Michigan’s Online Gambling Laws Are Set to Change Dramatically

For years, certain lawmakers in Michigan have been working to make sports gambling legal. This week, it appears these efforts are finally paying off. Michigan’s online gambling laws are set to change in a major way.

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Several new forms of gambling are going to become legal here. It’s extremely exciting news for both casino and sports betting fans around the state. Today, we’re looking at exactly what’s coming here.

Let’s get into it!

Gambling Laws in Michigan, Explained

Michigan is thought of today as a very gambling-friendly state. This wasn’t always the case, though. For many years, lawmakers here only allowed Class II tribal casinos to operate. Eventually, a bill was approved to allow Class III gambling establishments.

This completely revamped the state’s gaming industry. Before long, 19 fully-operational tribal casinos began operating here. They’re hugely popular with both locals and residents of nearby states where casino gambling is banned.

Laws towards online gambling were much more ambiguous here. The legality of online casino gambling and internet sports betting seemed to lie in a grey area. Despite this fact, many individuals continued to make wagers online. Lawmakers realized the state was earning no revenue from these markets and decided it was time for a change.

In 2017, officials presented a bill to make sports gambling legal and regulated. It was nearly approved in 2018 before a veto from the Governor.

Fortunately, things are moving ahead as originally planned. The House Committee approved new measures in September. It appears that Michigan’s online gambling laws are now set to change.

Michigan’s Online Gambling Laws Are About Change

As we just mentioned, lawmakers in Michigan very nearly approved sports betting in 2018. Unfortunately, Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed the bill at the last minute. This week, a package of bills is once again being presented to the Governor and this time, it seems highly unlikely she’ll put up any resistance.

Michigan’s Senate Regulatory Reform Committee voted unanimously to approve the bill. State officials agree to the proposed tax bracket for both sports betting and online casino gambling. At the moment, sports betting operators will be taxed at 8.4%. Internet casino operators face a tax between 20% and 28%.

This package of bills also lays out plans to regulate and tax the daily fantasy sports industry.

The majority of revenue earned from this industry will go to help fund schools and other social programs. Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr., a democrat that supports the changes to Michigan’s online gambling laws, commented on the timeline to the media this week.

“The intention is to get this to the governor’s desk and have votes today,” he said. “It makes us like a lot of other states.”

That’s certainly true. More than 20 states have already approved sports gambling legislation. Most of these states have their sports betting operations up and running. If all goes according to plan, Michigan will join these states by the end of the week.

More States Likely to Legalize Sports Betting in 2020

Michigan’s online gambling laws are changing in a major way. Soon, both online casino gambling sports betting will be available to residents. This is far from the only state making changes, though. It’s likely that many more states change their laws in 2020.

Lawmakers around the country are simply realizing how much money can be earned with gambling expansion. New Jersey, which was one of the first states to allow both online sports betting and casino gambling, is now earning millions of dollars every month by taxing this industry.

Even small states such as Rhode Island are earning an impressive amount of money thanks to the legalization of sports betting.

Several states are on-track to legalize sports betting next year. Many believe that Massachusetts is heading in this direction. This state is well-known for having one of the most passionate sporting fan bases in the country. The legalization of sports betting here would likely bring in major revenue earnings each year.

Some believe California has a chance to legalize this industry, as well. Unfortunately, lawmakers are in a legal quarrel with Native American tribes over the matter.

Michigan’s online gambling laws will completely change this week. Gambling fans are about to have a whole new list of options to make wagers.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few months!

Lawmakers Discuss Gambling Regulations in Georgia

To say that Georgia is not a gambling-friendly state is an understatement. It has some of the strictest laws towards the gambling laws of almost any other state in the country. Surprisingly, lawmakers are discussing whether or not to change the current set of gambling regulations in Georgia.

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It’s extremely exciting news for gambling fans here. Now is the perfect time to look at the current laws here, and discuss how they could change in the future. Let’s get into it!

Gambling Laws in Georgia, Explained

As we’ve already mentioned, Georgia has some of the most restrictive laws in the country when it comes to gambling. The first real set of regulations here came in 1878. That year, lawmakers in the country decided to ban the sale of lottery tickets.

Things haven’t improved much since then. For a brief time, gambling fans found a legal loophole that allowed making wagers through online poker machines. State officials quickly created legislation that made this form of gambling illegal.

In 1993, the state finally decided to create an official lottery. It’s tightly regulated, though.

A bill to legalize casinos was nearly passed here in 2012. Unfortunately, lawmakers eventually decided to shut it down. Today, traditional casino gambling remains illegal. Only cruise ships that take gamblers into international waters are available here. Amazingly, a committee was formed here to begin studying the gambling industry in April of this year.

In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, giving every state the option to legalize sports gambling. For many months, officials in Georgia seemed uninterested in making this form of gambling legal. This now appears to be changing.

Lawmakers are now meeting to talk about the current set of gambling regulations in Georgia.

Officials May Soon Change Gambling Regulations in Georgia

Earlier this month, several of Georgia’s biggest sports teams officially voiced their support for the legalization of sports gambling. The Presidents of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta Hawks all officially support these plans.

Interestingly, lawmakers are beginning to warm up to the idea of expanding gambling regulations in Georgia. These officials are now taking their show to the road. A house committee officially held a meeting in Valdosta, talking about tax revenue.

The goal is to educate residents here on the ways that expanded gambling operations could benefit the state. Many of these lawmakers believe that opening the state’s casino, sports betting, and horse racing market could help bring money to the state’s HOPE scholarship program. Today was the first meeting of the entire tour.

State Representative Brett Harrell commented on the discussion on gambling regulations in Georgia to the media today.

“Our intent is to ask the citizens, ‘Do you support inviting this industry to Georgia?’” he said. “If the answer is yes, how do you want us to enable this industry to come to Georgia so you all get your piece of the pie?”

As of now, it’s unlikely that any small cities such as Valdosta will receive a casino. Larger cities may have the ability to open one if the state changes its laws. We’ll need to wait and see how lawmakers feel about the possible changes.

More States Continue to Legalize Sports Betting

Georgia may not be completely on-board with legalizing sports betting yet. Many other states, however, are currently working to legalize this form of gambling. Several states have recently passed bills to legalize this industry and will soon begin offering odds on sporting events taking place around the world.

On November 5th, Colorado officially approved a sports betting bill. It allows for both in-person and online betting. The first bets will become available here sometime in 2020.

Many believe that in time, every state in the country will choose to legalize this industry. California seems likely to do so over the next year or two. This state is the most populous in the country. The state government would likely earn millions of dollars every single month with sports betting legalization.

Many lawmakers are beginning to realize how much money can be earned from this industry. It’s a great time to be a sports fan in this country.

Gambling regulations in Georgia could soon change. Hopefully, both casino gambling and sports betting will become available here.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

Laws on Charitable Gambling in Nevada May Soon Change

For years, Nevada has taken an extremely liberal stance on charitable gambling. Soon, however, laws on charitable gambling in Nevada could change. The state’s Gaming Board is currently deciding whether or not to change its current set of regulations.

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It’s an interesting development. Charitable gambling has grown extremely popular in Nevada. Let’s take a quick look at why lawmakers are considering changing these laws and what impact it will have moving forward.

What is Charitable Gambling?

Charitable gambling, as the name suggests, is when individuals gambling not for profit, but for charity. It’s known as a “form of incentivized gambling,” and is legal in almost all US states. There are various forms of charitable gambling available today.

Charitable casino gambling is extremely popular in the United States. It’s very similar to traditional casino gambling. Individuals can play table games and poker. The key difference is that all of the profits go towards charity.

There are also many different charitable lotteries operating today. These lotteries are almost always privately owned, donate more than 80% of their profits to charity, and support a charity’s overall objectives, rather than specific projects or activities.

In some states, this form of gambling is extremely popular. Virginia, for instance, has a quickly-growing charitable gambling industry.

Nevada has allowed charitable gambling for years. This form of gambling often helps to provide income for small nonprofits in the state. Interestingly, several lawmakers are now looking to change laws on charitable gambling Nevada. Let’s look at why this is.

Gaming Board Could Change Laws on Charitable Gambling in Nevada

Nevada is home to many of the best hotel-casinos in the world. Gambling is a massive industry here, bringing the state millions of dollars every single month. Laws on traditional gambling are strict and ban anyone under the age of 21 from placing wagers. Laws on charitable gambling in Nevada, however, are much more relaxed.

There is actually no age limit on charitable gambling here. Lawmakers have looked at is as a fun activity without any social implications. This viewpoint is beginning to change. Many now believe that allowing young people to take part in this form of gambling could have a major impact later in life.

This week, Nevada’s Gambling Board voiced its support of Amendments to Regulation 4A, which governs charitable gambling. The Gaming Board discussed the impact that gambling, regardless of the form, can have on the youth. Several board members believe it can lead to individuals developing gambling addiction issues later in life.

The Gambling Board supports a new draft amendment that prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from playing charitable gambling games and those under 18 from collecting winnings from a charitable lottery. There are some exceptions to this rule, though.

Under the new amendment, individuals under the age of 18 would be allowed to participate in these lotteries if their tickets are purchased by a parent or legal guardian. It’s looking like these new laws are set to be passed.

Here’s What Will Happen Next

The NV Gaming Board is making their case known. They believe that it’s time for laws on charitable gambling in Nevada to change. Philip Katsaros, a board member of the Gaming Board, gave his opinion to the media this week.

“For the past 30 years, there have been no age restrictions in the regulations or laws in charitable lotteries,” he said. “Never before had the regulations in Nevada, or statutes, touched upon this.”

Nonprofits and charities are already voicing their disapproval with these new laws on charitable gambling in Nevada. These groups claim that new regulations will hurt their membership rates and outreach.

Ted Hartwell, a research scientist at the Desert Research Institute, argues that charitable gambling is, in fact, gambling! He feels that this form of gambling poses a serious risk to the youth.

“Early and frequent exposure in childhood to gambling activities is a risk factor for developing a gambling disorder later in life,” Hartwell said. “There’s absolutely no need for children to be involved in gambling-related fundraising. Let adults administer raffles and lotteries … (at) fundraisers and let them sell those tickets to adults.”

This motion is now set to be reviewed by the Nevada Gambling Commission. Based on the ways things are going, it seems likely that the current set of laws on charitable gambling in Nevada are set to change.

Gambling Options in Kentucky May Finally Expand

Kentucky is known for having some extremely strict laws towards the gambling industry. Aside from horse race betting, there aren’t many legal options for residents here to make bets. Interestingly, one powerful state officials has begun calling for gambling options in Kentucky to expand. Kentucky AG Andy Beshear

It’s great news for fans of gambling here. Today, we’re going to look at Kentucky’s current set of gambling laws, and how these laws may change in the future. Let’s get started!

Kentucky’s Current Laws on Gambling

As we’ve already mentioned, Kentucky is known for having a strict set of laws on the gambling industry. Sports betting is currently banned here. It’s a shame, as this state is known for having one of the most passionate sporting fan bases in the country.

Kentucky is home to what’s described as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” the Kentucky Derby. Horse racing has taken place here for decades and is one of the only legal forms of wagering in the state. There are several racing tracks in this state, all of which offer betting odds.

Casino gambling is prohibited in Kentucky. There are no land-based gambling venues here. Today, most people looking to try their luck in a casino head to nearby Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio, where casinos are perfectly legal.

Kentucky operates a state lottery. There are several bingo halls spread around the state that are legal and regulated, as well.

Online gambling is looked down upon by the state government, yet there are no laws that claim it’s illegal. Today, there are a huge number of great US casino websites available in Kentucky, many of which offer as many gambling options as the top land-based casinos in Las Vegas.

Now, a powerful state officials is calling for gambling laws here to change.

Governor Candidate Want Gambling Options in Kentucky to Expand

For months, several gambling advocates have pushed for Kentucky lawmakers to open the state’s casino and sports betting industry. Many believe that expanding the gambling options in Kentucky will help to bring the state millions in additional revenue every year. Sports betting legalization, in particular, is being looked at extremely closely right now.

With PASPA now gone, every state can set laws on the sports betting industry. 13 states have already launched sports betting platforms and six more are set to open sportsbooks in the next few months. Back in 2017, Senator Julian Carroll presented a 27-page bill to legalize sports betting in this state. It’s failed to make any progress since that time.

This week, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear announced that he supports gambling expansion plans. Beshear is currently running for Governor of Kentucky. If elected, he claims, commercial casinos and sports betting will be made legal.

“Kentucky can’t afford to fall behind our neighboring states who are moving forward with the rest of the country on expanded gaming. We lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars a year,” he said. “As governor, I will work to legalize sports betting, casinos, fantasy sports and prepare for online poker, and use the revenue from these activities as a dedicated funding stream for our public pension system.”

Other Kentucky Officials Continue to Push Against Gambling Industry

It’s extremely exciting to see Beshear supporting the gambling industry. He realizes that more states are choosing to embrace gambling, rather than push against it. Unfortunately, not all state officials are onboard with gambling expansion plans.

Current Governor Matt Bevin has repeatedly stated that he’s against gambling. He believes gambling has a negative impact on families and communities. He’s brushing aside the massive potential for revenue gains.

Speaking of revenue, Andy Beshear believes that $1.7 billion in economic activity will be generated with gambling expansion. He also states that adding casinos and sports betting options will help get Kentucky out of its $33 million debt from their pension system.

The Kentucky gubernatorial election will take place on November 5th. At the moment, there are no betting odds available on the election. Those wishing to place other political wagers can head to Bovada, where odds on the upcoming presidential election are currently available.

If Beshear is elected, it’s extremely likely that gambling options in Kentucky will expand. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates to this state’s gambling laws over the next few months!

Sports Gambling May Soon Become Federally Legal

With PASPA now gone, many states around the country have chosen to legalize and regulate the sports betting industry. It’s proving to be massively successful for these states, many of which are earning millions of dollars a month from their sports betting markets. Several lawmakers are now calling for sports gambling to become federally legal. Sportsbook In US Casino

It’s an extremely exciting time for sports fans around the country. Let’s take a quick look at who’s calling for federal sports betting legalization, and how this would affect the country’s gambling industry.

More States Continue to Regulate Sports Betting

In case you’re unaware, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. Before this happened, only Nevada was legally allowed to offer sports betting odds. With PASPA gone, every state can set its laws on the sports gambling industry.

13 states now have active sports gambling platforms up and running. Six other states have approved bills to legalize sports gambling and will begin offering betting platforms over the next few months. Many feel that in time, every state will regulate this industry.

Several states are already profiting massively from their legal sports betting markets. New Jersey, for example, offers both land-based and online wagering options. Each month, the state of New Jersey earns millions of dollars in sports gambling revenue.

Many lawmakers across the country now realize how lucrative this industry is. This week, several powerful politicians have begun calling for US sports gambling to become federally legalized. This is now beginning to look like a real possibility.

Senators Pushing for the Federal Legalization of Sports Gambling

Not long after PASPA was struck down, gambling advocates began pushing for the federal legalization of sports betting. In December of 2018, Senator Orrin Hatch presented a bill that would make sports gambling legal across the country. Unfortunately, the bill was not approved.

Many states with strict gambling laws claim sports betting legalization would go against their state constitutions. For a time, it looked like a country-wide sports betting industry seemed impossible. This is now begging the change.

Several major sports leagues including the NCAA are now supporting the move to make US sports gambling federally legal. Additionally, Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney have begun supporting this move. Naima Stevenson Starks, vice-president of the NCAA, believes it would help protect the integrity of sports. She spoke to the media this week about her desire to see a universal set of laws on the industry.

“We are absolutely supportive of federal regulation,” she said. “It’s fairly daunting to think that every state would have a different set of regulations. Having some minimum standards, we are very supportive of and have been an active proponent of.”

Many gambling supporters feel the same way. Sports gambling laws change from state to state. With a national set of laws on the industry, it would be much easier for states to regulate and earn money from this popular form of gambling.

Several States Remain Hesitant to Embrace Sports Betting

The sports betting industry is growing extremely quickly around the country. Even states with harsh gambling laws such as North Carolina and Georgia are interested in launching sportsbooks. A few states, however, remain hesitant to allow sports gambling.

Today, only six states have chosen not to present any bills that would make sports betting legal. Many gambling analysts still feel that in time, this will change. Utah has specific laws that completely ban all forms of gambling and may be the one US state that chooses to stay away from this industry.

Even in states with harsh sports betting laws, there are options to make wagers online. There are some fantastic US online gambling sites available in every single state. Many of these sites offer both casino and sports wagering options. The best ones offer safe payment options and a huge range of amazing odds.

Several senators and major sports leagues are pushing to make US sports gambling federally legal. It seems very likely that within the next few years, this could become a reality.

Make sure to stay tuned for more US gambling news over the next few months!

Gambling Options in Georgia May Finally Become Available

The state of Georgia is well-known for having some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. There are almost no legal gambling options in Georgia. Interestingly, lawmakers here are once again discussing the possibility of opening up the state’s gambling industry. Georgia Flag And State Outline

It’s an exciting time for casino and sports betting fans in the state. Today, we’re going to look at why state officials are considering allowing gambling. We’ll also talk about which forms of gambling may soon become available here. Let’s get into it!

Gambling Laws in Georgia, Explained

As we’ve already mentioned, Georgia is notorious for having some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. As of now, the only real form of wagering allowed here is the lottery. There are no land-based casinos in Georgia.

The first set of laws to crack down on the gambling industry in Georgia came back in 1878. That year, the state government banned the sale of lottery tickets. It wasn’t until 1993, more than a hundred years later, before lottery sales were permitted here again.

Chapter 16-12-20 of the State Statutes defines an illegal bet as follows:

“Bet” means an agreement that, dependent upon chance even though accompanied by some skill, one stands to win or lose something of value…” 

This pretty much covers all forms of land-based gambling. Laws on internet gambling in Georgia are a little less clear. There are no specific laws here that mention the specific legality of playing through online casinos in GA.

Many states around the country are beginning to expand their gambling operations. Most of these states are profiting massively as a result. Lawmakers in Georgia are now considering allowing certain forms of gambling, as well.

Gambling Options in Georgia May Soon Become Available

This week, politicians in Georgia discussed the pros and cons of opening the state’s gambling industry. It’s clear that lawmakers in this state recognize the huge earning potential from the gambling industry. Several are now pushing for sports gambling to become legal here.

PASPA was struck down in May of 2018. Now, every state in the country has the ability to set its own laws on sports gambling. Many states now have fully-regulated sports betting options available. Several of these states are now profiting massively from this industry.

Georgia State Senator Brandon Beach recently opened a meeting to discuss legalizing this highly popular industry. He also feels that legalizing sports betting will open a new discussion on the gambling industry as a whole.

“So I thought, when that happened, it would be important for us to not only look at sports betting, but a holistic approach to gaming. If we’re going to look at sports betting, we should look at the whole gaming industry,” Beach said. 

Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, is fiercely against the gambling industry. Recently, however, he claimed that he would not stand in the way of casino legalization if the money goes towards education. That’s great news for gambling operators looking to break into the Georgia market.

Gambling Revenue Could be Used to Fund HOPE

There are still a number of steps that need to be taken before any real forms of gambling can be legalized here. The governor wants to ensure that all revenue earned from the industry would be used to help fund education. Recently, lawmakers here discussed plans to use gambling revenue to help pay for the HOPE scholarship program.

The HOPE program first started in 1993. It’s a Georgia-run scholarship program that rewards students with financial assistance at eligible universities and technical colleges. This program is entirely funded by the Georgia state lottery. Lawmakers are now claiming that expanded gambling options in Georgia would help to bring hundreds of millions of dollars to this program.

In order for casino or sports betting options to become available here, voters in the state would need to approve the measures. Next, two-thirds of the state’s Legislature would need to agree to change the state’s constitution. Finally, a bill would need to be presented that details exactly how much gambling operators would be taxed.

It may be years before any new gambling options in Georgia become available. Fortunately, lawmakers in this state are beginning to take a closer look at this industry.

Do you think casino gambling or sports betting will become available in Georgia? Let us know in the comment section below!