Can New Atlantic City Casinos Meet Employment Requirements?

Atlantic City

Atlantic CityWith new casinos set to open in Atlantic City later on this year, will there be enough people to fill the employment positions available?

Whenever a new casino is set to open, the operator behind the venue must find employees to meet certain job openings. This can include hotel staff, casino dealers, drink servers, and more. In Atlantic City, at least two casinos are set to open later on this year, presumably by this summer. Moving forward, these venues will need to find individuals to meet employment demand. But are there enough people in Atlantic City to meet the employee need?

Employment Numbers May Not Be Reached

According to a report by the Press of Atlantic City, the area may not have enough individuals to meet the employee demand. Currently, gaming records have shown that around 22,000 individuals are employed at casinos in Atlantic City. This is a big difference from the all-time employment record of 50,000. The decrease in employees in the region is due to the closures of four casinos in 2014 and one more in 2016. Around 11,000 or more individuals lost their jobs when these gaming venues closed.

Now, the Hard Rock Atlantic City is set to open in the former Trump Taj Mahal and provide as many as 3,000 employment positions. The former Revel Casino is set to reopen as the Ocean Resort Casino and will employ around the same amount.

This means that around 6,000 individuals are needed to meet the employment needs of the two new venues. And this is the minimum amount. There is concern that there may not be enough people in the immediate area to fill this demand. Those who used to be employed by these venues in the past moved on to other areas, focusing on other avenues of employment.

Hiring from the Industry

Both the Hard Rock and Ocean Resort would like to hire from the industry when possible as this will ensure the individuals are somewhat trained and have worked in the casino environment before. Both casinos will be starting from the bottom when it comes to hiring employees. Hard Rock has already hosted job fairs before the summer opening and employees who formerly worked for the Taj Mahal have been invited to earn open positions.

Two events already took place back in January that were open to only former Taj Mahal employees. 1,600 individuals were invited to apply and around 90% of those invited did so. The career page of the Hard Rock casino is filled with job openings available to the public. The casino is in search of all sorts of employees, from department heads to cocktail servers and line cooks. Housekeepers, maintenance employees, parking staff, lifeguards and more are needed.

The Ocean Resort has also started hiring as well. Positions within this venue are similar to what is being offered at the Hard Rock AC. The process will take some time in order to hire the right individuals for positions that are available.

Smart Hiring

Both the Hard Rock and Ocean Casino must be smart in their hiring process. The two are reopening former gaming venues and want to do so successfully. Part of this process is hiring the right people to provide quality services to guests. Customer service will play a vital role in seeing both new gaming venues succeed. Both will need to pay close attention and hire individuals who will do a good job within their new employment position to see the venues succeed, and impressing the public upon opening.