San Manuel Casino Rebranded as Yaamava ‘s Resort & Casino

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The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians announced on Friday that they are rebranding the San Manuel Casino as the Yaamava’s Resort & Casino.

The move allows the tribe to pursue additional growth opportunities and serve the community under the San Manuel Enterprise.

In a statement, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairman Ken Ramirez said:

“Today marks a new chapter of rebirth and boundless potential, so we have given our property a new name—Yaamava’—the Serrano word for ‘spring. We are immensely grateful to our Tribal citizens, the thousands of San Manuel team members, and millions of valued guests over the years, all of whom helped make this moment possible.”

New Visual Identity

The rebrand includes the creation of a new visual identity and logo. The Yaamava’ logo is inspired by the ancestral lands of the Serrano people. It takes the form of yucca plant frond woven in basket pattern. The logo symbolizes an important part of the history of San Manuel in the region, and pays homage to its heritage and culture.

Renaming the property was discussed as early as three years ago when they broke ground on the new hotel and resort. With the tribe expected to close on the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas at the end of this year, the rebranding allows the tribe to lend the name San Manuel name to other business ventures.

Started as a Bingo Hall

The San Manuel Casino spent its first 35 years of existence as a Bingo Hall. In 2018, it broke ground on a $760M expansion. The first of the three-phase project was unveiled this summer with the opening of three new bars, two floors of expanded gaming with more than 1,600 slot machines added, a high-limit gaming room, and three retail shops.

In December, the casino is expected to open a brand new 17-floor hotel with 432 guest rooms and 127 suites. The hotel will have a pool deck and added dining options. The casino is currently working to fill in an estimated 2,500 jobs by the end of 2021 to man the expansion. Next year, a 2,800-seat entertainment venue is being targeted for opening.

Koi Nation is Planning a New Casino in Sonoma County

Koi Nation Casino Background

California is home to a huge number of popular casino-resorts. New reports claim that a new one could soon open its doors in Northern California. The Koi Nation has just proposed plans to open a new casino in Sonoma County.

Gambling enthusiasts in the area are excited to hear about these plans. Now is a great time to discuss what this new casino will offer. We’ll also talk about how California’s gambling industry could expand in the coming months and years.

Let’s get into it!

Koi Nation Unveils Plans to Open a New Casino in Sonoma County

California has some of the more unique gambling industries in the United States. Here, nearly all forms of gambling are run by Native American tribes. Some of these are card rooms, offering a limited set of table games. More traditional Class III casinos are also operational here, providing both table games and slots.

The Koi Nation is a federally recognized tribe based in Sonoma County. This week, the tribe unveiled plans to open a $600 million casino-resort southeast of Windsor. Many gambling fans in Northern California are already expressing excitement about these plans.

The Koi Nation will need to receive state and federal approval for this property. Officials within the tribe expect it to take at least four years for this property to open. Not everyone supports these plans, though. That includes Senator Mike McGuire, who has expressed concern about opening this new casino in Sonoma County.

“Sonoma County doesn’t need another casino and I oppose any new gaming outlets,” McGuire said. “While I honor and respect tribal sovereignty, this is not the right plan for the north county… It is one thing to say you have acquired a piece of property and roll out drawings and blueprints. Actually getting that land taken into trust and getting the contracts and approvals to start gaming is a whole different story. It’s just hard to do that if everyone around you opposes it.”

Many steps will need to be taken for this venue to open. Stay tuned for updates on this proposed property over the next couple of months.

The Push to Legalize Sports Betting in California Continues

In just three years, the US has developed the largest sports betting industry in the world. PASPA’s removal in 2018 opened the door for every state to legalize this form of gambling. Today, half the country has legal sportsbooks up and running.

California is the country’s most populated state. It’s home to several major sports teams and millions of hardcore sports fans hungry for legal sports betting options. Unfortunately, lawmakers have made little progress getting any bills to legalize this industry passed.

Many are hopeful that 2022 is the year things change. Several lawmakers have presented bills to get a decision on legal sports betting on the voting ballots in 2022. Tribal groups have yet to oppose this measure, meaning it may finally gain approval heading into the new year.

Some groups are pushing for online sports betting to become commercially legal. Tribes want to gain a monopoly over this industry. It will take months for any true rules to monitor this industry to surface. It still appears that things are moving forward here and sports fans will likely have regulated sports betting options next year.

California’s entire gambling industry may soon expand. Sports betting is expected to launch here soon and a new casino in Sonoma County may be just around the corner. Stay tuned for updates!

States Report Casino Revenue Reports for the Month of August

The US casino industry seemed to be on the brink of collapse in 2020. Things have completely turned around since that time. Many of the country’s top casino destinations have been reporting consistent revenue increases throughout 2021.

This August proved to be a slower month than some expected. Several states reported drops in their revenue figures this month. Some feel this was due to the spike in Covid-19 cases around the US and subsequent drop in travel.

Maryland is one state to report a very slight revenue drop. The six casinos here brought in a combined $168.5 million in GGR. That represents a decrease from the $180 million earned the month prior.

New Jersey’s casinos managed to win $426.7 million this August. That is a drop from the $450.6 million earned over July. The majority of this revenue was brought in from brick-and-mortar casinos with $262.4 million. We’ll be sure to offer revenue updates for the month of September as they come out.

Are you excited to hear about the new casino in Sonoma County being planned? When do you expect California to legalize sports betting? Let us know in the comments section below.

San Manuel Casino to Open First Phase of Expansion on July 24

Wheel Of Fortune Slot
San Manuel Casino will be opening Phase 1 of its expansion on July 24th, which coincides with its 35th anniversary.

The casino first opened as a bingo hall on July 24, 1986. In 1994, the bingo hall transformed to a 100,000 square foot casino that featured slot machines and table games.

Major Expansion

San Manuel Casino is in the middle of a major expansion project that will add the property’s first-ever resort with 432 rooms including 127 suites. A new entertainment venue, a pool deck with its own bar and private cabanas, a spa, expanded gaming space, new dining options, and retail stores.

The opening phase of the expansion includes a larger gaming space, a 24-hour restaurant, a high end dining venue, and 1,300 brand new slot machines. Later this year, the hotel is expected to open while the event center is expected to be completed in early 2022.

Looking to Hire For Thousands of Positions

With its large-scale project, the San Manuel Casino is currently looking to hire approximately 2,500 job employees to fill permanent positions by the end of this year. Interested jobseekers can browse the list of vacancies at the casino’s website at

Recruitment for cooks, cashiers, custodians, janitors, groundskeepers, and other hospitality jobs will begin this month. San Manuel Casino is giving $1,000 in welcome bonuses to those who will be hired while perks of up to $300 will be given to those that will be hired as cooks, kitchen workers, and custodial staff.

California’s North Bay Tribes Give Support to State’s Sports Betting Measure

Casinos in California
California’s North Bay tribes are supporting the state’s attempt to legalize sports betting at casinos on native lands.

Last month, the state’s sports betting measure qualified for the November 2022 ballot. If approved by the voters, it would allow legal California sports betting only in the state’s tribal casinos and its four licensed racetracks.The initiative would also allow roulette and dice games, including craps at casinos in Native American land.

California Tribes Have Contributed $11.5M

California’s Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, the owners of the largest casino in the Bay Area just outside of Rohnert Park, is the third largest contributor backing the campaign to legalize sports betting. According to campaign finance records, they have donated a total of $1.7M over the past 18 months. Overall, California tribes have poured in $11.5M to back the measure.

The Day Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians are also backing the sports betting bill but have not financially contributed to the campaign, although it hinted of doing so in the future. Meanwhile, the Lytton Band of Indians and the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria have declined to comment on their position on the measure.

A Potential Expensive Campaign Battle

The support of the North Bay tribes sets up a possible expensive campaign battle against cardrooms and online gambling companies who argue that the measure only expands the gaming monopoly of the tribes. Seven California card room operators have poured in $7M to oppose the measure.

The tribes, which have endured a long period of neglect and exploitation by the state and federal government, have since gained significant political and financial power. They are are prepared to go to war against online gaming companies for the right to operate sports betting in California.

Sports Betting Worth Tens of Millions of Dollars

The California measure would permit gamblers to place legal wagers on professional sports games as well as collegiate and amateur sporting events except high school games and those involving California-based collegiate teams.

Under the initiative, horse tracks would be levied a 10% sports betting tax while tribal casinos would be required to pay a portion of their sports betting gaming revenues to at least cover regulatory costs. Lawmakers estimate that the legalization of sports betting would create tens of millions of dollars in annual tax income for the state.

California Sports Betting Will Be in 2022 Ballot

Casinos in California

The fate of California sports betting will be decided by state voters after an initiative to bring sports betting to the Golden State has qualified for the November 2022 ballot.

According to the California Secretary of State’s office on Thursday, the coalition of federally recognized California Indian tribes had collected enough signatures for a measure to add roulette, dice games, and California sports betting at tribal casinos to qualify for the ballot.

A total of 1,061,282 signatures of registered voters were verified via the California Secretary of State’s office, which is more than the 997,139 valid signatures required for the measure to be eligible for a statewide vote in the 2022 ballot.

Said Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians tribal chairman Mark Macarro:

“This is an important step toward giving Californians the opportunity to participate in sports wagering while also establishing safeguards and protections against underage gambling.”

Largest Prize in U.S. Sports Betting Market

Despite already being late in the sports betting game, California is considered as the largest prize in the United States sports betting market. That’s because it is home to the most number of professional sports teams in the country, including five MLB teams, four NBA franchises, three NFL squads, and three NHL teams.

Legalization of California sports betting is expected to generate $1B in annual gross revenue without online sports betting which isn’t included in the tribal initiative. If expanded to include online wagering, California sports betting is projected to haul in $3B per year.

California Sports Betting

Under the constitutional amendment, California sports betting would be allowed at tribal casinos and state-licensed race tracks for persons aged 21 or older. Betting would be allowed on professional sports games, out-of-state college or amateur sporting events, but betting on high school athletic contests and games involving California college teams are prohibited.

California Sports Betting would be imposed a 10% tax on gross gaming revenue with the money going to public safety, mental health programs, education, and regulatory expenses. The measure would also allow the Native American owned casinos to offer roulette and craps.

Ray J Manages to Hit Massive Slot Jackpot Win

Slot Jackpot Win

Casino hubs around the US are seeing a consistent jump in their tourism rates right now. As a result, the casinos in the country continue to report major jackpot wins by their patrons. New reports have surfaced that indicate popular rap artist Ray J has just hit a massive slot jackpot win at a California casino.

The popular musician clearly has reason to celebrate. Today, we’ll talk about how much he was able to win. We’ll also highlight some of the other major jackpot wins recorded in Las Vegas over the last few weeks.

Let’s get into it!

Nearly All Las Vegas Casinos Remove Mask Mandate

The tourism situation in Las Vegas has been covered extensively over the past year. For a time, virtually no visitors were heading to the city. That has begun to change in 2021 thanks to a drop in infection rates and the lifting of many restrictions here.

Almost all of the major casino-resorts in this city are now operating at 100% capacity. This is a key step in these casinos getting pre-pandemic revenue figures. Many of the entertainment options here such as nightclubs and shows are able to operate at full capacity, too.

More recently, Governor Sisolak has given the green light for major casino-resorts here to remove their mask mandate. Moving forward, vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks inside. Some feel this will help to draw in even more tourists to the city.

There are some huge changes coming to this city over the next few months. The most expensive casino-resort ever built in Nevada will finally open to the public on June 24. Resorts World Las Vegas is expected to be a truly one-of-a-kind gambling venue.

Las Vegas casinos are already reporting major increases in their room bookings. There is reason to believe that this summer will be one of the most successful ones in history here. It’s an exciting time for this city and others like it in the country.

A growing number of major jackpots are now being reported in this city. It’s not the only part of the country where major jackpots are won, though! It appears one famous rap star has just won a jackpot at a popular Southern California casino.

Ray J Reveals He Won a Massive Slot Jackpot Win

The city of Los Angeles tends to attract major celebrities from around the world. Many love to head to the city to take part in the nightlife, and other entertainment options available. It’s not uncommon to see celebrities flaunting their extravagant hotel rooms here.

Less common, however, is a celebrity flaunting a jackpot win in the city. These are fairly rare and it seems likely that most celebrities would keep any major gambling winnings to themselves. Ray J, the famous musician from Mississippi, has no desire to hide his gambling accomplishments.

Ray J took to social media to reveal an astounding $17,000 slot jackpot win. Incredibly, this jackpot came from a penny slot! That is an incredible return on such a low-risk slot game.

This jackpot win took place at the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino near Los Angeles. It’s one of Southern California’s most popular gambling properties. Some believe that this news will help to bring a new surge of visitors to this venue.

Over in Las Vegas, major slot jackpot wins are becoming more and more common. Casinos here continue to report impressive wins as the weeks go on. Several truly massive ones have been reported over the past month alone!

Some of these jackpot wins range in size. Now is the perfect time to talk about some of the most recent Las Vegas slot jackpots.

Las Vegas Jackpot Wins are Growing More Common

There are more world-class casinos in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world. The Las Vegas Strip, in particular, is home to a massive number of world-class gambling properties. Millions of people flock here every year in hopes of winning big inside one of these properties.

There has been a steady increase of visitors here over the past few months. As a result, gambling revenue in Las Vegas is increasing. There has also been a steady increase of major jackpots won in the city.

Just a few days ago, a staggering $153,000 jackpot was won at a Las Vegas casino. The lucky Kansas native won this jackpot at Caesars Palace. It was won on Pai Gow, a popular game that draws comparisons to blackjack.

Two weeks ago, a different $345,000 slot jackpot win was recorded at Palace Station. As some might expect, this was won playing the Wheel of Fortune Slot Game. A simple $1.25 wager won this incredible jackpot victory.

Expect to see more of these jackpot wins taking place over the next few months. There will be a massive number of people making the journey to Las Vegas through June, July, and August. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you surprised to hear about Ray J’s slot jackpot win? Let us know in the comments section below!

New Madera Casino Project to Break Ground Next Month

Casino Floor

The construction of the new Madera casino along Highway 99 in the Fresno Area is expected to break ground next month.

According to Red Rocks Chief Financial Officer Stephen Cootey in an investor conference call last week:

“We continue to expect to have a shovel in the ground in the second quarter of 2021 with the construction expected to take 15 to 18 months.”

Red Rocks Resort, the parent company of the Las Vegas-based Station Casinos is partnering with the North Folk Mono Indian Tribe on the project.

A $400M Casino Project

The casino will be built on 305 acres adjacent to the highway between Avenue 17 and Avenue 18 in Madera county. According to its plans, the new Madera casino project will have 213,000 square feet of gaming area with 2,000 slot machines, 40 table games, two restaurants, and a “food hall” concept. The project will cost between $350M-$450M to complete, excluding any financial costs.

The “off reservation” Madera casino project was first proposed in 2003 and approved the the federal government and then Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011. A 2011 lawsuit filed by another California tribe derailed the the project of the North Folk tribe. The case reached the state Supreme Court and last August, the Court ruled to allow the project to move forward.

State Supreme Court Approval

The Madera casino project had a long-standing lawsuit as casino opponents challenged the Governor’s authority to approve two “off reservation” gaming projects in Madera and Yuba, claiming that legislative authorization was required. After two appeals court disagreed on the case, the State Supreme Court heard the case in 2017. Last year, the state’s highest court decided that then Gov. Brown acted within his authority when he concurred the the Madera and Yuba country casino projects.

There are currently three gaming properties within short drives of Madera. These are the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino, Table Mountain Casino, and the Club One Casino. Many local residents are in favor of the new Madera casino project not only because it would be beneficial to the economy but also because it would give the other casinos good competition.

Hard Rock Casino Near Bakersfield Gets Approval from Federal Government

Casinos in California
The Hard Rock Cafe & Casino project near Bakersfield moved one step closer to becoming a reality after the federal government gave its approval for the Tejon Indian Tribe to operate a casino venue at the proposed location.

In a statement, Tejon Indian Tribe chairman Octavio Escobedo III said:

“From the start of our relationship with the United States government in 1851, our Tribe has fought for a homeland for our people. Today we are two major steps closer to that dream. The Department’s decision enables us to move closer to the promise of self-determination through economic development.”

Up to Gov. Newsom Now

As reported by the Bakersfield Californian, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Tara Sweeney issued a secretarial decision that that found the proposed Bakersfield casino site suitable for the Tejon Indian Tribe’s plans. In the decision, the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs wrote that the Bakersfield casino best allows the Tejon Indian Tribe to be self-sufficient and maintain a stable source of income for government projects.

The environmental review process began as early as 2016. With the Federal Government’s determination, the onus is now with Gov. Gavin Newsom, who must concur with the decision of the Federal Government within a year. If the governor agrees, the U.S. Department of Interior will take the land into trust and the tribe will finally have a land they can call home.

A $600M Project

The Tejon Indian Tribe Bakersfield casino project is located in Mettler which is about 14 miles away from Bakersfield. The tribe is planning to build a 166,500 square foot gaming venue there, along with an 11-storey luxury hotel. The hotel building will have 400 rooms, more than 10 restaurants, a convention space, as well as a Hard Rock live events center. A sheriff’s office, fire station, and an RV park are also be built on the site.

The Bakersfield casino project has an estimated cost of $600M and the entire complex is expected to support 3,000 full-time jobs once operational. Hard Rock consultant Scott Nielson said that there are still several steps that need to be completed before an official timeline for the project could be made public.

Five Popular California Casinos Offer NYE Celebrations

New Year's Eve

Nine months ago, all of the casinos in California closed their doors to the public. It was an unprecedented situation for the state’s gambling industry. Fortunately, most have since reopened and are seeing modest revenue increases. New reports now claim that five popular California casinos are now set to host major NYE celebrations.

There’s a serious debate raging over whether or not these venues should be allowed to hold these events. They sit on sovereign land, however, meaning they don’t need to abide by state regulations. Today, we’re going to talk about what is being planned.

Let’s get into it!

California’s Casino Industry is Still Working to Recover

The state of California is home to more than 60 casinos. Interestingly, the state does not allow any commercial casinos to operate in this state. All of the gambling venues operating here are Native American-run.

This gives these casinos the ability to operate outside of state regulations. They sit on sovereign land and can set their own rules. Despite that fact, all of the casinos around the state closed their doors back in March.

Unlike most other businesses in the state, however, the casinos here were quick to start operating again. Some opened their doors within just a month or two. Some of California’s top officials began pleading with Native American tribes to implement more intense safety regulations.

Since that time, this industry has been slowly recovering. Revenue remains far below what was seen in 2019. It’s not a surprise, as all casinos are operating at significantly reduced capacity. Many are simply happy to see any guests come in under the current circumstances.

State leaders have been advising the public to avoid any large gatherings for New Year’s Eve. Doing so, they argue, could lead to greater issues for California leading into 2021. Some of the casino owners in the state aren’t listening and now plan to host major celebration parties.

It’s a troubling development for health officials. Here’s what we know about the parties being held in different casinos around California.

NYE Celebrations Are Being Held at Five Popular California Casinos

New Year’s Eve tends to be one of the largest celebration weekends of the year. Prior to 2020, this holiday brings massive parties around the country. Major tourism hubs such as Las Vegas would see millions of visitors arrive to take part in the festivities.

Many of the biggest casinos in California would also hold New Year’s Eve events for their guests. These celebrations helped the casinos earn a huge amount of money each year. It’s not recommended, yet some of the most popular California casinos are choosing to hold NYE celebrations this year.

The Thunder Valley Casino Resort has announced that it plans to host a 6,000-person “invite-only” New Year’s Celebration. It’s a similar event to the one originally planned to take place at the Graton Resort and Casino, which plans to hold a 4,000-person NYE celebration. This has since been scrapped due to pressure from the public.

The Cache Creek Casino Resort hasn’t changed its big plans for New Year’s. In fact, it continues to promote its celebration event. The owners of this venue have refused to state how many guests will be attending the party tonight.

Harrah’s, in Ione, all plan to stay open for New Year’s Eve. The casino released a statement on its plans for the holiday to the media this week.

“As part of Harrah’s Northern California’s ongoing quest to keep guests and team members safe, the casino is following a comprehensive outline of enhanced health and sanitation protocols,” the statement read. “Guests returning to the property will notice changes to the experience, including limited guest capacity on the casino floor and dining outlets, social distancing procedures and enhanced sanitation protocols.”

State leaders aren’t happy to see the path these casinos are taking. Hopefully, these events are able to take place in a fun, safe manner. Stay tuned for updates!

The Sports Betting Industry in California Could Launch in 2022

California is the most populous state in the country. Since 2018, many gambling proponents have been pushing hard to get sports betting legalized here. Unfortunately, it’s failed to come together for a number of different reasons.

Many now believe 2022 is the year this finally changes. Earlier this month, sports betting supporters managed to pull together the required signatures to county governments to get sports betting on the November 2022 ballot. It was a crucial step needed to get this measure approved.

The current plan is to allow land-based sportsbooks to begin operating within tribal casinos. As of now, there is no plan to legalize and regulate online sports betting. That could come sometime within the next few years, though.

Many of the popular California casinos are supporting this measure. Sports betting has proven to be extremely lucrative around the country. Places like New Jersey are seeing hundreds of millions in monthly betting handles.

A lot can happen between now and November of 2022, though. We’ve seen the state’s efforts to get this industry running fail several times already. Hopefully, things finally come together within the next couple of years.

Are you surprised to see casinos in California holding NYE celebrations? Let us know in the comments section below!

Many Push Against Forcing LA Card Rooms to Close

Blackjack Hand and a Roll of Money

Over the weekend, news broke that the card rooms throughout LA County are being ordered to shut down. It was devastating for these businesses, many of whom have seen huge revenue dips throughout the year. Many county officials are now pushing against the closure of LA card rooms.

Some officials believe these venues are vital sources of revenue for many cities. They also provide employment for a huge number of people. Today, we’re going to talk about what could happen to LA’s popular card rooms this month.

Let’s get into it!

Los Angeles Could See “More Intense” Regulations Set in Place Soon

California, like all other states around the country, has been seeing a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases lately. Hospital ICUs are filling up and some experts fear they could soon become overburdened. It’s a troubling development that state leaders are trying to solve.

Governor Newsom recently warned that more intense regulations could soon be set in place. The vast majority of the state is in the “purple tier” meaning continued high infection rates. These areas may soon be issued a stay-at-home order.

LA County, in particular, is likely going to be hit with intense regulations soon. This area of the state continues to see massive spikes in infections. Mayor Garcetti seems highly likely to crackdown on more businesses over the next couple of weeks.

Some of the businesses in LA are hurting worse than others. As many are aware, the restaurant business has been devastated over the past nine months. It now appears the commercial gambling industry around this area could begin hurting, too.

News recently broke that LA card rooms were being ordered to shut down. It’s a tough blow for these venues, which continue to experience low visitation rates and big drops in revenue. Many complained that these new rules could permanently destroy the industry here.

Recently, several officials in the LA area have begun pushing against the idea of closing down card rooms.

More Officials Call to Keep LA Card Rooms Open at Limited Capacity

California is home to a massive land-based casino industry. The only true Class III casinos here are run by Native American tribes. There are, however, a large number of card rooms run commercially that offer only certain types of table games.

State leaders have no real authority to force Native American casinos to shut down. They are able to close down card rooms. That’s exactly what state leaders called for last weekend as a way to cut down on infections.

Many feel this is a bad idea, though. City leaders in Commerce, Bell Gardens, and Hawaiian Gardens are now planning to request LA card rooms to remain open. They argue these properties are already facing significantly more regulations than other businesses in the state.

Keith Sharp, Gardens Casino’s General Counsel, made his argument for keeping card rooms open to the media this week.

“We recognize that this surge is serious, and we plan to continue to do our part if permitted to do so. But closing us down won’t impact the surge, but it will put thousands of Angelenos out of work right at holiday time, further harm our businesses, and put our cities in deeper financial peril,” he said. 

These officials are scheduled to meet with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors this week to plead their case. Some feel these efforts will be unsuccessful. We’ll offer more updates on this situation over the next few days.

Sports Betting is Proving Hugely Profitable for Many States

Many politicians in California have been pushing for sports betting to become legal for years. Unfortunately, this has proven to be extremely difficult. The efforts to pass a sports betting bill failed in 2020 and it now seems this form of gambling won’t come to the state until at least 2021.

Meanwhile, more than half the country now has legal sports betting bills approved. Most states that allow sports gambling are earning a huge amount of revenue every single month. 2020 has brought massive surges in sports betting revenue.

We can now add Rhode Island to that list. This state legalized sports betting in 2018. This past October, the state set a new revenue record with $4.4 million, up more than 75% compared to October of 2019.

Colorado and New Jersey are also seeing record sports betting figures. It’s a welcome development for these states, both of which are in desperate need of money right now. These new figures will likely push more states to embrace the sports betting industry in 2021.

California’s gambling industry continues to suffer. All of the land-based casinos here are seeing revenue figures drop. To make things worse, all of the LA card rooms are likely to shut down in the near future.

Do you think it’s fair to order California’s card rooms to shut down? When do you expect them to reopen? Let us know in the comments section below!