Casino Moguls to Lead Trump’s Inaugural Committee

Donald Trump

Donald TrumpPresident-elect Donald Trump decides to fill his inaugural committee with individuals involved in the casino industry.

The name Donald Trump is synonymous with a great number of things, one of which is the casino industry. Trump has been involved with the gambling industry for decades, even seeing his name used on casino facades. The election of soon to be president Trump was a surprise to many Americans and the surprises seem to keep coming. Trump has reportedly decided to include casino moguls within his inaugural committee.

Las Vegas Officials to Help with Inauguration

The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Steve Wynn, Sheldon Adelson and Phil Ruffin, along with Miriam Adelson will be providing an inaugural bash for the new president next year. It was reported that the executives of Las Vegas were asked to help with the Presidential Inaugural Committee in the planning and coordination of official events as well as activities that will surround the inauguration of Trump as well as Pence in January. Many felt that the appointment of the officials of Las Vegas was a way for Trump to pay back his friends for their contribution to his campaign.

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has plenty of money to spare apparently as it was reported that he spent as much as $112 million or more on Trump’s campaign. Wynn has yet to state who he was supporting but it is believed that he donated to Trump’s campaign as well after he was able to secure a spot on the committee.

Who Else is Included?

The committee will be headed by Tom Barrack, an investor who was named as the chairman of the committee by the transition team of Trump. Barrack was the deputy secretary of the United States Department of the Interior during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and is now a private equity executive. Barrack will also serve as the economic and national security advisor for the new president.

The co-chairs for the finance committee will include Lew Eisenberg, an individual who was involved in the joint fundraising of the Republican National Committee as part of the Trump campaign. Wynn, Sheldon (plus his wife) and Ruffin have been named the finance vice chairs for the inauguration and will be leading the 20 person committee. The four individuals will be hiring hundreds of individuals to take on the logistical challenge that will take place during the inauguration week for the presidency.

Joining the Las Vegas casino moguls will be Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets, Diane Hendricks, a billionaire of Wisconsin, plus Mel Sembler, Anthony Scaramucci and Ray Washburne. Reportedly, these individuals were part of those who donated a great deal to the Republican campaign.

What’s Next?

Once the inauguration takes place, we have no idea what is next. Many are wondering if changes will take place in regards to casino gaming, sports betting, etc. The gambling landscape has been changing over the past few years in the United States. States are adding more casinos, three offer online gambling while other states are beginning to open up to online gaming. Many are wondering as to if these strides in gaming will be shot down and the industry will go backwards.

Trump does have connections in the gambling world and he may shift his focus to gaming at some point during his presidency. However, it does seem that his main focus is other areas including immigration, healthcare and more. For now, it seems that gambling is on the far end of the spectrum in regards to what the president is considering as far as changes are concerned.