What’s Happening in Vegas On November 17th – 23rd

There’s always something exciting happening in Las Vegas. More entertainment options are available in this city than anywhere else in the world. Here’s a quick look at what happens in Las Vegas over the next few days.

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Sunday: November 17th

Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames

On Sunday, the Las Vegas Golden Knights will receive home-field advantage against the Calgary Flames. The Golden Knights will be looking to break their four-game losing streak. It won’t come easy against the Flames, who are 10-8 so far this season.

This game takes place at the T-Mobile Arena starting at 5 pm. Tickets can be purchased starting around $80. If you’re an NHL fan in Vegas, make sure to check this game out!

Monday: November 18th

Monday Night Cornhole

Cornhole has grown extremely popular over the years. On Monday, Top Golf is putting on one of the famous cornhole tournaments! It’s open to the public and offers some fantastic prizes to the winners. You can also choose to relax at one of Top Golf’s many incredible bars and simply watch the tournament unfold from the sidelines.

Registration is free for this event. The tournament is scheduled to kick off at 6 pm. If you’re looking for a little competitive action, this might be the perfect event for you!

Thursday: November 21st


One of the most iconic US rock and roll bands of all time is set to perform in Las Vegas on Thursday. Led by Steven Tyler, Aerosmith is considered one of the best live bands of all time. They are putting on the show inside Park Theatre at the Park MGM Hotel & Casino.

Attendees can expect to hear all of the band’s most famous songs. Tickets can still be purchased for as low as $100.

Friday, November 22nd

David Spade & Ray Romano

Calling all stand-up comedy fans! Two of the most well-known comics still performing will be taking their act to the Mirage Hotel & Casino this Friday evening. The two comedians are joining forces to give fans the best possible experience. It’s a unique spectacle that won’t last forever!

This show is set to begin at 10 pm. You can buy a ticket right now for just $110. It’s a two-for-one deal and something that you’ll remember forever.

Saturday, November 23rd

Mark Eteson

On Saturday, DJ and music producer Mark Eteson is taking over Omnia Nightclub. Eteson is a common performer in Las Vegas and has gained a great reputation for putting on some of the best concerts in the city. Soon, the UK native could be considered one of the best DJ’s in the world.

Omnia is a fantastic club to enjoy the music. It’s set inside Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino and offers several bars, bottle service, and views of the Las Vegas Strip. Tickets to see Eteson live can be purchased for $25.

November is slowly wrapping up. If you’re in Las Vegas this week, make sure to check out some of the incredible events listed above!

Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is Being Demolished Next Week

Not long ago, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas was officially sold to Virgin Hotels. It was a surprise for many who’d enjoyed staying in and gambling at this venue. Reports are now surfacing that the Hard Rock Cafe on the corner of Paradise Road and Harmon Avenue is set to be demolished on Monday.

Hard Rock Cafe In Las Vegas

Soon, Virgin Hotels will officially begin working to renovate the former Hard Rock Hotel. Now is the perfect time to look at why this sale took place, and what to expect from the new venue moving forward.

Virgin Hotel Purchases the LV Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas officially opened its doors to the public in 1995. Interestingly, this gambling establishment was not associated with the Seminole Tribe, who currently own Hard Rock International. Instead, this venue was operated by Brookfield Asset Management.

For years, this hotel struggled to generate revenue. Its location just off the Strip was slightly undesirable, yet it was the increased presence of new, trendy venues that really took away from the Hard Rock’s bottom line. Ultimately, the owners decided it was time to sell.

Before long, Virgin Hotels agreed to purchase the property. Virgin brand has just recently entered into the hotel-casino business. This Las Vegas property is the first on the company’s portfolio.

Initially, Virgin Hotels announced that the venue would close for four months while renovations took place. In August, company officials changed their tune, confirming that the hotel would be closed for eight months. This closure is expected to begin in February of 2020.

It seems that Hard Rock’s presence in Las Vegas is disappearing. The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is set to be demolished in just a few days.

Officials Confirm the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is Being Demolished

It’s been three years since the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas closed its doors to the public. Next week, this iconic restaurant is being removed from the city forever. The Hard Rock Hotel will officially demolish this property on Monday morning.

Interestingly, this restaurant has an even longer history in Las Vegas than the hotel. It first opened in 1990 and became a popular eatery for tourists visiting from around the country. Unfortunately, it was forced to shut down at the same time as the Hard Rock hotel.

The massive 82-foot-tall neon guitar decoration featured at this restaurant was moved to the Neon Museum earlier this year.

This doesn’t mean that all of the Hard Rock’s restaurants are closing for good. MB Steak, Pizza Forte, and Nobu are all scheduled to return here when the Virgin Hotel opens its doors. Additional restaurants opening here will be announced over the next several months.

Fans of the Hard Rock Cafe may be sad to see it finally close down. Hopefully, we get something great to replace it.

What to Expect From the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel

There’s a reason to be excited about Virgin entering into the Hotel business. This company is known for its opulence and is likely to pour major resources into opening the best possible hotel-casino in Las Vegas. A few details are beginning to emerge about this new establishment.

Not long ago, Virgin teamed up with several companies experienced in the hotel industry to help with this transformation. According to officials in Virgin Hotels, the design process is “nearing completion,” and construction is just around the corner.

We now know that this hotel will feature 1,504 suites, a 60,000 square-foot casino floor, and over five acres of space for the pool and surrounding amenities. The entire hotel will have a desert theme reflecting the city’s unique surroundings. The design director of the hotel claims it will be “unlike other offers one can find in Las Vegas.”

The location of this venue will still make it tough to compete with some of the others in the city. If it’s impressive enough, however, this venue could do what the Hard Rock Hotel never did.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is leaving us all on Monday. Let’s hope something even better takes its place.

Las Vegas Raiders Bar & Grill is Coming to M Resort!

In less than a year, the Oakland Raiders will officially relocate to Las Vegas. They will become the second major professional sports team to begin playing in this city after the creation of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. This week, M Resort announced it was opening a Las Vegas Raiders Bar & Grill.

Las Vegas Raiders Logo

It’s clear that locals are excited about having an NFL team in their city. It will likely help to draw in thousands of new visitors every single year. Let’s look at what’s going on with this team right now.

M Resort Announces Las Vegas Raiders Bar & Grill

There’s still nearly a year before the Raiders officially begin playing in Las Vegas. Right now, however, many companies are working to gain sponsorship deals with the new team. In October, for example, the Raiders agreed to a deal with a California-based tribal casino operator.

Over the summer, the Las Vegas-based airline Allegiant secured a major partnership with the Raiders.

This airline company has been granted permission to put its name on the Raiders’ new $2 billion, 65,000 seat stadium. It’s being called ‘Allegiant Stadium,’ giving the company major exposure to football fans around the country. This week, the Raiders agreed to another major partnership.

M Resort was named the “Official Raiders Team Headquarters Hotel.” Moving forward, this will be the Raiders’ meeting place the night before major games. Specific terms of this deal have not been revealed.

Just a day after this reveal, officials within M Resort announced that a Las Vegas Raiders Bar & Grill was set to open. This bar and restaurant will be opening as part of the resort’s new role as the Official Team Headquarters.

According to Hussain Mahrous, general manager of M Resort, this bar will be open 24/7 and will be one of the premier places to watch sports in the hotel.

“It’ll be a great place to watch the Raiders,” Mahrous claims. “(The guest experience will be) elevated from going to a Raider game to being part of the Raiders family.” 

Raiders Fans Still Hoping for a Playoff Run

At the start of the 2019/2020 NFL season, not many football fans had high hopes for the Oakland Raiders. They entered the season as a serious Super Bowl betting underdog according to most sports betting sites. To the surprise of many, the Raiders have managed to pull off some major victories this season.

The Raiders started out with an impressive victory over the Denver Broncos. They fell short in their next two games before rattling off two more wins over the Colts and the Bears. Since that time, they’ve alternated between wins and losses yet still have a shot at earning a spot in the playoffs.

Oakland has a fairly easy schedule over the next seven weeks. Their biggest test will come against Kansas City. If they’re able to win at least four of their next seven games, they will almost surely earn a spot in the postseason.

If the Raiders struggle to generate wins for the rest of the season, the Steelers could take their place in the playoffs. The team’s recent victory over the LA Rams proved they’re capable of beating the top teams in the league.

The games this Sunday will give us a much better idea as to how things will play out.

Online Super Bowl Odds Are Now Available!

It’s an exciting time in the 2019/2020 NFL season right now. Every team is currently competing for their spot in the postseason. Bovada, one of the best US sports betting sites currently operating, is now offering odds on which team will win the Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots are still the betting favorites. They’re currently 8-1 this season and seem poised to enter into a championship spot. Bovada lists the Patriots’ odds at +250.

New Orleans is listed second in the betting odds. This team is also performing great this year. If they get past the Buccaneers this weekend, the team’s current odds of +650 may increase.

The Raiders are currently given odds of +6600 to win the 2020 Super Bowl. As we’ve already mentioned, the team has a legitimate road to the playoffs. A bet on this team would pay off massively if they manage to win the championship.

The Las Vegas Raiders Bar & Grill will soon open at M Resorts. If you’re in Las Vegas, make sure to check this new venue out!

Casino Leasebacks Could Become the Next Big Thing in Las Vegas

  • MGM Resorts sold and is leasing back the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.
  • More Las Vegas casino leasebacks could be on the horizon.
  • Eldorado Resorts is interested in selling property, too.

Not long ago, MGM Resorts sold The Bellagio to the Blackstone Group. Under the terms of this sale, the hotel-casino will be leased back to MGM Resorts, which will continue to operate the venue. Many analysts now believe that casino leasebacks could become the next big thing in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel Casino

This move allows MGM Resorts to begin investing more money into property overseas. More companies likely recognize this and will choose to do the same. Let’s look at what this means for the future of Las Vegas.

MGM Resorts’ Sale of the Bellagio, Explained

MGM Resorts International is one of the biggest and most profitable casino companies in the world. It owns and operates many hotel-casinos in Las Vegas including the Mirage, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. Recently, company officials revealed plans to sell some of the biggest venues in Las Vegas.

Eventually, news broke that MGM sold Circus Circus Hotel & Casino. The venue was purchased by Phil Ruffin, who owns several major properties in Las Vegas already. Reports indicate that Circus Circus was purchased for $825 million.

Immediately after selling Circus Circus, MGM Resorts announced that it sold the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, as well. The Bellagio is considered one of the most prestigious venues on the Strip. The Blackstone Group bought this property for an astounding $4.2 billion.

Not long after the sale was announced, details emerged that showed it would be leased back to MGM Resorts for $245 million a year. MGM Resorts will continue to operate the hotel-casino, as well.

These casino leasebacks could start becoming more common. Analysts predict more could be on the way.

Analysts Predict More Las Vegas Casino Leasebacks in the Future

Property values are continuing to rise in Las Vegas. Interestingly, more of the hotel-casinos here are owned by just a few companies. Many of these companies are now pushing to open new gambling venues overseas.

Japan, in particular, is an extremely desirable location for many casino companies. Only three casino licenses are set to be handed out here. Recent reports claim Japan could become the world’s third-largest casino market over the next few years.

Casino leasebacks could be the best way to generate revenue for these overseas investments. John DeCree, a gambling analyst for Union Gaming, believes this will soon become common in the city.

“It’s definitely a trend in the market,” he said. “As real estate investors are learning the casino industry, they’re realizing it’s a viable and stable real estate investment.”

Some companies are now claiming to be interested in this strategy.

Eldorado Resorts Likely to Sell Las Vegas Property in 2020

Earlier this year, Eldorado Resorts announced that it was acquiring Caesars Entertainment for more than $17 billion. It’s the largest merger between two casino companies in history. Eldorado Resorts is now looking at new ways to generate revenue to make up for the huge price of the acquisition.

Tom Reeg, CEO of Eldorado Resorts, said in a conference call on Wednesday that he’s interested in new real estate deals after the merger with Caesars is officially complete.

“Caesars has a lot of excess real estate both in and out of Las Vegas that could be used for future development, both for ourselves or in a partnership,” he said. “There’s lots and lots of entities that would like to get close to or on the Vegas Strip.”

Exactly which properties could be sold is unknown. It’s likely that these venues would be sold as casino leasebacks, similar to what MGM is currently doing.

It’s an exciting time in Las Vegas. More companies are now being given the opportunity to own property in this city.

More casino leasebacks could be coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

OJ Simpson is Filing a Defamation Lawsuit Against LV Hotel-Casino

Not long ago, OJ Simpson stepped back into the public spotlight by creating his own Twitter account. He’s making headlines once again this week by going after one of Las Vegas’ most popular hotel-casinos. Today, we’re going to look at exactly why Simpson is filing a defamation lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan Casino-Resort.

OJ Simpson In Court

Simpson is no stranger to high-profile lawsuits. It’s interesting to now see the controversial former athlete seeking damages for defamation. Here’s what we know about this situation.

The Cosmopolitan’s Allegations Against Simpson

Back in July of 2017, OJ Simpson was granted parole after spending nine years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping. In October of that year, he was officially released. Just one month later, he was kicked out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Officials within the Cosmopolitan claim that Simpson was “drunk and unruly” at a hotel bar. TMZ quickly posted a picture of him being escorted out of the hotel surrounded by security.

Not long after this news broke, Simpson and his lawyers quickly denied the allegations. Malcolm Lavergne, OJ’s lawyer, commented on the hotel’s claims to the media.

“The casino itself, they won’t comment on why they banned Mr. Simpson which I projected that they would do, but they were just saying these were wild reports. So everything other than Mr. Simpson being trespassed from property are just false. They just exercised their right to ban him,” Lavergne said.

Eventually, this story was forgotten about. Simpson seemed to have disappeared from the public spotlight. This week, OJ Simpson decided to officially file a lawsuit over this whole situation.

OJ Simpson is Now Filing a Lawsuit Against the Cosmopolitan

As we mentioned earlier, the Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular and lucrative hotel-casinos in Las Vegas. It’s home to many incredible bars that Simpson was known to frequent. Claims that OJ was drunk and unruly are completely untrue, according to a new lawsuit.

OJ Simpson has now filed a defamation lawsuit against Nevada Property 1 LLC, which owns the Cosmopolitan. He’s claiming that he was never given a reason for being kicked out of the venue. He’s denying the allegations that any hotel property was destroyed.

“To date, the Cosmopolitan has never issued any public rationale or reasoning for trespassing Simpson from the property, other than claiming it was ‘private’ property the night of the issuance of the trespass notice,” Simpson’s complains says. 

The former athlete is now asking for $30,000 in compensation. He’s also requested unspecified punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

We’ll need to wait and see how this lawsuit plays out over the next few months.

Cosmopolitan Owners Continue to Purchase LV Property

The Cosmopolitan is the most expensive hotel-casino ever constructed in Las Vegas. It first opened in 2010 and has gained a reputation as one of the hippest, most popular venues in the city. Over the years, ownership of this property has switched hands.

In 2014, The Cosmopolitan was officially sold to the Blackstone Group for $1.73 billion. Recently, this company has acquired several major Las Vegas Strip properties.

Just last month, MGM Resorts International sold the Bellagio Hotel & Casino to the Blackstone Group for $4.2 billion. It was the largest property sale in Las Vegas history.

Soon, this company could also purchase the world-famous MGM Grand. Reports indicate that MGM Resorts is planning to sell this venue in order to invest more money overseas.

It’s a fascinating time in Las Vegas. Never before have so many major hotel-casinos gone for sale.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

What Happens in Vegas November 10th – 16th

There’s always something exciting happening in Las Vegas. More entertainment options are available in this city than anywhere else in the world. Here’s a quick look at what happens in Las Vegas over the next few days.
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Sunday, November 10th

Great American Foodie Fest

Many of the world’s top chefs have established a presence in Las Vegas. There are enough incredible restaurants in this city to keep you busy for years. On November 10th, the Great American Foodie Fest takes place at the M Resort Spa & Casino.

This massive event allows you to try some of the best foods ever shown on the Food Network and Travel Channel. There’s also a beer garden here that features some of the top breweries in the US. The event kicks off at 5 pm. Best of all, admission to this event is free!

Shin Lim

At 10 pm, Shin Lim takes his act to the Terry Fator Theatre, inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino. Lim is well-known in the magician community. He’s said to be the only magician to ever fool Penn & Teller twice. At just 28 years old, he already has one of Las Vegas’ hottest new shows.

Magic fans swear that Lim is a must-see performer. Anyone in Las Vegas can now check out his newest show starting at 10 pm. Tickets are still available for just $90.

Wednesday, November 13th

Golden Knights vs. Chicago Blackhawks

We’re now more than a month into the 2019/2020 NHL season, and it’s still anyone’s guess which team will end up winning the Stanley Cup. On Wednesday, two of the top teams in the league square off inside the world-famous T-Mobile Arena. The LV Golden Knights will take on the Chicago Blackhawks in one of the most anticipated matchups so far this season.

This game pits the newest team in the NHL against one of the league’s most storied franchises. It should produce fireworks. Tickets can be purchased for as low as $83.

Friday, November 15th

Boyz II Men

One of the most iconic groups in R&B makes their way to Las Vegas this Friday. Boyz II Men are set to perform inside the aforementioned Terry Fator Theatre at 7:30 pm. It’s a must-see show for fans of both R&B and traditional hip hop.

This group has been performing for more than two decades. Despite their many years on the road, Boys II Men haven’t skipped a beat. Those in Vegas can check out the new show for just $60.

Saturday, November 16th

Jerry Seinfeld

Perhaps the most famous comedian of all time will once again put on his act in Las Vegas this upcoming Saturday. Jerry Seinfeld is bringing his latest stand-up routine to The Colosseum, inside Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. The legendary comedian behind Seinfeld and Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee is staying true to his roots with an impressive 60-minute routine.

The Colosseum is one of the best entertainment venues in Las Vegas. Tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld perform here can now be purchased for just $80.

It’s an exciting week for both locals and tourists in Las Vegas. If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, make sure to head over to our Vegas hotels page to learn more about what’s available here!

Bleutech Park is One Step Closer to Being Constructed

Months ago, plans were unveiled for a brand new futuristic “mini-city” within Las Vegas called Bleutech Park. Developers claimed the project would cost upwards of $7.5 billion, making it one of the largest in recent history. This week, these developers agreed to purchase land for this new futuristic park.

Bleutech Park Project

It’s exciting news for supporters of this new project. Today, we’re going to look at what we know about Bleutech Park. We’ll also look at what the land agreement means for the future of this ambitious plan.

Developers Reveal Plans for New “Mini-City” Within Las Vegas

Las Vegas is no stranger to huge development projects. Right now, several massive projects are underway here, some of which are costing billions of dollars to construct. This past summer, a development company revealed its plans to construct a futuristic “mini-city” in Las Vegas.

The developers claim that the project will cost $7.5 billion to complete. This money, they argue, will go towards the construction of one of the country’s most modern new “smart cities.”

This development, called Bleutech Park, will run entirely on renewable energy sources. It will be 100% grid-independent and will feature buildings made up of energy-generating and breathable materials. A network of “supertrees” will also be used inside the park to help reduce imported water consumption by 95%.

Obviously, this project was appealing to Las Vegas city officials. A futuristic city such as this one could have a massive impact on future construction projects here.

The developers of Bleutech Park hope to start construction by December of this year. This week, the company agreed to purchase land for this incredible new mini-city.

Bleutech Park Properties Agrees to Land Deal for New Project

Since announcing the plans for this new development, Bleutech Park Properties have looked for a suitable area for construction. It now appears that they’ve found it. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the company has agreed to purchase land for its new mini-city.

BPP has reached an agreement with landowners Khusrow “K” Roohani and Larry Canarelli to buy 210 acres of land at Las Vegas Boulevard and Cactus Avenue. According to reports, the deal is to buy each acre for $1.5 million. This puts the entire sale price at about $315 million.

Roohani confirmed that he’s reached a “solid agreement” with Bleutech Park Properties. It’s a low-risk deal for the landowner.

Of course, this deal has not been finalized. Several steps will need to be taken before construction can officially begin. Based on what we know so far, this could be within the next few months.

It’s exciting news to see a land purchase agreement made. As we’ve already mentioned, this isn’t the only major project coming to Las Vegas in the near future.

More Projects Being Constructed in Las Vegas

Bleutech Park is the most ambitious project proposed in Las Vegas for years. There are, however, some incredible new venues opening up here. Some of them are costing several billion dollars to construct.

Resorts World remains the largest new project under construction in this city. It’s owned by the Genting Group and is expected to open in 2020. It’s set to become one of the largest new casino-resorts in the city.

The MSG Sphere is another massive project being constructed in Las Vegas. It’s currently being made directly next to the Las Vegas Strip. It’s said to be the biggest and most high-tech entertainment venue in the city.

If Bleutech Park is constructed, it will set a new standard for LV development projects. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few months!

Convention Attendance in Las Vegas Could Set Records in 2019

Las Vegas is known for being the convention hub of the United States. This year, convention attendance in Las Vegas could set new records. It’s clear that individuals continue to value this city as a business center.

Las Vegas Convention Center

There’s a lot to be excited about in Las Vegas right now. Today, we’re going to look at how much rates of tourism and convention attendance have increased this year.

Gambling Revenue Continues to Surge in Las Vegas

At the beginning of the year, casinos in Las Vegas were struggling to increase their gambling revenue. For several reasons, visitors to the city were not gambling as much as initially projected. This led some to claim that Las Vegas’ best days were in the past.

Much of this has to do with the rise in competition around the country. In the past, Vegas was one of the only areas of the country that allowed full gambling and sports betting options. This is no longer the case.

Many states now have fully operational commercial casinos and sportsbooks up and running. New Jersey, in particular, is experiencing a huge surge in tourism and revenue thanks to its expanded gambling options. Amazingly, New Jersey’s sports betting revenue has even surpassed Las Vegas’ on several occasions this year.

Gambling revenue has been increasing in Las Vegas for months now. September was one of Nevada’s best months in recent memory. Overall, casinos here generated more than $1 billion.

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas generated the vast majority of this money. Clark County, in which Las Vegas lies, brought in $913.6 million. Baccarat helped to generate serious revenue for casinos in the city.

New reports now claim that convention attendance in Las Vegas is reaching an all-time high.

Tourism and Convention Attendance in Las Vegas Are Increasing

An increase in gambling revenue generally indicates an increase in tourism, as well. This theory is proving to be correct. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has just released reports that show tourism in this city is strong.

As of the end of September, more than 31.9 million people have visited Las Vegas this year. It’s 0.6% higher than the visitor volume in 2018. There’s still a chance that 2016’s record of 42.9 million total visitors will be broken this year.

Convention attendance in Las Vegas is where things get really surprising. New reports indicate that as of now, more than 5.165 million convention attendees have visited Las Vegas this year. There’s a great chance that Las Vegas manages to break 2017’s total record of 6.646 total convention attendees.

Hotel occupancy numbers are also looking solid so far this year. The current room inventory in this city stands at 149,050. That’s not too far behind 2013’s record of 150,593. Currently, Las Vegas’ hotel occupancy level is at 89.2%. This could indicate that another record is set to be broken.

Overall, Las Vegas is having a fantastic year. We’ll simply need to wait and see how 2019’s fourth-quarter plays out.

Las Vegas Property Sales Continue

Never before have so many major Las Vegas hotel-casinos gone up for sale. It’s a fascinating time in the city. Amazingly, more major property sales are likely to take place over the next few months.

MGM Resorts claims that it’s still interested in putting properties up for sale. Not long ago, this company sold both the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino and the Bellagio Casino-Resort. The latter proved to be the largest hotel-casino sale in Las Vegas history.

Caesars has also been looking to sell some of its LV venues. The company sold its Rio Hotel & Casino to Imperial Companies earlier this year. Caesars Entertainment is scheduled to merge with Eldorado Resorts sometime in 2020.

Officials within Hard Rock International have recently claimed that they’re interested in purchasing a Las Vegas Strip property. It would be fitting, considering the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas has now been taken over by Virgin Hotels.

There’s clearly a lot going on here. Convention attendance in Las Vegas is up and could soon break the all-time record.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

What’s Happening in Vegas November 3rd – 9th

There’s always something exciting happening in Las Vegas. More entertainment options are available in this city than anywhere else in the world. Here’s a quick look at what happens in Las Vegas over the next few days.

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Sunday, November 3rd

Day N Vegas Music Festival

Las Vegas is home to many of the world’s biggest and most exciting music festivals. On Sunday, the hugely popular Day N Vegas festival arrives, and fans are already racing to get their tickets. This year’s event is one of the best in recent memory, featuring top artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Tyler the Creator, and more.

The festival takes place at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Tickets can be purchased starting at just $300.

Tuesday: November 5th:

Sema Show

Calling all automobile aficionados. On Tuesday, the world-famous Las Vegas Convention Center plays host to the SEMA Show. It’s one of the city’s top car shows, showcasing the latest and greatest updates to vehicle technology. Attendees receive a first-hand look at the future of the automobile industry.

Visitors here can also check out some of the most beautiful vehicles currently on the market. Ticket prices are starting at just $60.

Wednesday, November 6th

PBR World Finals 2019

On Wednesday, Las Vegas turns into every rodeo fan’s favorite city. The 2019 PBR World Finals officially take place inside the T-Mobile Area. The biggest stars in professional bull riding are attending.

The event kicks off at 12 pm and also includes live concerts, fantastic food, and an endless supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Right now, tickets can be found for as low as $40.

Friday, November 8th

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is set to take center stage at Drai’s Nightclub inside the Cromwell Hotel, close to the world-famous Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. The famous rapper is set to begin performing at 9 pm. Visitors can watch the iconic musician perform some of his biggest hits at one of Las Vegas’ coolest clubs.

Tickets for this concert are going fast. Some can still be purchased for around $40.

Saturday, November 9th

Tim Allen – Aces of Comedy

On Saturday, the Aces of Comedy show continues with the legendary Tim Allen inside the Terry Fator Theater, within the Mirage Casino-Resort. Allen has won numerous awards during his career and his new act is said to be one of his best. He’s out to prove that he’s just as talented a comedian as he is an actor.

The show kicks off at 10 pm. Tickets are still available and can be purchased for as low as $60.

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean Vegas is slowing down. There are still some fantastic events taking place this week. Feel free to check the ones listed above!

The Las Vegas MGM Grand Could Soon Go for Sale

Not long ago, two of the most popular hotel-casinos on the Las Vegas Strip went for sale. Now, reports are surfacing that more of MGM Resorts’ Las Vegas could be put up for sale. Amazing, the Las Vegas MGM Grand could soon go for sale.

Las Vegas MGM Grand

This hotel has long been considered MGM Resorts’ flagship property. For many, it’s a surprise to hear that this venue could potentially be sold. Let’s look at why exactly this company is selling so many of its hotel-casinos.

MGM Resorts Recently Sells Circus Circus and Bellagio

MGM Resorts owns more hotel-casinos in Las Vegas than any other company. Recently, officials within MGM revealed plans to sell some of the company’s biggest properties. Before long, the company did exactly that.

News quickly broke that MGM had sold Circus Circus to Phil Ruffin, owner of the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. Ruffin purchased the property for $825 million. It’s still unclear exactly what plans Ruffin has for this popular venue.

Amazingly, MGM Resorts also sold the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in October. The Bellagio is widely considered to be one of the best casino-resorts in the world. The Blackstone Group purchased this venue for an astounding $4.2 billion, the biggest hotel-casino purchase in Las Vegas history.

This is all a part of MGM’s “asset-light” strategy. Essentially, the company wants to sell properties in order to help grow the company. The money earned is used to help expand the company in the US and abroad.

Now, reports are surfacing that one of MGM Resorts’ flagship venues could soon go for sale.

Las Vegas MGM Grand Could Soon be Sold

In a conference call, CEO of MGM Resorts Jim Murren commented on the company’s new property selling strategy. Murren confirmed that the company is interested in selling the Las Vegas MGM Grand. This is all a part of the company’s strategy to “unlock” the value from different properties.

Murren claims that MGM Resorts is currently in the process of “monetizing the real estate” of the Las Vegas MGM Grand. More details of this deal are scheduled to come out over the next few months.

The MGM Grand is one of the most popular gambling venues in Las Vegas. It opened in 1993 and quickly rose to become a hotbed of the city. It features a casino floor larger than 170,000 square feet.

This property also holds a massive entertainment area. The MGM Grand Garden Arena has hosted many of the biggest sporting events in the world. A number of major combat sporting events have been hosted here.

It’s unclear how much the MGM Grand will be sold for. It will likely earn MGM resorts billions.

According to Jim Murren, even more sales are currently being discussed.

More MGM Property Sales Are On the Horizon

MGM isn’t the only company prepared to sell some of its major properties. Eldorado Resorts, which is scheduled to merge with Caesars Entertainment, is also currently in the process of selling some of its major Las Vegas venues.

MGM Resorts, however, is selling more properties than any other company. According to new reports, this company is preparing to sell several other properties including the Aria, Vdara, and MGM Springfield in Massachusetts.

Selling the MGM Springfield property isn’t entirely expected. This hotel-casino has struggled to generate revenue for many months. Much of this is due to the success of the recently-opened Encore Boston Harbor, which has captured much of the Massachusetts gambling market.

Jim Murren claims these sales will help the company break into the Japanese casino market. MGM is one of the biggest US casino companies working to obtain a Japanese casino license. The additional revenue earned from property sales may go towards an integrated resort in this country.

We’ll need to wait and see who purchases the Las Vegas MGM Grand and for how much money. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!