Next PFL Season Taking Place at Atlantic City Casinos

The Professional Fighters League has grown to become one of the most popular MMA promotions in the world. Some of the top fighters in the world compete in tournament events for the chance to win $1 million dollars. The next PFL season is taking place inside Atlantic City Casinos, meaning anyone in this area can check out the fights!PFL Logo Design

It’s an exciting time for those in the Atlantic City area. Fortunately, those located in other parts of the country can still place wagers on these fights. Today, we’re looking at the fights taking place, and discussing which US gambling sites are offering odds on them. Let’s get into it!

Ocean Casino Resort Hosting the Next PFL Season

Atlantic City has hosted some of the biggest combat sports events in history. Legendary fighters like Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and Arturo Gatti have all competed here. More recently, the UFC has come into town featuring fighters like Donald Cerrone, Edson Barboza, and Kevin Lee.

Now, this historic gambling city is hosting the next PFL season. Three separate events are taking place inside the Ocean Casino Resort, one of the more popular casinos located in this city. Recently, this gaming establishment teamed up with a few others to promote the North Beach section of Atlantic City.

PFL 4, 5 and 6 will all take place inside this casino. These events will take place on July 11th, July 25th, and August 8th. Each of the PFL’s top fighters across multiple weight classes will be competing for their chance to make the tournament finals.

Ocean Casino is certainly popular, yet it hasn’t generated as much revenue as many of the other casinos in this city. Perhaps hosting the next PFL season will help! Let’s take a quick look at who’s competing.

Major Upcoming PFL Fights in Atlantic City

PFL 4 is taking place today. We’ll skip the fight breakdown for that event. On July 25th, the 5th event is scheduled to take place and features some of the top fighters in the promotion. Kicking off the main card is Gadzhi Rabadanov and Daniel Pineda.

Rabadanov is a product of Dagestan and training partner of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. He’s accumulated an 11-2 record in his professional career, including his first PFL win against veteran Steven Siler back in May. Pineda is a UFC vet with 25 wins against 13 losses. It’s an intriguing matchup between a promising up and comer and a longtime competitor.

In the co-main event, Lance Palmer is taking on Luis Rafael Laurentino. Palmer managed to win last year’s PFL season using his dominant wrestling and is the current favorite to do the same this season. Laurentino is no pushover, though. He has one of the best records in MMA right now at 34-1 with the majority of his wins coming via stoppage. It’s perhaps the most intriguing matchup in the entire tournament.

Finally, Chris Wade will fight Akhmet Aliev in the main event. Wade was a UFC standout and has the well-rounded game to give anyone trouble. Akhmet is another Russian star with 18 wins and just 4 losses. This entire event is stacked.

PFL Season Betting Odds for 2019

There are a huge number of amazing online casinos in New Jersey. In fact, most of the online casinos operating in this state are available throughout the entire country. Many of these internet casino sites operate sportsbooks as well and provide betting odds on the next PFL season.

One of the best is Bovada Casino. This site is well-known for offering a huge number of great MMA odds in 2019. Unfortunately, Bovada has not yet released lines for PFL 5. They did, however, provide some amazing odds for the PFL event taking place tonight.

Tonight’s event is headlined by Chris Curtis and Magomed Magomedkerimov. Curtis is listed as the underdog with odds of +330. Magomedkerimov comes in as the heavy favorite with current odds to win at -400.

There are a number of other odds available here. Kayla Harrison competes in the co-main event and is the biggest favorite on the entire card. Her odds sit at -1500, while her opponent, Morgan Frier, enters with odds of just +950.

The next PFL season is taking place in Atlantic City. There are some incredible fights scheduled to take place. If you can head to this city and bet on the fights, great! If not, feel free to check out some of the gambling sites here and place your bets from anywhere in the country!

Online Gambling at Golden Nugget Surging in 2019

New Jersey is one of the few states that regulates its online gambling market. All of the casinos spread around Atlantic City provide internet gambling options, yet some are proving to be more successful than others. Golden Nugget Casino is close to setting a new record with its online gambling operations.Slot Machines Inside Casino

Based on this year’s trend, the Golden Nugget could become the first casino where online gambling is more profitable than land-based gambling. It’s an interesting development that could have a huge impact on the US casino industry moving forward. Let’s look at why this is.

Casino Revenue in Atlantic City Continues to Increase

For more than a year now, gambling revenue in Atlantic City has increased. Every single month, casino earnings here exceed what they were a year prior. There are many that feel this New Jersey city could become the next major US gambling destination.

Some casinos in this city are proving to be more successful than others. The Borgata Casino continues to out-perform the rest. In May alone, Borgata earned $55,236,068. The second highest-earner is the Hard Rock, which brought in $28,626,602.

Historically speaking, Golden Nugget Casino is one of the lower-earners in Atlantic City. In May, this casino earned just $17,137,676. Interestingly, Golden Nugget has the most popular online gambling platform in the state.

This casino has teamed up with Betfair and offers a wide range of online casino and internet sports betting options. Online gaming revenue has increased for the Golden Nugget and is now close to surpassing the land-based casino revenue.

Golden Nugget Internet Gambling Revenue Surging

As we’ve already mentioned, New Jersey is one of the few states to legalize and regulate online gambling. Casinos in the state use geolocation software that allows anyone in New Jersey’s borders to gamble online. The popularity of internet gambling has never been higher here.

This week, reports surfaced showing just how much the Golden Nugget’s online gambling revenue has increased. For the past year, internet gambling revenue has been on a steady incline here. Online gaming revenue is nearing the casino’s land-based revenue.

It may be the very first time that any casino’s online operations are more successful than land-based gambling. Steve Ruddock, a New Jersey-based gambling analysts, feels that it’s inevitable for online casinos to take over the gambling industry.

“It would surprise me if it happened during the busier summer months, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see online revenue surpass retail revenue as soon as October,” Ruddock said.

Why is Golden Nugget’s Internet Platform So Successful?

Unlike many casinos, Golden Nugget focuses all of its attention for internet gambling in New Jersey. They have teamed up with a number of major iGaming experts to provide their players with the best possible product.

In four of the past five months, the difference between online and land-based gaming revenue was less than $3.5 million. June’s revenue figures are not yet known. There is a chance, albeit a slight one, that internet gambling earnings will be more than the casino’s land slots and table games.

Golden Nugget simply offers a better online gambling platform than its competitors. Industry researcher Chris Grove explains how.

“To put more simply, they are bringing a better product that is executed more robustly than the majority of their competitors in the market,” He said. “So, that idea of operational excellence is one of the primary reasons why Golden Nugget is in the position that it’s in, in terms of generating as much revenue as it does from online gambling.”

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see online casinos in New Jersey improve over the next few years. More people are choosing to make their bets online, and internet gaming revenue continues to increase. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on this story as they come out!

Caesars Atlantic City Gears Up For 40th Anniversary

One of the most successful casinos in Atlantic City is set to celebrate 40 years of operating. Caesars Atlantic City has survived through the years and deserves credit for its consistently high-quality casino gaming options. It’s a real accomplishment for one of the country’s biggest casino-resort companies.Caesars Atlantic City

This is the perfect time to look back at the history of this casino’s operations in Atlantic City. We’ll also talk about how this famous casino has performed in recent years. Let’s get into it!

History of Caesars Atlantic City

This casino opened up in Atlantic City all the way back in 1979. It launched inside a Howard Johnson property, which Caesars invested nearly $300 million to renovate. When Caesars opened, it was just the second casino in Atlantic City. At this time, it was called the Boardwalk Regency.

By 1985, this casino was named Caesars Boardwalk Regency and underwent a massive expansion. Company officials added an 1100-seat showroom. Over the years, this venue has featured some of the top artists in the world including Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, and Celine Dion.

Two years later, this casino finally changes its name to Caesars Atlantic City. Throughout the next few decades, the casino underwent numerous renovations, including adding the Roman-theme into the casino’s interior.

During the Great Recession, casino revenue in Atlantic City dropped dramatically. A number of major casinos here were forced to permanently shut their doors. Caesars persevered, and it one of the most successful gaming establishments in the city today.

Atlantic City’s Huge Revenue Increase

We have covered the rise in Atlantic City revenue for months. Just last week, we discussed the news of Atlantic City recording its 12th straight month of increased revenue. This does not necessarily apply to all casinos here, though.

There is a clear discrepancy in casino earnings here. For the most part, a few casinos are bringing in the majority of revenue to this city. The Borgata Casino continued to be the top earner here.

Caesars, to its credit, has performed great. In May, this casino was the second-highest revenue earner in Atlantic City. It acquired $22,941,207 in overall revenue last month.

Sports betting has helped to increase revenue here substantially. In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, allowing every state to set its own laws on sports gambling. New Jersey legalized this industry just weeks later. Today, more than $3 billion has been spent on sports wagers in this small city.

Caesars Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

You have to give credit to Caesars for sticking with Atlantic City through thick and thin. It’s a great thing to see this city’s economy flourishing once again, and we can expect some major developments coming here in the near future.

Caesars Atlantic City recently earned the 2019 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. During the majority of 2018, this casino was named the #1 hotel in Atlantic City by a number of outlets. Officials in the company are incredibly proud of what the casino has accomplished in this city.

“With three resorts in the market, Caesars has viewed Atlantic City as critical to our success over the past 40 years,” said Tom Rodio, CEO of Caesars Entertainment. “Having started out at Harrah’s Resort, and spending most of my career in the City, I have a special appreciation of this landmark 40th anniversary for Caesars, the gaming industry and Atlantic City.”

Caesars is announcing a set of entertainment, culinary, and nightlife events throughout the entire summer. A number of other casinos in Atlantic City owned by Caesars Entertainment are also planning to launch entertainment events over the next few years.

Make sure to stay tuned for updates to Atlantic City casino news. We’ll keep you updated on major events taking place this summer.

Is NBA Betting Coming to the Golden Nugget Casino?

Lawmakers in New Jersey are considering a major change to its sports betting regulations. Reports indicate that the Golden Nugget Casino may soon allow NBA betting. It’s a great sign for this casino, and others located in Atlantic City.Golden Nugget Casino

New Jersey has one of the country’s most successful sports betting markets. It seems that the state is ready to loosen restrictions towards this industry even more. Let’s look at why this change is coming about.

New Jersey’s Stance on Sports Betting

For decades, Nevada was the only state in the United States that offered legal sports betting options. A set of laws called PASPA banned all states from regulating this industry. In May of 2018, this finally changed. The US Supreme Court struck down PASPA, giving every state the ability to set its own laws on sports betting.

This sent shockwaves through the US gambling scene. A number of states immediately began working to legalize this industry. New Jersey was the first to do so post-PASPA.

It’s proving to be a great decision. All of the casinos in Atlantic City now allow sports betting, and most are profiting massively. Legal sports betting is earning the state millions in additional revenue every single month.

New Jersey has very lenient laws towards this industry. Now, it appears lawmakers here want to make sports gambling laws even less restrictive. One of the most popular casinos here could be gearing up for a major improvement.

Is NBA Betting Coming to the Golden Nugget Casino?

One of the laws in New Jersey states that owners of sports teams cannot accept legal sports wagers. What exactly does that mean? Essentially, it means that professional sports team owners cannot place or accept bets on the sports they are involved in.

Tilman Fertitta owns the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City. This billionaire casino operator currently owns the NBA’s Houston Rockets. This makes it illegal for the Golden Nugget to accept NBA wagers.

This may soon change. A bill was introduced earlier this week to lift the ban on sports team owners accepting legal sports wagers. If this bill is passed, the Golden Nugget will have the ability to offer all NBA bets that do not involve the Rockets.

Assemblyman Raj Mukherji co-sponsored the bill. He believes New Jersey has the potential to surpass Nevada as the country’s top gambling destination.

“New Jersey’s sports wagering industry is new and fledgling, but if we take the handcuffs off, it could surpass Nevada as the largest market in the country within a few years,” he said. “I don’t see the point of leaving out a potential significant participant in this new industry if sufficient regulation and integrity protections are in place. Nevada has long allowed this same arrangement.”

What to Expect in Coming Months

Things are definitely looking good for the Golden Nugget Casino. Things have already improved for this popular gambling establishment. When sports betting laws were first being set in place here, the Golden Nugget was banned from offering odds on all sports. Now it’s only banned from offering NBA wagers.

Golden Nugget officials complain that the current laws set in place are not fair. Without NBA betting, this casino’s revenue is declining. The numbers prove that. In May, this casino brought in the second-lowers sports betting revenue in Atlantic City with just $16,957.

New Jersey lawmakers seem to recognize that these laws need to change. The state’s Assembly Appropriations Committee held a legislative hearing on Tuesday. The State Senate will soon review the bill.

Most analysts predict the Senate will approve the new bill. Nevada remains the gold standard of sports betting in the US. If this state allows the Fertitta’s casino in Vegas to accept NBA bets, then New Jersey will likely do the same.

Should this casino offer NBA bets? Will this help this casino earn more revenue? We’ll let you know as updates come out.

The Future of Sports Betting is Online, Says Experts

Not long ago, we spoke about the East Coast Gaming Conference taking place in Atlantic City. This conference has now come and gone, and experts here dropped an interesting piece of knowledge about the future of sports betting. According to these experts, more than 90% of sports gambling will take place online within the next five to ten years.Future of sports betting

It’s clear that much of the country is beginning to embrace online gambling. As more states begin to legalize sports betting, the popularity of internet sports betting grows. Today, we’re going to look at why analysts feel most sports wagers will be made online in the near future. Later, we’ll cover some of the other important moments from this year’s AC Gaming Conference.

Future of Sports Betting Looks Strong Right Now

Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court sent shockwaves through the gambling industry by striking down PASPA. This decision allowed every state across the country to set its own laws on sports gambling. Within just a few months, several states began the process of legalizing this industry and even more introduced legislation to do the same.

New Jersey has proven to be the most successful state to recently regulate its sports betting market. A little over a year after sports betting was made legal here, more than $2 billion had already been wagered on sporting events here. That number is likely close to reaching $3 billion at this point.

The interesting thing is that the majority of these wagers are being made over the internet. New Jersey uses a geo-location to allow anyone within the state borders to place sports bets online. Even residents of New York are crossing the state border just to throw money down on their favorite teams. 80% of all sports bets made here are online.

That statistic proves how popular online gambling is truly becoming. Multiple states are now working to allow internet sports betting. A number of high-profile gambling executives feel this trend will continue for years. The future of sports betting is online, and many different states are beginning to realize this.

States With Online Sports Betting Are Reaping the Rewards

New Jersey is clearly the gold standard for online betting. This state has maintained a strong gambling presence over the years thanks to Atlantic City casinos. Until very recently, however, none of these casinos could offer sporting odds. That changed in the Spring of last year.

Today, all of the land-based casinos in Atlantic City provide sports betting lines to their customers. The majority of these casinos have also teamed up with major online gambling companies to offer internet sports betting options. Many feel the legalization of sports betting helped to bring Atlantic City back to life after the Great Recession nearly bankrupted the entire city.

Moti Malul, CEO of NeoGames, feels this is a possibility for every state that legalizes online sports gambling. He believes that more than 90% of all sports wagers will be placed over the internet in the near future.

“Innovation will drive through that,” he said. “And who knows what mobile will look like 10 years from now? CEO of CG Technology, Parikshat Khanna, feels the same way. “The true capability of sports wagering is mobile,” he told attendees at the East Coast Gaming Conference.

Many states are now working to allow internet sports betting. Even New York, which has long been against nearly all forms of online gambling including Daily Fantasy Sports, is working to open up this industry. Money talks.

What Else Was Said at the East Coast Gaming Conference This Year?

This year’s EC Gaming Conference took place in Atlantic City. The second-longest running gambling conference in the country is proving to be a must-attend for those in the gambling industry. Many industry leaders attended, as well as politicians from the state of New Jersey.

Most of the talk centered around the future of online gambling. With PASPA now gone, there is a serious discussion as to how the future of sports betting will look in the US. Most experts agree that online betting is the way things are heading.

Not everyone is completely convinced, though. David Cordish, owner of multiple casinos across Maryland and Pennsylvania feels that land-based sports betting isn’t going anywhere.

“You’re fighting for that customer up there in the ether,” he said. “It costs a lot to market to that customer, and you’re not the only one. What we should be doing is building real facilities that attract the guest. It’s a fun event.”

Of course, a land-based casino operator is going to feel that way. In reality, the numbers prove that more people across the country are choosing to make their bets online. Hope is that within the next decade, internet sports betting will be completely legal across the entire country.

The future of sports betting is clearly online. Exactly how long it will take for all states to get on board is up for debate. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on states that decide to legalize this popular industry!

Atlantic City’s Revenue Increases in May

May is proving to be another successful month for Atlantic City. For more than a year now, Atlantic City’s revenue has been increasing steadily. Casinos located in this city certainly have reason to celebrate.Atlantic City's revenue

Things are looking good for the “Las Vegas of the East Coast.” Today, we’re going to look at what has led to AC’s gaming revenue increasing so rapidly. We’ll also look into some major developments coming to this city in the coming months.

Why is Atlantic City’s Revenue Continuing to Increase?

There are many reasons. Most analysts directly attribute the legalization of sports betting for Atlantic City’s huge revenue boost. Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court gave the green light for individual states to set their own laws on sports gambling. New Jersey was the first state outside of Nevada to legalize and regulate this industry.

Sports betting gave Atlantic City the push it needed to attract new players. Just a decade prior, this city was in the middle of a huge decline. The Great Recession took a major toll here, and many of the city’s biggest casinos were forced to close their doors.

The legalization of sports betting and a strong US economy helped bring back this city’s revenue. Since May of last year, revenue in this small city has increased significantly every single month. As you’d probably expect, some of the country’s biggest gaming companies are now entering into this market.

Not all of Atlantic City’s are racking in the cash, though. A few casinos here are continuing to bring in significantly more money than others. The Ocean Resort, for instance, was forced to sell to new owners due to low earning figures. Even with a discrepancy in revenue earnings, everyone agrees that Atlantic City is on the rise once again.

May Proves to Be Another Successful Month for AC

There are no signs that Atlantic City’s revenue earnings are slowing down. Last month, this city brought in nearly $267 million. This represents a 22.5% increase from the same time a year earlier.

Two brand-new casinos began operating in Atlantic City last month. The addition of these new gaming venues helped to significantly increase gaming revenue in the city. Interestingly, some of the most lucrative casinos here saw their revenue earnings dip in May.

The Borgata is well-known to be the biggest earner in Atlantic City. Last month, this hotel-casino saw its earnings fall to $61.3 million, down by 7.1% from the month prior. The Tropicana had the biggest revenue fall to just $29.3 million, representing a 14.6% decrease.

Internet betting brought in a massive amount of revenue in May. Overall, internet gambling brought in more than $38 million for an overall increase of 58%. Atlantic City casinos earned just over $5.5 million from sports betting. With such a huge increase in earnings, some wonder how long the trend will continue.

Future of Atlantic City Looks Good

There are no reasons to believe Atlantic City’s revenue earnings will decrease anytime soon. Casinos here continue to bring in serious earnings. By all accounts, a number of new casinos will begin operating here over the next few years.

A number of major casinos here are even choosing to work together. Just last week, news came out that the Hard Rock, Ocean Resort, and Resorts Casino are all working together to promote the North Beach area of Atlantic City. The fact that competitors are working together for a common cause shows how much things are improving here.

There is hope that some of the lower-earning casinos in AC will begin to catch up to the big fish. The aforementioned Ocean Casinos and Resorts Casino are both struggling to pull in big revenue figures. Ideally, all of the casinos here will be on something close to an even playing field in terms of earnings.

Atlantic City is experiencing a huge boom. More companies are choosing to enter this market, and the local community is benefiting massively. If you’re a gambling fan in the New Jersey area, give this city a visit!

How long do you think Atlantic City’s revenue will increase? Should there be a limit on the number of casinos able to operate here? Let us know!

Eldorado Resorts Earns Tropicana Casino License

One of the biggest casino entertainment companies based in Reno, Nevada is officially making the move to Atlantic City. News is coming out that Eldorado Resorts has been granted a permanent casino license for the newly-purchased Tropicana Casino. Will this venture be successful?Eldorado Resorts

Eldorado is one of many major gaming companies moving into Atlantic City in recent months. It’s a great sign for this popular gambling hub. Let’s look at what we know of the Eldorado-Tropicana purchase so far.

Eldorado Resorts Purchases Tropicana Entertainment

In April of 2018, Eldorado Resorts announced one of the largest casino purchases in recent years. This major company purchased Tropicana Entertainment inc. for $1.85 billion. With this purchase came seven casinos spanning six different states.

Eldorado acquired all of the casinos previously operated by Tropicana. It includes two in Nevada, and one in Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and New Jersey. The latter is the Tropicana Casino and Resort, Atlantic City. Acquisition of this AC hotel-casino is fantastic, as it’s proven to be one of the most successful in the city.

Gary Carano, CEO of Eldorado, is extremely excited about the future of his company. He told the media last year, “With our proposed acquisition of Tropicana Entertainment, Eldorado Resorts is yet again pursuing a large transaction that is expected to be accretive, further increase the scale of our regional gaming platform and drive free cash flow growth.”

Of all the casinos that Eldorado now operates, the one in Atlantic City appears to be the most lucrative. A month before the deal closed on this purchase, Eldorado was granted an interim license to run the Tropicana Atlantic City. Now, this company has been given a permanent license.

NJ Casino Control Commission Approved License Request

At 10:30 local time, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission held a meeting to review Eldorado Resorts request for a permanent casino license. A few hours later, it was announced that the request has been granted.

NJ board has given the Eldorado a plenary qualification to officially take control over the Tropicana casino and hotel. As we mentioned earlier, this casino is one of the highest-earners in Atlantic City. Officials did not want to delay a major company from taking the reigns and helping to continue this success. It’s unclear if the NJ Commission asked for measures to ensure the local community benefits from the casino earnings.

Executives in Eldorado have to be happy right now. This company now has complete authority to operate the 2,400 room hotel and casino. What does this mean moving forward?

Eldorado and Caesars Merger Still On the Horizon

Rumors have been circulating that Eldorado and Caesars are set to announce a merger in the next few weeks. These two gambling powerhouses are actively working to set the price-stock deal terms. The acquisition of Tropicana will surely give Eldorado some leverage.

These two companies began talks to merge back in March. The purchase of Tropicana gave Eldorado a 28.5% stake in Caesars. With these two now seemingly in business together, a merge makes complete sense.

Of course, both companies will need to go through a lengthy approval process before any merge can be finalized. Caesars already maintains a heavy presence in Atlantic City, and with Eldorado Resorts now on board, New Jersey’s casino commission may be concerned with the two companies holding such a large portion of the market.

Things are definitely looking good for Eldorado right now. Even if a merge with Caesars doesn’t come to fruition, they’ve still gained control over one of the most successful casinos in Atlantic City. Stay tuned for updates on the situation.

Atlantic City Casinos Help to Fund Local Community

Atlantic City is experiencing a huge boom right now. The legalization of sports betting and new casino expansion is helping to bring in more revenue than ever before. This week, a Senate hearing took place to ensure that Atlantic City casinos are helping to fund the local community.Atlantic City casinos

It’s great to see gaming establishments here working to ensure the locals in the area reap the rewards of their success. Now is the perfect time to look at just how much revenue here has increased over the past few years. Let’s get into it!

Revenue Earnings in Atlantic City Over the Years

For many years, Atlantic City was the only area on the East Coast that offered legal casino gaming options. This small city was one of the most popular gambling destinations in the world, featuring some top casinos operated by major gaming companies. Between 2005 and 2015, however, this area saw a major decline.

During the recent economic recession, Atlantic City’s total GDP decreased by an astounding 21.4%. Fortunately, things are taking a huge turn.

Gambling revenue here has increased here every month for the past year. Many analysts directly attribute the legalization of sports betting for this increase in revenue. Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled PASPA unconstitutional. Every state now has the ability to set its own laws on sports betting.

New Jersey was the first state to officially legalize this industry. All casinos in Atlantic City operate sportsbooks, which in turn help to generate more overall revenue. Now, lawmakers in this state want to ensure that the money being earned from these gaming venues is being spread throughout the city.

Atlantic City Casinos Need to Invest into Local Economy

This week, a Senate hearing took place in Trenton, New Jersey. Lawmakers want to hear how casinos are helping the local community. One of the leaders of this hearing, David Rebuck, claimed that casinos are on the rise, and earnings from these establishments are going back into the local economy.

“The real issue here is the casinos today understand that they are intimately related to the success of Atlantic City as a municipality for their success,” he said.

Rebuck realizes what happened just a few years ago. Once the Atlantic City casinos failed, the local area failed, as well. Everyone wants to ensure this does not happen again.

There are a number of new measures lawmakers are discussing. Some are calling for a cap on the number of casinos that can operate here. Others want to see a new casino licensing structure. To their credit, many of the casinos in this city are completely open to helping locals.

Atlantic City’s Gambling Tax Structure

According to David Rebuck, Atlantic City casinos are bringing the state more than $132 million every year. Gross gambling revenue in the state is taxed at 8.5%. The taxation of online gambling and sports betting is also bringing in huge amounts of revenue for New Jersey.

Things are looking great for both casinos and workers in Atlantic City. With the massive revenue earnings, some are calling for tax rates to go up. For now, there’s no indication that is happening.

Lawmakers in New Jersey seem happy with the earnings from casinos. If tax rates are increased, these casinos (particularly the ones on the lower-earnings side of things) will not be happy. Higher taxes may even force some of these establishments to close down.

Officials here simply want to make sure that locals are benefiting from the rise in gambling. With 5,000 new jobs created here over the past few years, this certainly appears to be the case.

Do you think Atlantic City casinos should focus more on helping the community? What steps should lawmakers take to ensure this happens?

Atlantic City’s North Beach Getting Push From Casinos

Competition in Atlantic City is higher than ever. That doesn’t mean casinos here can’t work together for a common cause. This week, three different gaming establishments here announced they are working together to promote Atlantic City’s North Beach area. Atlantic City's North Beach

It’s somewhat of a surprise to see these casinos teaming up, yet it makes total sense. Today, we’re talking about why these three casino venues are working with each other. We’ll also discuss what this means for Atlantic City’s gaming industry moving forward.

Casino Competition At An All-Time High in AC

There’s no doubt that Atlantic City is in the middle of a serious comeback. This New Jersey city has experienced waves of growth and decline over the year. Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court gave the green light for New Jersey to legalize sports betting by shutting down PASPA.

Legalized sports betting helped Atlantic City in a major way. Billions of dollars have already been spent on sports wagers here. This industry has, in turn, helped to generate massive revenue for casinos in the area.

Today, there are ten different land-based casinos in this city. Each one is working hard to attract new players. Some, including the Ocean Casino, is even changing its entire approach to marketing in order to bring in more casino gamblers. There are a few casinos here that continue to outperform others.

The Borgata Hotel and Casino remains Atlantic City’s biggest earner. The Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Caesars, Harrah’s are all posting solid revenue earnings, as well. The aforementioned Ocean Casino continues to struggle. With so much competition here, why are casinos deciding to work together?

Three Casinos Now Marketing Atlantic City’s North Beach Area

This is a case of seeing the bigger picture. Atlantic City’s North Beach area hasn’t exactly struggled over the years, but bringing in more visitors here will benefit everyone. The Hard Rock, Ocean Casino, and Resorts Casino are teaming up to boost their earnings.

Starting this summer, these three casinos are launching marketing efforts for both gambling and non-gambling activities in this part of the Boardwalk. Block parties are scheduled to take place. These casinos will even hold live music-themed events in this area.

New CEO of Ocean Casino, Eric Matejevich, commented on the decision to team up with new casinos this week.

“We were all working together for the first time to highlight what is a great experience here in North Beach,” he said. “A guest can have three totally different casino experiences with maybe 40 different restaurants within a 10-minute walk.”

Atlantic City’s North Beach area is getting a huge push. It’s an unprecedented move to see casinos in this competitive town working together in such a way. Will this benefit Atlantic City overall?

How Will this Teamwork Affect Atlantic City in the Future?

Mark Giannantonio, President of Resorts Casino, believes this is the perfect time to launch a coordinated marketing effort for North Beach. “It makes no sense whatsoever not to work together and promote this end of town,” he said. “No doubt about it, it’s a new way of looking at things. It will raise all boats.”

Gambling revenue continues to increase in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, much of the earnings here are going towards just a few major casinos. A number of the smaller, newer casinos in this city are struggling to stay afloat.

The fact that different casinos are now working together is a great sign. In the future, we may see this same strategy take place throughout the city. The efficacy of this multiple-casino marketing effort will dictate how other casinos team up in the future.

It’s hard to imagine this being a bad thing in any way. When multiple parties work together, it benefits everyone. As these casinos earn more and expand, the gambling experience for bettors here also gets better.

Do you think the marketing effort for Atlantic City’s North Beach will work out? Will we see more casinos here working together in the future?

Ocean Casino Atlantic City Ready for Comeback

Atlantic City casinos know that sometimes, business just doesn’t come in. One of the newer casinos here, Ocean City, knows that more than others. Ocean Casino Atlantic City is hoping that with a new owner and major investments, it can turn things around. Ocean Casino Atlantic City

That’s a big goal, but one that’s certainly attainable. Fortunately, this hotel-casino has some major backing. Today, we’re looking at what Ocean Casino is doing to turn things around.

Ocean Casino Atlantic City Has Rocky First Year

Atlantic City is experiencing a wave of new hotels and casinos. Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled PASPA unconstitutional. This allowed New Jersey to finally legalize sports betting.

With sports betting legal, Atlantic City found new life. More people began visiting the casinos here, and more casinos began to open. One of these casinos is the Ocean Casino.

Unfortunately, not all of these gaming establishments have found success. Over the 11 months of operating, Ocean Casino has struggled to generate revenue. It holds just 0.8% of the Atlantic City casino gambling revenue.

This hotel-casino is now under new management. It just so happens that the new owners are some of the most powerful individuals in the gaming industry. Is Ocean Casino Atlantic City bracing for a major comeback?

Big Changes Coming to Ocean City

Luxor Capital has officially taken the reigns. Most analysts feel this is a tremendous move. In the past, Ocean City simply focused on the wrong things.

Bruce Deifik, former owner of this hotel-casino proudly went with a resort-first mindset. He worked hard to attract visitors to hotel amenities. Unfortunately, he overlooked the importance of casino operations.

Luxor Capital is not making that mistake. They are already working to expand Ocean Casino’s online and land-based gaming operations. The latter is the priority, for now.

Here are a few things coming that we know about:

  • Elevator taking guests from lobby to center of the casino floor.
  • Heavy marketing effort on “casino,” as opposed to “hotel.”
  • New online partners offering gaming services
  • New buffet and additional rooms
  • Wide range of new casino games inside the casino

It’s great to see the new owners focus so heavily on casino operations. This will almost ensure the Ocean Casino Atlantic City performs better than it has over the past year.

How is NJ Gaming Revenue Looking Overall?

There’s no doubt that sports betting has played a major part in the revenue spike in Atlantic City. After just two years of being legal, more than $2 billion has been spent on sports bets in this city. Hundreds of millions were wagers on the Super Bowl and recent March Madness tournament.

In May, Atlantic City reported its 11th straight month of revenue growth. Through the first four months of 2019, gaming revenue here increased by a staggering 20.8%.

Hope is that Ocean Casino can begin to earn a piece of this massive revenue pie. With Luxor on board, this is more likely than ever.

Do you think Ocean Casino Atlantic City will change things around? What do you want to see being added here?