Red Rock Casino President Passed Away on July 4

Red Rock Resorts

Richard J. Haskins, the president of Red Rock Casino, died on July 4 after a fatal watercraft accident. 

Haskins was spending the weekend on Lake Michigan with his family. The accident happened roughly around 2:00pm on Saturday afternoon. Haskins was traveling westbound in Little Traverse Bay, and at the same time, a 27-foot powerboat, driven by a 77-year old man named James Moffat, was traveling northbound. The boats collided at top speeds.

Immediately following the accident, Haskins was transported to Harbor Springs launch area, where he was pronounced dead by the medical staff. The accident remains under investigation, and very few details have been released yet. It is unknown who is technically at fault for the accident.

Red Rock Casino’s board of directors released this statement in response to Haskins death,

“The entire Station Casinos family mourns this loss. On behalf of our Board of Directors, management team and employees, we extend our deepest sympathies to the Haskins family.”

Red Rock Casinos board of directors will release a plan for Haskins’ replacement sometime in the next couple of days. Right now, they are focused on mourning his death and grieving with his family over their loss.

Haskins has been with the company for over twenty-five years and was an essential part of the business. Frank Fertitta III, Red Rock’s CEO described him in this way,

“He was a trusted advisor, a brilliant strategist, a steady hand in good times and in bad and most important – a friend to all.”

Wrap Up

Red Rock Casino and its staff are mourning the loss of their beloved president, Richard J. Haskins. After twenty-five years with the company, he had earned the respect of many and will be greatly missed.

Whoever is hired to replace him will have big shoes to fill. When more details regarding the future of Red Rock are released, I will be sure to share them with you.

Casinos in Lake County Have Started to Open

Lake County California

About two weeks ago, casinos in Lake County, California, started opening up. Since many of Lake County’s casinos are found on reservations, Governor Gavin Newsom wrote a letter to the tribal leaders to warn them about not listening to social distancing protocols established by the state.

The letter mentioned that they run the risk of igniting a new wave of infections.

Jessica Shown-Morgan, the marketing manager of Konocti Vista Casino Resort, released this statement in response to that letter:

“I’ve been really proud and happy about the way that we’ve (made) a lot of changes in order to make sure that people are safe, as well as finding out about all the health guidelines, and then still trying to create the fun.”

She also addressed the fact that they understand everyone’s concerns and take the safety of their guests very seriously.

Their goal is to make people feel comfortable playing in their casinos and staying in their hotel rooms without worrying about the spread of the coronavirus.

Changes Casinos in Lake County Have Started to Implement

One of the safety features Konocti Vista Casino Resort and the other surrounding casinos have implemented, is a plastic shield that separates cashiers from the guests.

This helps prevent the spread of germs between both parties. Both guests and employees will be required to wear a face mask at all times to prevent the spread of germs as well.

Before guests or employees can enter the casino, they will be required to get their temperature taken. Any guest or employee whose temperature is over 95.5%, will be asked to leave. Guests are required to remain six feet apart from anyone outside their party whenever possible too.

Many of the casinos in Lake County are also making their facilities non-smoking properties for the first time ever. They realize that smoking in the facilities potentially has the chance to increase the coronavirus spread and understand that the risk is not worth it. They may lose visitors over this course of action, but only time will tell.

Instead of allowing the casinos to stay open twenty-four hours, they will be closed from midnight until 8pm. During this time, they will have a cleaning crew come in to sanitize and perform a deep clean of the bathrooms, playing tables, chairs, slot machines, game pieces, etc.

While all of these restrictions may seem overwhelming, guests are still happy to have a place to enjoy their favorite casino games and socialize with their friends. In Lake County, casinos have been reaching their maximum capacity most nights over these past two weeks, and I don’t see that changing for a while.

Wrap Up

In Lake County, casinos have opened up, but things are certainly not the same as they used to be.

These casinos have taken extreme precautions to ensure they can minimize, if not altogether avoid, the coronavirus spread throughout their facilities.

I am excited to see casinos reopening safely and securely, and I’m eager to see what changes become permanent in the months to come.

Illinois Casinos Are Expected to Open Soon

Flag Of Illinois

If you live in Illinois, we are sure you are eager for the casinos to open back up. The Illinois Gaming Board oversees ten casinos and over 36,000 slot machines in over 7,000 locations throughout Illinois. All casinos and devices have been shut down since mid-March in an effort to diminish the spread of the coronavirus. 

While the board hasn’t announced an official date when it will allow casinos to reopen, but they did announce that officials are reviewing the safety plans submitted by casino owners that include details on how they will comply with the updated health standards.

We assume that when casinos reopen, slot machines will be turned on at bars, gaming parlors, and other facilities they are currently located at.

Words from the Top

Gene O’Shea, the board’s spokesmen, released this public statement on the matter, “The timing of resumption of video gaming and casino gaming depends entirely on the public health conditions at the time.

Additionally, any resumption of video gaming or casino gaming will resume within the framework of the Restore Illinois plan. Under that plan, the earliest gaming could resume is Phase 4.”

The Illinois Gaming Board hinted that many gambling locations would be back in business by June 26. That is the date the state is expected to move into Phase 4. Of course, this date is tentative because it relies on the continued decrease in the number of new COVID-19 cases.

Whenever the state does enter Phase 4, casinos will be limited to 50% capacity for a limited period of time to comply with the Illinois Department of Public Health safety guidelines.

The board released a checklist to help casino owners plan well for their reopening. This checklist gives us a better idea of how to expect casinos to operate for the foreseeable future.

A few of the things on the checklist include:

  • Restaurants, hotels, and spas must comply with local and state health requirements.
  • Crowds are limited to 50% of maximum fire-code capacity.
  • All guests must maintain 6 feet of social distance.
  • Employees and guests must wear face coverings.
  • Casinos must be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected regularly.

Wrap Up

If everything goes according to plan, in Illinois, casinos will have the green light to open within the week.

While I think it is exciting to finally be able to visit casinos in Illinois again, I also know that there are significant changes to ensure the safety of all guests in attendance.

The Illinois Gaming Board is working hard to abide by all safety protocols issued by the governor, and it shows.

Online Sports Betting Could Be Available in Illinois Soon

Flag of Illinois

Three months ago, right before the coronavirus pandemic started to spread throughout Illinois, sports betting became legal in the state for the first time. Not ideal for anyone, but this hits hard for online sports betters in Illinois!

Sports bettors got excited about all the potential bets they could make and then they were devastated by the news that most sports leagues were canceled to prevent the spread of the virus.

On June 5, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order that gave bettors permission to register for online sports betting accounts from home. The previous gaming expansion bill required bettors to register at racetracks or casinos in person before they were allowed to create an account and bet from home. For the safety of the residents, the governor decided to temporarily change the policy on this.

Governor Rulings

Marcus Fruchter, the Illinois Gaming Board administrator, said this in a recent interview

“Governor Pritzker’s executive order allows Illinois sports fans to temporarily place wagers from the safety of their own home, protecting a revenue source that is critical as the state begins to recover from the damaging financial impact of COVID-19.”

The Illinois Gaming Board won’t be opening any casinos until they feel it is safe to do so, so online betting will be the next best option.

Despite the governor’s latest change, Illinois natives won’t be able to place a bet just yet. Seven casinos and three racetracks have applied for sports betting licenses, but only two casinos have been granted temporary ones so far. They will also have to apply for an additional license to be able to offer online betting and neither casino has submitted those forms yet.

The exact details of what sports will be available to bet on and what types of wagers will be available in the future is unknown at this time. However, the gaming board does have plans to discuss these questions and more during their next meeting on June 11. This will be their first time gathering together since January 30. Hopefully, we will have more information for you after the details of this meeting have been released. 

Wrap Up

Illinois is making strides towards offering sports betting options for their residents, but they aren’t ready quite yet. Once the casinos apply and get approved for the appropriate licenses, things can move forward.

Residents of Illinois can safely sign up for online sports betting accounts from the comfort of their own homes to get ready for when sports betting finally becomes available. Hopefully, this happens sooner rather than later!

More Esports Betting Options Are Becoming Available

With all major sports leagues now shut down, more and more people around the country are beginning to look at different ways to place bets. To the disappointment of many, it may be months before any leagues begin operating again. This week, more Esports betting options officially became available in the state of Nevada.

Esports Tournament

Over the past couple of weeks, Esports betting has grown more and more popular. This is especially true in Nevada, where all casinos are currently shut down. Today, we’re going to look at some of the new “sports betting” options that have just become available here.

Let’s get into it!

Esports Are Growing More Popular Every Week

Back in early March, all of the top sports leagues in the country began discussing plans to close down. The new coronavirus had quickly begun spreading around the United States and several professional athletes had already tested positive. Many state leaders began supporting the decision for sports leagues to shut down their operations.

Eventually, the NBA announced it was suspending its season. The NHL followed shortly after. Then came the NCAA basketball tournament and before long, every single sports league was shut down.

It’s been frustrating for many people stuck at home, unable to watch their favorite sports. Right now should be a great time in the sporting world. For this reason, several smaller competitive events have started to grow more popular.

This includes Esports. For those who are unaware, Esports are multiplayer video game competitions. There are a huge number of Esports tournaments taking place around the world every single month. More people are now choosing to place bets on these tournaments.

Even some state gambling commissions are now getting on board with this form of gambling. This week, several officials in Nevada passed a measure to allow more Esports betting options. Here’s what we know about this situation.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Approves More Esports Betting Options

Nevada is in a tough place right now. For weeks, all of the state’s casinos have been shut down. This has proved devastating for cities like Las Vegas, which rely heavily on gambling revenue. According to some reports, Nevada is actually the worst-affected state in the country in terms of economic impact.

Leaders of this state are working hard to obtain revenue from the gambling industry. This includes approving new forms of sports gambling. This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board began allowing wagers to be placed on three Esports betting tournaments that are taking place right now.

This state government body officially approved bets on the 2020 League of Legends European Masters tournament, the 2020 League of Legends European Championship and the 2020 North America League of Legends Championship Series. With these three new tournaments, Nevada has now recently approved seven Esports betting options over the past month.

It’s unclear how much sports betting revenue is coming in right now. Even the top sports commissioners in the country cannot say when major leagues will start operating again. In time, Nevada may start approving even more unique forms of sports betting.

It’s a very difficult time for the land-based gambling industry around the country. Nevada is one of many states currently suffering from the casino shutdown. Some experts now believe that Macau may be the key for many casino companies to get past this pandemic.

US Casino Companies Are Starting to Rely on Macau for Revenue

Las Vegas and Macau are two of the biggest and most profitable gambling destinations in the world. Unfortunately, both of these cities have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus over the past few months. Macau, however, seems to be recovering already.

As the coronavirus began spreading throughout China, officials in Macau were forced to close down their gambling venues. This caused many companies (including some based in Las Vegas) to start losing millions of dollars every single day. China’s rates are now lower than in most other parts of the country and Macau’s casinos are once again up and running.

That doesn’t mean things are back to normal here. In fact, revenue in the city is lower than it has ever been. Many of the top Las Vegas casino companies here still believe that revenue in the city will be extremely important. It’s almost guaranteed that this city will earn more than Las Vegas over the next few weeks.

Many analysts believe that Macau will be an extremely important city for Las Vegas casino companies, as well. If revenue begins to increase here, it will quickly become one of the most profitable gambling destinations on the planet.

No one knows how long the casino industry will remain shut down for. To earn more revenue, some casinos are offering more Esports betting options. Some believe that Esports betting will become an extremely profitable form of sports betting for many companies.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas gambling news over the next few months!

Odds on the Quarantine Eating Challenge Are Now Online!

All major sports leagues in the United States are shut down. It’s been disappointing for many people at home looking for some entertainment. On Friday, a unique new eating challenge is taking place, featuring some of the top competitive eaters in the world. Odds on the quarantine eating challenge are now being offered online!

Joey Chestnut

This should be a fun show for many people around the country. Many are already placing their wagers on who will win. Today, we’re going to break down the odds for each competitor.

Let’s get into it!

All US Sports Leagues Remain Shut Down

This has been the most unusual month in the history of professional sports. Since early March, all major sports leagues in the country have been forced to close down. It’s still unclear when any of these leagues will resume normal operations.

The UFC has worked hard to get back to normal. Officials within the company worked hard to put on an event on April 18th at the Tachi Palace Casino in California. It nearly took place, yet California’s leaders ended up putting an end to the show at the last minute.

Members of the IOC were also forced to cancel the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. This is the first time the Olympics have ever been canceled for something other than war. The event will now be postponed until the Summer of 2021.

MLB officials are also looking at ways to start holding events again. Not long ago, news broke that leaders of this league are considering holding all of the season’s games in one venue without fans. It’s unclear whether or not this is a real possibility.

All casinos across the country, including ones in Las Vegas, are shut down, too. This makes it almost impossible to make land-based wagers in-person! More people are now choosing to place bets online.

Many people around the country are desperate for some kind of live entertainment event. This week, that’s exactly what we’re getting.

A Major Eating Challenge Takes Place This Friday

Eating contests tend to be very entertaining. While they don’t have nearly as big of a fan base as traditional sports, many still enjoy watching the top competitive eaters putting everything on the line. That’s exactly what’s scheduled to take place this week. Of course, this event will be different from all of the others.

On Friday, April 27th, the biggest names in competitive eating will face off in what’s called the quarantine eating challenge. This event will be live-streamed online at 7 pm on Major League Eating’s Youtube Channel. Below is a breakdown of the foods that will be consumed.

  • Qualifying Round: Sliced Bologna — two pounds
  • Quarterfinals: Milk and Cookies — one family pack of Oreos and a half-gallon of milk
  • Semifinals: Baked Beans — 1.5 gallons
  • Finals: Ramen Noodles — 10 individual ramen cups

George Shea, chairman of the MLE, commented on this event to the media this week.

“While there has been substantial discussion about which professional sport would be the first to return — with baseball, basketball, golf and MMA all floating recent potential return plans — competitive eating is first to come back. It is a powerful statement of American resilience.”

The winner of this event will take home $5,000. People around the United States are now getting ready to bet on the event. Let’s take a look at the odds for each competitor to win.

Breaking Down the Odds for the Quarantine Eating Challenge

For years, two men have dominated the world’s competitive eating challenges. Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie are both known for their incredible ability to put food away. On Friday, these men will be taking part in the live-streamed eating challenge.

BetOnline, one of the top online sportsbooks in the US, is now offering odds on this event.

At the moment, Joey Chestnut is listed as the favorite with odds of -110. Matt Stonie enters as the second favorite with odds to win at +350. Below is a complete list of the odds for the quarantine eating challenge.

  • Joey Chestnut: -110
  • Matt Stonie: +350
  • Darron Breeden: +500
  • Gideon Oji: +900
  • Miki Sudo: +1000
  • Michelle Lesco: +1200
  • Nick Wehry: +1200
  • Eric Brooker: +2000

Of course, most analysts feel that Joey Chestnut will take the win. He’s the most accomplished professional eater in the world. Matt Stone has a real possibility of pulling off the win, too.

Those looking to go with an underdog may want to wager on Miki Sudo. She’s won many Nathan’s Hot Dog Contests over the years and has already won several major events in 2020.

Make sure to check out BetOnline for a complete list of the odds for the quarantine eating challenge taking place this Friday! Let us know who you think will win the comments section below.

Macau’s Revenue is Now Very Important for US Casino Companies

For weeks, all of the land-based casinos in the United States have been shut down. Obviously, this has been devastating for many of the country’s top casino operators. Many experts now believe that Macau’s revenue will be extremely important for US casino companies moving forward.

Hundred Dollar Bills

Several Las Vegas-based casino companies currently operate in Macau. Today, we’re going to look at how the Chinese territory is faring right now. We’ll also discuss when we may see US casinos begin operating again.

Let’s get into it!

The Largest US Casino Cities Are Shut Down Right Now

As most people know, several cities in the US are known for their gambling industries. In these parts of the country, some of the most incredible casino-resorts in the world are operating. Unfortunately, all of the country’s land-based gambling venues have completely shut down due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Las Vegas is obviously the most-affected gambling market in the country. This city is home to some of the country’s biggest casino companies. For nearly a month, casinos here have been closed. Some reports claim this is costing these companies millions of dollars every single day.

It’s been devastating to Nevada’s economy. Governor Sisolak is unable to say when casinos and other non-essential businesses will be able to open back up. This may have long-lasting effects on the state.

Over on the East Coast, Atlantic City is struggling. Much like Las Vegas, this city relies heavily on its gambling industry. All of the casinos in this city are shut down and with the high rates of infections in New Jersey, it may be months before this changes.

Even smaller casino markets such as Oklahoma are suffering from this casino shutdown. Interestingly, several new casino plans are still being proposed here. This is one of the most unusual times in the country’s history and no one knows when things will return to normal.

More analysts are beginning to suggest that Macau will be an important city for some of the top US casino companies.

Macau’s Revenue May Save US Casino Operators

Macau is considered to be the Las Vegas of Asia. There are several billion-dollar casino-resorts operating here, some of which are run by companies based in the United States. A couple of months ago, Macau’s casino revenue completely stopped flowing in.

Not long after the coronavirus began spreading throughout China, cases emerged in Macau. As a result, city officials decided to close down all of the territory’s casinos. It took weeks before these gambling venues were able to open once again.

Now, the same is happening in the United States. For this reason, analysts feel that Macau’s revenue is more important for US casino companies than ever before. These companies have no other real revenue-generating options.

That doesn’t mean Macau will immediately start bringing in money for these companies. At the moment, casinos here are bringing in very little money. According to a recent report, this city experienced a 79.7% drop in casino revenue last month.

Most people are still choosing to avoid gambling inside casinos. Macau is doing everything it can to attract new players, yet it may be months before things begin to really improve. Fortunately, there’s a clear upwards trend in both tourism and gambling revenue here.

Many now want to know when casinos in the United States will open to the public once again.

Several States Are Now Looking to Reopen

At the moment, every state around the country has some form of restrictions set in place. Some have harsher regulations than others. Over the past few days, several states have begun to discuss lifting these restrictions.

This includes Florida. Recently, the Governor here announced that several industries would be able to start operating again. He even announced that the WWE was deemed an essential business and is now able to hold live shows here.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas is remaining closed down. Infection rates here are increasing here every single day. As long as this happens, it will be difficult for state officials to allow casinos to open back up to the public.

This is why Macau’s revenue is so important. It may be many months before casinos in the United States are able to open again. It will likely take even longer for these properties to start drawing in large numbers of players.

Things are beginning to improve in Macau. That should give hope to US casino companies that are struggling right now.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few months!

Las Vegas Virgin Hotel is Still On Track For Fall Opening

We’re now in mid-April, and every casino-resort in Las Vegas remains shut down. It’s been a tough month for land-based casino operators, many of whom are looking for an update on when they’ll be allowed to open once again. According to new reports, the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel is still preparing for a Fall opening date.Virgin Brand Logo

That’s great news for officials at Virgin. A significant amount of money has been invested into this property and hope was that it would be an immediate success. Now is the perfect time to give an update on this new casino-resort.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Companies in Las Vegas Are Still Closed Down

When the coronavirus first touched down in the United States, it was unclear how big of an issue this would become. Today, however, it’s clear that this new virus is taking an incredible toll on many different industries.

The land-based casino industry is being hit very hard. All land-based gambling venues across the country are officially closed down. This includes ones in Las Vegas, where many of the most expensive casino-resorts are currently located.

This shutdown is costing many of these companies a huge amount of money. According to some reports, several Las Vegas casino operators are losing millions of dollars every single day. The worst thing is that no one can really say when the city’s casinos will be given permission to open to the public.

Tourism into Las Vegas is also very low right now. So few people are flying into McCarran Airport, that officials decided to close down two of its concourses. The low number of tourists is hurting many of the city’s non-gaming businesses.

At the moment, several new casino-resorts are being constructed in Las Vegas. One new venue set to open there later this year is owned by Virgin Hotels. Here’s an update on this new property.

Las Vegas Virgin Hotel is Still Set to Open This Year

As we just mentioned, all land-based casinos in Las Vegas are completely closed down. Interestingly, the construction of new casino-resorts has continued here. This includes renovations on the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel.

Last year, Virgin Hotels announced it had purchased the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for $500 million. The company then stated it planned to renovate the property and convert it into a Virgin-branded casino-resort. Renovations have been taking place for months.

Company officials told the media that this new casino-resort is still on-track for a Fall opening. Richard Bosworth, president of Virgin Hotels, spoke about the construction progress with the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week.

When asked if construction had stalled, Bosworth gave an encouraging answer.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate that to date, and I do want to emphasize to date, we have had no disruption to our construction project or our schedule… I want to emphasize that while we certainly feel blessed that we, to date, have not had a disruption to our scheduling, it’s very difficult to feel happy or excited about that when it’s such a devastation to an industry.” 

He went on to claim that the renovations would end up costing around $200 million. Hopefully, things in Las Vegas are back to normal by the time this venue opens.

Atlantic City is Also Seeing a Major Drop in Revenue

At the moment, the two major casino destinations in the United States are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It’s been incredible to watch Atlantic City grow so quickly. A little over a decade ago, this city was on the brink of collapse.

Things began improving over the past few years and many casino companies here began earning serious revenue every month. This has now come to a stop. The coronavirus has forced all casinos in this city to shut down.

This has been very damaging to the city. Some reports claim that the casino industry here is losing up to $500 million every single month right now. The fact that New Jersey has the second-highest infection count in the country doesn’t help things.

Land-based casino companies around the country are suffering right now. On a good note, some states are seeing their cases flatten out and officials are beginning to discuss getting things back to normal.

It appears that the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel will open later this year. We’ll need to wait and see whether or not other major casino-resorts will manage to stay on schedule to open, as well.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Here’s an Update on the Kingston Casino Resort

At the moment, all of the land-based casinos in Oklahoma are closed to the public. Despite that fact, more tribes in the state are pushing to open new casino-resorts. This week, the Chickasaw Tribe offered an update on the Kingston Casino Resort set to open on the shores of Lake Texoma.Chickasaw Nation Seal

This isn’t the only new gambling venue set to open in this state. Today, we’re going to discuss what’s planned for the Kingston Casino. We’ll also talk about when casinos in the state may decide to open again.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Stitt Continues to Fight in the Courts With Tribes

Kevin Stitt is now well-known for his legal disputes with different Native American tribes in the state. This all started back in the beginning of 2019. That was when the tribe’s gambling compacts expired and lawmakers began demanding they negotiate for new ones.

In 2004, the tribes and state officials agreed to 15-year contracts. These called for the tribes to pay between 4% to 10% of their total revenue in taxes to the state. Now that these contracts are expired, state leaders argue it’s time for the tribes and lawmakers to come up with new agreements.

As of now, the tribes with casinos here are operating as if it’s business as usual. Governor Kevin Stitt believes that they are doing this illegally. Until a new tax structure is agreed to, he argues, all casinos are not able to operate.

This issue is now being fought in court. Attempts at negotiations have been ongoing. According to most reports, however, no real progress has been made.

It’s unclear when this legal fight between the tribes and lawmakers will end. In the meantime, several major tribal groups in the state continue pushing to open new casinos. We’re just receiving an update on another major casino-resort set to open here this year.

More Information About the Kingston Casino Resort is Coming Out

Oklahoma is home to a huge number of popular casino-resorts. Historically speaking, these venues have brought the state a huge amount of revenue. These casinos also help to draw in many visitors from nearby states such as Texas.

For years, the Chickasaw Nation has discussed plans to open a new casino-resorts on the shores of Lake Texoma. The tribe has been asking state officials for permission to open this new venue. Now, it seems that the Kingston Casino Resort will officially open at some point this year.

More information about this casino-resort is starting to come out. According to new reports, it will feature more than 9,600 square feet of gaming space, a 40-room hotel, and 10 rental cabins. Many expect this to become a highly popular venue due to its location.

Back in March, the Chickasaw Nation looked at how the opening of this casino would impact the local area. The tribe then claimed to have purchased a 62-acre plot of land to build it on. Before construction can begin, however, the land needs to be placed under federal trade status in order to comply with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The Kingston Casino Resort will generate $58 million in economic impact during its first year of operating, according to the Chickasaw Nation. Some analysts are now wondering whether or not the opening of this venue will be possible at all this year due to current regulations.

When Will Oklahoma’s Casino Industry Open Back Up?

Across the country, land-based casinos have been forced to close their doors. This is due to the new coronavirus spreading around the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected here, despite extreme measures taken in almost every state.

In Oklahoma, all casinos have been closed to the public for weeks. This has been devastating for many tribes that rely on casino revenue to operate normally. Unfortunately, it’s unclear when these current restrictions will be lifted.

More than 2,000 people in Oklahoma have already tested positive for Covid-19. That number is likely to increase as time goes on. Until a major reduction in cases is seen, casinos here will remain closed.

How exactly this will affect the opening of the Kingston Casino Resort is unknown. As we mentioned earlier, the initial plan was to construct and open this new property in 2020. The longer that casinos are forced to be closed here, the more difficult it will be to start building a new gaming venue.

It’s also disappointing news for the Cherokee Tribe, who plan on opening a new casino in Pope County this year.

Hopefully, things begin to improve before too long. Oklahoma’s casino industry is one of the biggest in the country. The state economy will benefit greatly once these casinos here are back up and running.

Stay tuned for more Oklahoma casino news over the next few weeks!

A Great New Sportsbook in Colorado is Set to Launch

The popularity of sports betting is growing every single month in the United States. More states are now choosing to legalize this popular form of gambling. According to new reports, a fantastic new sportsbook in Colorado will be launching later this year.Colorado Flag Picture

Many analysts predict that Colorado will have an extremely successful sports betting industry. Today, we’re going to look at the road to sports gambling legalization here. We’ll also look at which sports betting company is entering this state.

Let’s get into it!

Colorado Lawmakers Legalize Sports Betting

Just a few years ago, the only state in the country that could legally offer sports betting was Nevada. It was frustrating for many other state leaders who recognized how much revenue could be earned from this industry. Eventually, these officials decided to argue their opinion in court.

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court decided to remove PASPA. This immediately allowed every state in the country to set its own laws on sports gambling. Within weeks, states like New Jersey and Delaware announced that sports betting was now legal.

The states with legal sports gambling options began earning serious revenue. As a result, more state leaders began looking into the possibility of regulating sports betting. Even states known for their harsh gambling laws are starting to embrace this industry.

Since PASPA was struck down, lawmakers in Colorado began pushing to allow sports betting. Eventually, a bill was approved in the House and Senate. It then went to a public vote and was approved by the masses in November of 2019.

It’s extremely exciting for sports fans here. As most are well-aware, Colorado is home to several major sports teams. This state should manage to earn a huge amount of revenue from this newly-legalized industry.

A Great New Sportsbook in Colorado is Opening This Year

For obvious reasons, Colorado is a very exciting new sports betting market for many companies. Several of the country’s top sports gambling operators have already expressed a desire to break into this state. This week, news broke of another major sportsbook that’s set to open here.

This company, called SuperBook, has announced that it’s expanding to the Black Hawk’s Lodge Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado. Those who are familiar with this company are already getting excited. SuperBook currently operates the biggest sportsbook in Las Vegas.

The SuperBook is located at the Las Vegas Westgate Hotel. It’s 30,000 square feet and features the largest sports video wall in the city. This company is now teaming up with Jacobs Entertainment to break into the Colorado market.

JJ Garcia, vice president of operations for The Lodge, spoke about this new partnership to the media this week.

“Having Jay Kornegay lead this exciting opportunity is an added benefit Colorado fans are sure to appreciate,’’ he said. 

Jay Kornegay, the leader of this casino’s sports betting operations, is also optimistic about the future.

“We believe The Lodge is a perfect fit for our initial expansion opportunities outside Las Vegas,’’ he said. 

Initially, the new sportsbook in Colorado was set to open on May 1st. Due to new restrictions, this opening date is now being pushed back.

When Will the US Sports Industry Open Back Up?

Over the past month, the entire US professional sports industry has been turned upside down. This is due to the spread of a new coronavirus called Covid-19. This virus has a unique ability to spread and as a result, all professional sports have been forced to suspend their operations.

It’s unclear when this will change. At the moment, states around the country are seeing their infection rates increase rapidly. New York, in particular, is experiencing a huge surge in both infections and deaths.

As long as infections are increasing, sports leagues will remain closed down. This is hurting the sports betting industry, and some sportsbooks in major cities are now in danger of shutting down permanently.

Several leagues have looked at plans to get around these regulations. This includes the MLB, which is considering holding all games inside the same venue. Even the UFC has been forced to close down, despite the company’s attempts to keep things rolling.

Eventually, things will get back to normal. This will be exciting for states with legal sports betting options. We’ll need to wait and see how successful the new sportsbook in Colorado ends up being.

Stay tuned for more Colorado sports betting news over the next few weeks!