Mississippi Casino Restrictions Have Just Been Lifted

Mississippi Casinos

The state of Mississippi is known for having one of the biggest casino industries in the United States. To the delight of many businesses and individuals, this industry is starting to recover. New reports indicate that all Mississippi casino restrictions are now being lifted.

It’s exciting news for gambling fans here. State leaders clearly believe that things are now safe enough to remove many of the health restrictions previously set in place here. Today, we’ll talk about how this might affect the city’s gaming industry moving forward.

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More States Report Casino Revenue Increases

The United States is home to one of the biggest land-based casino industries in the world. Many states around the country allow either commercial, tribal, or both types of casinos to operate. Prior to 2020, these properties were helping to bring states an incredible amount of money each year.

Some markets were proving to be stronger than others. Casino hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City have always managed to bring in impressive revenue numbers. Many of the smaller gambling destinations like Mississippi were also bringing in large amounts of money from their casinos.

Beginning in March of 2020, this industry was turned upside down. Gambling operators have been in recovery mode ever since. With the global health crisis now improving, many states are reporting large increases in their monthly casino revenue figures.

Over in Nevada, for example, revenue increased by 67%. Las Vegas saw a massive increase in tourism that month. This trend is expected to continue and many analysts predict that this summer will be one of the most successful in history for Nevada’s casino industry.

Louisiana also saw a staggering 132% year-on-year revenue jump. The state’s various gambling properties brought in a combined $225.1 million that month. It’s a promising sign that one of the most popular gaming hubs in the Southern US is recovering.

Mississippi is well-known for having a massive land-based casino industry. This week, some big changes were announced for the casinos operating here.

State Leaders Remove All Mississippi Casino Restrictions

Popular casinos can be found throughout the state of Mississippi. Before 2020, these venues were hugely popular and helped to bring in a large number of tourists from nearby states without casinos. Since March of last year, however, intense regulations have been set in place that have limited the number of individuals visiting these properties.

Mississippi’s health situation has been steadily improving over the last few months. As a result, state leaders have been gradually lifting restrictions toward various businesses. It now seems that these officials are ready to get the casino industry back to the way it was.

Reports have confirmed that Mississippi casino restrictions are being lifted at 5 pm today. Moving forward, these venues can operate in the same way they did prior to March of 2020. That means masks are no longer required inside these venues.

Of course, every casino can still order its own rules. The Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi still plans on requiring masks. Casino spokeswoman Mary Cracchiolo gave a statement on the new rules to the media this week.

“For the safety of our team members and guests, we will continue to require masks at MGM Resorts properties at this time,” she said. “We are in the process of removing hand washing stations from the casino floor and will no longer be conducting temperature checks for team members as they enter the property. As vaccination efforts continue, we will reassess our health and safety protocols consistent with guidance from health experts, changing regulatory requirements, and input from our guests and employees.”

Many see this move by the state as a clear sign that things are improving. Some may argue that it’s too soon for such a move. Fortunately, casino companies are able to make their own rules based on what they feel is acceptable. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation here over the next few months.

Sports Betting Revenue in Mississippi is Surging Right Now

Casino games aren’t the only forms of gambling available in the state of Mississippi. Back in 2018, this state officially legalized sports betting. It immediately proved to be a good decision, bringing the state a massive amount of tax revenue every month.

Unfortunately, the state still requires that all sports wagers be placed in person. Many have been pushing to get online sports gambling regulated here. It would instantly result in a major revenue boost.

Still, Mississippi saw an impressive 707.4% jump in year-on-year sports betting revenue last month. That’s not a surprise when considering casinos were shut down in Mississippi for almost the entire month. Last March, however, many residents were enjoying being able to make bets inside their favorite casinos.

The next few months will almost certainly bring even bigger revenue figures. That is especially true now that Mississippi casino restrictions are being lifted. A growing number of individuals in Mississippi and neighboring states will quickly begin making the trip to their local casinos.

2021 seems like the year that several other states choose to legalize sports betting. Many are hopeful to see California and Texas get this industry up and running before long.

Are you surprised to hear the health restrictions being removed from casinos in Mississippi? Let us know in the comments section below!

New Legislation Looks to Bring Mobile Sports Betting to Mississippi

Person Browsing a Sports Betting Site on a Tablet
Mississippi sports betting was legalized in 2018 but currently, Magnolia state residents who wish to wager on sporting events must be on a casino property to place a bet. That could change soon.

SB2732, which is authored by Republican Sen. Philip Moran of District 46, aims to allow Mississippi residents to make sports bets using personal computers or mobile devices from anywhere in the state with a percentage of the operators’ profits going to the state in the form of taxes.

Said Sen. Moran:

“Every day millions of Americans in 15 states have access to state-of-the-art mobile sportsbooks, allowing them to place bets on their favorite teams and leagues at home while fostering much-needed tax revenue. Unfortunately, Mississippi law does not authorize online sports betting, but this bill seeks to change that. Mississippi has been leaving money on the table by not authorizing online sports wagering, and it is time to modernize Mississippi’s gambling offerings and do what’s best for Mississippians.”

Pandemic Affecting Budget, Casino Industry

Three mobile sports gaming bills failed last year while one died in 2019. However, with the coronavirus pandemic affecting the state’s budget and the casino industry as well, Sen. Moran believes that this year is the right time for Mississippi to be up to date in the field of sports betting.

Sen. Moran, who serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Senate Gaming Committee, also noted the prevalence of illegal and offshore online betting sites across the country which deprives the state of tax revenues and does not offer consumer protection with regards to responsible gaming and secure payments.

Right Time

Several Mississippi casinos offer sports betting apps but are forced by state law to geofence those betting apps around their property. Moran’s online Mississippi sports betting bill would lift that restriction while also allowing Mississippians to use national-based online sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Currently, a total of 14 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized online sports betting in their jurisdiction. With neighboring state Tennessee joining that group and earning an additional $2M in revenue from online sports betting since rolling out that option last November, Moran believes that the time is right for Mississippi to join the fray.

$48M in Building Permits Filed For Repair of Gulf Coast Casinos

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A recently published report revealed the severity of the damage caused by Hurricane Zeta to Biloxi casinos.

The city of Biloxi has issued several permits to repair the damages caused by the October storm. These repairs include exterior damages to buildings, electrical and plumbing systems, and damages to parking garages that were flooded during the storm.

Most of the casinos in the area were closed during the storm. Some were closed for several days until power was restored. The casinos have since reopened but some have been undergoing repair while continuing to serve their patrons.

Damage in the Gulf Coast

Mississippi has a total of 26 casinos and 12 of these are in the Gulf Coast, including eight in Biloxi. Of the eight Biloxi casinos, four have contracted the Mississippi based Yates Construction to do fix damages caused by Hurricane Zeta.

According to the Biloxi Sun Herald, Yates has filed building permits totalling $48M to repair damages suffered by the said Biloxi casinos. The permits were issued for repairs to Beau Rivage Casino and Resort ($20M), Hard Rock Hotel and Casino ($20M), IP Resort Casino and Spa ($5M), and Harrah’s Gulf Coast Hotel and Casino ($3M).

Record Breaking Hurricane Season

Hurricane Zeta landed in the early morning of October 28 South of New Orleans, near Cocodrie, Louisiana. With winds stronger than 100 mph, the storm battered the Crescent City, killing six people before moving east to Mississippi and beyond. Zeta was one of the five storms to hit Louisiana during this year’s hurricane season. It caused significant damage to the four casino mentioned earlier.

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season has produced 30 named hurricanes so far and is one for the record books. Storms Ion, Delta, and Eta had winds that intensified by 100 mph in three or fewer hours. According to experts, that has happened only once in the last 169 years. The hurricane season ends on November 30 but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any major storms after that.

Mississippi’s Coastal Casinos Are Reopening Once Again

Casino in Mississippi

The past few months have been extremely difficult for the casino industry in Mississippi. Hurricanes have continued to hit the state, forcing many of the casinos on the coast to shut down. Today, Mississippi’s coastal casinos have begun reopening to the public after the most recent hurricane has passed.

Hope is that this is the last of these major storms to hit this area of the country. The casinos here have been facing a variety of issues already. Today, we’ll take a look at how Mississippi’s gambling industry is faring right now.

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Despite Difficulties, the Casino Industry in Mississippi is Expanding

For years, Mississippi has been known to have one of the largest casino industries in the United States. The vast majority of the casinos here are located in the coastal area. It’s here that you can find venues such as the Island View Casino, Scarlet Pearl Casino, and Harrah’s Gulf Coast.

Back in March, all of the casinos in this state were forced to close down. Health experts were skeptical to reveal when these properties would be given permission to reopen again. Finally, in late May, the state began allowing its casinos to open back up.

Initially, the casinos here were seeing almost no visitors. As the weeks went on, more state residents began feeling comfortable playing inside casinos with safety protocols set in place. Revenue earnings continued to increase as the year progressed.

The unusually-tough hurricane season has halted some of this progress. Coastal casinos here have been forced to close and reopen several times. Many of the casinos have also reported damage from the many storms that have come through.

Despite all of the difficulties, the state’s casino industry is still increasing. Not long ago, news broke that a massive new casino-resort will soon be coming to Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s clear that gaming operators here still believe there is room for growth in the casino industry.

We’re now hearing that all of the casinos on the coast are set to reopen with Hurricane Zeta now passed through.

Mississippi’s Coastal Casinos Begin Reopening Process

It was clear early in the year that the pandemic would be taking a serious toll on Mississippi’s casino industry. The regulations set in place here have been resulting in massive dips in revenue earned from these venues. The constant hurricanes have simply made things worse.

There have been several powerful storms that hit the Gulf Coast this year. As we just mentioned, we’ve seen the casinos here close their doors many times this year. It’s making an already bad situation considerably worse.

A few days ago, Hurricane Zeta touched down on the Gulf Coast. Fortunately, this storm was not as powerful as some of the others we’ve seen hit this region in 2020. With the storm now passed, Mississippi’s coastal casinos are beginning to reopen once again.

Silver Slipper in Hancock County was one of the few casinos to reopen open in the state while Zeta hit. It’s also one of the last to remain on emergency power. John Ferrucci, Silver Slipper general manager, spoke about the effects the hurricane had to the media this week.

“The casino itself is fine. No structural damage,” he said. “Right now we’re looking at staying closed today and tomorrow.” 

This venue and several others will officially reopen to the public on Saturday. Officials within these venues have to be crossing their fingers it’s the last time this needs to be done. We’ll continue offering updates on how these coastal casinos are doing throughout the rest of 2020.

Sports Betting Revenue in Mississippi Continues to Grow

Mississippi has long been known for having some of the most relaxed gambling laws in the Southern United States. In many ways, the state was a trailblazer for the casino industry in this region. Mississippi was also the first Southern state to officially legalize and regulate sports betting.

Lawmakers here approved a sports betting bill back in August of 2018. Only land-based sportsbooks are able to operate here. The state government claims it’s interested in allowing online sports betting, yet as of now this remains banned.

Revenue from this industry has been growing lately. The sportsbooks here saw a 28.9% increase from August to September. It’s also a 17.9% year-on-year increase when compared to September of 2019.

Much of that money comes from the sportsbooks in Mississippi’s coastal casinos. More than $33.9 million was wagered on sports in this area of the state. The Northern area of the state saw $11.7 million bet on sports.

This money is providing the state and casino companies some much-needed money right now. Allowing online sports betting would likely result in an even greater revenue increase.

Are you happy to see the coastal casinos in Mississippi reopen? Do you think online sports betting should be allowed here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Details of Biloxi’s UMUSIC Hotel Revealed

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The details of the $1.2B Gulf coast resort project of the Universal Music Group and Dakia Global U-Ventures were revealed during a press conference held on Thursday.

Dakia chairman Robert Lavia, Governor Tate Reeves, and Biloxi Mayor Fofo Gilich were also present in the event where the timeline and vision of the Biloxi casino report were disclosed to the public.

According to Gov. Reeves, the Biloxi casino resort is the kind of “bold project” that his state needs. It will boost the image of Mississippi and provide life-changing investment for its people.

Said Gov. Reeves:

“Getting a project like UMusic Broadwater means we can compete with anyone around the world. We need to set our sights as high as possible because we can compete, and we can win.”

New Details Emerge

For his part, Lavia revealed that the construction of the resort will begin next year and is expected to be completed in 2023. Lavia added that the hotel will have 1,500 hotel rooms, a 12,000-seat entertainment venue, an 18-hole golf course, music-themed decor, and celebrity restaurants. Construction is expected to generate 1,000 jobs and when it is completed, there will be 2,500 permanent jobs created.

According to Mayor Gilich, the UMUSIC Broadwater hotel and casino is expected to bring in more than two million visitors per year. Gilich added that the soaring glass music venue at the front and center of the hotel tower will be rated for 160 mph winds. He even joked that people from miles ways Ship Island would be able to watch concerts from its massive video board.

First Foray in Hospitality Industry

Earlier this week, the Universal Music Group announced that it will be building three hotels under what it called the UMUSIC brand. Universal chose Biloxi, Orlando and Atlanta as the areas where they will develop their first three hotels. The Biloxi project will be built on the 266 acre property that was once the Broadwater Resort, the gem of the Gulf Coast.

During a previous announcement, the Universal Music Group said that the Biloxi project will recreate the old Broadwater Resort by including a hotel, marina, golf course, and casino. In addition, the investors of the project said that they will also build a state-of-the-art musical experience as they aim to seamlessly integrate a stunning performance venue and a luxury hotel with immersive architectural design.

The Universal Music Group is one of the largest music company in the world. It has an impressive portfolio that includes Abbey Road Studios, Capitol Records, and Def Jam Recordings. Last year, it reported a revenue of $7.7B which was 20% higher than its 2018 figures.

Universal Music Group To Put Up Casino Resort in Biloxi

Open Wallet Full of 20 Dollar Bills With Las Vegas Resort Background

The coastal city of Biloxi in Mississippi will be one of three sites to launch al music-based experiential hotel.

The $1.2B BIloxi resort will boast a 1000-room luxury hotel, a casino, and a large performance venue.The project, which is expected to create more than 2,500 jobs in the area, will “seamlessly integrate a stunning performance venue and a luxury hotel with an immense architectural style.

Said Mississippi Gov. Tate Reese:

“We are excited to welcome this new property to Mississippi! The gaming industry has provided countless opportunities for good work in our state, and brought in a tremendous amount of revenue. It attracts visitors from all over the globe. Universal Music Group is a natural fit, considering the rich musical legacy of Mississippi and Biloxi in particular. This will be a great partnership that will provide a lot of fun and economic growth for the people of Mississippi.”

Collaboration Between Universal and Dakia

Renderings of the planned Biloxi casino resort show a waterfront venue that looks to compete with the Beau Rivage Casino, Resort and Spa, at leas in scale. The design includes a concert hall which is larger than that of the Beau Rivage, Hard Rock Biloxi, and other Biloxi casino properties.

The Biloxi casino project is a collaboration between the Universal Music Group and Dakia U-Ventures. Universal will take care of the music part while Dakia is going to build a resort experience around it. Meanwhile, the property will be managed by the Pyramid Management Group.

The Old Bridgewater Resort

The Biloxi hotel will be built on a 266 acre property that was once the President Casino Broadwater Resort. That property used to have a hotel, a marina, golf course, and later a casino. The owners closed resort and casino 2005, right before Hurricane Katrina struck and destroyed them. Last June, the Biloxi City Council approved a tourism tax incentive to redevelop the property.

Previous announcement on the new project revealed that the investors would rebuild all of Broadwater’s facilities along with a state-of-the-art musical experience. More details about the UMUSIC Hotel in Biloxi will be known on Thursday when the Universal Music Group holds a news conference. Aside from Biloxi UMUSIC Hotels will also be launched in Atlanta and Orlando.

There’s an Incredible New Casino Coming to Biloxi Soon

Business Man Kneeling at a Starting Line With a Casino Background

Mississippi is home to one of the largest casino industries in the American South. 2020 has been a tough year for the casinos here, yet the industry seems to be slowly recovering. New reports claim there’s a massive new casino coming to Biloxi sometime soon.

Despite the difficult time, new casinos are opening up around the country. This one in Biloxi, Mississippi is expected to be one of the best. Today, we’re going to talk about the details of this new massive gaming property.

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Mississippi’s Casino Revenue Drops During Hurricane Season

Mississippi has been allowing casino gambling for decades. Initially, these venues were only allowed to operate on water. Today, there are a huge number of fantastic land-based casinos spread throughout the state.

Today, the majority of casinos here are located on the coast near Biloxi. Some of the country’s biggest casino companies operate venues in this city. That includes Twin River, Caesars, and Penn National Gaming.

Back in March, all of the state’s casinos were forced to shut down. In late May, Governor Reeves finally gave the green light for these properties to begin operating again. Most are now up and running again, yet revenue remains far lower than it was in 2019.

This year’s hurricane season has been taking a toll on the casino industry here. Over the past couple of months, these venues have been forced to close again several times. In September, most of Biloxi’s casinos shut down while Hurricane Sally approached. Fortunately, almost none of the venues here were damaged.

Lawmakers in Mississippi recognize how important the state’s gambling industry really is. The casinos here help to bring in a huge amount of revenue each month. They also employ thousands of individuals.

It now appears that a massive new casino-resort is being planned to open in Biloxi.

Here’s an Update on the New Casino Coming to Biloxi

There are almost 30 casinos now operating in Mississippi. Over the past few years, several companies have come up with plans to open new properties here. This week, we received more information on a new casino-resorts being planned to open in Biloxi.

Based on what’s being said, this will be the most impressive gambling venue ever opened in this state. It’s expected to cost $1.2 billion and will open on the Broadwater site in Biloxi. It will be built and operated by Universal Music Group, which also plans to open venues in Atlanta and Orlando.

Dakia U-Ventures will help to construct the new casino coming to Biloxi. Robert Lavia, a chairman with the company, believes this venue will help to connect gamblers with the local culture in Biloxi.

“Every destination holds a great story just waiting to be told through its cultural heritage and its music,” Lavia said. “Through this new concept, we will both help people discover new ways to channel their love for music and the arts and help empower the transformation of communities worldwide through cultural, inspirational, creative and conscious collaboration.”

This venue will feature at least 300 hotel rooms, several restaurants including a fine dining restaurant, and one of the largest gaming areas in the state. Universal Music Group claims it’s focused on boosting tourism into Biloxi, rather than taking business away from the other casinos here.

It’s exciting news for gambling fans in and around Mississippi. We’ll continue offering updates on the construction of this venue over the next few months.

Louisiana’s Casino Industry Continues to Struggle

Mississippi isn’t the only Southern state with a large and prosperous casino industry. Neighboring Louisiana is also known for its casinos. Much like Mississippi, the industry here has been struggling this year.

Hurricane season continues to take a toll on the state’s gambling venues. Several of them took major damage from the recent Hurricane Laura. That includes the Golden Nugget Lake Charles, that saw its roof taken off from the high winds from this storm.

This isn’t over yet. Hurricane Delta reached Louisiana on Friday evening. All of the casinos in Southwest Louisiana shut down as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that any of them suffered major property damage.

These consistent storms are hurting an already-struggling industry. Even without the hurricanes, the casinos in Louisiana are seeing significant dips in revenue. Hopefully, we see things improve over the next several months.

Many now believe that Louisiana should legalize and regulate its sports betting industry. Several nearby states have taken this step and are now earning a huge amount of revenue. We’ll need to wait and see how lawmakers approach this new form of gambling over the next year.

It will be interesting to see how the new casino coming to Biloxi changes the city. The owners seem to think it will help to boost tourism. Let us know if you’re excited about it in the comments section below!

Twin River Could Lay Off 1,300 Workers Next Month

Twin River Casino
Twin River has notified the Rhode Island labor officials that it could be laying off a total of 1,300 employees next month .

According to Twin River spokeswoman Patti Doyle, the company filed a layoff notice with the State Department of Labor and Training last August 11th. Doyle clarified that 1,043 furloughs in Lincoln, and another 296 in Tiverton are set to become permanent at the end of next month.

Doyle added that the workers who are facing layoff are currently furloughed by the company and they continue to receive health insurance benefits. She added that the number of workers let go could still change, depending on the on the business conditions at that time.

Numbers Could Still Change

In a call with analysts, Twin River CEO George Papanier revealed that the company tried to bring back as many employees as possible after the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of their establishments. However, he said that with the current restrictions they are faced with since reopening, they don’t know how many will ultimately be brought back. Said Papanier:

“While we have been able to welcome back a large percentage of those affected, there are still a large number of employees affected on furlough while we await the ability to increase capacity and amenities.”

Last August 11th, Twin River reported a $24M second quarter loss as a result of the casinos being forced to shutdown in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and also by the decreased capacity it has operated with since they were allowed to reopen.

Rhode Island Slow to Recover

However, CEO Papanier said that Twin River is pleased with the results they have seen since they were allowed to reopen in June. Out of their $24M Q2 loss, only $2M came in the month of June and the initial figures for the month of July were encouraging for a return to profitability. Added Papanier:

“While we continue to be willing to spend money to capture market share and drive revenue, we don’t expect to simply return to the old way of doing business. We believe many of the efficiencies we have realized are sustainable over the long term and will result in improved profitability for our properties even while increased sanitation and cleaning costs become the norm.”

Business in the South and West casinos of Twin River have picked up faster than their Rhode Island flagship with states like Colorado and Mississippi faster to ease COVID-19 health restrictions. However, Twin River Rhode Island President of Operations Marc Crisafulli is optimistic because he hopes that they will be allowed to return to 24-hour operations in the coming weeks.

MS Casinos Are Given the Green Light to Reopen

More states around the country are beginning to reopen. For weeks, officials in Mississippi have discussed ways to safely reopen casinos. As many already know, this is easier said than done. Fortunately, MS casinos have just been given the green light to reopen to the public.Mississippi

It’s great news for casino companies and gambling fans in the state. Some of the biggest gaming venues in Mississippi will soon accept players. Today, we’re going to look at the road to reopen Mississippi’s casinos and discuss what measures will be taken to ensure safety.

Let’s get into it!

Officials in Mississippi Change Tune on Casino Plans

Back in mid-March, casino companies received an order they never expected. Each of them was forced to shut down their venues to the public. Cases of Covid-19 had begun to appear around Mississippi and many state officials felt casinos were ideal places for the virus to spread.

It was unclear at that time how long the state’s casinos would stay closed for. As the weeks went on, the impact of these closures got worse. As many know, MS casinos employ tens of thousands of people and bring the state a huge amount of revenue every single month.

Calls to reopen these gambling venues increased. Eventually, Governor Tate Reeves claimed that the state’s casinos would reopen by Memorial Day. To the disappointment of many, he then backtracked on that statement and claimed it may take longer than initially expected.

Mississippi has one of the largest casino industries in the country. The gambling venues here help to boost tourism and provide money to many local communities. It’s no surprise that so many are pushing to get this industry back up and running.

Fortunately, things seem likely to improve here. It appears that the state gambling commission has approved a set of regulations to reopen casinos. Here’s what we know about this situation.

MS Casinos Set to Open On May 21st

Just about every state around the country is finding it incredibly difficult to safely reopen casinos. That includes Nevada, which is losing an incredible amount of money every single day due to these regulations. It now appears that Mississippi is set to reopen its gambling venues later this month.

According to new reports, the Mississippi Gaming Commission has approved casinos to open up on May 21st. Governor Reeves spoke to the media about these plans. He claims it was never his decision to shut down the state’s casinos.

“No executive order was ever signed that shut down the casinos by the governor,” Reeves said. “I would go ahead and start planning now.”

Reeves went on to claim that MS casinos should be making preparations to reopen right now. Several casino owners here have already voiced their excitement about this news. Most agree, however, that the casinos here won’t look the same as they did just a few months ago.

All of MS casinos will start requiring staff to wear face masks. Temperature checks may also be required. Social distancing measures will also be set in place. Based on what’s happening in other states, it seems likely that Mississippi’s casinos will be successful.

More States Begin Allowing Casinos to Reopen

Mississippi isn’t the only state that’s gearing up to reopen casinos. Many states around the country have been working on plans to get their gambling industries back in place. That includes Oklahoma, where casinos have officially been able to start operating again.

Several of the casinos in Oklahoma started reopening this week. That includes the Thunderbird Casino in Shawnee. To the surprise of some, hundreds of individuals waited in line to play inside this casino, despite the measures set in place.

Las Vegas casinos may be only a few weeks from reopening, as well. Not long ago, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved a set of guidelines to reopen the state’s gambling venues. Several of the biggest casino companies including MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts have announced they plan to open their casinos next month.

No one really knows how much revenue these Las Vegas casinos will manage to generate. It may be years before they are able to completely return to normal. Hope is that enough money is made to help the city recover from the past few months.

MS casinos are scheduled to open next week. Do you think they’ll end up drawing in players? Let us know in the comments section below.

Gov. Reeves Changes His Tune on MS Casino Openings

Mississippi has one of the biggest casino industries in the United States. Not long ago, Governor Tate Reeves announced that he planned to open the state’s casinos by Memorial Day. Unfortunately, Reeves is now changing his tune on MS casino openings.Mississippi

It seems health experts have informed the governor about the dangers of opening casinos too early. This isn’t going to sit well with casino companies here, many of whom have been preparing for an upcoming opening date. Today, we’re going to look at why Governor Reeves is taking this new stance.

Let’s get into it!

Mississippi’s Casino Industry Remains Shut Down

When most people think of US gambling hubs, cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City usually come to mind. Some are surprised to find that Mississippi actually has one of the largest and most successful casino industries in the country. A huge number of coastal casinos are located here, most of which bring in a huge amount of revenue every month.

At the start of this year, gambling revenue in Mississippi was surging. Many predicted that 2020 would be one of the best years in history for casinos here. Unfortunately, things completely changed in March.

Lawmakers in the state decided to shut down all casinos that month. As the new coronavirus began spreading around the country, different state officials determined that casinos pose too much of a risk for major infection spread. No one could say when these gambling venues would be allowed to open once again.

Governor Tate Reeves recently gave casino companies something to get excited about. He offered a plan for MS casino openings and claimed these venues would be allowed to accept guests by Memorial Day. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Many states are currently looking at ways to open their gambling industries. Some are finding some relief with regulated online gambling revenue. Here’s what Mississippi’s Governor now has planned for casinos in this state.

Governor Reeves is Changing His Plan for MS Casino Openings

Closing down casinos was necessary to prevent major Covid-19 outbreaks. Unfortunately, this decision is having a massive effect on the entire state. As many are well-aware of, thousands of Mississippi residents are employed in the gambling industry. Most of these people are now out of work.

Casinos here also help to bring the state valuable revenue. They promote tourism, which in turn helps many other state businesses. It’s no surprise that so many people here are now asking for an update on when casinos in the state will reopen.

Governor Reeves recently claimed that casinos in the state would open by Memorial Day. He’s now beginning to change his tune. That doesn’t mean these MS casino openings are impossible by the end of this month. Reeves is just hesitant to confirm this date.

“It’s certainly possible,” Reeves said about casinos opening by Memorial Day. “It is something that I am interested in looking into and doing. There’s a lot of different guidelines the regulators, the industry, my team and the health team are looking at if we reopen casinos, and we will, I committed to myself on day one that we’re going to make a decision based on what is best for Mississippi residents every single time.”

When MS casino openings do take place, the state’s gambling venues won’t look the same way they did earlier this year. There will be strict social distancing measures set in place throughout all casinos. This includes limited seats at tables and more space between slot machines.

It’s a difficult situation. Mississippi isn’t the only state that’s looking at new ways to reopen casinos, though.

More States Work to Relaunch Gambling Industries

Many different industries around the country are taking a hit right now. The casino industry might be the hardest-hit. All casinos around the country are shut down and revenue has completely stopped coming in.

Some parts of the country are being hit harder than others. Las Vegas, in particular, is losing an incredible amount of revenue right now. Tourism has completely stopped in this city and many of the casinos here are losing millions of dollars every single day.

Obviously, many are now calling for casinos in Las Vegas to reopen. Governor Sisolak is extremely hesitant to do so, claiming it would pose too serious of a health risk. It’s still unclear when exactly things will start getting back to normal here.

Atlantic City is taking a major hit, as well. Several bills were recently presented here to help casino companies. Interestingly, some city leaders feel these bills will not benefit residents of Atlantic City.

It’s a tough time for the land-based gambling industry. Based on the way things are going, MS casino opening may not take place for at least a few more weeks. We’ll need to wait for another update from Governor Reeves.

Stay tuned for more Mississippi casino news!