Cache Creek Casino and Resort Now Open After Cyberattack

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After September cyberattack that crippled its system and forced it to close, the Cache Creek Casino Resort near Sacramento, California reopened its doors last Monday.

Said Kari Stout-Smith, chief operating officer and general manager of the resort:

“In a year that’s been so full of ongoing challenges, I am grateful to put this temporary closure behind us,”

Indeed, the year has been full of challenger. Cache Creek was forced to close for three months ending June 8 due to the COVID-19 virus. When they were allowed to reopen, strict health and safety protocols were implemented, affecting the number of guests allowed inside the California casino. The last month, Cache Creek admitted to being a victim of a cybercrime. On Monday it opened its gates once again.

Still Work To Be Done

Last September 20, the Cache Creek casino temporarily closed it doors after what officials initially called a major systems outage. Later, it was revealed that the California casino was hit by a cyberattack on its systems and that there was possible compromise of client and employee information.

The Information Technology department of the California casino worked round the clock to restore their system and make it more secure. This week, Cache Creek finally reopened in what it termed as a “soft opening” but it says that there is still work to be done with the investigation still ongoing. Despite that, Cache Creek says that they are confident that guests can now get the four diamond experience that they have come to expect from the California casino.

Cyberattack on Casinos

Cyberattacks on casinos are not new. The Las Vegas Sands Corp. was a victim of an enormous attack by hackers with suspected links to the Iranian regime. The attack shut down servers and wiped out data drives, while stealing data, and causing an estimated $40M in damages. The breach was reportedly a retaliation for Las Vegas Sands CEO and Chairman Sheldon Adelson who made “nuking” comments on Iran.

In 2018, MGM Resorts International fell prey to a casino hack that led to the leak of the personal data of 10.6M guests on the black web. Before its sale to Virgin Hotels, the Hard Rock Las Vegas was the victim of several breaches beginning 2015. On three different occasions, hackers were able to steal card holder names, card numbers, and CVV Codes from Hard Rock customers.

Cyber Attack Declared As Reason Behind Cache Creek Casino Closure

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Ten days ago, Cache Creek Casino announced its temporary closure due to a “widespread outage.” But what was first thought to be just an innocent systems error has turned out to be a malicious assault.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the California casino revealed that the problem has been traced to an “external attack” on their computer network. As per statement from Cache Creek:

“The privacy of our guests and employees is our highest priority and we want to make certain they have some peace-of-mind. We are working closely with independent experts who regularly investigate incidents of this type to determine any risks to data security. Attacks like these are significant and can take weeks to research thoroughly.

Major Cyberattack

The incident has been labeled as a major cyberattack after it was determined that the ransomware attack not only affected the casino’s business operations but it possibly compromised the electronic information of the California casino’s employees and patrons.

Although investigation is still on-going, the casino spokesperson said that if it is determined that personal information of the resort’s employees and guests was exposed, they will notify the affected individuals in writing.

Meanwhile, Cache Creek Casino Resort will remain closed while its technicians strengthen its infrastructure and restore all operations. The Yocha Dehe Golf Club is unaffected by the situation and remains open. The Cache Creek mini mart is also open but only for cash transactions and no fuel is currently available.

Not The First Time

The closure isn’t the first time for California casino. Earlier this year, the Cache Creek was closed for about two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. The casino reopened last June 6th but under restrictive requirements for both staff and guests. Employees were paid during the two month closure and they still are during the current stoppage of operations.

Temperature checks, and cleaning protocols were put in place. Social distancing was implemented to minimize the chance of infection and this included increased distance between gaming tables and slot machines.

Cache Creek Casino is one of Northern California’s largest casino resort destinations. It is located in the town of Brooks and is owned and operated by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. The casino had been working on an expansion before the COVID-19 outbreak and was undergoing renovations in response to the pandemic.

The Potawatomi Hotel-Casino is Fully Open for Business

Wisconsin’s land-based casino industry has been slowly reopening since June. Interestingly, many intense safety regulations remain in place at many of the state’s gambling venues. This week, news broke that the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino has reopened to the public without the need for reservations.Potawatomi Hotel-Casino

It’s great news for gambling fans in the state. The Potawatomi casino is one of the most popular in the state. Today, we’re going to talk about how this new rule will impact the state’s gambling industry moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

Wisconsin’s Casino Industry Has Been Open Since June

For years, casino revenue has been increasing around the United States. Many of the country’s major gambling destinations were seeing a revival with surges in tourism. Exciting new casino-resorts were being constructed left and right.

Much of the progress came to a screeching halt in March. That month, casino operators around the US closed their properties due to rising concerns about the pandemic. Each state has taken its own approach getting its casino industry back up and running.

Wisconsin has an interesting set of gambling laws. Here, only Native American-run casinos are able to operate. There are currently 26 of them in the state, many of which started opening their doors to the public in June.

Some casinos are having an easier time getting back on track. Of course, all of the gaming properties here are implementing intense safety measures to protect their players and employees. These regulations vary from casino to casino.

The Potawatomi Hotel-Casino is long-been one of the most popular gambling venues in Wisconsin. For months, however, it’s been requiring its players to make reservations prior to their visit. This week, that rule is being scrapped.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Reservations Won’t be Required at the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino Starting on Thursday

Casinos in Wisconsin have seen their visitation rates and revenue drop immensely over the past few months. It’s a difficult situation and one that no one seems to know how to fix. It now seems that one of the state’s top casinos is lifting one of its major regulations.

The Potawatomi Hotel-Casino has just announced that it will stop requiring its players to make reservations beginning on Thursday. This rule had been in place since the casino reopened in June. Many felt it was leading to a major dip in players.

Officials within the casino released a statement that details why this decision is being made.

“All of these measures, and others, will remain in place until the science and accompanying data show it’s safe to move closer to pre-pandemic operations,” the statement claims. 

That’s not the only regulation being lifted. Moving forward, this casino will remain open to the public until 2 am. For months, the owners of this venue have been requiring the doors to be closed at midnight.

Most other safety protocols are remaining in place. Masks must still be worn by all patrons and employees inside the casino. Temperature checks will also be mandatory. For now, table games, poker, and bingo are all off-limits, as well.

Casino revenue in Wisconsin is still down considerably this year. It’s unclear when these revenue earnings will return to normal. Stay tuned for more updates on casino regulations in the state over the next few months.

Nearby States Work to Expand Gambling Industries

Wisconsin’s casino industry helps to bring the state valuable revenue every month. Interestingly, lawmakers here are showing no signs of wanting to expand the state’s gambling laws. There are no bills to allow sports betting or commercial casinos here.

Several nearby states are taking a different approach, though. Illinois has been working extremely hard to expand its casino and sports betting industry over the past few years. That includes the passing of a new Capital Plan allowing several new casinos to open around the state.

Illinois is also embracing the sports betting industry. The first legal sports betting options became available here in March of 2020. Today, both land-based and online sports gambling platforms are regulated by the state.

Michigan now allows sports betting, as well. For now, only land-based sports gambling options are available here. Online and mobile sports betting platforms are expected to launch here sometime in early 2021.

Wisconsin’s casino owners are now looking to boost revenue earnings. On Thursday, the Potawatomi Hotel-Casino will finally stop its guests from making reservations. It will be interesting to see how that affects the casino moving forward.

Do you plan on gambling in Wisconsin anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cache Creek Casino Forced To Close Due to “Widespread Outage”

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Cache Creek Casino remained close on Monday due to a systems infrastructure failure that forced the resort to shut down operations beginning 7 pm of Sunday. Said the management on its website:

“Due to an unforeseen systems infrastructure failure, Cache Creek Casino Resort is unable to operate fully at this time. We have made the unfortunate, but necessary decision to close the resort. The technical teams are working to identify the issue and to implement a resolution, in the meantime, guests are discouraged from visiting the property as all systems are currently impacted by this outage.”

Widespread Outage

The casino began experiencing widespread outage at around 3:30 a.m. last Sunday. The issue became “problematic” so the resort discouraged guest from visiting the property, located at Brooks along Highway 16 about an hour east of Sacramento. When the problem could not be resolved later during the day, the Northern California casino decided to shut down the entire resort.
Cache Creek remained closed as of 9 am on Monday. Based on its social media posts, there is no definite timetable as to when it will reopen. The casino says that it will inform its patrons via social media and its website as soon as they are able to estimate the reopening of the resort. Cache Creek also said that it will directly contact any guests whose reservations at the resort may be affected.

Not COVID-19 Related

In a post on its Facebook page, Cache Creek Casino denied speculations circulating around social media that the closure of the resort was related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It added that the adjoining Yocha Dehe golf course is not affected by the outage and remains open.

The Cache Creek Casino is owned and managed by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation. It is one of the largest Northern California casino resort destinations. This AAA Four Diamond Award winner has over a thousand slot machines including more than 300 in a non-smoking area. It also has over 100 table games and a high limit room which offers black jack and baccarat.

Here’s an Update on the Opening of Cardrooms in LA

California holds the most cases of Covid-19 in the United States. Los Angeles County continues to implement the toughest restrictions in the state. New reports indicate several county mayors are interested in opening cardrooms in LA once again.California

Many have called for Los Angeles to begin lifting its heavy restrictions. This county is struggling right now and reopening cardrooms could bring in some much-needed revenue. Today, we’re going to talk about how California’s gambling industry is faring, and how it could change in the near future.

Let’s get into it!

The Majority of California’s Casinos Are Now Open

California has one of the largest casino industries in the United States. Interestingly, only Native American tribes are able to operate traditional Class III casinos in the state. Back in March, all of the state’s casinos were forced to completely shut down.

There are also a huge number of cardrooms in California. These are operated independently and have different regulations set in place. As the name suggests, cardrooms only offer card table games and are required to implement high fees on their patrons.

Casinos in the state are run independently by tribes. All of these casinos shut down voluntarily and most have now reopened. Cardrooms, however, are subject to state regulations are need specific permission in order to accept players again.

Certain parts of the state have begun allowing their cardrooms to open back up. Just a few weeks ago, San Jose gave the green light for these gambling venues to reopen. The cardrooms here must now require consistent hand-washing by employees, sanitize all cards being used, and replace chips after a dealer rotation.

It’s clear that California is taking its time reopening different businesses. Many cardroom owners in Los Angeles County are now pleading with local leaders to lift their restrictions. Based on new reports, it seems that mayors are on-board with this idea.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Mayors Now Support the Opening of Cardrooms in LA County

Under normal circumstances, California’s gambling industry helps to bring the state a large amount of revenue every single month. More state leaders are now looking to reopen this industry to get this money flowing in again. One way to achieve that goal is to reopen cardrooms.

As we said earlier, Los Angeles County has been implementing some of the toughest regulations in the state. Things may be slowly changing, though. News reports claim that several mayors are now interested in the opening of cardrooms in LA.

Officials across several cities in the county have recently begun supporting this decision. Five different mayors came together on September 14th, asking Los Angeles’ leaders to allow cardrooms to start opening outside. These mayors claim that cardrooms make up a large percentage of their city budgets.

This is fantastic news for the cardroom owners here. It seems perfectly reasonable to allow these venues to begin operating outside again. Revenue earned from these cardrooms will likely remain significantly lower than it was in 2019, though.

It will be interesting to see how officials within Los Angeles respond to these requests. Many businesses are still closed down throughout the county. Time will tell if these county leaders agree to get casinos back up and running.

Other states are starting to see their casino revenue gradually increase.

Casino Revenue is Starting to Jump Around the US

California wasn’t the only state to see its casino industry shut down back in March. Every state around the country ordered casinos to shut down all casinos that month. Most states started allowing their casinos to begin operating again months ago.

Nevada’s leaders allowed casinos to reopen in June. Tourism rates and casino revenue was very slow to bounce back here even after the casinos reopened. Fortunately, things are slowly beginning to get better here.

Revenue earnings have been increasing every single month. Tourism rates are increasing, as well. Most analysts predict that casino revenue in this city and others in Nevada will continue to increase as the year goes on.

Nearly all of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are now open. ParkMGM, one of the last casinos on the Strip that hasn’t reopened, recently announced it will begin accepting guests again in October. This will be the first gambling venues on the Strip to ban smoking.

Hope is that the opening of cardrooms in LA helps to boost gambling revenue in California. The state certainly needs the money right now. We’ll be sure to report on any updates over the next few weeks.

Do you think it’s time for Los Angeles to open cardrooms? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ex-Harrah’s GM Files COVID Related Case against Caesars Inc.

Harrah's Las Vegas Casino Logo
A former executive at Harrah’s Resort Southern California has filed a lawsuit against Caesars Entertainment Inc., claiming that he was forced to resign after management ignored his concerns that the decision to reopen the casino was dangerous and could expose clients to the COVID-19 virus.

Former top officer Darrell Pilant alleges that the company’s decision to reopen last May caused “serious adverse health and safety consequences involving employees and customers contracting COVID-19. Pilant worked as the Valley Center casino’s general manager and senior vice-president but resigned one day before the reopening of Harrah’s after it was shut down by the pandemic.

Constructively Terminated

In his lawsuit, which was filed before the San Diego Superior Court on Monday, Pilant says that he was repeatedly assured that the county was “on board” with the reopening. Despite voicing his concerns to the management, he stated that the company gave him an “illegal and dangerous” directive to reopen the casino in May.

Pilant argued that he was “constructively terminated” and under his contract, he is eligible for severance equal to one year of his salary. Aside from that, he is also suing for several damages. Pilant resigned on May 21, or one day before the casino reopened to the public.

He worked for nearly 23 years with the company and held several positions in other states before coming to Harrah’s South California in 2011. In 2016, he was promoted to general manager and oversaw all casino operations. Pilant also served on the community board of the San Diego Food Bank and Palomar Health Foundation.

217 COVID-19 Patients Visited Casinos

The San Diego County confirmed that a total fo 217 COVID-19 local patients reported being at a local casino within two weeks of falling ill to the virus. Twelve of them were hospitalized while one, a casino patron, already died.

The 217 cases are tied to seven of the county’s nine tribal casinos and they involve 76 employees and 141 guests. Country spokeswoman Sarah Sweeney noted that even though those who tested positive visited a casino during the period where they were potentially infected, it doesn’t mean that they caught the virus there.

The country has refused to name the specific businesses and casinos where the local transmissions occurred. Like other casinos, the reopening of Harrah’s included health and safety measures that include social distancing, wearing of face masks, and limited operating capacity.

California Supreme Court Okays Madera Casino Project

Online Gambling in California

On Monday, the California Supreme Court decided in favor of the planned North Fork Rancheria Hotel & Casino Resort, clearing the way for plans to build a casino in Madera county.

According to its decision in the United Auburn Indian Community v. Newsom California Supreme Court Case, former Governor Jerry Brown acted within his authority in concurring with the federal government’s 2011 decision that led to the approval of the two “off-reservation” tribal gaming projects in Madera and Yuba counties.

Said North Fork Rancheria Tribal Chair Elaine Bethel-Fink in a press release:

“We are thrilled that the Court has finally decided this case in our favor. Our tribal citizens and local community have been denied the advantages of tribal gaming – billions of dollars in economic benefits and thousands of jobs – for far too long.”

The proposed Madera casino will be adjacent to Highway 99 at Avenue 17. It will have 2,000 slot machines, 40 gaming tables, and a hotel that is expected to have 200 rooms. It will be operated by the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, a federally recognized Native American tribe with more than 2,200 tribal citizens and has government offices in Madera county.

Opponents Challenged Governor’s Concurrence

The North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians of California have been working to build a casino for almost twenty years now. In 2003, the Tribe signed an agreement with the Las Vegas-based Station Casinos to build a casino and the following year, they requested the federal government to take the proposed site near Madera in trust for gaming purposes.

After a federal review, the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs determined that gaming on the land would be of the best interest of of the tribe and not detrimental to the surrounding communities. The federal office then requested Governor Jerry Brown to concur, which he did in 2012.

But opponents challenged the governor’s concurrence, arguing that California’s Constitution required legislative authorization. In 2017, the California Supreme Court agreed to hear the challenges for both projects after two appeals court arrived at different conclusions.

Stars Casino Moves Table Games Outdoor Using Tented Patios

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to adjust the way they go about with their daily activities. Strict health measures have been imposed to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. While businesses have been allowed o open, they have been forced to adjust to the “new normal”. Casinos and gambling operators are no exception.

Stars Casino in Tracy, California reopened last Saturday after a five month closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the casino has implemented changes to adapt to the reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

Complying with State Health Protocols

In compliance with state health protocols on social distancing, the casino was allowed to open but at 50% guest capacity. Aside from operating under 50% capacity, one of the most significant change is moving its gaming tables to an tented outdoor patio. Yes, card games like blackjack and poker are now played outdoors at Stars Casino.

Tables are separated six feet apart while the chips and cards are replaced after a couple of hours so they can be disinfected. Table capacity has been reduced from eight to four to give ample space between customers. The tables are also sanitized before and after guests sits down while hand washing stations are readily available throughout the venue.

Likewise, all patrons are screened when they arrive. Guests are required to have their temperatures checked. They are also required to wear a mask and a wristband that signifies that they have already been inspected.

Challenge In Moving Outdoors

In addition to moving outdoors and having smaller crowds, customers will be surprised to find another major change. Although the casino secured a state permit to serve food with drinks, the latter will have to wait, for now. Said Emmanuel Macalino, a manager at the casino:

“I’ve decided to not serve alcoholic beverages until we can work out all the kinks and iron out all the wrinkles in our operations.”

According to Macalino, moving the table games outdoors has given them a challenge in maintaining social distancing. Aside from that Macalino says battling the summer heat is another trial:

“We also have to deal with the weather as you can see it’s pretty toasty out here, and we put up the shades, and we still need allow the airflow.”

But tough as adjusting moving outdoors will be, it is necessary given the situation of the pandemic in the country. And yes, Macalino says that these precautionary measures have enabled Star Casino to be the only card room operator to re-open in Tracy so far.

CGA Asks Governor Newsom to Close All California Casinos

California, like many other states around the country, is seeing a significant rise in its number of positive Covid-19 cases. As a result, lawmakers have decided to move back on the state’s reopening plans and many businesses have been ordered to close. This week, the California Gaming Association spoke with the media and asked for Governor Newsom to close all California casinos.California

It’s not entirely surprising when you look at the numbers here. It will not be easy for Governor Newsom to order Native American-run casinos to shut down. Today, we’re going to look at how California’s gambling industry may change over the next few weeks.

Let’s get into it!

Rates of Covid-19 Continue to Increase in California

For a time, California seemed to be doing fantastic in the fight against the new coronavirus. The state locked down early and cases remained low for months. Restrictions have been lifting in recent weeks, however, and cases of Covid-19 are now starting to surge here.

It’s an incredibly difficult situation. Many businesses around the state are taking a major hit due to the regulations. Now that the state is moving back in its reopening, there is a serious concern that a huge number of small businesses may go under.

There’s no doubt that infections are increasing here. More than 335,000 cases have been confirmed here and the death toll has surpassed 7,000. Things are still not as bad as they are in Florida, where health experts say the epicenter of the pandemic now is.

Covid-19 infection rates in Nevada are jumping quickly, as well. As a result, lawmakers here are taking a close look at the current set of regulations. It’s clear that tourism rates in Las Vegas are still down considerably.

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Palazzo announced that it was no longer accepting reservations on weekdays due to a drop in customer demand. There’s no way of knowing when tourism rates will begin to get back to normal here. Some feel it could be years.

Is California’s casino industry about to shut down again?

California Casinos May Soon Be Asked to Close Down Again

Obviously, California is working hard to lower its infection rates. Several new intense measures have been ordered in Los Angeles and San Diego. There is now a discussion about whether or not casinos here should be allowed to remain open.

One major group certainly doesn’t think so. Several members of the California Gaming Association recently spoke with the media about this situation. They are now asking Governor Newsom to order California casinos to temporarily shut down.

Thunder Valley Casino, located in Lincoln, has been taking some serious heat over a lack of safety measures set in place. Many employees have been complaining that the casino doesn’t care about their safety. Several of these casino workers now believe these venues need to be closed, as well.

“I think we should be sitting back and waiting, especially when the numbers are increasing again,” one employee said. 

“I know they [California casinos] are on sovereign land, but does that law supersede public health,” another told the media. 

Kyle Kirkland, President of the California Gaming Association, recently sent a letter to Gavin Newsom, asking him to close down casinos. He agrees that doing so would help to lower infection rates in the state.

This idea won’t sit well with tribal leaders in the state.

More States Are Taking a Closer Look at Their Casino Industries

Over the past month, many states have begun to reopen their casino industries. Casino companies around the country have been complaining that the regulations are making it impossible for them to survive. Today, casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City are now back up and running.

As we already mentioned, tourism rates in these cities are much lower than they were at the start of 2020. Gambling revenue is also expected to be significantly lower. As Covid-19 infection rates increase around the country, some feel that lawmakers may be forced to close some of these gambling venues.

That’s currently being considered with California casinos. Exactly how Governor Newsom could close these venues, which sit on sovereign land, to close is unknown. The CGA certainly seems to feel it’s possible.

Several major casino companies recently saw their share prices increase. This was due to China’s announcement that it was lifting restrictions to and from Macau. This will likely help the casinos in Macau to start generating more revenue.

This is a tough time for the land-based casino industry. We may see some big changes take place over the next six months.

Do you expect California casinos to shut down? Could this happen in other parts of the country? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s an Update on When Bay Area Casinos Will Reopen

We’ve now entered June, and California is slowly beginning to open back up. That includes several gambling venues around the state. Unfortunately, it seems that Bay Area casinos are unlikely to reopen to the public within the next few weeks.

Picture Of Bay Area

This part of the state has been one of the slowest to lift restrictions. Of course, the decision to reopen a casino ultimately lies with the Native American tribe that owns it. Today, we’re going to discuss when the gaming venues in the Bay Area are likely to start accepting guests again.

Let’s get into it!

Many Of California’s Casinos Have Already Reopened

California is home to a huge number of world-class gambling venues. Interestingly, all of these casinos are run by Native American tribes based in the state. California’s leaders have not yet approved commercial casinos to start operating.

Most of the casinos in this state are highly successful. That was, until March, when all of these gambling venues closed their doors to the public. For almost three months, nearly all of the casinos in California were closed.

Obviously, this couldn’t stay shut down forever. Many of the Native American tribes in the state instantly began working on ways to safely reopen to the public. These casinos sit on sovereign land, meaning they do not need specific approval from state officials to open back up.

Last month, several major California casinos began opening back up. Based on numerous reports, this was a hugely popular move. Hundreds of gamblers began flocking to these gaming venues to play.

Some areas of California are taking longer to reopen than others. That’s especially true in the Bay Area, where officials have continued setting major restrictions. It’s unlikely that the casinos in this part of the state will remain closed for a little longer than some hoped.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

Bay Area Casinos May Not Open in June

As we just mentioned, the Bay Area has been a little slower to life restrictions than many other parts of the state. Things are slowly beginning to get back to normal here, though. Based on what’s being said, however, casinos here are still hesitant to reopen.

Each of the three casinos in this area, the San Pablo Lytton Casino, Graton Resort & Casino just outside Rohnert Park and River Rock Casino near Geyserville, all claim that it’s too early to open back up. Enormous pressure is being set on these venues to start operating again. Many tribes rely on their gambling revenue to function.

Matt Rodriquez, City Manager for the city of San Pablo, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“Hopefully, there may be a state-wide order issued by Governor Newsom and the state public health officer to enable California tribal gaming to reopen with aggressive protective measures in place to protect their workers and the public,” he said. 

Gavin Newsom is warning the state’s casinos about the danger of opening back up too soon. If a major spike in infections takes place, it’s likely that these venues will be forced to close once again.

The three venues we listed above have not yet set an opening date. No one knows exactly when they plan on reopening to the public. If the stars align, these properties may be able to offer sports betting options later this year.

California Continues to Push for Legal Sports Betting

The popularity of sports betting continues to grow around the United States. That’s especially true now that several major US sports leagues have begun operating again. More than 20 states have now legalized sports gambling, most of which are earning a huge amount of revenue every month from this industry.

Gavin Newsom and other state leaders recognize how much money can be earned by legalizing sports betting. California has one of the largest sports fan bases in the state.

The main issue now lies with the Native American tribes in the state. Many of these tribes want to ensure that a portion of the revenue earned here is dispersed properly. These tribes are also pushing against any commercial sports gambling options being offered.

Many feel that 2020 is the year that this happens. California’s economy has taken a major hit due to the global pandemic. Legalizing sports betting is just one of many ways that the state can start to earn more money.

Sports fans around the state are getting excited. Before the end of the year, we may see the state’s gaming venues, including Bay Area casinos, offering sports betting options. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this situation as it changes.

Do you think it’s time for Bay Area casinos to open back up? Will the coronavirus ever force these venues to close down again? Let us know in the comments section below!