Casino Winnings Claimed by Non-Winner

Par A Dice Casino

A father of Washington has been accused of trying to claim casino winnings of his son.

When an individual visits a casino and earns a win, the normal thing to do is to claim the win. Players love cashing in and taking home a big win. Sometimes, players forget to claim winnings or take tickets home to claim at a later date. While this is unusual, it does happen. Just recently, a father in Washington decided to try and falsify documents and claim a win that was originally for his son. The man now faces major charges due to his false claims.

False Win Claims

Par A Dice CasinoPar-A-Dice Casino is a gaming venue located in East Peoria (Illinois) that saw Jeffery A. Blair Sr. coming in and trying to claim a win that was not rightfully his. Blair Sr. tried to claim the win and has now been indicted by a grand jury in Tazewell County on charges of burglary, forgery, theft and a prohibited activity taking place on a riverboat gambling facility.

The most serious charges that Blair Sr. faces are that of theft and burglary. If convicted, he could face as many as seven years in prison per charge. The court records show that a shift manager at the gaming venue told a special agent of the Illinois State Police that in June of last year, Jeffery A. Blair Jr. won a jackpot the day before of $15,000. He did not collect his winnings because he did not have his identification on his person.

Blair Jr. decided to write down his social security number on a document for withdrawal and took the paper with him for verification at a later time. The manager wrote in the comments section of the paper that the win was a No ID Jackpot. On the 28th a cage cashier supervisor was visited by an individual who identified themselves as Blair Sr. The father then tried to turn in the document that had the old social security number scratched off and had put a new number in its place.

Identification was provided by Blair Sr. and the supervisor said looked at the ID and signed an Internal Revenue Service form known as a W-2G. This is done when gambling winnings are subject to a federal income tax withholding. In total, Blair Sr. was paid just over $10,000. This was the amount due after state and federal taxes were removed.

Blair Sr. was asked by the supervisor why the document had been altered and his excuse was that the employees of the casino must have confused him with his son when filling out the paperwork. This was of course, not true, and is partly why Blair Sr. faces the falsifying document charge. The father will be arraigned in February and has been released on $10,000 bond.

Protect Your Winnings

This is just one example as to why gamblers need to be careful when earning a big win. Always have ID in place when you visit a gambling establishment and be wary of other gamblers. You can easily be attacked due to a big win as a criminal will try to take your winnings from you. It is recommended that precaution is taken when claiming a win over $10,000 such as having the money wired to an account or other means. Never choose to walk around with a ton of cash on hand at the casino as it makes you a prime target.

In this case, a son trusted his father with the knowledge of the big win and it back fired on him. Blair Sr. will now face serious time in jail if convicted of the many charges he faces for making the wrong decision.