California’s Casinos Begin Shutting Down Due to Covid-19

On January 20th, the United States confirmed its first case of Covid-19, the new coronavirus quickly spreading around the world. Since that time, more than 3,800 people have already been infected in the country with new cases emerging every hour. California’s casinos have begun to shut down and the US land-based gaming industry is now in danger. California

This is a constantly-changing situation. Every state is now setting its own regulations to combat this new virus. Today, we’re going to look at the situation in California, and discuss how casinos here are dealing with it.

Let’s get into it!

US Coronavirus Infections Top 3,800

As Covid-19 began to spread outside of China, it seemed like just a matter of time before it hit the United States. Eventually, it did, and has now spread to just about every single state in the country. New reports claim that more than 3,800 individuals have already been infected.

Most feel that the true figures are significantly higher. Despite what some are saying, the US is not testing nearly enough individuals. Based on the current trends, we are on a similar path as Italy, which now has a health care system on the brink of collapse.

The US has already banned all travel from European nations in the Schengen Zone. Airports are dealing with massive lines of Americans trying to reenter the country. It’s beginning to look like both the north and south borders of the country are going to be closed off in the coming days.

States have begun taking things into their own hands, as well. Many have decided to close down all schools. Others have shut down bars and restaurants.

More regulations are being announced every couple of hours. This is an unprecedented situation the country finds itself in no one seems to know the best course of action. As many predicted, the country’s land-based casino industry is already taking a major hit.

California’s Casinos Are Now Closing Their Doors to the Public

Officials in California are already taking strict measures to prevent further infection spread. Many feel this is too late. On Sunday, it was announced that all bars and nightclubs in the state were being forced to close down. Restaurants were lowering their capacity by 50%.

Some began expressing concern about the state’s gambling industry. California is home to a huge number of land-based gambling venues. California’s casinos help to bring the state millions of dollars in revenue every single month.

Unfortunately, many of these venues are now being forced to close down. Cache Creek Casino Resort has announced that it’s closing its doors due to concerns about Covid-19. Anthony Roberts, Tribal Chairman of the casino, spoke to the media about this situation.

“We are in unprecedented times, and our first priority must be to ensure the safety of our tribal citizens, guests, employees, and the communities we serve,” he said. 

The casino also released an official statement that talks about the plans for the future.

“As we navigate this uncertain situation, we will continue to seek guidance from the Yolo County Public Health Department and the California Department of Public Health,” the statement read. 

More of California’s casinos are expected to close their doors in the coming weeks. The state government may take New York’s strategy and force all gambling venues to shut down.

All Las Vegas Casino Resorts Are Closing Down

Las Vegas is experiencing some major issues right now. It’s no secret that the state relies heavily on its tourism and gambling industry. Unfortunately, most of the major casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip are officially closing to the public.

Several cases of Covid-19 have now been confirmed in Las Vegas. Tourism into the city is at an all-time low. There was no other choice than to close down the resorts here.

Wynn Resorts first announced it was closing down its Las Vegas Strip venues. Fortunately, employees will continue to be paid. MGM Resorts International followed suit and is now closing its casino-resorts on the Strip.

It’s devastating news for the city. No one really knows how the drop in tourism and gambling revenue will affect Las Vegas. Hope is that these properties are able to open to the public once again before too long.

California’s casinos are shutting down. In time, the whole state may enter a lockdown. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation over the next few days.

Virgin to Build $.4.8B Las Vegas to Southern California Bullet Train

Virgin Trains USA Logo, Bullet Train View Through Window
Plans to start construction on a new high-speed bullet train, currently being known as the XpressWest, will begin during the second half of this year. Construction is estimated to take nearly three years, finishing up in 2023. It’s expected to generate over 15,000 construction jobs.

Virgin Trains USA is the company that will oversee the development. Virgin was authorized a $3.2 billion tax-exempt bond issuance from the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank at the end of last year to help fund the $4.8 billion project.

The bond issuance will help cover important project costs, mainly “hard construction costs.” This includes, but is not limited to, design and development, construction, rail system maintenance, a maintenance facility, passenger stations and more.

With one million of Las Vegas’ annual visitors coming from Southern California alone, it was the easy choice as one of the first places to implement a high-speed rail system in the US. The train will run from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour along the route. The total trip time will take around 90 minutes one way.

Saving Time is the Selling Point Over Cheaper Costs

Compared to parts of Europe and Asia that have extensive, efficient rail systems in place that make it the most viable and affordable method of transformation, the United States still lacks a solid infrastructure that makes it the most viable option for American travelers who prefer taking a quick flight over a lengthy train ride.

The country’s first high-speed bullet train that would connect Southern California to Southern Nevada will seek to address those issues by becoming an attractive transportation option by shortening travel time.

While air travel currently retails at a fraction of the cost of train travel in the US, updated technology and high-speed rail systems will hopefully reduce train travel costs if the demand is high. The most important piece of leverage to the rail system will be the time travelers will save as opposed to making the drive between the two cities. It will effectively cut the travel time by more than half.

Business travelers could also find the additional time saved as more attractive, as it would allow them to do work on the train ride versus productive time lost making the drive themselves.

Another California Bullet Train Seems Like a Distant Dream

For decades, the state of California has been trying to build a route that would go from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but it keeps getting derailed. The $77 billion project promises to “transform how Californians travel.” So what’s the hold up?

Talks of a bullet train that would connect eight of California’s largest cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, first began in 1981. High-speed rail advocates plead that the alternative source of travel would help to greatly alleviate the state’s notorious traffic issue, and clear up pollution caused by heavy vehicle use.

But, decades later, the costly plan is still in a stalemate. California governor Gavin Newsom said this in his 2019 state address:

“The project, as currently planned, would cost too much and take too long.”

Plan Opponents

Californians who aren’t on board with the plan cite concerns of the rail system cutting into their state’s beautiful landscape, and that the high price tag won’t show high returns when the demand for this mode of transportation will be on the lower end.

“It’s an unambiguous money-waster at a time when we have many demands on public resources,” said James Moore, director of the University of Southern California’s Transportation Engineering Program, in an interview with the Guardian.

“It’s economically clear that it’s not going to turn a profit, even if we take construction out of the project, even if we just focus on operating costs,” Moore said. “By law, the system has to operate without a subsidy. The fares that would be necessary to begin to recover cost will be so high that there will be insufficient demand for that mode of transportation.”

Plan Supporters

Californians in favor of the bullet train say that a state as widespread as California, that has multiple big cities that residents regularly travel between, needs an alternative mode of transportation.

Matt Regan, the senior vice-president of housing policy for the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, points to the Bay Area housing crisis that causes 200,000 residents to drive in from the Central Valley to get to work every day.

Regan says that a high-speed rail would offer two-fold benefits: Create an easier commute for those 200,000 affected residents and reduce air pollution that’s caused by cars sitting in traffic. According to Regan, 40% of the state’s greenhouse gas is caused by idle cars in traffic.

Could California Become America’s Sports Betting Capital?

SportsbookIt’s been two years since the U.S. Supreme Court has removed legal barriers to sports betting, and in November, Californians may be asked to join 14 other states in allowing legal wagers on sports.

Should this go through, it would create an even more lucrative gambling industry in the state, worth upwards of billions of dollars and effectively creating competition among rival gambling interests in the state.

On Tuesday, 18 of California’s key Indian gaming tribes were given the green light to petition a statewide ballot initiative that would allow sports betting at tribal casinos and horse racing tracks, but not at rival card clubs or the internet.

Sen. Bill Dodd, who chairs the Senate Governmental Organization Committee that oversees gaming, told Legal Sports Report this:

“Frankly, I didn’t expect it, but it really wasn’t a surprise,” Dodd said. “They obviously have firm beliefs on what they see should be happening in this area, and that’s their right. But I represent all the people in the state of California, not just the tribes. And I think our approach to this should be more holistic.”

Senator Dodd says he and Assembly counterpart, Adam Gray, will proceed with holding hearings to fill out ACA 16. The ACA 16 is a bill that is a constitutional amendment to permit sports betting in the nation’s most populous state.

The first sports betting hearing on the ACA 16 was originally scheduled for Nov. 20, 2019 at Staples Center, but it didn’t happen. The hearing was re-scheduled for Jan. 15 in Sacramento.

Tribes Unrelated to Earlier Sports Betting Hearing Delays

Despite the state’s Native American tribes opting to break off and file their own amendment, the earlier hearings were not cancelled on account of this. The biggest cause behind the earlier postponement was the California wildfires, and rescheduling constraints.

While the Native American tribes aren’t responsible for the hearing postponements, they have added extra stress to the discussion, according to Dodd.

Dodd expressed that he and Gray wanted to go into hearings with an empty slate and hear from all sides before putting together a plan for offering sports betting in the state. Now that battle lines have been drawn, that slate is all but clear.

What Legalized Sports Betting in California Could Mean

A legal sports betting market could bring in $2.5 billion in gross revenue annually in California, the largest market in the country, according to Chris Grove, a managing director for Eilers and Krejcik Gambling LLC, a research and consulting firm that has provided estimates to California lawmakers.

The market could generate $250 million to $500 million in tax revenue for the state based on whether the tax rate is 10% or 20%, Gray said.

At a hearing earlier this month, Gray said:f

“It is clear that we are quickly heading in the direction of a well-thought-out, legal sports betting framework here in California. We need to create this framework to ensure regulatory oversight and provide consumer protections to get this long-standing and emerging activity out of the shadows of the illicit or black market.”

Sports Betting Must Become Legal Online, Too

California’s system should also seek to allow betting over the internet and smartphones using state-licensed sites so the legal system can compete and reduce the black market, league officials say.

The MLB has five teams in California. This is the most of any state in the US, so “it’s really important that California get it right, particularly because this will be the largest betting market in the country and it will be a state that other states look to,” Brian Seeley, a senior league vice president and deputy general counsel for Major League Baseball, told lawmakers this month.

Senator Dodd elaborated on the importance of an online sports betting market further:

“It’s clear that if we truly want to take illegal sports betting out of the shadows, there needs to be an online component for those who won’t patronize brick-and-mortar outlets.

Without that, it will remain largely unregulated, continue to pose the risk of fraud and fail to generate funds for education or help with problem gambling.”

Tribal leaders dispute that mobile betting should be allowed and their initiative would only allow betting at racetracks and at casinos, where patrons might be more likely to participate in other gambling activities as well.

“Though sports betting remains illegal in our state, the fact remains that Californians have and will continue to wager billions of dollars every single year on their favorite sport,” Dodd said.


Legalization of Sports Betting Being Discussed in California

It’s been over a year since the Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting which opened the option for states to legalize it. States around the country have been taking advantage of the new opportunity since the decision was made in 2018. California is the latest to begin talks on legalizing sports betting as state lawmakers held a preliminary hearing in regards to it.

A Man Stands in Front of a Sportsbook

The push for legalized sports betting was made by Senator Bill Dodd with added support from Assemblyman Adam Gray. In the past, Gray has made unsuccessful attempts to try to get an amendment made to the constitution which allows sports betting. That amendment would need to be passed before California can join the other states where sports betting is legal.

Native American Tribes Pushing for Sports Betting

A coalition of Native American tribes is also pushing for sports betting in California to become legalized. On the heels of Assemblyman Gray and Senator Dodd’s filing of the proposed bill, the coalition filed their own paperwork in favor of legalization.

In June of 2018, it looked like the political influence the tribes held would halt the proposed bill immediately. A case was brought against the state of California and Governor Jerry Brown regarding illegal card rooms that the tribes held exclusive rights over. However, several tribes are now supporting the initiative.

The Bill Has Mainstream Support

The Sacramento Kings of the NBA are among some of the top names in professional sports that are in strong support of the California bill being passed. People in the horse racing industry are also big proponents of enabling sports wagering in California. In the past, many sports leagues were in direct opposition to the legalization of sports betting citing that it would undermine the integrity of the games being played.

Now, as more and more states are legalizing sports betting, some sports leagues are in favor of the proposed changed with one caveat. They’ve suggested that “integrity fees” be added to the bill. In other words, they’re suggesting that any wagers become taxed. Still, having names like the Sacramento Kings backing the bill can only help the initiative as it moves forward.

Which States Have Legal Sports Betting?

Nevada is the most well-known gambling state in the U.S. and sports betting has been legal there for decades. Other states with legalized gambling include Oregon, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

Several other states have either recently legalized sports betting or are very close to it. This includes Colorado, Maine, Montana, Tennessee, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Illinois, and Washington D.C.

Legalized sports betting is growing but it will still take time and patience before it is seen in every state.

How Long Will Smoking in California Casinos Be Allowed?

California is home to a huge number of popular Native American tribal casinos. At the moment, these gambling venues are some of the only enclosed areas where smoking is permitted in the state. Many are now beginning to question how long smoking in California casinos will be allowed. California

It’s a complicated issue. On one hand, the ability to smoke is attractive to many gamblers. On the other, it’s damaging the health of casino workers.

Let’s look at what exactly is going on here.

California Continues to Implement New Smoking Laws

The state of California is known for having some of the strictest smoking laws in the country. It’s not entirely surprising. Smoking has been banned inside most establishments here for many years. As we’ve already mentioned, only casinos still allow patrons to smoke indoors.

It seems like every few months, a new smoking law is introduced in California. Many of these new laws have to do with vaping. Underage vaping is becoming a serious issue around the country. Never before have so many young people become addicted to nicotine.

Juul, the makers of the most popular electronic cigarette devices in the US, is at the center of major controversy. Not long ago, officials in San Francisco, where the company is based, banned all Juul products. Some feel a state-wide ban is on the horizon.

In October, lawmakers in California also decided to ban smoking and vaping at all state beaches. This ban applies to state parks, as well. Some were quick to push against this new law. Others felt it would help to crack down on underage smoking.

Smoking in California casinos is still permitted. Still, many are now calling for this to become banned. Based on new reports on the impact of smoking on Las Vegas casino workers, this may actually come to fruition.

Smoking in California Casinos May Soon Become Banned

There are a huge number of land-based casinos in California. This is all thanks to the US Supreme Court approving the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. It’s a federal law allowing Native American tribes to operate gambling venues on sovereign land.

These casinos have escaped several regulations over the years. They are able to implement laws that are not permitted in other parts of the state. This is especially true with laws on smoking.

The times may be changing, though. Not long ago, a report detailed the health effects that second-hand smoking has on casino workers in Las Vegas. According to the report, many of these workers are now suffering from life-threatening ailments.

It’s a troubling finding that may lead to major change. In California, where smoking is becoming more and more taboo, casinos may be forced to ban it. Tribal leaders are likely to push against this for as long as possible. Smoking in California casinos helps to bring in a huge number of tourists.

Narinder Dhaliwal, director of California’s Clean Air Project, believes it’s time for this ban to be implemented. She also recognizes that it could potentially have an impact on their revenue.

“These are businesses, and even though smoking is a public health issue near and dear to our hearts, we also have to remember that they have to consider the economic impact on the tribe,” Dhaliwal said.

Las Vegas Remains the Smoking Hub Of the Country

In time, it’s likely that smoking will be banned inside these gambling venues. California is working hard to cut down on all rates of smoking. It will ultimately be up to gamblers and casinos to make this ban a reality.

In case this happens, smokers in California can still find refuge in Las Vegas. This city is home to many of the country’s best casino-resorts. In almost all of them, smoking is still permitted.

There are even a huge number of fantastic bars that allow smoking in Las Vegas. Some are small, quaint bars for cigar smokers. Others are large, grandiose cocktail bars that still allow customers to light up.

Bronson Frick, director of advocacy for Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, claims that many workers are calling for smoking in California to become banned.

“The casino workforce is the job sector most exposed to cigarette smoke in the U.S.,” he said.

Only time will tell when a ban like this will be implemented. We’ll also need to wait and see how this new rule would impact the casino’s revenue.

Stay tuned for more California casino news over the next few months!

There’s a New High-Limit Gaming Area at San Manuel Casino

California is home to a huge number of popular tribal casinos. One of the best is the San Manuel Casino, located in Highland. This week, a new high-limit gaming area opened up inside this popular gambling venue. Hundred Dollar Bills

This property has been working to expand its facilities. The opening of the new high-roller gaming area is extremely exciting for the high rollers here. Let’s take a quick look at what exactly this new area has to offer.

San Manuel Casino Continues to Attract Gamblers

As we just mentioned, California is home to a massive number of Native American-run casinos. They’re spread around the state and help to generate millions of dollars to California’s government. The San Manuel Casino is one of the most popular.

It’s located about 60 minutes outside of Los Angeles. The San Manuel Band of Serrano Indians runs the gambling venue, which is open to guests 24/7. Not long ago, it was voted the best buffet, steakhouse, and casino in the state.

There’s a lot to love about the San Manuel Casino. More than 4,300 slot machines are available here and just about every traditional table game. Since it’s opening in 1986, more than $2 billion has been paid out to players here.

Some detractors of this venue claim it doesn’t cater to high-rollers the same way that casinos in Las Vegas do. The owners heard this complaint and immediately began working to make a change. This week, a brand new high-limit gaming area opened up at San Manuel Casino.

Here’s what we know about this new area.

What Does the High-Limit Gaming Area Have to Offer?

The San Manuel Casino is currently under a massive $550 million expansion. Part of this expansion project was adding a new high-end area to the casino. This plan is now complete and visitors have reason to get excited.

Today, the owners of this casino announced the opening of a brand new high-limit gambling area. Both high-limit tables and high-limit slot machines are available here. A new restaurant, called the Hong Bao Kitchen, has also opened here.

Peter Arceo, General Manager of the San Manuel Casino, commented on the opening of this new high-end gambling area to the media this week.

“At San Manuel Casino, we always strive to give our guests new and exciting options, which led us to open the new high limit space and Hong Bao Kitchen,” he said. “Providing these unique and luxury entertainment options is just the latest way to offer our guests a best-in-class experience and sets us apart as one of Southern California’s top entertainment destinations.”

More than 200 high-limit slots are available here. Some have denominations up to $1,000. Some of the highest table games in California are now being offered here, too.

“Our newest gaming space brings our highest table limits yet – $25,000 – making San Manuel Casino one of the best high limit experiences in the country,” Arceo said. 

If you’re looking to make some major bets, San Manuel Casino might be the venue for you. Check it out if you’re in the Southern California area!

California Lawmakers Are Still Working to Legalize Sports Betting

Back in May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA. This gives every state in the country the ability to legalize sports betting. More than 20 states have already legalized this industry and many more are currently working to do so.

Certain lawmakers in California have been working hard to officially legalize this industry. Unfortunately, they’re facing serious opposition by many of the Native American tribes in the state.

Some of these tribes believe that the legalization of sports betting will take away from their revenue. Lawmakers are working to come up with a plan to make all parties happy.

Most believe that sports betting will become legal in California in the next year or two. Once it does, California will likely become the largest sports gambling market in the country.

At the moment, gambling fans here are stuck with casino gambling. Stay tuned for more California casino news over the next few months!

Hard Rock Sacramento is Now Open to the Public

Hard Rock International is having an extremely busy year. This major US casino company has been expanding across the US, opening venues in several new states. The Hard Rock Sacramento Hotel & Casino is now open and from what we’re heading, it’s a major hit with locals.

Hard Rock Casino Logo

California is no stranger to casinos. Hope is that this new venue helps to capture the Sacramento market. Let’s look at what this exciting new gambling establishment has to offer.

California Continues to Expand its Casino Industry

California isn’t necessarily thought of as a US gambling hub. That’s a little surprising, considering the massive number of gambling venues here. Since the 90s, Native American tribes in this state have been opening casinos in California.

This is thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which was passed by the US Supreme Court in 1988. This set of laws allows tribes to operate brick-and-mortar casinos on sovereign land. Today, more than half of all the tribes in this state now own and operate gambling establishments.

There are a huge number of casinos now spread around the entire state. Amazingly, tribes are continuing to construct and open new venues. These casinos help to generate massive revenue earnings for the state government. Many great online casinos in CA are available here, as well, yet none of them are regulated by the state.

California is also showing some interest in the newly-emerging sports betting industry. Since May of 2018, every state has been granted the option to legalize sports betting. Many believe that in time, this form of gambling will be allowed in the Golden State.

This week, one of the biggest and most profitable casino companies in the country opened a new casino in Northern California.

Hard Rock Sacramento Finally Opens to the Public

As we’ve already mentioned, officials within Hard Rock International has been working hard this year. For months, this company has been preparing to open a new gambling venue in Wheatland, in the Sacramento area of the state. Construction has finally concluded and the Hard Rock Sacramento venue is now open to the public.

According to multiple reports, this $450 million casino is already proving to be successful. It features several four-star restaurants, multiple bars, and 100 pieces of museum-quality rock and roll collectibles.

As of now, Hard Rock Sacramento offers its guests 1,500 slot machines, 57 table games, and a host of other fun gambling options. There’s also a massive entertainment venue now open here with major acts such as Def Leppard set to perform this week.

With more than 40 casinos in the area, this casino will have its work cut out. Competition in the California tribal casino market is extremely strong. It’s clear, however, that Hard Rock International feels this will be one of the most popular gambling venues in the state.

“People know the brand and we really think that will allow us to grow the market, bring people in from all over the region and bring people on from the western part of the United States,” said President of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento Mark Birtha. 

Hard Rock International Pushes for Overseas Expansion

Today, many of the biggest US casino companies are pushing hard to open venues overseas. Asia, in particular, is becoming a hotbed for casino gambling. Soon, Japan and the Philippines could be considered some of the biggest casino markets in the world.

Hard Rock International is now working hard to open a gambling venue in Japan. Officials within the company claim they’d like to open a venue in either Okaka or Yokohama. Only three casino licenses are being handed out in this country.

The Las Vegas Strip is also starting to look more appealing to Hard Rock International. Jim Allen, CEO of the company, told the media that purchasing a property on the Strip is “certainly a possibility.”

For now, however, the company is content to keep opening venues in other parts of the country. Hard Rock Sacramento is up and running and many seem to be flocking here.

Stay tuned for more US casino news over the next few weeks!

Barona Resorts Named “Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas”

San Diego’s Barona Resorts has just been given a prestigious new title. USA Today has officially named this resort the best casino outside of Las Vegas. It’s a tremendous accomplishment for this popular tribal casino.

Barona Resorts

Now is the perfect time to look at what Barona Resorts offers. We’ll also look at the state of California’s casino industry, and what may come here in the next few years. Let’s get into it!

San Diego County is Home to the Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to many of the very best casinos in the world. Not long ago, Wynn Las Vegas was named the top casino in the country. There are, however, a huge number of incredible casinos found in other parts of the country, too.

California is home to the most tribal casinos in the United States. There are casino venues located all over this state, from the south of San Diego up to the northern area near Chico. This week, USA Today names Barona Resorts the best casino outside of Las Vegas.

Barona Resorts was founded in 2002. It’s located in Lakeside, near San Diego. This casino features more than 75 table games and over 2,500 different slots and electronic poker games. Unlike many California casinos, the legal gambling age here is 18.

Rick Salinas, general manager of this casino, commented on the reward to the media this week.

“At Barona, we pride ourselves in providing our players with the best gaming experience in the country so it is an honor to receive recognition as the ‘Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas’,” he said. “It is almost poetic to receive this top distinction because Barona is patterned after the casinos from the Golden Age of Las Vegas when the casino player was the focus. We recognize, reward and welcome casino players.” 

This casino-resort has been one of the most popular in Southern California for years. Thanks to its wide range of restaurants and high-end casino floor, it’s now earned the title of the best gambling venue outside of Sin City. There are many other casinos in this state that could have easily been awarded this title, as well.

California’s Casino Industry Continues to Thrive

As we just mentioned, California is home to a huge number of world-class tribal casinos. 62 of the state’s 109 Native American tribes own and operate casinos. Most of these casinos are highly profitable and bring the state millions in tax dollars every single year.

Interestingly, some major companies are now working to open new gambling venues in this state. In June, news came out that the Tejon Tribe was working with Hard Rock International to open a new gambling venue in Mettler, California. The specifics of this deal have not yet come out.

Since June, there’s been very little news about this new casino. Hard Rock International is currently working on several major projects across the country. They’ve also recently sold their casino venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

The California casino industry isn’t slowing down. Many are still calling for lawmakers here to officially legalize commercial casinos, as well. There are many forms of gambling that many soon make their way into the regulated California casino market.

More Gambling Options in California

California has a fairly liberal set of gambling laws. Tribal casinos are obviously legal here, and over the past year, several politicians have begun calling for new gambling options to become regulated in the state. Sports betting, in particular, is being looked at very closely right now.

The Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. Now, every state can set laws on the sports gambling industry. State Assembly member Adam Gary has been working extremely hard to get this form of gambling legalized in the state. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made on this front.

There are a huge number of CA online casinos available right now. The state does not regulate these sites, yet most of them are completely safe. Generally speaking, these casino websites offer more gambling options than the top land-based casinos in the country.

Of course, many still prefer to wager the old fashioned way inside a brick and mortar gambling venue. Those in Southern California may want to head over to Barona Resorts, which is now said to be the best casino outside of Las Vegas.

Make sure to stay tuned for more California casino news over the next few months!

Californians Flock to Major Australian Casino Site

More Americans are choosing to play at online casino sites every single month. According to one major Australian casino site, many players are emerging from California. Interestingly, a significant portion of these California players all hail from the Santa Clarita area of the state.Map And Flag Outline Of Australia

It’s an interesting development. Now is the perfect time to look at why online casino gambling is growing so popular in the United States. We’ll also look at some of the most popular internet casino sites currently available here.

Online Casino Gambling Continues to Grow in the US

For more than a year, there’s been a significant increase in the number of individuals in the US who are choosing to play casino games online. Today, there are many great US casino sites operating, most of which offer just as many gaming options as the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Most of the casino websites operating in this country are based overseas.

Several states have now legalized internet casino gambling. Even more have pending legislation to allow this form of gambling. In states where online casino gaming is legal, land-based casinos within the state operate all gambling sites.

In all other states, players must make bets through overseas casino sites. Competition is extremely high in the US internet casino industry, and most online gambling operators here work hard to out-do their rivals.

According to one of the top casino companies in Australia, many Californians are playing through their website. California has shown almost no willingness to regulate online casino gambling, yet many individuals here still choose to play through foreign casino sites.

Californians Flock to Australian Online Casino Site

California is home to the most tribal casinos in the country. Unfortunately, lawmakers here aren’t interested in regulating the online casino gambling industry. As a result, millions of individuals play through the aforementioned casino websites based overseas.

Playamo Casino, an internet gaming company based in Australia, claims that a significant portion of their US players come from California. More specifically, the Santa Clarita area of California.

Anthony Becker, US regional manager of Playamo Casino, commented on the news to the media this week.

“It was quite surprising to find out that the largest majority of US clients come from California, given how close they are to Nevada,” he said. We were expecting most customers to come from Eastern and South-Eastern states like Florida or Alabama, but California was definitely not on our minds.”

There are a few reasons why this may be. First, many in California seem to realize how much more convenient online gambling is to land-based gambling. Many casino sites today also offer fantastic promotions to their members.

It’s clear that this industry isn’t slowing down.

More Great Casino Sites in California

The Australian online casino site we just mentioned isn’t the only one attracting California gamblers. There are a huge number of great CA online casino sites available right now. As we mentioned earlier, most of these sites offer a huge range of different gaming options and quick, safe payment options.

One of the most popular internet casinos in this state is Bovada. It launched years ago and is now one of the most trusted and respected online gambling companies in the US. Bovada Casino allows its members to bet on things like blackjack, slots, and poker. It even offers a fun live dealer option to make it feel as if you’re playing inside of a real casino.

Cherry Gold Casino is another great online casino option right now. This betting site provides its members with one of the largest welcome bonuses you will find today as well as all of the popular casino games you can find in traditional land-based casinos. Check it out today!

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A California Oktoberfest is Happening at the Soboba Casino Resort

Not long ago, the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians opened a casino in San Jacinto, California. This resort is working hard to bring in new patrons, with regular entertainment events taking place each month. This week, the Soboba Casino has announced that it’s offering a new California Oktoberfest celebration. Oktoberfest Logo

This popular casino has also announced that it’s putting on a wine festival sometime in 2020. Today, we’re going to look at what the new casino is offering. We’ll also look at when the Oktoberfest celebration will take place, and what to expect.

The New Soboba Casino is A Major Upgrade

The original casino operated by the Soboba Native American Tribe opened in the 1990s. It’s been the primary source of revenue for the tribe. For years, officials running this casino have talked about upgrading their property.

In February of 2017, construction began on a brand new casino-resort located just a mile away from the original property. It opened almost exactly two years later, renamed the Soboba Casino Resort. It offers considerably more gaming space, a great hotel for guests, and several restaurants.

It’s also helped to create jobs for the local community. According to Isaiah Vivanco, Council Chairman of the Soboba Tribe, thousands of construction workers were employed to work on the new casino. More than 650 employees were also brought in to work inside the new resort.

This casino-resort now has a Las Vegas feel to it. A professor at San Diego University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Katherine Spilde, believes that the resort’s non-gaming options will help the Soboba Tribe succeed for years to come.

“Even in Las Vegas, or other commercial jurisdictions, the gaming is usually the first and largest revenue stream,” she said. “Then, over time the gaming often times becomes eclipsed by hotel revenue or other non-gaming revenue. Combined non-gaming revenue actually becomes larger than the gaming revenue in a more mature gaming market.”

Soboba Casino is Offering a California Oktoberfest Celebration

Oktoberfest, in case you’re unaware, is an annual celebration that takes place in Munich, Germany. It’s the largest beer festival on the planet, with more than six million attendees every single year. Of course, not everyone can make the trip to Germany to engage in the festivities.

Fortunately for those located in California, the Soboba Casino Resort is putting on its own Oktoberfest celebration. On October 5th, this casino is inviting guests to drink German beers, eat traditional German cuisine, and play some casino games. Victor Mortazavi, Food and Beverage Manager of the casino, is expecting the event to be a big hit.

Tickets for the celebration will become available on September 5th. Tickets will cost $20 if purchased in advance. The tickets bought at the door will cost $30. The ticket prices will earn you $15 worth of tickets to use for beer tastings, food, and souvenirs.

A German polka band is also being brought in to provide entertainment.

There are several California Oktoberfest events taking place this year. If you’re located in the San Jacinto area, feel free to check out the one at the brand new Soboba Casino!

Online Casino Gambling Continues to Grow in California

Internet gambling is growing more popular every single year. Today, several states around the country now have regulated online casino markets. Many states are also working to license and tax their internet gaming markets.

California does not yet regulate its online casino industry. In fact, only tribal casinos are allowed to operate here. Fortunately, there are a huge number of amazing CA casino websites available right now.

Most of these websites offer a huge range of different casino gambling options. You can find popular games such as blackjack, poker, and slots. The best casino websites here will also offer a range of great payment options to keep your money safe.

It’s likely that within the next few years, lawmakers in California will choose to regulate the internet gambling industry. States such as New Jersey, which taxes online casino gaming, earn millions of dollars each month from the industry.

If you’re free on October 5th, feel free to check out the California Oktoberfest at the Soboba Casino Resort! Make sure to stay tuned for more California gambling news over the next few months!