahoman and a tribal citizen, it has been my heart’s desire to provide a level playing field for all 4 million Oklahomans and to ensure meaningful opportunities for all our 38 federally recognized tribes that call Oklahoma home,” Stitt said in a news conference. 

Interestingly, Stitt has also approved these tribes to start offering sports betting options. Under the new deal, the state’s share of sports gambling is 1.1% of the amount wagered. 6% of casinos’ net revenue will also now go to the state.

When Will Oklahoma’s Casino Open to the Public?

Since March, all of the casinos in Oklahoma have been shut down. This isn’t the only state with these regulations, though. Every land-based casino in the country is shut down right now; including ones in Las Vegas.

This casino shutdown has been extremely damaging to the country’s gambling industry. Many companies are losing millions of dollars every single day. The worst thing is that it’s unclear when these gambling venues will be able to open once again.

Based on new reports, Oklahoma is beginning to open its state back up. Today, Governor Stitt announced that “personal care businesses” can begin to open their doors on Friday. Stitt’s plan to reopen the state is coming in three phases.

No one can really say when casinos will be allowed to open again. Many analysts feel that these venues pose serious risks for infection spread. In places like Las Vegas, several casino companies are coming up with new ideas to open casinos to the public.

It’s great to see Oklahoma’s casino issues being figured out. It now seems likely that other tribes in the state will begin pushing to sign an agreement with the state. We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for the country’s casino industry to open back up.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma casino news over the next few months!

Here’s an Update on the Kingston Casino Resort

At the moment, all of the land-based casinos in Oklahoma are closed to the public. Despite that fact, more tribes in the state are pushing to open new casino-resorts. This week, the Chickasaw Tribe offered an update on the Kingston Casino Resort set to open on the shores of Lake Texoma.Chickasaw Nation Seal

This isn’t the only new gambling venue set to open in this state. Today, we’re going to discuss what’s planned for the Kingston Casino. We’ll also talk about when casinos in the state may decide to open again.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Stitt Continues to Fight in the Courts With Tribes

Kevin Stitt is now well-known for his legal disputes with different Native American tribes in the state. This all started back in the beginning of 2019. That was when the tribe’s gambling compacts expired and lawmakers began demanding they negotiate for new ones.

In 2004, the tribes and state officials agreed to 15-year contracts. These called for the tribes to pay between 4% to 10% of their total revenue in taxes to the state. Now that these contracts are expired, state leaders argue it’s time for the tribes and lawmakers to come up with new agreements.

As of now, the tribes with casinos here are operating as if it’s business as usual. Governor Kevin Stitt believes that they are doing this illegally. Until a new tax structure is agreed to, he argues, all casinos are not able to operate.

This issue is now being fought in court. Attempts at negotiations have been ongoing. According to most reports, however, no real progress has been made.

It’s unclear when this legal fight between the tribes and lawmakers will end. In the meantime, several major tribal groups in the state continue pushing to open new casinos. We’re just receiving an update on another major casino-resort set to open here this year.

More Information About the Kingston Casino Resort is Coming Out

Oklahoma is home to a huge number of popular casino-resorts. Historically speaking, these venues have brought the state a huge amount of revenue. These casinos also help to draw in many visitors from nearby states such as Texas.

For years, the Chickasaw Nation has discussed plans to open a new casino-resorts on the shores of Lake Texoma. The tribe has been asking state officials for permission to open this new venue. Now, it seems that the Kingston Casino Resort will officially open at some point this year.

More information about this casino-resort is starting to come out. According to new reports, it will feature more than 9,600 square feet of gaming space, a 40-room hotel, and 10 rental cabins. Many expect this to become a highly popular venue due to its location.

Back in March, the Chickasaw Nation looked at how the opening of this casino would impact the local area. The tribe then claimed to have purchased a 62-acre plot of land to build it on. Before construction can begin, however, the land needs to be placed under federal trade status in order to comply with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The Kingston Casino Resort will generate $58 million in economic impact during its first year of operating, according to the Chickasaw Nation. Some analysts are now wondering whether or not the opening of this venue will be possible at all this year due to current regulations.

When Will Oklahoma’s Casino Industry Open Back Up?

Across the country, land-based casinos have been forced to close their doors. This is due to the new coronavirus spreading around the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected here, despite extreme measures taken in almost every state.

In Oklahoma, all casinos have been closed to the public for weeks. This has been devastating for many tribes that rely on casino revenue to operate normally. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when these current restrictions will be lifted.

More than 2,000 people in Oklahoma have already tested positive for Covid-19. That number is likely to increase as time goes on. Until a major reduction in cases is seen, casinos here will remain closed.

How exactly this will affect the opening of the Kingston Casino Resort is unknown. As we mentioned earlier, the initial plan was to construct and open this new property in 2020. The longer that casinos are forced to be closed here, the more difficult it will be to start building a new gaming venue.

It’s also disappointing news for the Cherokee Tribe, who plan on opening a new casino in Pope County this year.

Hopefully, things begin to improve before too long. Oklahoma’s casino industry is one of the biggest in the country. The state economy will benefit greatly once these casinos here are back up and running.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma casino news over the next few weeks!

Opening of a New Casino in Pope County May be Delayed

Oklahoma is home to a huge number of popular tribal casinos. More are continuing to open around the state every few years. This weekend, the Cherokee Tribe’s attempt to open a new casino in Pope County started facing trouble from an anti-casino group in the state.

Oklahoma Casinos

It’s unfortunate news, especially considering the way the land-based casino industry is faring right now. Today, we’re going to take a look at why this group is pushing against the opening of the new gambling venue.

Let’s get into it!

All Casinos in Oklahoma Are Closed

This is the most unusual time in the history of the US gambling industry. Never before have all of the country’s casinos been forced to close. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening right now due to the spread of the new coronavirus, called Covid-19.

Since March, all casinos in the state of Oklahoma have been closed to the public. Health officials warn that these venues are ideal places for a virus to spread. It remains unclear when the state’s casinos will be able to open their doors again.

Obviously, this has resulted in a huge loss of revenue. Many Native American tribes in the state rely on their casinos for funding. Due to the closing of these venues, many are losing out on millions of dollars every single month.

Rates of Covid-19 continue to rise in Oklahoma. As of today, 1,868 individuals have been confirmed positive here. An additional 74 cases were recorded over the past 24 hours. Most experts believe the true number of cases is significantly higher.

As long as infection rates are increasing, casinos in the state are likely to remain shut down. That doesn’t mean certain groups aren’t already looking to the future, though. Unfortunately, even tribes looking to open new casinos in the state are facing backlash.

Anti-Gambling Group Fights Against New Casino in Pope County

Oklahoma’s casino laws are constantly changing. New regulations are occasionally introduced that allow for more gambling venues to be built in the state. Back in 2018, the state approved Constitutional Amendment 100, which allows a new casino to be constructed in Pope and Jefferson Counties.

Under the amendment, the new casinos must gain approval from local officials. Interestingly, a clause was introduced that claims only local officials present at the time of the application submittal need to approve the casino plans. Eventually, the Cherokee Tribe introduced plans to open a new casino in Pope County.

Local officials seemed happy with the proposed $38.8 million casino. Not everyone wants to see this venue built, though. A major anti-casino group in the state is now claiming that the approval of this casino goes against a restraining order set in place last December.

This group, called Citizens for a Better Pope County, sued the Racing Commission in December, resulting in a temporary restraining order. They now feel the Commission has no ability to approve a casino license while the restraining order is set in place.

“The Commission runs the risk of violating the [restraining order] with its announced course of action,” said Jerry Malone, an attorney for the Citizens for a Better Pope County. “Additionally, various counts in the Second Amended Complaint raise substantive allegations that it constitutes an illegal exaction for the Commission to expend taxpayer dollars in consideration of Cherokee Nation’s Good Cause Shown Application.” 

Members of the Cherokee Nation have not yet commented on this legal situation. We’ll need to wait and see what steps are taken to approve the new casino in Pope County over the next few weeks.

Oklahoma Lawmakers and Tribes Are Still Arguing in Court

The legal fight between the Cherokee and the anti-gambling group isn’t the only one taking place in Oklahoma. For months, other tribes in the state have been in a bitter dispute with Oklahoma’s leaders. This fight is all about gambling revenue.

Kevin Stitt, the Governor of Oklahoma, believes that the gaming compacts signed with tribes more than 15 years ago have expired. He claims it’s now time to negotiate the terms of these compacts. This includes seeing more of the casino revenue going to the state.

Stitt, along with many other state politicians, now believes that these tribes are operating their casinos illegally. Despite these opinions, the tribes are continuing to go about business as usual. Thus far, negotiations between the state and tribes have been largely unsuccessful.

Plans to open the new casino in Pope County have been introduced. It seemed as if they had been approved, as well. The Citizens for a Better Pope County are now working to keep this casino from ever opening its doors.

As we said earlier, this is a very unusual time for the state’s casino industry. Hopefully, things begin getting back to normal over the next month or two.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma casino news over the next few weeks!

Oklahoma’s Casino Industry is Beginning to Shut Down

Gambling venues are shutting down in another state. Several major casinos in Oklahoma have confirmed the news in statements to the media. Today, we’re going to look at how this will affect Oklahoma’s casino industry in the long run.State Map Of Oklahoma

Lawmakers here have been in a fight with tribes over casinos for months. Now, it appears this legal battle is being put on hold. Here’s what’s happening here.

Covid-19 Update: More than 16,000 Positive Cases in the US

Thousands of new cases of Covid-19 have been officially confirmed in the United States. Testing protocol is beginning to improve and more people around the country are choosing to self-isolate. Some states, unfortunately, continue to see their infection rates increase rapidly.

California continues to take the most intense regulations. Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor has now called on everyone in the state to stay home unless it’s absolutely essential. Even with these measures, Newsom estimates that 56% of the entire state will eventually test positive.

New York is experiencing a major surge in cases, as well. More than 4,500 people here have been confirmed infected. As a result, much of the state is beginning to shut down right now.

Not every state was quick to act, though. Florida’s Governor is facing serious criticism for allowing casinos, public beaches, bars and nightclubs to remain open. Even yesterday, hundreds of people were seen partying together on a Florida beach.

With cases now beginning to emerge in Oklahoma, more casinos here are choosing to close to the public. Here’s how this situation is unfolding.

Oklahoma’s Casino Industry is Closing Down

Oklahoma has one of the largest casino industries in the United States. There are a huge number of Native American-run casinos here that contribute massively to the state government. Unfortunately, many of these venues are being forced to shut down.

Several casinos here have announced they are now closing to help stop the spread of the coronavirus throughout Oklahoma. Lucky Star Casino revealed that it’s temporarily shutting down all six of its Oklahoma venues.

The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes claim these properties will be closed to the public starting on Friday morning. As of now, these venues will be closed until April 2nd. Employees of these properties will be paid during this time.

It’s clear that Oklahoma’s casino industry is taking a major hit. Days ago, the WinStar World Casino Resort closed its doors. This property is known for attracting many visitors from Dallas and the surrounding area.

Most of these properties expect to open again within a few weeks. If the virus continues to spread, however, this may not be possible. We’ll need to wait and see how infection rates grow here in the coming days.

How Will This Affect the State’s Legal Fight With Tribes?

It’s interesting to see Oklahoma’s casino industry closing down right now. Many felt this was possible in 2020, yet no one expected it to be due to a global pandemic. Most thought that lawmakers would force these venues to close down due to the fight over gaming licenses.

Oklahoma and tribes agreed to compacts that allowed the tribes to run casinos for 15 years. In January, these compacts expired. The tribes believe that they automatically renew. State officials claim they need to negotiate a new deal in order to receive casino licenses.

Both parties have been fighting in court over these issues. For now, though, the coronavirus is forcing the state’s casinos to shut down.

That doesn’t mean all casino gambling options are leaving, though. There are a huge number of fantastic online casinos in Oklahoma right now. Many of them offer more gambling options than the top land-based casinos in the state.

Oklahoma’s casino industry is closing down, for now. Hopefully, the casino companies here are able to take the financial toll that Covid-19 is having on the economy.

Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

Oklahoma’s Gambling Issues Continue in Court

For months, lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma have been fighting with Native American tribes in the state over gambling tax rates. The state government feels it’s time to renegotiate the tax structure set on these tribes’ casinos. Unfortunately, Oklahoma’s gambling issues are continuing in court.Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

This week, the Attorney General commented on this dispute. Today, we’re going to talk about how these problems started, and what to expect in the future.

Let’s get into it!

What Started the Dispute Between OK Lawmakers and Tribes?

There are a huge number of Native American tribes in Oklahoma. Since 2004, Oklahoma has allowed tribes in the state to operate Class III casinos. Tribal leaders and lawmakers in the state agreed to a 15-year contract that sets a tax structure of 4 to 10% of gambling revenue.

For the past 15 years, things have run smoothly. It seemed as if both the tribes and lawmakers were happy with the money coming in. Unfortunately, things began to take a turn in 2019.

Last year, Governor Kevin Stitt revealed that he wanted to renegotiate the tax structure with the tribes. He argues that since the 15-year contract has expired, the system set in place back in 2004 is no longer valid. The Native American tribes here, however, believe that this contract automatically renews and are refusing to agree to any new terms.

It’s become a serious issue in the state. Governor Stitt has claimed that the state’s tribal casinos are now operating illegally. The tribes are challenging that notion in court.

Neither of these groups has been able to make much progress. In the meantime, the tribes are continuing to run their gambling venues as if nothing is happening. It’s a complicated issue that may drag on for months.

Attorney General Comments on Oklahoma’s Gambling Issues

Lawmakers and tribal leaders are refusing to back down here. Kevin Stitt is adamant that it’s time for the state to start earning more from the casinos here. He’s proposed several ideas, including diverting the gambling revenue that tribes are earning while the legal process takes place.

This week, Attorney General Mike Hunter officially shut this idea down. Hunter claims that gambling revenue must be allocated under the state’s current laws. This calls for 12% of all revenue to be deposited into the state’s general fund and the rest to go towards public education.

Many of the tribes in Oklahoma have sued Governor Stitt in federal court. As we already mentioned, these tribes are continuing to operate their gambling revenue. In the meantime, revenue from these gaming venues is not going to the state.

In February, a federal judge ordered the tribes and Stitt to enter into mediation. The judge is now demanding that the two parties come to an agreement by March 31st. Whether or not that becomes a reality is still unknown.

Governor Stitt is suggesting that 25% of gambling revenue go towards the state government. He commented on Oklahoma’s gambling issues to the media this week.

“I don’t begrudge them for fighting for a good deal for themselves,” Stitt explained. “But guys, this is not a good deal. I would not be doing a good job as governor if I rubber stamped a contract that goes on forever.”

There’s no way of telling how this situation will play out.

Coronavirus May Have An Impact on Oklahoma’s Gambling Industry

For months, a new kind of coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China called Covid-19 has spread around the world. It’s already infected more than 110,000 individuals and killed thousands. Unfortunately, there are no indications that this virus will die off anytime soon.

In fact, Covid-19 has begun spreading rapidly around the United States. According to new reports, at least 720 people have been diagnosed in the country. Most experts feel the true number is considerably higher.

This virus is already having an impact on the country’s gambling industry. Some reports claim that tourism to Las Vegas is beginning to slow down. There are fears over the spread of the virus inside gambling venues.

There’s a chance that the coronavirus could seriously impact Oklahoma’s gambling industry. Not long ago, a case was officially confirmed in a casino in Oregon. This forced the gambling venue to shut down. If cases begin popping up in Oklahoma casinos, the state’s entire gambling industry may eventually close off.

Oklahoma’s gambling issues may just be getting started. For now, they involve just lawmakers and tribes. Hopefully, Covid-19 does not end up forcing casinos here to shut their doors to the public.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma casino news over the next few months!

Kevin Stitt Wants Casino Gambling in Oklahoma to be Made Illegal

For more than a year, lawmakers in Oklahoma and the state’s Native American tribes have been clashing. The state is calling these tribes to pay more money in taxes. The tribes believe this breaches the contract they made with lawmakers decades ago. This week, Governor Kevin Stitt officially called for casino gambling in Oklahoma to become legal.Governor Kevin Stitt

It’s disappointing news for the tribes operating in this state. It’s also a huge blow for gambling fans here that enjoy making bets inside land-based casinos. Today, we’re going to talk about exactly why Mr. Stitt is taking this stance.

Let’s get into it!

Tribes and Oklahoma Lawmakers Continue to Argue

The issue between Oklahoma’s tribal groups and the state lawmakers has been brewing for months. It began to really heat up back in July when Governor Stitt announced he was considering banning casino gambling in the state. Stitt believes that it’s time for these tribal groups to pay more money.

It all stems from the contracts made with these tribes back in the early 2000s. At that time, an agreement was made for these tribes to operate land-based casinos for 15 years. Both parties agreed to a tax structure and until recently, things were running smoothly.

That is no longer the case. Kevin Stitt believes that once these 15-year contracts expire, it’s time to negotiate the tax structure. The tribes disagree. They are arguing that these contracts automatically renew once they’ve expired.

At first, these two groups seemed uninterested in negotiating with one another. Finally, talks began to take place in October. Unfortunately, it appears these negotiations fell through.

Kevin Stitt is now asking for casino gambling in Oklahoma to be made officially illegal. Will this actually happen in 2020?

Casino Gambling in Oklahoma May be Banned

Oklahoma has one of the largest casino industries in the country. There are a huge number of gambling venues here, most of which offer all types of Class III games such as slots, table games, and poker. Due to the disagreement over tax payments, Kevin Stitt is now officially asking a federal court to prevent tribes from offering any casino gambling in Oklahoma.

Stitt is insisting that these tribes are currently offering casino gambling options illegally. He is arguing in court that these tribes do not currently possess a license to run casinos. Until a new tax structure is agreed to, he states, these tribes will not hold a gambling license.

“Continuing to conduct class III electronic gaming in the absence of valid Gaming Compacts with Oklahoma has resulted, is resulting, and will continue to result, in unjust enrichment to the Tribes,” Stitt claims in a statement to the court. “Unjust enrichment will continue unless and until a new gaming compact is entered into by and between the Tribes and Oklahoma.”

Essentially, Stitt wants confirmation that the state’s contracts do not automatically expire. If this happens, he can officially shut down casino gambling in Oklahoma. The tribes would then be forced to negotiate with lawmakers on a new tax structure.

The tribes have taken to the courts, as well. We’ll need to wait and see how this situation plays out over the next few months. For now, Oklahoma’s land-based casinos continue to operate.

Online Casino Gambling in Oklahoma is Growing More Popular

There are some major fears that Oklahoma’s brick and mortar casino industry will be temporarily shut down soon. If the tribes continue to fight against any tax changes, the fight with state lawmakers could drag on for years. As a result, internet casino gambling here is growing more popular than ever before.

It’s not entirely surprising. Right now, there are a huge number of fantastic Oklahoma casino sites that are available. Most of them provide thousands of different gambling options every single day.

Some of these sites are known for offering mostly slot-style games. Others provide a wide range of online casino gambling options.

One site that’s grown extremely popular over the years is Bovada. Both casino gamblers and sports bettors love this site thanks to its modern design and wide range of gambling options. Feel free to check it out today!

Governor Stitt wants casino gambling in Oklahoma to be banned. Whether or not the courts will agree to this request is still unknown. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

Will Tribal Gambling in Oklahoma Be Made Illegal in 2020?

For years, Oklahoma has boasted one of the largest Native American tribal casino markets in the world. A huge number of tribal casinos are operating here, yet they’re in danger of soon being banned. Many are now wondering whether or not tribal gambling in Oklahoma will be made illegal next year.

Governor Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma’s governor is making it clear that he’s against the gambling industry. Today, we’re going to look at exactly why casino gambling could be made illegal here. We’ll also talk about the chances of this happening in 2020.

Let’s get into it!

Oklahoma Lawmakers Continue to Fight With Tribes

As we just mentioned, Oklahoma has a long and rich history of gambling regulation. In the 1980s, lawmakers here began allowing horse race gambling and Class II casino gambling options. It was a major step forward, as in the past, state officials banned almost all forms of traditional gambling.

Unfortunately, these officials seemed unwilling to legalize real casino gambling. Class III games, which include table games and slot machines, were banned for years. In 2000, lawmakers here finally entered into negotiations with tribes over this subject.

In 2004, Class III gambling was officially legalized in Oklahoma. This breathed new life in the state’s gambling industry. Almost immediately after this legalization, a huge number of tribes began immediately pushing to open new gambling venues. Online casinos in Oklahoma remain unregulated but are hugely popular.

The state began benefiting from this industry right away. Hundreds of millions of dollars started flowing into the state. These casinos attracted many visitors from nearby states such as Texas.

Unfortunately, Governor Kevin Stitt may end up killing the state’s gambling industry. Tribal gambling in Oklahoma could actually become illegal soon.

Kevin Stitt is Fighting Against Tribal Gambling in Oklahoma

Native American tribes in Oklahoma have been fighting with certain state lawmakers for months. It all stems from a disagreement with the state’s gambling compacts. Initially, the state granted tribes here a 15-year contract to offer Class III gambling options.

Under this contract, the tribes agreed to pay the state a certain amount of their revenue via taxes. The 15-year contracts are now expired, and Kevin Stitt believes that it’s time to renegotiate the terms of the agreement. The tribes in this state disagree.

It’s become a serious issue. Tribal leaders are under the impression that the 15-year agreement auto-renews. They are continuing to operate in the same way they have for the past decade and a half.

Stitt wants to see the tribes start paying more money to the state. Until this happens, he argues, these tribes are operating illegally. It’s a complicated issue with no real end in sight.

Not long ago, it appeared that the tribes and lawmakers were ready to negotiate. Unfortunately, these negotiations seem to have fallen through. Now, many of these tribes here are taking legal action against Governor Stitt.

Tribes Officially Sue Kevin Stitt Over Casino Dispute

Kevin Stitt isn’t backing down. He maintains that the state deserves more money from its legal casino gambling options. To their credit, the tribes aren’t backing down, either.

This week, the three most powerful tribes in the state officially filed a lawsuit against Governor Stitt. The Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw tribes are all taking legal action against the governor for not renewing the gambling compacts. The tribes all claim that they’ve met all the requirements to obtain new gambling licenses.

Chuck Hoskin, the Cherokee Nation Chief, commented on why these lawsuits are now taking place.

“For some time, we have tried to establish meaningful intergovernmental engagement regarding our gaming compacts, but you have continued to reject our compacts’ plain terms,” he said. “Recently, you have gone further, stating allegations against us and threats to our operations.”

Stitt is telling the media that he’s still open to negotiations. Until this takes place, he maintains that Class III gambling is illegal here.

Tribal gambling in Oklahoma is still available, despite its legality sitting in a grey area. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few months!