Casinos in Lake County Have Started to Open

Lake County California

About two weeks ago, casinos in Lake County, California, started opening up. Since many of Lake County’s casinos are found on reservations, Governor Gavin Newsom wrote a letter to the tribal leaders to warn them about not listening to social distancing protocols established by the state.

The letter mentioned that they run the risk of igniting a new wave of infections.

Jessica Shown-Morgan, the marketing manager of Konocti Vista Casino Resort, released this statement in response to that letter:

“I’ve been really proud and happy about the way that we’ve (made) a lot of changes in order to make sure that people are safe, as well as finding out about all the health guidelines, and then still trying to create the fun.”

She also addressed the fact that they understand everyone’s concerns and take the safety of their guests very seriously.

Their goal is to make people feel comfortable playing in their casinos and staying in their hotel rooms without worrying about the spread of the coronavirus.

Changes Casinos in Lake County Have Started to Implement

One of the safety features Konocti Vista Casino Resort and the other surrounding casinos have implemented, is a plastic shield that separates cashiers from the guests.

This helps prevent the spread of germs between both parties. Both guests and employees will be required to wear a face mask at all times to prevent the spread of germs as well.

Before guests or employees can enter the casino, they will be required to get their temperature taken. Any guest or employee whose temperature is over 95.5%, will be asked to leave. Guests are required to remain six feet apart from anyone outside their party whenever possible too.

Many of the casinos in Lake County are also making their facilities non-smoking properties for the first time ever. They realize that smoking in the facilities potentially has the chance to increase the coronavirus spread and understand that the risk is not worth it. They may lose visitors over this course of action, but only time will tell.

Instead of allowing the casinos to stay open twenty-four hours, they will be closed from midnight until 8pm. During this time, they will have a cleaning crew come in to sanitize and perform a deep clean of the bathrooms, playing tables, chairs, slot machines, game pieces, etc.

While all of these restrictions may seem overwhelming, guests are still happy to have a place to enjoy their favorite casino games and socialize with their friends. In Lake County, casinos have been reaching their maximum capacity most nights over these past two weeks, and I don’t see that changing for a while.

Wrap Up

In Lake County, casinos have opened up, but things are certainly not the same as they used to be.

These casinos have taken extreme precautions to ensure they can minimize, if not altogether avoid, the coronavirus spread throughout their facilities.

I am excited to see casinos reopening safely and securely, and I’m eager to see what changes become permanent in the months to come.