Are Las Vegas Strip Casinos Going For Sale?

The Las Vegas Strip is likely the most lucrative casino destination in the world. This stretch of road is home to many of the biggest and most lucrative casino-resorts currently operating. With the Eldorado Resorts merging with Caesars Entertainment, many analysts predict a number of Las Vegas Strip casinos will go for sale. Las Vegas Tourist Sign

It’s an exciting time for casino operators in this city. Some of the top gaming companies in the US have expressed interest in buying properties here. Let’s look at why these casinos may go for sale, and who are looking to buy them.

Eldorado – Caesars Merge Updates

Just a few weeks ago, we reported on the news that Eldorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment had agreed to merge. Eldorado paid more than $17 billion to acquire Caesars properties, many of which are located in Las Vegas. It’s one of the largest casino deals ever made in the United States.

The newly merged company, now called Caesars, will be based in Reno, Nevada. Interestingly, it comes just two years after Caesars emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The deal also came after billionaire Carl Icahn purchased a 16% stake in Caesars Entertainment.

With this merger, the company now operates more than 80 casinos around the United States. A number of these casinos operating inside Atlantic City. There are some in AC’s Gambling Board that feels the merger could result in an almost monopoly-like situation. There’s a meeting scheduled to take place here on the subject.

There are many that feel Caesars will begin to sell a number of it’s Las Vegas Strip casinos. Eldorado CEO Tom Reeg claimed it’s a real possibility in the future.

“I would expect that we would be a seller of a Strip asset, but that decision has not been made,” he said in a recent Las Vegas gaming conference. 

Companies Already Interested in Buying Las Vegas Strip Casinos

It’s an extremely exciting time for the Las Vegas casino industry. A number of major players in the gambling industry have already expressed interest in purchasing a property up for grabs. Most notably, Tilman Fertitta.

Fertitta and his company own and operate the Golden Nugget Casinos. The group has a proven track record of success. It would certainly be a major upgrade for this company, as Fertitta does not currently own any casinos located on the Strip.

Union analysts James DeCree, a Union Gaming analyst, feels it’s inevitable for Caesars to sell some of its properties. He claims it’s too early to tell which casinos will be sold, yet at least one is likely to be up for grabs within the next few years.

Not many companies have publicly stated they plan to purchase one Caesars properties. Experts predict that a number of them will in the near future. Boyd Gaming and Penn National Gaming are two of the top options. Even smaller companies could get in the mix.

Advantages of Buying One of Caesars Properties

Buying an already-constructed casino certainly has its advantages. Constructing a new casino-resort from scratch can cost billions. Purchasing a casino that’s already been made costs considerably less and offers the opportunity for a quick cash return.

Of course, buying one of these properties will come with a heavy price tag. DeCree feels this may make it difficult for Caesars to find a buyer.

“You’re looking at peak prices right now in Las Vegas at this point in the economic cycle,” he said. 

Caesars is very likely to sell at least one of its Las Vegas Strip casinos. It’s also possible that they sell some of the smaller casinos in Las Vegas located off the Strip, as well. It would be nothing new for Eldorado, which sold three of its smaller properties last month.

The Federal Trade Commission still needs to make an inquiry into the details of this merger. This government body may actually force Caesars to sell a few casinos before the deal can be officially sealed.

A few Las Vegas Strip casinos are almost definitely going for sale in the near future. How long it takes a company to purchase one of these properties is unknown. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks.

Red Rock Casino Reschedules Fireworks Display

The Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa is one of the most popular gambling establishments located off the Las Vegas Strip. On July 4th, this casino was forced to cancel a massive fireworks display. Fortunately, the show is back on and kicks off at 9 pm tonight!Fireworks Show

That’s right. Locals and tourists in Las Vegas can still check out the Red Rock fireworks display. Let’s take a look at why this hotel-casino canceled the show in the first place, and what time it will kick off tonight.

Red Rock Casino Cancels Fireworks Display

Last month, Red Rock Casino announced it was putting on a fireworks show on the 4th of July. That day, news came out that Red Rock’s fireworks vendor failed to file the proper paperwork with the Clark County Fire Department and was forced to cancel the display.

Red Rock gave an official statement to the public:

“Out of an abundance of caution and concern for our guests, we have made a decision to cancel this evening’s firework show. Our vendor did not file the appropriate paperwork with the Clark County Fire Department. Even though all of our safety protocols are in place, the safety of our guests and our community must come first. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and disappointment.”

Las Vegas Fireworks Display Kicks off Tonight

Luckily for those in Las Vegas, the Red Rock Casino has rescheduled this fireworks show. The casino states that the vendor took responsibility for the paperwork misunderstanding.

This vendor released a statement, explaining that canceling the show was the only possible option.

“The cancellation by Station Casinos was the right decision in our view because it had to do with obtaining safety certifications from local Fire authorities. The late notice for the cancellation is our responsibility and we apologize to Station Casinos, their guests and the entire Southern Nevada community.”

The show must go on! Red Rock Casino announced today that the fireworks show is back on. They’ve reached an agreement with the fire department and this event will now begin at 9 pm. If you’re in the Vegas area, stop by and check it out!

Station Casinos’ Recent Energy Dispute

The Red Rock is having a busy year. It’s operated by Station Casinos, one of the biggest locals casino companies in Nevada. A few months ago, Station Casinos announced that it was leaving NV Energy in favor of a smaller energy supplier.

Interestingly, a number of other casino companies claim they are leaving NV Energy, as well.

Eventually, Station Casinos decided to stick with NV Energy. In June, this major casino operator announced it had reached an agreement with the Las Vegas-based energy supplier.

WSOP Player Robbed in Las Vegas This Week

The 50th World Series of Poker event is currently taking place inside Las Vegas, Nevada. This week, news has come out of a WSOP player robbed in the parking lot of the Rio Casino. It’s a scary development for many of the major poker players competing inside this city. Robbery Written In Typewriter

Joe Salvaggi, the player robbed, is calling for vigilance. Let’s take a quick look at Salvaggi’s robbery, and talk about some of the favorites heading into the Main Event starting tomorrow.

How and Where Was the WSOP Player Robbed?

It’s not uncommon for players at the World Series of Poker to leave the Rio Casino with thousands of dollars in their possession. Unfortunately, criminals seem privy to this fact. Joe Salvaggi, who competed throughout the tournament, ended up walking out with nearly $8,000 in cash.

According to Salvaggi, he was robbed at gunpoint inside the Rio Parking Lot. A man in camouflage demanded that “Sal” give up his bag of money and the keys to his rental car. It’s the first high-profile robbery of a WSOP player so far this tournament.

“I kind of froze for a second and he, again says, give me your bag and I handed it to him,” said Salvaggi. 

Some were quick to criticize the WSOP player robbed for keeping such a large amount of money on him. In reality, it’s common for these players to simply cash out, as opposed to requesting a check or wire transfer. Perhaps after this situation, this will change.

How is the Rio Hotel & Casino Responding?

Caesars Entertainment, which operates the Rio Hotel & Casino, commented on how players can better protect themselves. In an official statement, the company stated:

“Caesars is working with Metro to investigate the theft claim this morning related to the WSOP tournament. Caesars does have extra security patrolling the parking garages during the tournament, and the following are additional steps many WSOP participants take to protect their money:

Ask for security escorts to parked car which will be provided without question;

Utilize safe deposit boxes provided upon request to all participants;

Utilize wire transfer and check options for payment;

Choose tournament buy in accounts, where funds can be left for summer.”

This is great advice for all poker pros. According to Las Vegas Police, Salvaggi was followed from the casino floor into the parking lot. Unfortunately, police say they cannot identify the suspect or their vehicle’s license plate.

Joe Salvaggi appears to be the only WSOP player robbed this year. Hopefully, the Rio increases security and no more of these players will be put in a similar situation.

WSOP 50 Main Event Begins on July 3rd

This year’s World Series of Poker event is the biggest ever recorded. More than 28,000 individuals are competing. Some of the biggest names in professional poker, including Phil Helmuth, are waiting for their chance to take part in the Main Event.

The $10,000 buy-in Main Event this year is expected to be more competitive than ever. Some popular US casino sites, including Bovada, are allowing their members to place wagers on the potential outcomes.

Right now, Bovada is allowing you to bet on which former champions last the longest in the Main Event. As of now, Joe Cada is the betting favorite with odds of +550. Jonathan Duhamel isn’t far behind with current odds of +600. Want to go with an underdog? John Cynn might be worth throwing money at with odds of +700.

There is a wide range of other betting odds available for the tournament. You can wager on the age of the Main Event winner and what the winning hand will be. Check out a full list of the odds today!

Let’s hope that Joe Salvaggi is the last WSOP player robbed. Caesars seems determined to avoid these issues, and players are recognizing the dangers of carrying around so much cash. Stay tuned for updates on the Main Event results this week!

Who is Buying the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge?

Opening all the way back in 1955, the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge is one of the most historic casinos in Nevada. For decades, though, this gaming establishment has been closed and unfortunate scenarios have delayed anyone buying the land. In recent weeks, a number of groups have expressed interest in doing exactly that.Las Vegas Moulin Rouge Sign

Several companies and state-run groups are looking to buy this casino and its land. Let’s take a quick look at the history of this casino, and discuss why these groups are looking to buy it.

History of the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge

Most casino history buffs know about the Moulin Rouge casino. It opened all the way back in May of 1955. At that time, all casino establishments in Las Vegas were segregated.

The Moulin Rouge ended that. It was the first gaming venue on the Strip to desegregate. Black and white casino patrons were able to play together without any issues. It was ahead of its time. Unfortunately, the casino’s operations didn’t last long.

This hotel-casino closed after just five months after opening its doors to the public. Interestingly, it has never given up its gaming license. In order to legally keep this, the casino hosts a small number of table games including poker and blackjack inside a trailer on the property. Owners here have waited years for a company to purchase the 15-acre plot of land.

Finally, it looks as if some buyers are ready to go ahead with the deal. Two major groups are pushing to buy and renovate this area. Which one will actually do it?

National Restaurant Services Shows Interest in Moulin Rouge

One of Las Vegas’ most prominent bar operators is throwing its hat in the mix. The National Restaurant Services, which operates the highly-popular Dotty’s chain, is stating it wants to purchase the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge. Officials in Las Vegas seem excited about the idea.

Katherine Duncan, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, feels the time is right for a major group to purchase this land and make changes. The NRS is a great choice, as they have the funds and years of experience to operate a successful gaming venue.

Las Vegas Councilman Cedric Crear also feels the National Restaurant Services is a great choice to take over this property.

“It’s a very well-established company. If I had to guess, they are very well funded which means that they could build a project if they so chose to do it,” said Crear.

It’s unclear when exactly this group would purchase this land. There are talks taking place right now between the Moulin Rouge owners and NRS officials. Who else is interested?

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Ready to Make Bid

Another powerful Vegas-based group wants to buy this area, as well. Southern Nevada Regional Housing is currently waiting on approval for a $5.5 million bid to buy the land.

Officials in the SNRG want to construct a brand-new “tavern-style” casino on the land. Chad Williams, executive director of this group, wants the state to waive $2.5 million for the demolition of the old Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.

This authority group also wants to construct affordable housing, commercial retail, and a satellite college campus. The SNRG announced its intention to purchase the land just 11 days after the NRS did. Both parties have received copies of purchase and sale agreement, yet none have officially signed the papers.

Three other groups are also interested in buying this property and the surrounding land. Before any of these groups can actually complete the purchase, a local court will need to approve the sale.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess who will buy this historic property. We’ll keep you updated on the situation over the next few weeks!

LV Strip Revenue Down, NJ’s Increases in May

Once again, Las Vegas has fallen short of revenue projections. According to new reports, LV Strip revenue is down by double digits in May. In Atlantic City, casinos are earning more than ever before. Is Sin City in trouble?Stacks Of Casino Chips

Casino gambling and sports betting continue to grow around the country. As more states begin to embrace these industries, Las Vegas revenue seems to drop. Let’s look at how much the Strip’s revenue has dropped, and why gambling revenue in Atlantic City is increasing so quickly.

Competition Leads to a Drop in LV Strip Revenue

Las Vegas is and always has been the gambling hub of the United States. The first casinos were constructed here in the 1930s and over the years many of the world’ biggest and most profitable casino companies have begun operating here. Unfortunately, gambling revenue has been dropping in the city for most of 2019.

Part of this is the competition that Vegas faces from other cities. Atlantic City is proving to be the biggest competitor. This wasn’t always the case.

During the Great Recession, Atlantic City was almost dead. Multiple casinos were forced to permanently close their operations, and revenue here was incredibly low. In May of 2018, New Jersey legalized sports betting, and the state’s casinos began to turn things around.

Over the past 13 months, New Jersey casino earnings have increased. More people located on the East Coast are choosing to gamble inside AC, as opposed to Las Vegas.

How Much Has Las Vegas Revenue Dropped?

May appears to be the worst month for Las Vegas of 2019. Reports show that gross gaming revenue on the Strip dropped by 11% overall. A number of casino games, in particular, struggled to generate any significant earnings.

Revenue from baccarat in Las Vegas dropped by a staggering 55% last month to just $53.85 million. Blackjack dropped by 14.8% to $67.4 million. Interestingly, slot revenue increased in the city by 6.3% to $117.8 million.

Since the beginning of this year, Las Vegas has experienced a year-on-year revenue drop every single month. It’s clear that the city is struggling to pull in the figures it did just a few years ago. Is sports betting to blame for all of this?

New Jersey Sportsbooks Earn More than Las Vegas

For the first time in history, sports betting revenue in New Jersey has surpassed Las Vegas’ revenue. In May, Atlantic City sportsbooks printed more than $318 million in wagers. Vegas sports betting platforms printed just $317.4 million. Incredibly, Vegas earned only $11.26 million of this $317 million.

Before PASPA was struck down, Nevada was the only state legally allowed to offer sports bets. Now that every state has the ability to legalize this industry, Las Vegas sportsbooks are experiencing a revenue decline. Today, a number of different states including New York and Pennsylvania offer legal sports betting platforms.

New Jersey is clearly the most profitable gambling market outside of Las Vegas. For more than a year, gambling revenue has increased here. Every casino in the state offers a legal sports betting platform, and most provide an online sportsbook, as well.

LV Strip revenue has dropped once again. How long will this continue? Stay tuned for more news on Las Vegas gambling revenue in the coming months!

Casino Workers Picket Outside the Las Vegas Palms

The Culinary Union strikes again. More than 1,000 workers of this Las Vegas union are currently picketing outside the Palms Casino. Owners of the Palms are refusing to bargain with the group, despite workers here voting to unionize.  Las Vegas Palms Hotel

This is perhaps the most aggressive move that the union has taken against the Palms. Today, we’re taking a quick look at the contentious history between the Culinary Union and this casino’s owners. Let’s get into it!

Culinary Union’s Battle with Station Casinos

The Culinary Workers Union was founded all the way back in 1938. The Nevada-based union has expanded over the years, and today has more than 60,000 members. It’s made up of mostly casino workers, yet does not represent dealers and others directly involved with gaming.

Over the years, the Culinary Union has made its way across Las Vegas casinos. Station Casinos, a major Vegas-based hotel and casino company, has been one of the few to restrict the Culinary Union into its casinos. Back in mid-2016, Station Casinos decided to purchase the Palms Casino Resort for $313 million.

In May of 2019, the government began putting pressure on Station Casinos to begin talks with the union. The National Labor Relations Board in Washington DC issued a statement that it finds Station Casinos is unlawfully refusing to bargain with the Culinary Union.

Earlier this month, workers at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino held a secret ballot election to unionize. Now, workers at the Las Vegas Palms are calling for unionization, as well. Will Station Casinos work to stop this?

Workers Now Picketing Outside the Las Vegas Palms

There are more than 1,000 members of the Culinary Union are now picketing outside the Palms. This is happening a little later than expected. In April of 2018, workers at this casino-resort voted to unionize.

As you might expect, Station Casinos challenged this results of this election. The National Labor Relations Board demanded this company begin bargaining with the workers. It appears these negotiations have not taken place.

A number of workers here are pushing hard for the Las Vegas Palms to unionize. José Luis Cuevas, a porter inside the Palms, believes that with a union, workers will be better protected.

“The most important, we need job security for our families, our kids,” he said. “Right now, they can kick you out any time.”

This company has been battling with the Culinary Union for years. With more than a thousand picketers and mounting pressure from the NLRB, Station Casinos may have no choice but to cave in.

Eldorado-Caesars Merger May Affect Culinary Union

Earlier this week, we reported on the news that Eldorado Resorts purchased Caesars Entertainment for more than $17 billion. This merger makes the newly-named Caesars one of the most powerful gambling companies in the United States. A number of Culinary Union officials worry this new merge will impact their workers.

Caesars projects more than $500 million in savings during their first year of the merge. The Culinary Union wants to ensure these savings don’t come in the form of job loss. D. Taylor, International President of UNITE HERE (parent company of the Culinary Union) commented on these proposed savings.

“Where are they going to cut?” He said. “We will not stand by idly if the proposed Caesars-Eldorado transaction will lead to significant job losses, worse wages and benefits for our members, and lower state gaming tax receipts in the many communities where members we represent work and live.”

The Las Vegas Palms is being targeted now. It seems likely that this Vegas Casino-Resort will be forced to give an official statement. Stay tuned for updates on the situation as they come out!

Another Las Vegas Progressive Millionaire Emerges

Las Vegas is the gambling hub of the United States. Every so often, someone here wins big playing inside a casino. This week, a lucky Ohio native became the latest Las Vegas progressive millionaire inside the Venetian. Stacks Of Hundred Dollar Bills

Not long ago, we reported on the news of a Vegas slot player winning nearly $2 million. It looks like Vegas is paying people out this summer! Today, we’re talking about what exactly a progressive game is, and how it can pay gamblers so much. Let’s get into it!

What Are Progresssive Casino Games?

There is a range of progressive jackpot games available today. The most common that you will find at different internet casino sites are probably progressive slot games. These popular games can offer players the opportunity to win huge amounts of money on a regular basis.

Essentially, progressive jackpots are prizes that increase each time the game is played but not won. Every time that this jackpot is eventually won, the jackpot resets to its original amount. Generally speaking, these prizes have a limit on how high they can go.

As we just mentioned, progressive slots are extremely popular. These slots offer rising jackpots for each time a player loses. Generally speaking, the prizes on these slot games are lower than what you may find at a progressive casino table game.

Speaking of table game progressives, they work the exact same way. A player can place a side bet on these jackpots while playing games such as blackjack and poker. Sometimes, these jackpots can reach more than $1 million. This week, another Las Vegas progressive millionaire emerged. Let’s look at what he won.

Progressive Millionaire Wins Big at The Venetian Las Vegas

It’s not uncommon for players in Las Vegas to win a few thousand dollars. A million is a little different. Sean Barry, of Ohio, did just that inside the Venetian Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Barry placed a $5 bet on the progressive jackpot while playing three card poker. At that time, the overall jackpot was set at $1,010,155. In order to win, Barry had to win a Royal Flush. Spoiler alert; he did!

The Venetian launched this progressive millionaire back in 2018. Today, it’s one of the biggest jackpot games in Las Vegas. This year, the game has already paid out more than $5 million. Lance Gautreaux, Senior VP of the Venetian, commented on the latest win to the media.

“That’s five millionaires, made each from a $5 side bet. A huge congratulations goes out to all of our winners so far,” he said. 

There’s a good chance more people are going to placing the $5 dollar wager on this game in the future.

Best Online Casinos for Progressive Slots

There are some amazing online casinos in the US right now. In fact, there are more of these casino websites available throughout the country than ever before. If you are a fan of slots or table games, there are some fantastic options available for you.

In terms of progressive games, some sites are known to offer better options than others. Bovada Casino has grown extremely popular in recent years for offering a wide range of amazing slots. Many of these offer progressive jackpots that can offer massive payouts.

Cherry Gold Casino is another fantastic choice right now. This website has grown extremely popular over the years for offering hundreds of different slot games. From what we have seen, there are some great progressive-type jackpots for some of the table games on this site, as well!

If you can’t make the trip to Las Vegas, take a little time to find an online casino that offers the game you want to play! Some may even provide the type of progressive millionaire games found at the Venetian.

There have been some huge jackpot wins so far this year. Stay tuned for more news on the biggest jackpot wins across the country!

James Holzhauer WSOP Updates – How is he Faring?

The second-highest earner in Jeopardy history has entered into the 50th World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s exciting news for the tournament, which is already the biggest in WSOP history. Today, we’re going to give some James Holzhauer WSOP updates, explaining how he’s doing thus far. Poker cards and chips

There are some major players competing this year. We’re also going to talk about the rankings, and which players are expected to win the Main Event. Let’s get into it!

James Holzhauer WSOP Performances Haven’t Been Great

There were some major expectations for James to perform at this year’s World Series of Poker event. The 35-year-old made 33 appearances in Jeopardy, earning more than $2.4 million. He’s clearly a trivia master, yet not everyone knows he’s also a professional sports gambler and former semi-professional poker player.

Unfortunately, Holzhauer struggled to gain any real momentum during the tournament. He entered into two separate events. In the first, Holzhauer made it through 14 levels. Things were looking good, but in the 15th level, his pocket 7’s lost on the flop to another play with triple 3’s. He lost the remainder of his chips on the next hand.

Holzhauer entered into the next event but didn’t fare much better. In a tag-team event, he and his partner made their way through the first few levels before losing about a sixth way through the competition. Ultimately, he seems pleased with his performance.

“I didn’t expect to last this long,” he said in a statement to the media. “That’s poker.”

In hindsight, it seems a little ridiculous to expect so much of a James Holzhauer WSOP performance. He’s been out of the poker game for years, and most of the top players around the world are competing this year.

WSOP 50 Results and Predictions

It’s been an extremely exciting tournament so far. Of course, the Main Event is still days away. The final leg of the competition begins on July 3rd and will run until July 16th.

Of course, there are a huge number of smaller events taking place right now. Recently, longtime favorite Phil Hellmuth was knocked out of Event #53. The fifteen-time bracelet winner still managed to earn his 145th WSOP cash overall and 7th cash in of the summer.

At the moment, Benjamin Ector holds the highest chip count by a huge margin with 37,600,000. In second place is Vincent Chauve, who holds 29,000,000. If you want to place a few wagers on this year’s event, Bovada Casino has some fun odds available.

This popular casino website is available throughout the United States. Right now, they’re allowing their members to bet on the age of the winner. The odds that the Main Event winner will be under the age of 29 are set at -140. The odds that the winner will be 29 or above are currently even.

The 50th World Series of Poker set records for the most number of players. Competition is higher than ever before. Even James Holzhauer WSOP updates are a major topic this year! Right now, Bovada is also allowing their players to wager on how many players enter into the Main Event.

At the moment, the odds that more than 7,850.5 players enter are set at -145. The odds that less than 7,850.5 players compete in the Main Event are currently set at +105. This is a fun one that will only be available for a few more days!

James Holzhauer WSOP news has come to an end. Fortunately, we’ll be going over more bets that are available on this major tournament as they come up! Stay tuned for new updates!

Is VR Gambling the Next Big Thing?

Las Vegas is fully embracing the virtual reality industry. A number of the city’s top casinos now feature VR rooms set up to give their patrons a new and exciting way to experience multiplayer gaming. We began to wonder, is VR gambling the next big thing coming our way?VR gambling

In many ways, the virtual reality market is still a new one. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world are working to improve the industry, yet gaming options for these devices are still limited. What can we expect in the future?

Las Vegas Casinos Going All-In on Virtual Reality

More than 42 million tourists head to Las Vegas every single year. The majority of these visitors come to visit the city’s casinos and numerous entertainment attractions, yet some are now interested in checking out the emerging VR technology. Some of the top Las Vegas casinos are now offering fully-immersive virtual reality rooms.

The MGM Grand is the first to break into the VR market. In September of 2017, this casino opened up the free-roam virtual reality room by partnering with Zero Latency, a successful VR company. This room offers individuals to engage in multiplayer VR games with up to eight people at a time.

In April of 2018, the Venetian broke into this market by launching its own VR room called “The Void.” Like MGM’s room, this state of the art facility allows you to play multiplayer games in a completely immersive setting. It’s clear that these rooms are successful.

Casinos realize that VR is just one way to attract visitors. Ultimately, the goal is to bring in more gamblers. Executive VP of Caesars Entertainment, Christian Stuart, commented on the future of VR recently.

“This is, for us, an innovation center, it’s a lab if you will,” he said. “We’re trialing things here. And as we see success, we’ll take that technology to the rest of our facilities.”

Could VR Gambling Become an Option in the Future?

A number of popular VR devices already offer gambling-like games. The Oculus Go, for instance, is highly popular with poker players thanks to its “Poker VR” game. Of course, this game does not allow individuals to play for real money.

That could change in the future. A number of states have begun to legalize online casino gambling. In the future, perhaps these states will allow casino fans to play their favorite games from the comfort of home while wagering real cash.

The Global News Wire seems to indicate this is the case. A recent report shows that VR gambling is expected to become the fastest-growing segment in online gambling in years to come.

Las Vegas Casinos are already breaking into the VR market. In time, some of these casinos may provide areas where players can wager on their favorite games while wearing a headset. It’s a strange and exciting time for gamblers everywhere.

Las Vegas Still Struggling to Increase Casino Revenue

It hasn’t been the most successful year for Las Vegas Casinos. For the first four months of the year, casino revenue dropped. In April of this year, casino earnings on the Strip dropped by 3.5% overall. This doesn’t mean Vegas is in any real trouble, though.

It’s still the gambling hub of the United States. A slight dip in overall tourism has attributed to the casino revenue decline.

The success of Atlantic City may also be a factor. Casino revenue in Atlantic City is growing every single month. More people on the East Coast are skipping the trip to Vegas and heading to New Jersey to place their wagers.

VR gambling may be the next market that major casino hubs attempt to break into. Will this be Atlantic City or Las Vegas? Only time will tell.

NV Energy Secures Partnership With Resorts World

NV Energy, a public utility company based in Las Vegas, is having a difficult time keeping casinos on their client’s list. Fortunately for this company, they’ve just secured a 20-year contract with Resorts World. It’s a big move and one that not everyone agrees with.NV Energy

A large number of major Vegas casinos are choosing to leave NV Energy right now. There are many that question how this company will fare after losing some of its biggest customers. Today, we’re looking at why Resorts World has partnered up with one of Las Vegas’ most successful energy providers.

Why Are so Many Companies Leaving NV Energy?

This major energy company was founded all the way back in 1928. Today, it provides electric service throughout the state. It serves nearly 1.3 million Nevada locals, and more than 40 million tourists visiting Reno and Nevada every single year.

Nevada has set some unusual laws on energy consumption. Large power users, including casinos and hotels, have the ability to choose which energy provider they partner with. These establishments can file an application to leave NV Energy and partner with smaller companies offering better rates.

A simply Yelp review will tell you a lot about NV Energy. It does not have a great reputation with customers, particular due to high fees and poor customer service. Some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas seem to feel the same way.

Money is the issue here. These casino establishments realize they can save significantly more money by moving to smaller energy providers. As you might expect, this is not sitting well with the Nevada Energy executives.

Which Casinos Are Leaving the Energy Monopoly?

One company holding all the chips is, generally speaking, not a great thing. NV Energy has the ability to set prices and for a long time, no other options were available. That’s not the case anymore.

Over the past two years, many different casinos have contemplated leaving this company for an alternative source of energy. Back in December of 2018, Boyd Gaming announced they were leaving.  Starting in September, they will receive their electricity from Tenaska Power Services Company.

Boyd was one of eight major casino companies to leave NV Energy last year. MSG Las Vegas, Atlantic Casino Resorts Spa, and Fulcrum Sierra BioFules are just a few that come to mind. Station Casinos announced they intended to leave as well, although that decision seems to have changed.

In June, Station Casinos decided to stick with the state’s major energy supplier. A number of other companies that flirted with the idea of leaving, including Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas Sands, Grand Sierra Resorts, and more all decided to stick around. Earlier this year, NV Energy began working to discourage companies from jumping ship.

Stricter Measures to Discourage Companies Leaving

For a time, it looked like NV Energy was in serious trouble. A few of the biggest casino operators in the world looked ready to head elsewhere. If that were to happen, NV Energy’s executives would need a serious discussion of how to approach things moving forward.

Things are taking a turn. This week, it’s being announced that Resorts World has officially agreed to a new 20-year partnership with Nevada’s major energy company. The new resort, set to open in 2020, will receive a fully bundled electrical service with 100% renewable resources.

“As we are developing the newest and most exciting integrated resort to be built from the ground-up on the Las Vegas Strip in recent years, it was important to us that we do so in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. NV Energy came to the table with new and better solutions to help us meet these goals now and into the future,” said Scott Sibella, CEO of Resorts World.

NV Energy isn’t taking any chances. They have officially filed a request for higher fees to companies abandoning their services. Nevada’s state government has not yet decided to pass or deny the higher fees.

For now, things are definitely looking better for the company. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation as they come up.