Casino Executive Reveals New Borgata Casino Renovations

Borgata Hotel Casino Background With Travis Lunn

Atlantic City’s casino industry continues to report impressive revenue figures. As a result, the gaming executives here are working hard to improve their properties and bring in more tourists. That includes Travis Lunn, who spoke about some of the new Borgata Casino renovations being planned.

The Borgata is one of the most popular casinos in Atlantic City. The owners of this property certainly have some exciting plans for the future.

Here’s what you need to know about this situation.

Travis Lunn Discusses New Borgata Casino Renovations

New Jersey is still home to the most successful gambling industry on the US East Coast. All of the casinos in this state are located in Atlantic City. This popular casino hub has experienced many ups and downs over the years and is coming off its best-ever year in 2021.

Most of the casino executives in the city are preparing for an even more successful 2022. Tourism into Atlantic City has been steadily increasing over the last two months. Many of the tourists here are heading to Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, long-considered the best gambling venue in the city.

Travis Lunn is stepping into his role of President and COO of this casino. He spoke to the media about his role this week. Lunn recognizes that competition in the city’s casino industry is increasing. He also revealed some exciting new Borgata Casino renovations that should help this casino remain the most successful in Atlantic City.

“I think that’s a healthy thing for us, for the greater overall Atlantic City,” said Lunn. “A rising tide carries all ships; I’m a believer in that. This destination could use some reinvestment, and so to see Hard Rock come in and reinvest, and Ocean reinvest in their product, is something I’d leverage… I already have $10 million that I intend on spending on the slot floor to update the product that we have available. Our guests come in looking for a certain gaming experience, and we currently don’t offer some of the product that our competitors offer.”

Lunn wants to renovate many of Borgata’s rooms and give them new, modern amenities. These are the types of moves that should help this property remain a popular and successful casino. We’ll be sure to offer updates on these renovations over the next few months.

Is New York Set to Overtake New Jersey’s Sports Betting Industry?

Up until recently, New York was not considered as a real gambling destination. Lawmakers here prevented many forms of gambling for decades. Commercial casinos were made legal about ten years ago and sports betting arrived in this state in 2019.

The sports betting industry in New York failed to impress in its first few years of operating. This was largely due to the fact that only retail sportsbooks were allowed to operate in the state. Online sportsbooks finally went live here in January of 2022 and have quickly turned New York into the sports betting capital of the United States.

In their first 30 days of operating, these online sportsbooks saw more than $2 billion in total handle. That represents the largest 30-day handle figure in the history of the US sports betting industry. This news is not exactly exciting for officials in New Jersey.

New York’s sports betting industry is now competing with the one in New Jersey. New York residents no longer need to make the trip across the state border to bet on their favorite sports online. This is leading to lower-than-usual revenue figures for the online sportsbooks in New Jersey.

There is no doubt that New Jersey still has the most successful casino industry in the Northeastern United States. It wants to stay that way and the new Borgata casino renovations will likely help. The state’s casino hub status may not last for long if certain New York lawmakers get their wish.

Calls to Open a New York City Casino Increase in 2022

The entire gambling industry in New York has been expanding over the last ten years. Lawmakers here have become aware of how much tax revenue is brought in from regulated sportsbooks and casinos. Residents have also been calling for more legal gambling options to become available.

All of the casinos in this state are currently situated in the Upstate area. Attempts to get a true Class III casino opened in New York City have been struck down in the past. Things are changing, however, and more are calling for a NYC casino to open now than ever before.

Several companies have shown interest in operating a casino in New York City. Hard Rock International is one such company. This Florida-based casino operator has been expanding rapidly over the years and recently took control of The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip.

Lawmakers will need to come up with several amendments in order to allow a casino in New York City. That will take time. Support for legal gaming options is growing, though, leading some to believe this NYC casino could open within the next few years.

Are you excited to hear about the new Borgata casino renovations? How will New York’s growing gambling industry affect the one in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments section below!