Casino Bus Crashes Become Major Concern

Palm Springs Bus Accident

Accidents have been quite prevalent within casino bus companies which has led the NTSB to begin an investigation.

In the United States, it is not uncommon for tours to take place where groups of individuals take a bus to go sightseeing in a specific area or enjoy a type of entertainment. One of the most popular forms of bus travel in this category involves casino gaming. Across the United States, bus companies offer travel options for individuals who want to take a trip a few hours away or several states away to enjoy sights along the way and end the trip at a top rated casino.

Casino bus companies offer travel options, which are mainly enjoyed by senior citizens, however anyone is welcome. In recent months, crashes of such buses have become quite prevalent which has led to an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. The NTSB is concerned about the accidents and are responsible for investigating when such incidents occur.

Rise in Casino Bus Accidents a Concern

The National Transportation Safety Board announced late last week via the Associated Press that they are concerned about the increase in casino bus accidents in the United States. Operators of bus companies will transport individuals from big cities like Atlanta or New York to local gambling casinos. Players will enjoy time on the gaming floor and then load up and head home. Typically, the individuals who enjoy such trips are older and are of a lower income bracket. The round-trip transportation usually costs around $30 or less depending on where you are going. On top of that, most casinos offer free slot cash or other promotions for senior citizens that can be used for affordable gaming.

Smaller gaming venues will cut deals with bus operators to see gamers brought to their venue. In most cases, these companies that provide bus transport are quite small. The industry is quite popular and accidents have only escalated in recent years. The NTSB is now studying bus operators of casino trips and the crashes to try and determine if any patterns exist and if there are any similarities in the accidents.

An Example Accident

Palm Springs Bus AccidentAn example of a casino bus accident can be seen in the tragedy that took place in Palm Springs. The investigation began after the deadly crash took place just a few days ago. 13 individuals were killed in the crash while 31 others were injured as well as the driver. The bus was driving in a slowed construction zone on Interstate 10 when the bus hit a semi-truck while going 65 mph.

The bus route would begin at Koreatown with an 11pm pickup. The passengers paid just $20 for the 270 mile transport round-trip to visit the Red Earth Casino. The trip would end suddenly when the bus crashed at around 5am.

The NTSB would like to be able to determine what could be causing the accidents and hopefully avoid such incidents in the future. One could argue that is online gambling were more readily available, such trips would not be needed. Players could log online and enjoy gaming without having to go anywhere. However, there are still those who enjoy taking the trips, getting to know others and having a good time.