Casino in Oklahoma Reopens Despite Rise of COVID-19 Cases

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Give me liberty or give me…Corona?

Wait, that’s not right, is it? Oh well.

New developments are coming out daily about COVID-19. Today we’re going to talk about how a casino in Oklahoma is set to reopen, even with Corona numbers on the rise.

Why? Well, people are doing lots of crazy things these days, so who am I to judge. Let’s get into a few details:

Thunderbird Casino in Oklahoma Has Lines Out the Door

Sam Caruso, GM of Thunderbird Casino had this to say:

“It was time for everyone to get back to work, we were ready to get back to work, it just seemed like the right time to do it. We decided to do what we call a soft opening without a lot of fanfare.”

Well, “without a lot of fanfare” certainly didn’t pan out. People were literally lined up out the door to get into this casino. You can’t really blame people, though.

We’ve all been cooped up going crazy the past few months. A lot of people are trying to homeschool their kids and take care of everything else. At least liquor stores were deemed essential during all this, right?

Thunderbird Casino has seen great feedback so far from the community despite the threat of the Coronavirus. Even with the numbers rising in the state of Oklahoma, nothing will stop these people from hitting those slots.

It’s great for people that are willing to go out, too, because other local tribal casinos are staying closed.

New Casino Protocols For Reopening

Just the other day, I wrote a piece on whether I thoughtfacemasks will be the new norm in all casinos. This Oklahoma casino is just strengthening that argument.

All patrons entering the Thunderbird casino are required to wear a mask upon entry and must remain on for the duration of their stay. I didn’t see anything about temperatures needing to be taken, that might just be a Vegas thing, at least for now.

I can only imagine restrictions will continue to grow as time goes on. Even if the virus cools down a bit, it’s not likely these health and safety protocols will die down.

But for now, people don’t seem to mind having to wear the masks and be separated in the casino. People are just happy to see something open.

Caruso again had this to say:

“Every guest that has come in the facility has been very appreciative. They understand and when we tell them to put a mask on they put their mask on.”

The Wrap Up

In closing, I’ll leave you with this, casinos are reopening, and people absolutely love it. Virus or no virus, people need their slot machine action.

I’m the last person to give anyone advice, let alone medical advice. So I’ll leave my opinions together and just say that I hope you all do what you think is right, and stay as safe as possible.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you guys think about this whole situation!