Hard Rock Will Continue to Invest in Atlantic City, Despite Town’s Bad Shape

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic CityThe CEO of Hard Rock Atlantic City, Jim Allen, voiced his concerns that Atlantic City is “going in the wrong direction,” citing that the city in the worse shape it’s ever been since buying the Atlantic City casino nearly three years ago.

The resort is doing their part to keep employee morale high. After an employee meeting last Thursday, the Hard Rock handed out bonuses to nearly $2,900 full-time employees, totaling $2 million. Allen said while the company is willing and ready to be a part of a solution to build a better Atlantic City, it’s not confident over recent developments.

The City Needs Patching Up

One continuing trend of concern is the lack of urgency when it comes to keeping the streets and overall environment surrounding the resort safe and patched up. Allen notes that the streetlights have been out for two months on several blocks along Pacific Avenue:

“When you’re in a resort environment where safety and security is so important, if the city can’t get something fixed as simple as the street lighting, then maybe a change is needed,” he said.

Allen had humble career beginnings in the casino industry, when he started out as a cook at Bally’s Atlantic City over 40 years ago. He made a mere $6.11 an hour. Understanding the importance of keeping the hospitality industry alive in the town, he felt urged to meet with Mayor Marty Small to discuss plans for progress.

Recruiting the Mayor’s Help

On Thursday, Mayor Small stated that he’s been working with the electric company and state agency responsible for planning in the city to restore functioning traffic lights. That’s the first step. When asked about the impact he’s made and plans to move forward, he said this:

“I’ve been in office 103 days and we’ve already made changes, with plenty to come. I’m moving my agenda forward, and will meet with anyone that has the city’s best interest (at heart), which Jim Allen does.”

What’s Next Moving Forward

Allen said the company hopes to double bonuses next year if the casino’s performance improves. Although the hotel misses its 2019 business targets by 10%, it didn’t stop the generous and forward-thinking CEO to give the bonuses.

The motive is to motivate full-time workers to provide great customer service. Many of the workers received $250, while managers received bonuses on scales tied to their salary.

It’s a smart business move. If the city can’t improve its infrastructure, it can at least improve its level of service to keep guests coming to the door. Jill Tyron, an administrative assistant for Hard Rock Atlantic City said this about the free bonus the company received:

“What’s not to love about free money? I love it here. The people I work with are wonderful.”

The company plans to invest at least $15 million in capital expenditures in Atlantic City in 2020, one of those expenditures including an expanded sports betting operation.

Atlantic City’s New Year Celebrations Sound Incredible

2019 is just about to wrap up. Many on the East Coast are now trying to decide how to spend New Year’s Eve. From what we’re hearing, Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are going to be incredible. Anyone in the area should check them out! Fireworks Show

Atlantic City is having a fantastic year. Gambling venues here have experienced revenue gains almost every single month. Today, we’re going to take a look at what’s happening in this city right now.

Gambling Revenue in Atlantic City Continues to Increase

Over the past year, we’ve reported on the rising revenue earnings in Atlantic City. For almost every month of the year, gambling venues here have experienced rising gambling earnings. Much of this is thanks to the legalization of sports betting.

In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court officially struck down PASPA. This gave every state the ability to legalize sports betting. Almost immediately afterward, officials in New Jersey announced that sports betting was being made legal here.

Both land-based and online sports betting are now legal here. It’s proved to be a highly profitable industry. A huge number of sports bets have already been placed here. At times, sports betting revenue in Atlantic City surpassed the revenue earned in Las Vegas.

Casino revenue has been surging here, as well. Some of the casinos are earning considerably more than others. The Borgata Hotel & Casino continuously earns the most money in Atlantic City.

The year is coming to an end and overall, it was a great one for gambling venues in the city. Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations sound amazing.

Here Are Some Of Atlantic City’s New Year Celebrations

It’s not surprising to see Atlantic City gearing up for a major New Year’s Eve. This city is known for putting on a good party. After such a successful year, it makes sense for casinos here to put on something special.

Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are kicking off tomorrow! Several major casinos here are offering their customers some fantastic deals. The discounts being offered change from casino to casino.

Interestingly, many of the celebrations are catering primarily to loyal gamblers. Casinos in the city want to reward those who are considered “regulars” with a night to remember. This year, visitors here can expect fireworks, live music, catered food, and more.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is putting on one of the most exciting events of the holiday. Here, guests can purchase the “Rock n’ Roller Package” for $2020. It’s expensive, yet it comes with an ocean-view suite, a custom Fender guitar, champagne and strawberries, a couples massage, and a private dinner with wine pairing.

It’s an extremely exciting time to visit. Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are expected to be fantastic. If you’re in the area and want something to do, feel free to stop by for a visit!

Will 2020 Be As Successful for Atlantic City?

There is certainly reason to believe so. For almost all of 2019, the city has experienced a massive surge in gambling revenue. Based on the way things are heading, 2020 will be an even more successful month.

Even during the wintertime, gambling revenue is increasing here. In November, for example, casino revenue came to $223,943,722. That’s considerably more than casinos here made just a few years ago.

Of course, competition is increasing around the country. In nearby New York, lawmakers are working to open new forms of gambling. Sports betting is now legal in New York and more casinos are set to open here over the past few years.

In time, Atlantic City could grow to become the hottest gambling destination in the country. Many casinos are undergoing renovations here. A huge number of major US casino companies are investing money here, too.

Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are expected to be fantastic. Stay tuned for more New Jersey casino news over the next few months!

$24 Million Room Renovations at Harrah’s AC Are Set to Begin

Atlantic City has grown to become one of the country’s top gambling destinations. It’s home to several popular casino-resorts, including Harrah’s. This week, company officials announced an incredible $24 million plan for room renovations at Harrah’s AC. Harrah's Atlantic City Casino

It’s exciting news for fans of this hotel. Many have called for renovations over the past few years. Today, we’re going to talk about what will be changing here. We’ll also look at how the city is performing heading into 2020.

Let’s get into it!

Atlantic City’s Revenue Surges in Q3 of 2019

About a decade ago, Atlantic City was struggling to generate any money. The recession had taken a massive toll on the casinos operating in the city. Very few individuals were gambling here and as a result, many of the hotel-casinos were forced to permanently close their doors.

Things have completely changed over the past few years. Now, Atlantic City is one of the country’s top gambling destinations. It’s attracting visitors from around the country and most of the hotel-casinos here are now highly profitable.

For most of the year, gambling revenue has increased here. This was especially true in 2019’s Q3. Over those three months, gross profit from the city’s casinos increased to $26.5 million. This represents a massive 12.5% increase from the same period in 2018.

Borgata Casino continues to generate the most money here. In Q3, it earned $210,141,863. That’s more than double what the second-highest earner in the city, Hard Rock Atlantic City, brought in.

Harrah’s Atlantic City stands as a middle-of-the-pack casino in terms of revenue. This week, owners of this property announced a massive new renovation project.

Room Renovations at Harrah’s AC Will Soon Begin

Harrah’s Atlantic City first opened to the public in 1980. Since that time, the hotel-casino has undergone several renovation projects. Unfortunately, improving the conditions of the rooms hasn’t been a major focus point for the owners.

This week, officials in the company announced an incredible $24 million project. The money will go towards room renovations at Harrah’s AC. 416 of the rooms in the hotel’s Marina Tower will be redesigned and upgraded.

The project comes alongside a massive $300 million investment project by Caesars Entertainment, which controls Harrah’s. Ron Baumann, regional president of Caesars, recently commented on the renovation project to the media.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Laguna Tower to our guests in 2020, which will complete over $86 million in upgrades to our rooms and suites within the last three years,” he said. 

If all goes according to plan, these plans will be completed in the early part of 2020. Hopefully, the room renovations at Harrah’s AC help to bring in more gamblers and increase the casino’s revenue.

Sports Betting Revenue Continues to Grow in Atlantic City

New Jersey was instrumental in getting the Supreme Court to strike down PASPA. Immediately after this decision, sports betting became legal throughout the state. Today, each of the casinos in Atlantic City operates both land-based and online sportsbooks.

Since becoming legal, sports betting revenue in the city has increased. Many of the casinos here are now working to improve their sportsbooks.

In September, Both Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International opened brand new sportsbooks in the city. Caesars opened its new sportsbook inside Bally’s. It’s more than 15,000 square feet and features one of the biggest sports screens in the city.

MGM opened its new Atlantic City sportsbook in the Borgata.

The $24 million room renovations at Harrah’s AC are expected to be fantastic. We’ll need to wait a few months to see exactly what comes here.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City casino news over the next few months!

Terry Glebocki is Named CEO Of Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort

Atlantic City’s casino industry is thriving right now. The majority of gambling venues in the city are experiencing revenue increases almost every single month. This week, Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort officially hired Terry Glebocki as its new CEO.Ocean Resort Sign

It’s a huge move for this casino operator. It’s now one of the few major gambling companies in the US with a woman as its leader. Let’s look at what led to this decision.

Gambling Revenue Continues to Surge in Atlantic City

We’ve reported on the surge in gambling revenue in Atlantic City for years. Throughout almost all of 2019, casinos in this city have seen their earnings increase. Much of this can be attributed to the legalization of sports betting.

New Jersey was instrumental in getting the Supreme Court to strike down PASPA. Almost immediately afterward, lawmakers in this state began allowing sports gambling to take place. Every casino in Atlantic City now operates a land-based and online sportsbook.

The ability to place sports wagers is attracting a huge number of gamblers to Atlantic City. It’s helped to boost casino revenue, too.

Recently, the state’s gambling commission released the quarter-three revenue earnings. Incredibly, gross profit over these three months increased by an astounding 12.5%. The nine casinos in Atlantic City generated $928.9 million over this quarter.

Things aren’t slowing down here. Even during the winter months, Atlantic City is bringing in a huge number of gamblers.

Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort Hires Terry Glebocki as CEO

It’s well-known that the vast majority of leaders in the US casino industry are men. This week, however, Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort officially hired Terry Glebocki as its new CEO. Glebocki has years of experience in the industry and is an exciting new addition to Ocean Resort’s company.

Interestingly, Terry has served in an interim position since August. Initially, it was unclear whether or not she would maintain that position in years to come. It seems that the company enjoys her leadership style and has decided to make Glebocki the official CEO.

The new CEO commented on the news to the media this week.

“I’m so excited about this,” she said. “I like to think that I’m qualified for this job, whether I’m a man or a woman. But I do think I bring a different perspective to things. I like when there’s diversity in the team.”

Over the years, Terry Glebocki has worked for both Tropicana Entertainment and Trump Entertainment Resorts. She also served as CFO of Revel, which Ocean Resort eventually took control of. As a former accountant, Terry feels confident in her ability to control the casino-resort’s finances.

“I’m a detail-oriented person,” she said. “I look just as closely at a $1,000 expenditure as I do at a $1 million expenditure.” 

Hope is that the company’s new CEO can help to improve things over the next decade.

Ocean Resort Begins to See Revenue Increases

For months, Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort was one of the lowest-earning gambling venues in Atlantic City. Its location in the North Beach area of the city made it slightly less desirable than other casinos here. Recently, however, Ocean Resort has been generating more revenue than several of its competitors.

This was certainly the case in October. Reports from the NJ Gambling Commission show that Ocean Resort generated $18,427,671 that month. In terms of slot revenue, it was one of the city’s top earners.

It’s fantastic news for this resort, which at one point looked to be on the brink of collapse. Even the casino’s sportsbook is managing to generate impressive revenue figures.

Many are excited to see how Terry Glebocki’s role as CEO affects the casino-resort. Her years of experience in the casino industry should help to make things even better. Perhaps in time, Ocean Resort will be seen as one of the best venues in New Jersey.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City gambling news over the next few months!

Atlantic City Casino Revenue Increases Massively in Q3

Over the past year, Atlantic City has grown to become one of the most profitable gambling hubs in the country. New reports show that Atlantic City casino revenue increased massively in 2019’s third quarter. It’s fantastic news for the state and casino companies operating here.

Atlantic City Sign

Both sports betting and casino gambling continues to generate revenue here. Let’s take a look at exactly how much money the city’s gambling industry managed to generate over the past several months.

New Reports Show Atlantic City Casino Revenue is Increasing

You can’t cover the US casino industry without talking about Atlantic City. Decades ago, this was one of the most profitable gambling markets in the world. Unfortunately, the recession took a major toll on this city and it seemed on the brink of collapse.

Recently, however, things have improved dramatically. Revenue in this city has continued to increase for almost all of 2019. There are a few major reasons why this is.

The legalization of sports betting is certainly helping. New Jersey made sports gambling legal in May of 2018. Every casino in the state now operates a sportsbook. It’s helped to generate millions of dollars for the state government via taxes. New Jersey now has the most profitable sports betting market in the world.

New reports show that Atlantic City casino revenue increased massively during this year’s third quarter. Gross profit for the three months increased to $26.5 million, representing a 12.5% increase from the same time period in 2018. Atlantic City’s nine casinos generated $928.9 million in net revenue.

Things are looking very good here. Based on the way things are going, this will be the best year in the city’s history.

Which Casinos Generated the Most Money in Q3?

July, August, and September are all popular gambling months. It’s not a huge surprise to see so much money flowing into the casinos during this quarter. Some casinos managed to earn considerably more than others, though.

Borgata Casino generated the most money. It’s the most popular casino in the city and blew all of its competitors out of the water. In total, this gambling venue brought in $210,141,863. Hard Rock Atlantic City brought in the second-most money at $106,663,788.

These properties have reason to celebrate. James T. Plousis, Casino Control Commission Chairman in NJ, states that non-gambling amenities in the city proved successful last quarter, too.

“Positive trends also continued with important tourism indicators,” he said. “Non-gaming amenities continue to create a competitive advantage, and visitors like the diverse dining, entertainment and leisure activities that Atlantic City has to offer.”

Just about every casino had a solid few months. Things are obviously slowing down as winter approaches yet many are still generating more money than they did last year.

Sports Betting Revenue Surges in AC, As Well

There’s never been a better time to be a sports fan in Atlantic City. Sportsbooks in this city are continuing to improve. Both online and land-based sports gambling is legal here. For almost all of 2019, revenue from this industry has increased.

In October, sports betting helped to increase gambling revenue in this city to $266.23 million. Statewide, sports bettors here placed $487.9 million in legal sports wagers last month. 85% of these bets were placed online.

Altogether, more than $3.5 billion has been spent on sports bets in this state.

“New Jersey sportsbooks have surpassed Nevada’s in recent months, and it continues to show significant promise for the gaming industry,” said Steve Callender, president of the Casino Association of New Jersey and senior vice president of operations for the East Region of Tropicana Atlantic City’s parent company, Eldorado Resorts Inc.“We are optimistic as we approach the end of this year that we will finish 2019 out in a strong position.”

Atlantic City casino revenue and sports betting revenue continue to increase. This city has the potential to become the country’s true gambling center.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City gambling news over the next few months!

Atlantic City’s Ocean Casino is Making a Serious Comeback

Atlantic City is now considered one of the premier destinations in the United States. For years, Ocean Casino has been considered one of the worst gambling venues in the city. Recently, however, this hotel-casino has been posting some impressive revenue figures.

View Over Atlantic City

Owners of this venue are insisting that they’re not going anywhere. Today, we’re going to take a quick look into Ocean Casino’s recent revenue surge. Let’s get into it!

Atlantic City Continues to Bring in Major Revenue

About a year ago, Atlantic City was struggling to bring in any visitors. The recession had taken a major toll on this city and many of the top casinos here were forced to close down. Some felt that the city’s gambling industry was permanently destroyed.

Fortunately, this was not the case. Over the past decade, this city has slowly recovered. There are now many casinos here, most of which are bringing in massive revenue figures every single month. Some attribute this recovery to the city’s legalization of sports betting.

New Jersey was instrumental in getting PASPA struck down. It was the first state aside from Nevada to make sports betting legal. This form of gambling has become extremely popular here and attracts many visitors from states such as New York and Massachusetts.

For almost all of 2019, gambling revenue has increased in this city. Some of these casinos have managed to stand out from the rest of the pack. The Borgata Hotel & Casino, in particular, brings in millions more than any other gambling venue every single month.

Ocean Casino is consistently one of the lowest-earnings gambling venues in Atlantic City. Recently, it’s begun to make a comeback.

Ocean Casino Beings to Generate More Revenue

As we just mentioned, Ocean Casino is one of Atlantic City’s poorest-performing gambling venues. Almost every single month, this hotel-casino makes less than all others in the city. Over the past three months, however, it’s experienced a surge in gambling revenue. Owners are claiming that it’s a trend that will continue.

This establishment has seen double-digit revenue increases in July, August, and September. It appears that October’s revenue increased massively as well. Some are beginning to wonder if this venue will become one of Atlantic City’s next major casino resorts.

Mike Donovan, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Ocean Casino, commented on these revenue figures to the media this week.

“If you look at our numbers, they speak for themselves,” he said. “We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing and build on the success that we’ve had this year. Ocean is going to be here for a long time.”

It’s amazing news for owners of this casino. There’s a lot to be excited about.

This year, Atlantic City and Las Vegas have been competing over sports betting revenue. How’s this battle playing out?

Atlantic City Now Considered Sports Betting Capital of the US

Sports betting has been legal in New Jersey for more than a year. Today, every casino in this state offers sports betting odds. These casinos also operate online casinos which help to generate a huge amount of money every single month.

This summer, New Jersey surpassed Las Vegas’ sports betting revenue. It was a historic moment, leading many to wonder what the future of the US gambling industry would look like.

Some of the top gambling analysts in the country now believe Atlantic City to be the US sports betting capital. That’s tough to argue against, as revenue here continues to increase almost every single month. Even Ocean Casino is generating serious money from its sports gambling operations.

Hope is that sports betting helps to keep Ocean Casino’s operations up and running. It’s a fantastic casino and one that’s working hard to compete with the city’s big dogs.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City gambling news over the next few weeks!

A New Atlantic City Loyalty Program is Being Unveiled

Atlantic City is growing to become one of the hottest gambling hubs in the country. A huge number of casinos are now operating here and gambling revenue continues to rise. This week, Ocean Casino Resort announced a brand new Atlantic City loyalty program to its players.

Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City

It’s exciting news for fans of this hotel-casino. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this new program. We’ll also look at some of the other loyalty programs in Atlantic City available right now. Let’s get into it!

Gambling Revenue Continues to Increase in Atlantic City

Just a decade ago, Atlantic City was struggling to stay afloat. The recession had taken a massive toll on this city and forced many casinos, some of which had operated here for decades, to permanently close their doors. Things have taken a turn in recent years.

Today, Atlantic City is one of the most popular gambling destinations in the country. Several high-end casino resorts have opened here. In 2018, New Jersey legalized sports betting and every casino in AC now operates a land-based and online sportsbook. Some are investing millions to renovate and expand these sports betting areas.

The legalization of sports betting seems to have breathed new life into this city. New Jersey now earns millions of dollars every single month from its sports gambling operations.

For almost all of 2019, gambling revenue has increased in Atlantic City. In August, Atlantic City casinos brought in $286,480,341 in total revenue. Things are definitely looking great for gambling venues in this state.

Now, Ocean Casino Resorts is offering a brand new Atlantic City loyalty program. Hope is that it helps bring in more gamblers to the casino floor. Let’s look at what’s now being offered.

Ocean Casino Resorts’ New Atlantic City Loyalty Program

Casino loyalty programs are ways for casinos to reward players for their players for gambling. The more that an individual wagers, the better the rewards they can earn. Some casinos offer incredible perks to members of their loyalty programs including free tickets to shows and comped rooms.

There are several loyalty programs available in Atlantic City right now. Ocean Casino Resorts has just announced the details of its new program. The program will replace the current Ocean Rewards Club. On October 1st, the new Ocean WOW Rewards Club will officially become available.

Much like the previous rewards program, this one is multi-tiered. The more that members wager, the more points they accumulate and the higher they move up the tiers. Ocean Casino Resorts has revealed a Chairman tier for those who accumulate more than 300,000 points in a single year.

The previous tier brackets remain as follows: Blue (0 to 2,999 points), Gold (3,000 to 14,999 points), Platinum (15,000 to 74,999 points) and Black (75,000 to 299,999 points).

Some of the new benefits to this program include suite upgrades, a free cabana, and invitations to exclusive Chairman events. It’s exciting news for gamblers in Atlantic City!

This isn’t the only Atlantic City loyalty program available right now. Let’s look at some of the others.

Other AC Loyalty Programs Available Right Now

Just about every single casino in New Jersey offers its members a loyalty program. One that many love right now is the Star Cards Rewards program offers by Resorts Casino-Hotel. It’s a five-tiered program that offers a range of amazing perks.

Some of the rewards offered by this program include free room upgrades, priority front-desk check-in, free valet parking, and a complimentary birthday dinner!

Tropicana Hotel-Casino in Atlantic City (now owned by Eldorado Resorts) also offers a fantastic rewards program, called the TROP Advantage Players Club. The tier bracket for this hotel-casino can be seen below.

  • Green (0 Tier Points)
  • Copper (4,000 Tier Points)
  • Gold (20,000 Tier Points)
  • Platinum (100,000 Tier Points)
  • Black (450,000 Tier Points)

Members of this program can receive free slot play bonuses, free gifts, special discounts on food, and complimentary show tickets.

Atlantic City is home to many of the best casinos in the US. If you’re in this city, spend some time finding the Atlantic City loyalty program that’s right for you!

Stay tuned for more exciting Atlantic City casino news over the next few months!

New Sportsbooks in Atlantic City Casinos Revealed

Atlantic City is quickly becoming one of the hottest gambling hubs in the United States. With sports betting legal and regulated here, this city has never been more popular. Recently, several new sportsbooks in Atlantic City casinos were officially unveiled to the public.Sky View Of Atlantic City

It’s exciting news for sports betting fans on the East Coast. Let’s take a look at what new sportsbooks have come here. We’ll also look at some of the current betting odds on the NFL available right now.

Sports Betting in Atlantic City Continues to Grow

New Jersey was instrumental in having PASPA struck down last year. Before this, only Nevada was legally allowed to offer sports betting odds. Now, 13 states have legalized sports betting and 6 more have approved sports gambling bills. Atlantic City, New Jersey’s gambling hub, is benefiting massively from this industry.

For almost all of 2019, gambling revenue in Atlantic City has increased. Casino and sportsbook earnings continue to rise here. This is true for the month of August, in which the state’s sports betting platforms saw a massive surge in earnings.

According to new reports, New Jersey’s total revenue last month was $352.8 million. This represents a 16.1% revenue increase from the same month in 2018. Sports gambling brought in $25.2 million last month.

Online sports betting in New Jersey is proving to be the preferred method of wagering. New Jersey online sportsbooks use geo-targeting technology. They allow sports bets to be placed from anywhere within the state borders. Around 85% of all sports bets placed in New Jersey are now made online.

Resorts Casino & Hotel in AC is bringing in the most money right now. It brought in $6,697,318 last month. Interestingly, the Meadowlands Racetrack, located outside of Atlantic City, was the biggest earner at $9,269,586.

New Sportsbooks in Atlantic City Are Revealed

The start of the 2019/2020 NFL season was expected to bring in a surge of sports wagers. To prepare for this wave, several new sportsbooks in Atlantic City casinos were revealed. These multi-million dollar sportsbooks were opened to help bring in more bettors the state’s land-based casinos.

Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International have both opened new high-end sportsbooks at their Atlantic City casinos. Caesars revealed its new Bally’s sportsbook on September 8th. This betting venue, called “The Book,” is a 15,230 square foot betting area featuring a massive 98-foot-wide by 18-foot-tall screen that features all major sporting events. It’s similar in size to the sportsbook inside the Caesars Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

MGM Resorts also opened its brand new 8,000 square foot sportsbook at Borgata. The “Money Bar & Book” features a 35-foot circular bar, 18 screens, and a VIP lounge. It’s one of the sleekest new sportsbooks in Atlantic City casinos today.

Scott Butera, president of interactive gaming at MGM Resorts International, commented on the company’s decision to center the new sportsbook’s atmosphere around entertainment instead of betting.

“Millennials want sports and sports betting to be part of the experience and not necessarily the whole experience,” he said. 

If you’re in Atlantic City, make sure to check these new gaming venues out!

NFL Odds Available Online Right Now

Want to bet on the NFL but aren’t located in New Jersey? Don’t sweat it! As we mentioned earlier, a number of other states have regulated their sports betting markets. There is also a wide range of amazing online sports betting sites available in every state around the country.

One of the best internet sportsbooks available throughout the country right now is Bovada. This site is known for offering safe payment options and a range of amazing odds. There are some fantastic NFL odds available through this site right now.

Members of Bovada can currently bet on the upcoming Thursday Night Football game between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans enter this game as the slight favorites with current odds of -120. Jacksonville enters the game with even odds.

There are a complete set of odds for every single game taking place this season. Head over to Bovada today to see some of the lines available right now!

There are several new sportsbooks in Atlantic City casinos. This city is already surpassing Las Vegas as the sports betting capital of the US. Perhaps in time, Atlantic City will surpass Las Vegas in casino revenue, as well.

Make sure to stay tuned for more Atlantic City gambling news over the next few weeks!

Hard Rock Atlantic City Voted Best Casino in AC

Atlantic City is now home to many of the most popular casino-resorts in the United States. Recently, Casino Player Magazine held a vote on which casino in this city was the best. Interestingly, Hard Rock Atlantic City took the top spot.

Hard Rock Cafe Logo

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City has been open for a little more than a year. It’s a tremendous accomplishment to earn the city’s top casino award. Let’s look at the results of this recent poll, and what other casino-resorts were close to winning.

Atlantic City Continues to See Revenue Increases

Just a few years ago, Atlantic City was struggling to bring in any money. The recession took a serious toll on this city, forcing many of the casinos here to permanently close their doors. In recent years, however, things have begun to turn around.

An improved economy and New Jersey’s decision to legalize sports betting has breathed new life into Atlantic City. Several major casinos have opened here in recent years. For almost all of 2019, gambling revenue in Atlantic City has increased.

Today, both online casino gambling and sports betting are fully legal and regulated here. All of the city’s land-based casinos operate internet and mobile betting platforms. Recently, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement announced that Atlantic City’s July revenue increased by 8% compared to the same time period last year.

Things are definitely going well in this city. Competition is extremely high, with each casino-resort working to out-do the others. Just recently, a popular casino magazine held a public vote to see which casino in Atlantic City is the best.

The results of this vote have now been made public.

Hard Rock Atlantic City Wins “Best Resort in Atlantic City” Award

As we mentioned earlier, the Hard Rock Atlantic City has only been open for a little more than a year. Previously, this casino-resort was called the Trump Taj Mahal. In the 90s, this was one of the most popular gambling establishments in the country. It also hosted a number of major combat sporting events, drawing in thousands of visitors from around the world.

In 2016, after significant financial difficulties, this casino announced it was officially closing its doors. Less than a year later, Hard Rock International announced that it was acquiring the casino. It re-opened as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City in 2018 and proved to be extremely successful right away.

For most of 2019, the AC Hard Rock has been one of the biggest revenue earners in Atlantic City. The Borgata, however, has continued to bring in the most revenue for almost all of this year. The Hard Rock may not have made as much money as the Borgata, yet it’s just been voted the best casino-resort in Atlantic City.

Voters officially named Hard Rock Atlantic City the best overall gambling venue in the city. This casino-hotel also took first place for the best suites, spa, players club, and more. It’s a tremendous accomplishment for this casino and Hard Rock International as a brand.

Casino Competition Grows Around New Jersey

There’s no doubt that Atlantic City is the gambling hub of the US east coast. The huge number of nearby casinos and entertainment options has made Atlantic City one of the most popular gambling destinations in the country. Recently, several states near New Jersey have begun to expand their gambling industries.

Lawmakers in New York, who have been largely anti-gambling over the years, are finally beginning to recognize the huge earning potential from the gaming industry. In July of this year, sports betting was made legal here. A recently-approved bill also allows for more casinos to open in the state.

Massachusetts is also experiencing an increase in gambling revenue right now. Not long ago, Wynn Resorts opened the Encore Boston Harbor. It’s now one of the most lucrative casinos on the east coast.

It’s unclear exactly how this increase in nearby competition will affect Atlantic City’s gambling revenue. For now, it doesn’t seem to be having much of an impact. Gambling establishments here continue to bring in major earnings. In time, Atlantic City may compete with Las Vegas as the top gambling city in the US.

Make sure to stay tuned for more gambling news on Atlantic City over the next few months!

Borgata in Atlantic City Takes Phil Ivey’s WSOP Winnings

Phil Ivey is considered to be one of the best professional poker players in the world. Unfortunately, he’s in hot water with the Borgata in Atlantic City. This popular casino recently took all of Ivey’s winnings from the recent World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas.

Phil Ivey During World Series Of Poker Tournament

It’s disappointing news for the poker star. Let’s look at why the Borgata is taking his money.

Phil Ivey Caught Cheating at Major Casino

Phil Ivey is an American poker player from Riverside, California. He’s been competing in poker since the 1990s and has gained a status as one of the most talented players today. Ivey has already won 10 World Series of Poker bracelets during his career and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2017.

Not everything is going well for Ivey, though. Despite a reported $26.3 million from professional poker, he’s been engaging in what’s known as baccarat “edge sorting” at one of the top casinos in the US. The Borgata alleges that in 2012, Ivey has used the banned strategy, which involves recognizing a slight flaw in the pattern of casino’s playing card, to win nearly $10 million.

This obviously didn’t sell well with officials at the Borgata. They sued Ivey, who claimed that what he did isn’t against the law, and instead proves that casinos have a flaw in this operating system. As you might expect, the courts sided with Borgata.

Interestingly, it’s not the first time that Ivey was caught using this strategy, in 2017, he lost £7.7 in a London casino for “edge sorting,” as well.

Phil Ivey is now forced to pay all of the money back to the Borgata in Atlantic City. The courts are also demanding that Ivey pay an additional $504,000 from the money that his accomplice made at the casino. Some of that money is already being paid back.

Borgata in Atlantic City Receives Ivey’s 2019 WSOP Winnings

With such a decorated poker career, there’s reason to believe that Phil Ivey has millions in the bank. According to Ivey, however, he has no money in his bank account. Borgata has been able to find one US bank account tied to Ivey, yet there’s no money in it.

It’s assumed that most of his money is located in bank accounts based outside the United States. Ivey is one of the heads of Virtue Poker, an online poker platform that uses blockchain technology to protect player’s winnings. It’s also possible that Ivey uses Bitcoin to hide his cash.

That isn’t stopping Borgata from getting their money back. The famous Atlantic City casino has officially seized the money that Ivey made during his run in the 50th World Series of Poker Event. Ivey managed to take 8th place during the event, taking in $124,410 for his efforts.

MGM Resorts quickly notified WSOP officials that the money was being taken away. They transferred the cash to the US Marshals Service, and later back to the Borgata in Atlantic City. Now he just needs to pay the additional $9,800,000 and all will be forgiven.

Online Poker Options Available in the US

It’s disappointing to see Phil Ivey in such hot water. Don’t be like him! More people are choosing to skip the trip to their local casino and instead are making their bets over the internet. Today, there are a huge number of amazing US casino websites that offer poker gaming options.

One of the most popular internet poker sites today is Bovada Casino. This website has grown extremely popular in the country thanks to its wide range of different games and safe payment options. Here, you can find all major forms of poker including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 3-card.

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Borgata in Atlantic City is going to keep demanding that Ivey pay back the money he won. Whether or not the casino will actually receive this money is questionable. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation over the next few months!