MA’s Casino Industry is Finally Beginning to Recover

Encore Boston Harbor Casino

Over the past few years, Massachusetts has worked hard to develop a large and successful casino industry. Much of the progress being made here has been undone due to the events that unfolded last year. Fortunately, it is now looking like MA’s casino industry is finally starting to recover.

It’s great news for the gaming companies operating in this state. It’s also exciting for those employed in this industry here. Now is a great time to talk about how much the casinos in MA are bouncing back right now.

Let’s get into it!

Lawmakers in Massachusetts Continue to Discuss Sports Betting

The US sports betting industry has been expanding rapidly since 2018. That year, the US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA. This was a huge decision and ended up giving every single state around the country the ability to legalize and regulate sports gambling.

Some states immediately chose to start regulating this form of gambling. Places like New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania got their sportsbooks up and running quickly. All of these states are earning a huge amount of revenue from their regulated sports gambling platforms.

New Jersey is now the sports betting capital of the country. Here, both online and land-based sports wagering is allowed in the state. The money earned from this industry is helping the casinos in Atlantic City deal with the major drop in revenue over the past year.

Interestingly, Massachusetts hasn’t decided to get its sports betting industry up and running. It’s a major disappointment for the state with arguably the most passionate sports fan base in the country. It is now beginning to look like laws toward this industry could finally start to change soon.

Lawmakers in the state are meeting to discuss sports betting regulations on a regular basis now. These state officials are beginning to realize how much revenue they are missing out on. It seems likely that a bill to legalize sports betting will appear on the ballots before the end of 2021.

There are now some world-class casinos operating in this state. We’re starting to hear about how these venues are faring into 2021.

Here’s a Promising Update on MA’s Casino Industry!

For decades, lawmakers in Massachusetts pushed against the legalization of casino gambling. No commercial casinos were permitted to operate here, despite the huge demand. Finally, in 2011, a law was passed to allow three commercial gaming venues in the state.

Some of the biggest casino companies in the country now own and operate casinos here. That includes MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts. The Encore Boston Harbor quickly began taking over the state’s casino market after its opening in 2019.

Back in March of 2020, MA’s casino industry completely shut down. Health officials warned that these venues could help to fuel the country’s health crisis. The casinos were eventually allowed to reopen during the summer, yet revenue has remained low since that time.

There have been some major improvements thus far in 2021, though. Reports have confirmed that this past March was the best month for the state’s casino industry since the pandemic began. The state’s three casinos brought in a combined $83.9 in gross gaming revenue that month. The state earned approximately $23 million in taxes.

It’s a great sign and many analysts predict even more impressive numbers as the year goes on. Casinos were recently given permission to offer craps and add a fourth seat to table games. This, combined with the vaccine distribution around the state, will likely result in a massive surge of visits to casinos in Massachusetts.

After months of discouraging reports, it finally seems as if MA’s casino industry is on the road to recovery. Stay tuned for more reports on the revenue figures here over the next few months!

Major Casino Hubs Reports Tourism Increases

Massachusetts isn’t the only state to see a jump in its gaming revenue lately. Some of the country’s biggest gambling hubs are beginning to report major increases in their revenue figures. That includes places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Tourism numbers are a good indicator of how casino hubs are faring. For the majority of 2020, tourism numbers in Las Vegas were extremely low. Fortunately, there has been a steady increase of visitors to the city over the past couple of months.

Things are expected to continue getting better. Some incredible new casino-resorts are beginning to open in different areas of Nevada. Resorts World Las Vegas cost $4.2 billion to construct and will be opening its doors to the public this summer.

Resorts World is opening its doors in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. Many believe this venue could help to bring more visitors to this area of the city. It’s an exciting addition to the country’s biggest casino destination.

Atlantic City’s casinos are preparing for a major tourism boom, too. Restrictions are slowly being lifted here. It seems very likely that gambling revenue in the city will begin to truly surge as summer rolls around.

Are you surprised to see MA’s casino industry recovering right now? Let us know in the comments section below!

Massachusetts Sen. Brendan Crighton Refiles Sports Betting Bill

Odds Board and Money
After last year’s sports betting bill was left out in the final version of the state’s economic development bill during the previous session, Lynn Democrat Sen. Brendan Crighton has refiled a new Massachusetts sports betting bill.

With the state needing additional revenues due to the pandemic, Crighton is confident that his latest bill will be passed this year. Combined with the pressure from the neighboring legal markets in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and possibly Connecticut, Crighton believes that those could convince enough lawmakers to pass the bill in 2021.

Left out of the Economic Development Bill

Last summer, the Massachusetts House included sports betting in the original version of the economic development bill and voted 156-3 to pass it. However, the Senate never held a vote on the policy and it was left out in the final version of the economic development bill.

At that time, Sen. Eric Lesser, the lead negotiator in the senate and a Democrat from Longmeadow, said that the Senate would “like to do sports betting”. However, Lesser added that the economic development bill was not the venue to do it while preferring a stand alone bill, like the one that Sen. Crighton has filed this session.

Changes in the New Bill

While Crighton’s refiled bill is the same in most aspects. Only player aged 21 or older can place sports bets at the state’s casinos, slots parlors, horse racing tracks, simulcast facilities, and via legal online Massachusetts sports betting. However, there are several changes in some provisions, most notably in the revenue figures.

Last year’s bill proposed an application fee of $1M while the new bill provides for a $10 payment. The tax rate to be imposed on gambling companies was increased from 12.5% to 15% or revenues. Also a 1.25% renewal fee will charged to the operators every five years. These revenue changes are expected to bring in $100M in initial application fees and $45M in annual recurring revenues.

Legal Sports Betting Has Support From Stakeholders

Crighton started working on the Massachusetts sports betting bill right around the time that the U.S. Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateurs Sports Protection Act in 2018. Since then, he has been in contact with the stakeholders of legal Massachusetts sports betting and says he doesn’t see any deal breakers.

Massachusetts legal sports betting has the backing of the state’s major professional sports teams. Last November, the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, Revolution, and Red Sox all co-signed a letter to the Economic Development Conference Committee showing their support for sports betting. Boston-based gambling companies DraftKings, FanDuel, and MGM Springfield also signed that letter.

MA’s Casino Rules Are Getting Stricter Once Again

Governor Charlie Baker

Massachusetts is home to some fantastic commercial casinos. As most already know, these casinos have seen large drops in revenue and visitation rates this year. Unfortunately, MA’s casino rules are becoming stricter once again and a complete shutdown could be on the horizon.

All US casinos have been suffering throughout 2020. This industry could be facing its toughest test to date over the next few months. Today, we’ll be talking about what new rules are being implemented in Massachusetts.

Let’s check it out.

Casino Revenue Continues to Plummet in November

For decades, lawmakers in the state of Massachusetts were against the legalization of casino gambling. Gambling proponents were working hard to allow commercial casinos, yet these efforts continued to fail. Finally, in 2011, a law was passed to allow casinos in the state.

It didn’t take long for major casino companies to express interest in operating here. MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts both secured licenses to open casinos in MA. Now, MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor are two of the biggest casinos in this state.

2020 has been an extremely difficult year for these casinos. They’ve both seen massive revenue drops almost every single month. November proved to be a particularly rough month for the state’s casino industry. .

Recently, reports surfaced that claimed the casinos here earned just $45 million in November. That was a huge drop from the $69 million seen in October. It proved to be the worst-ever month for MGM Springfield in terms of revenue.

Many believe that December will end up being an even worse month. Massachusetts has been implementing more intense restrictions lately. Very few residents here are choosing to visit and gamble inside a crowded casino.

Many analysts expected to see more intense regulations be placed towards casinos. We’re now beginning to hear about these new rules being set in place.

Here’s an Update on MA’s Casino Rules

It’s been tough to see the casino industry in Massachusetts take so many hits this year. Prior to 2020, this state had one of the fastest-growing gaming industries in the country. Now, some fear the casinos here could be forced to permanently shut down.

Lawmakers now feel that more rules need to be set in place. Officials here announced a new set of regulations towards businesses this week. As you might expect, MA’s casino rules are getting more intense and will likely result in even larger drops in revenue.

Moving forward, casinos in this state must be limited to just 25% capacity. This will be set in place for at least two weeks. Governor Charlie Baker claims this is necessary to protect the state’s hospital system.

“Our hospitals are now under significant pressure and we’re heading toward another period over this holiday stretch where we’re likely to see another significant increase in cases and hospitalizations unless everybody plays a very different game than the one we all played at Thanksgiving,” Baker said. “We think it’s appropriate to take action now to slow that spread and we must do so in a way that can avoid overrunning our hospital system.” 

This seems to be the last step before completely shutting down casinos. Obviously, it will be extremely difficult for the gambling venues here to generate revenue at just 25% capacity. In the end, however, the owners seem happy to be able to keep operations running at all.

Governor Baker claims that more intense regulations could still be on the way. If another spike in Covid-19 cases is seen after the holidays, it seems highly likely that we’ll see casinos close their doors again. Stay tuned for updates!

Pennsylvania’s Casino Industry Remains Shut Down

Massachusetts isn’t the only state seeing its casino industry take a hit recently. On December 12, lawmakers in Pennsylvania ordered all commercial casinos to officially close their doors. This was done in an attempt to lessen the number of hospitalizations in the state.

It’s been nearly two weeks and all of the casinos in PA remain closed to the public. It’s an extremely difficult situation for the huge number of gambling venues here. Many of these casinos were seeing low revenue figures prior to the shutdowns.

The current plan is for casinos to begin reopening on January 4. If Covid-19 cases continue to increase, this date will be pushed back.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania is benefiting from its online gambling industry. Both online casino gambling and sports betting are regulated in this state. Many of the casino companies based here are seeing much-needed money come in from these online gambling platforms.

MA’s casino rules could begin looking like Pennsylvania’s soon. There’s even a chance that the country’s biggest casino hubs such as Las Vegas could order another round of shutdowns sometime in the future. The next few weeks will tell a lot about how things will look next year.

Do you think Massachusetts’ casinos should be ordered to shut down? When do you expect the US casino industry to recover? Let us know in the comments section below!

Encore Boston Harbor Casino Created $1.6B in Economic Activity

Encore Boston Harbor Casino
A study conducted by the UMass Donahue Institute revealed that the construction of Wynn Resort’s Encore Boston Casino in Everett generated an estimated $1.6B in economic activity in Massachusetts. It also created or supported around 2,500 jobs that earned a total personal income of $1B.

Per Rod Motamedi, UMass Donahue senior research manager:

“We found that the $1.6 billion in construction spending created $2.6 billion of total economic activity and the related income and jobs that would be needed to produce that.”

Wynn’s $2.6B Project

Te Encore Boston Harbor Casino cost Wynn Resorts $1.6B to build. However, it is considered a $2.6B project because of the other costs the gambling company incurred associate with it like the purchase of land, licensing fees, cost of furnishing for the hotel and casino, and other non-construction expenses.

$1.1B of the total construction costs were awarded to local companies in Massachusetts. Suffolk Construction got about 27% of that amount or $425.4M while Middlesex County companies took 15% of the construction costs at $236.8M. The remaining $446M spend that went outside Massachusetts was distributed among 36 states while $71M of the total construction costs were awarded to non U.S. companies.

A Cumulative Total of 5.2M Man-Hours

According to the study which was submitted to the Gaming Commission last Thursday, a total of 6,700 individuals worked on the site at some point from the site remediation in 2015 to the Massachusetts casino’s opening on July 23, 2019. These persons worked in a cumulative total of 5.2M man-hours with the average hours per worker totalling 760, or a total of 19 40-hour weeks on the job.

The study says that about half of the 6,700 people who worked on the Massachusetts casino project lived in the Suffolk or Middlesex counties, most of which reside in the nearby communities like Everett, Medford, Malden, Boston, Lynn, Sommerville, Cambridge, and Melrose.

Create Jobs and Opportunities

The Donahue report found out that when the construction expenses of the Massachusetts casino were compared to the economic impact to the state, every $1.55 spent on construction costs created an additional $1 worth of economic activity in Massachussets and created another 0.85 jobs elsewhere in the commonwealth.

When the arguments for building a Massachusetts casino were being heard over ten years ago, proponents talked about the jobs created and opportunities for women and minority businesses that a casino construction project would bring. They also argued that legalizing casino gambling in the state would spur economic activity. Massachusetts’ second full-scale casino accomplished that.

MA’s Casino Revenue Drops Considerably in November

MGM Springfield

Massachusetts is home to a growing casino industry. Unfortunately, the events that have unfolded throughout 2020 have slowed much of the progress that the casino industry has made here. New reports claim that MA’s casino revenue dropped by a large percentage once again during the month of November.

Some of the country’s largest casino companies are now operating in Massachusetts. They are certainly feeling the effects of the state’s revenue drops. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly how much money the casino industry here lost last month.

Let’s get into it!

More States Order Commercial Casinos to Shut Down

Massachusetts is far from the only state to see its casino industry hurt this year. Over the past nine months, just about every single state around the country has seen massive drops in gambling revenue. Unfortunately, things seem to be getting worse before they get better.

Nevada, which relies heavily on its casino industry, saw its casinos shut their doors to the public back in March. Governor Sisolak began allowing casinos to reopen their doors in June. Since that time, these casinos have struggled to bring in players.

Sisolak hasn’t gone as far as to order another mass casino shutdown. He understands this would be devastating to the state and particularly the city of Las Vegas. The lack of tourists has led several casino-resorts to close down during certain days of the week on their own.

Illinois’s lawmakers recently ordered their commercial casinos to close their doors. It’s a shame, as this state is currently working hard to expand its gambling industry. Officials in Pennsylvania also recently ordered all of the state’s commercial gaming venues to shut down, as well.

This could become more common over the next few weeks. Cases of Covid-19 have been rising steadily around the US. It seems likely that casinos, known for packing large numbers of people into a small area, will be ordered to temporarily stop accepting players.

It’s an extremely difficult time for this industry. New reports have just come out that shed light on how much money the gaming venues in Massachusetts lost in November.

Here’s Where MA’s Casino Revenue Stands for the Month of November

As we mentioned earlier, the state of Massachusetts is beginning to develop a large and successful casino industry. It’s been interesting to see how fast this market has grown here. Unfortunately, the casinos in MA have seen things completely turn around in 2020.

Gaming revenue has dropped here every single month this year. November has proven to be one of the worst yet for the casinos in this state. The Massachusetts gambling commission has finally released reports on MA’s casino revenue that shows how bad things ended up last month.

According to these reports, the three casinos in this state earned just $45 million during November. That is down considerably from the $69 million brought in last October. Some of these casinos managed to fare better than others.

MGM Springfield reported its worst-ever month since opening. This MGM Resorts-run gambling venue saw just $10.5 million in revenue. That’s even lower than the $10.7 million earned in July when this venue wasn’t even open for an entire month.

The Encore Boston Harbor fared slightly better, with $11.8 million in revenue. Plainridge saw a drop to $7.6 million in GGR. It’s now clear that November will go down as one of the worst months in history for Massachusetts’ casino industry.

To make things worse, some analysts predict that MA’s casino revenue could drop further in December. We’ll be sure to offer updates on next month’s reports as soon as they come out.

Is 2021 the Year Massachusetts Legalizes Sports Betting?

The US Supreme Court made the historic decision to strike down PASPA back in May of 2018. This was one of the biggest moves ever for the country’s gambling industry. It immediately gave every single state the ability to legalize sports gambling.

Since that time, 26 states have chosen to embrace this industry. Some only allow sports wagers to be placed in-person at a licensed sportsbook. Others now regulate both online and land-based sports betting.

The latter states are profiting considerably more. Online sports betting has surged throughout 2020. Several states, including New Jersey, have seen record sports betting handle figures throughout the year.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts failed to approve any sports betting bills this year. It was a major disappointment for proponents of this industry, many of whom felt it would help to bring the state major revenue earnings each month. The massive number of sports fans here also expressed disappointment at the state’s inability to legalize this form of gambling.

Hope is that 2021 is the year Massachusetts’ sports betting industry finally goes live. This could help to make up for the money that casinos have lost throughout 2020. Stay tuned for updates on this situation over the next couple of months.

Are you surprised to see MA’s casino revenue drop once again in November? Where do you expect things to stand in October? Let us know in the comments section below!

Officials Announce New Hours at Encore Boston Harbor

Encore Boston Harbor Casino

Massachusetts’ casino industry has been struggling to get back on track since March. The state’s biggest casinos are still seeing low revenue figures. There’s also been a spike in Covid-19 cases here recently. As a result, casino officials have just announced new hours at Encore Boston Harbor.

This Wynn Resorts-owned property is one of the biggest gambling venues on the East Coast. Changing the opening hours here is a big move. Today, we’ll take a look at what is changing with the casinos in MA.

Let’s get into it!

Massachusetts’ Casino Industry Has Been Slow to Recover

Over the past decade, the Northeast region of the United States has developed a large and successful gambling industry. As most know, Atlantic City in New Jersey was the first true gaming destination to appear in this region. As time went on, New York, Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania began expanding their gambling industries, too.

Massachusetts was fairly late to the party. It wasn’t until a few years ago that major commercial casinos began operating here. The first was MGM Springfield. About a year later, Encore Boston Harbor opened its doors.

The latter proved to be the more successful casino of the two. Encore Boston Harbor immediately began attracting a huge number of players from MGM Springfield. Despite its somewhat unusual location in Everett, this venue has proven to be a major success.

Of course, 2020 halted the progress being made by these casinos. In March, all of these venues were forced to shut down. It wasn’t until July that the state’s commercial casinos were given permission to reopen to the public.

Things have been slow to recover. In September, for example, Encore Boston Harbor brought in just under $43 million. That’s a major drop from the $49 million earned in September of 2019. These drops are expected to continue for at least the rest of 2020.

To make things worse, the casinos in this state are now being forced to change their opening times. This will make things even more difficult for the industry.

Here’s a Look at the New Hours at Encore Boston Harbor

Massachusetts isn’t the only state with a struggling gambling industry. Every state has seen casino issues come up this year. It’s a major problem for casino companies and no one seems to know when things will begin returning to normal.

Massachusetts has been seeing a steady increase of Covid-19 cases recently. As a result, the state government has recently begun announcing new regulations. That includes limiting the operating hours inside major casino-resorts.

We’re now receiving updates on the new hours at Encore Boston Harbor. Beginning on Friday, this property has announced it will be forced to close its doors between 9:30 PM and 5 AM. It’s almost guaranteed to lower this venue’s revenue figures even more.

Interestingly, this property has also announced it will close its hotel until further notice. It makes sense when considering the casino’s new operating hours. A spokesperson for the company released a statement on this situation to the media this week.

“Encore Boston Harbor supports and will adhere to the additional directives put forth by the Commonwealth aimed to reduce the ongoing risk to public health,” the statement said. “As a result, we are analyzing the impacts of the directives on our resort operations and will adjust accordingly to be in compliance.”

We’ll need to wait and see how this affects this property. Hopefully, the Wynn Resorts venue is able to remain profitable during these difficult times.

Major US Casino Companies Are Struggling

This recent announcement will take a toll on Wynn Resorts. Prior to the shutdowns in March, the Encore Boston Harbor was one of the biggest revenue generators for this company. This will take another toll on an already-struggling business.

Wynn Resorts is far from the only company to see losses this year. Many are now looking at what’s happening with Las Vegas Sands. This Sheldon Adelson-run casino company recently announced it was interested in selling its biggest venues.

It seems that LVS is ready for a change. Sheldon Adelson seems ready to retire. It’s reasonable to assume that the events unfolding this year initiated this decision. We may see more decisions like this one made over the next few months.

There’s never been a situation like this one. Not long ago, officials within the American Gaming Association began asking for more aid from the federal government. These officials believe the future of the country’s casino industry is at stake.

The new hours at Encore Boston Harbor will remain in place until further notice. We’ll be sure to offer updates if things change here.

Are you surprised to see these new regulations set in place in Massachusetts? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s a Look at MA’s Gaming Revenue for September

MGM Springfield

The state of Massachusetts is now home to several world-class gambling venues. They’ve been open for months now and seem to be experiencing an increase in visitors. Today, we’re going to take a close look at MA’s gaming revenue for the month of September.

Later on, we’ll take a look at how some of the other nearby states are faring right now. Not every state has a casino industry that’s thriving right now.

Let’s look at what’s going on!

East Coast States Are Working to Boost Casino Revenue

There was a time when all the states around the country forced their casinos to shut down. This took an immediate toll on many cities. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City immediately started losing money and officials began working on ways to get the casinos operational again.

We’re now in October, and most casinos around the country have now reopened. Regulations inside casinos vary from state to state. Some of these states are managing to bring in more players than others right now.

New Jersey seems to be doing alright. This state has one of the largest sports betting industries in the world. Not long ago, New Jersey set another all-time record for sports betting handle. Sportsbooks here saw $748 million in bets this September.

Things are different in New York. This state took a very long time to reopen its commercial casinos. These are the only venues offering sports betting odds. As a result, both casino and sports betting revenue has been extremely low here.

It’s an interesting time for the region’s gambling industry. The states with regulated online gaming platforms seem to be performing the best right now. Many have been asking about how Massachusetts’ gaming industry is going.

Here’s where things stand.

MA’s Gaming Revenue Holds Steady in September

Massachusetts wasn’t always a major gambling state. For a time, lawmakers here pushed against allowing almost any forms of gambling. Things have changed in recent years, and a number of great casinos are now operating in this state.

According to new reports, the three casinos here managed to bring in $42,974,804 during the month of September. That’s a slight rise from the $42,390,349 earned in August. Total gambling handle here was $604,814,996, also representing a slight increase from August.

It’s no surprise that the Encore Boston Harbor saw the biggest handle at $303,685,463. The MGM Springfield saw a handle of $170,996,115. Plainridge Park actually saw a handle dip at $133,966,402.

Casino executives aren’t likely to pop any champagne from these revenue figures. For now, things are simply holding steady. When compared to September of 2019, however, MA’s gaming revenue fell by 12.3%.

It’s unclear how things will progress here. Some believe that as time goes on, more people will feel comfortable gambling inside casinos. Others are fearful that the winter months could result in a spike of Covid-19 cases, dropping casino revenue even more.

We’ll need to wait and see how things progress over the next few months. Make sure to stay tuned for updates!

Why Hasn’t Massachusetts Legalized Sports Betting?

As we just mentioned, the states with regulated online gambling industries are seeing the most revenue right now. That’s particularly true with New Jersey. Online sports betting was legalized here in 2018 and now helps to bring the state millions in additional revenue every year.

Many residents are now asking why Massachusetts hasn’t green-lit any sports betting bills. It’s a complicated issue that lawmakers here seem torn on. For a time, however, it seemed likely that sports gambling would finally come to the state.

A bill was making its way through the legislative process throughout the year. It was approved by the House and eventually went to the State Senate. To the dismay of sports fans here, the Senate refused to approve the bill earlier this month.

It now seems likely that sports betting will be coming to Massachusetts sometime in 2021. Most recognize how much money this industry will help to bring in. New Jersey has proven how lucrative a regulated sports betting industry can be.

Sports betting would likely help to boost visitation rates inside casinos, as well. That’s particularly important at a time like this.

Are you surprised to see that MA’s gaming revenue is holding steady? Do you expect revenue figures to increase over the next few months? Let us know in the comments section below!

Massachusetts Casino News – Roulette is Now Available

Encore Boston Harbor Casino

Massachusetts is currently home to several commercial casino-resorts. For most of 2020, however, these gambling venues have been forced to limit their number of available games to players. This week, an important piece of Massachusetts casino news finally came out. Roulette is coming back to the state’s casinos!

Many felt this was a long time coming. The gambling properties here are still struggling to bring in players and many felt it was due to the lack of games available. Today, we’ll take a look at what this new rule means for the state’s gambling industry moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

MA’s Casino Revenue Drops Considerably in August

Over the past few years, Massachusetts has developed a small, yet successful commercial casino industry. Two of the country’s largest casino companies, MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts, now own major casino-resorts here. These two companies have been in fierce competition to capture the state’s market.

Several new gambling venues are expected to open here over the next couple of years. Many analysts have been predicting that Massachusetts’s casino industry could eventually rival Atlantic City’s. Unfortunately, things shut down in March.

That month, casinos around the United States were forced to shut down. It wasn’t until July that state leaders in Massachusetts allowed these casinos to reopen. August marked the first full month that the state’s gaming properties were open to the public.

Recent reports show that during the month of August, the casinos in Massachusetts saw a year-on-year revenue decline of 17.4%. MGM Springfield managed to bring in $18.46 in August. Encore Boston Harbor reported $42.39 in gross gaming revenue. Plainridge Park, a slots-only casino, managed to earn just $10.17 million.

This is a significantly lower drop than many other states have been recording. It’s still a tough blow for the casino operators here, though. Many of them have been calling on lawmakers to allow more games inside their casinos.

After careful consideration, it seems that officials are agreeing to this new rule.

Another Piece of Massachusetts Casino News Has Just Come Out!

There are many factors that led to the drop in gaming revenue during August. Obviously fewer people are willing to visit a crowded casino right now. Many believe that allowing more games would help to attract new players.

This week, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission agreed to allow both the Encore Boston Harbor and MGM Springfield to begin allowing roulette again. Commission members have been pleased to see the safety measures these casinos are implementing. Roulette will now be allowed, yet occupancy levels allowed inside the casino will not change.

Loretta Lillios, interim director of the commission’s Investigations and Enforcement Bureau, spoke about this decision to the media this week.

“We have worked with them to identify health and safety measures that could be implemented with roulette and in doing so we tried to hew closely to the measures that the commission already approved for the blackjack-style games,” she said. “One of our obligations with a request like this is that we consult with the Department of Public Health … and the department raised no objections to the reintroduction of the game and it communicated that it is comfortable doing so in conjunction with the minimum safety measures outlined here.”

This is the Massachusetts casino news that gambling fans were hoping to hear. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. The reintroduction of this game will almost certainly help the state’s casinos to bring in more players and increase their revenue.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the revenue figures for the month of October. Many are now asking more about the state’s plans to legalize and regulate sports betting.

Sports Betting in MA is Unlikely to Come Until 2021

Since May of 2018, every state in the US has been able to legalize and regulate sports gambling. 24 states have now approved to launch their sports gambling industries. That does not include Massachusetts.

This state is well-known for having one of the most hardcore sports fan bases in the United States. Most feel the state would profit massively from a regulated sports betting industry. Several issues have come up getting a sports betting bill passed, though.

One bill seemed close to getting passed this year. The House gave its clear approval. The State Senate, however, decided to remove the bill at the last minute. It now seems impossible that sports betting will be made legal here in 2020.

Most feel that 2021 is the year this gets done. It’s clear that the majority of lawmakers now recognize the upside in this industry. Nearby states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania are earning a huge amount of revenue from their sports betting markets.

There’s a lot going on with the gambling industry here. We’re likely to receive more Massachusetts casino news over the next couple of months. Make sure to stay tuned for updates!

Are you excited to hear that roulette is allowed inside MA’s casinos again? Do you plan to visit any of the gambling venues here? Let us know in the comments section below!

Massachusetts Gaming Commission To Reconsider Roulette and Craps

MGM SpringfieldRoulette and Craps games may be coming back soon in the Bay State.

This development emerged after the  Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced that it will consider a request by by casinos to allow the restart of roulette and craps games which have not been permitted since the casinos were allowed to reopen early last month.

Reconsidering The Request

State regulators have been working with Encore and MGM on how the games can be played while maintaining social distancing between players and casino staff. The Commission is expected to  tackle the matter during a meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. via teleconference. 

In a statement last Tuesday, MGM said:

“We appreciate the Gaming Commission’s consideration of our request as we progress through a phased reopening with the health and safety of our employees and guests at the forefront of any decisions.”

MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor have asked the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to allow roulette and craps games at their establishments. The two are the only casinos in the state that offer table games. Despite the absence of roulette, craps, and poker, the casinos in Massachusetts have been able to handle the reopening well.

Massachusetts casinos were ordered closed by the state since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have since been allowed to re-open but subject to the strict guidelines set by the Gaming Commission. The guidelines have not permitted casinos to offer roulette, craps, and poker games.

Re-Opening Guidelines

The re-opening guidelines have resulted in the gambling establishments reopening with an estimated one-third of their pre-COVID 19 capacities. The Commission’s guidelines include plexiglass dividers, spacing requirements, wearing of masks when not outdoors, eating, or drinking, and other health safety precautions.

The guidelines also called on the casinos to disable some of their slot machines and remove chairs in order to keep their guests separated. The distance required was four feet apart if there is a plexiglass and six feet apart if none. The table games that were allowed were restricted to three players per table.

Food service has also been limited to designated areas and they are allowed to operate according to the state rules for restaurants. Casinos were also told to consider non-contact temperature checks and prohibiting entry to any guest who registered 100.4 or higher on two consecutive checks.

MGM Springfield reopened over the weekend of July 10-13 after four months of closure. Encore and Plainridge Park reopened several days earlier. Plainridge is a slots parlor that does not offer table games. In Springfield, that meant 919 gaming positions from 810 slot machines and 90 seats at table games. MGM later expanded its offerings to 855 slot machines while still maintaining social distancing.

MA’s Sports Betting Proposal is Being Set Aside

Massachusetts is home to one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the United States. Surprisingly, state leaders have not capitalized on this fan base by legalizing and regulating sports betting. Many felt that would change in 2020, yet MA’s sports betting proposal has just been pushed back.Massachusetta State

It’s disappointing news for many residents here. Several state officials are also expressing disappointment in the decision. Today, we’re going to look at why these plans have been set aside.

Let’s get into it!

More States Are Now Benefiting From Regulated Sports Betting

In mid-May, the Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA, immediately giving every state in the country the ability to legalize sports betting. This was a monumental moment for the gambling industry. Prior to the removal of PASPA, only Nevada was legally able to offer sports betting options.

It didn’t take long for states to take advantage of the change in the law. Many began proposing bills to legalize and regulate sports betting. As time went on, more states started looking into this industry.

Back in March, all major US sports leagues shut down. We’re now entering August, and many of these leagues have now resumed their operations. Sports betting is now more popular than ever before. Overall, however, gambling revenue in the state is down considerably.

States with legal sports betting operations are profiting massively right now. New Jersey, for example, is seeing its sports betting revenue increase from the time prior to the global pandemic. The state taxes this revenue and right now, that money is more important than ever before.

Many predicted that 2020 would be the year Massachusetts decides to regulate sports gambling. With teams like the Red Sox, Patriots, and Bruins, many felt that this could become one of the most profitable gambling destinations in the country.

New reports indicate the state is pushing its plans to regulate this industry back.

What’s Happening With MA’s Sports Betting Proposal?

Today, more than 20 states around the United States have now officially regulated and legalized sports betting. All of these states are now profiting massively off the industry. It seemed almost guaranteed that Massachusetts would be one of the states to embrace this new form of gambling.

Several sports betting bills have been introduced in this state over the years. Many have gained support from lawmakers. Interestingly, none have managed to get formally approved by the House and Senate.

Most recently, Massachusetts’ Senate proposed a new bill called S 2842, an amendment to the House’s bill. It seemed to include everything both legislative groups asked for. Unfortunately, the House has just passed a new economic development bill that does not allow for the legalization of sports betting.

Senator Michael Rodrigues, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, spoke about this situation to the media today.

“As it relates to sports gaming, sports wagering, I believe that certainly the time is close when we are going to be tackling this issue, but the time is not now,” he said. “Nor is this the proper vehicle to do so in.”

MA’s sports betting proposal is not completely dead, though. Several lawmakers here claim they will continue to discuss the matter in a few weeks. For now, the focus is on bringing the state as much money as possible with what’s already available.

Casinos in Massachusetts Have Finally Reopened

There’s no telling when sports betting will become officially legal in Massachusetts. Lawmakers seem interested in the proposals from the House and Senate. There simply seems to be more pressing matters at hand.

That doesn’t mean the state’s gambling industry is dead. Recently, Massachusetts’ casinos finally opened their doors. This state was one of the last to allow its major gambling venues to begin operating again.

The Encore Boston Harbor and MGM Springfield are accepting guests again. According to new reports, both of these venues are getting praise for their safety measures. There are many rules set in place in these casinos, including a mask requirement and distance between players at table games.

Revenue from these casinos are certainly still low, though. Even in cities like Las Vegas, which allowed casinos to reopen in early June, casino revenue is significantly lower than it was last year. Most analysts predict that gambling revenue will remain low for the rest of 2020.

If MA’s sports betting proposal was approved, the state could have begun earning more money from its gambling industry. The sports gambling bills have been pushed aside, for now. Things could change over the next couple of months, though.

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