California Casino Roof Collapse Injures 11 People

California is home to a huge number of tribal casinos. Millions of people visit these casinos every year, and the state earns a massive amount of revenue from their operations. This week, news is coming out that a California casino roof collapse has occurred, injuring 11 people.California Casino Floor Room

It’s a terrifying incident that fortunately didn’t result in any deaths. Today, we’re going to talk about what we know of the roof collapse. Later on, we’ll talk about the state of California’s casino industry. Let’s get into it!

Where Did This Take Place?

The roof collapse took place at the Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino in Gardena, California. This casino is known for staying up 24 hours a day and offers a wide range of different slots, table games, and poker tournaments. This casino is also home to several popular restaurants.

Officials at the Lucky Lady Casino gave an official statement on the roof incident. The homepage of the website states the following:

“Temporary Closed: 

A portion of our roof sustained damage, and as a result, we will need to close our doors while we make all necessary repairs. We look forward to announcing our reopening soon. In the meantime, please feel free to visit our sister casino down the street, HUSTLER Casino.” 

This casino establishment has changed hands numerous times over the years. The first owners opened the casino doors all the way back in 1940. It’s one of the most popular gaming establishments located in the Southern Los Angeles region.

How Did This California Casino Roof Collapse Happen?

Los Angeles Fire Department officials are still working to figure this out. Some were quick to point to the huge number of different earthquakes taking place around the LA area. On July 5th, a massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Ridgecrest, a small town east of Los Angeles. Just a day before that, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit this area.

There are no indications that an earthquake is to blame. Tony Imbrenda, fire captain of the LA County Fire Department, gave a statement to the media this week.

“Currently we don’t have the exact cause of why this happened,” he said. “But clearly, as evidenced by the photographs that we’re seeing right now live on television, the area of this collapse was primarily around the area where a couple of large commercial air conditioners are situated on top of that roof.”

Flynt Management Group is hiring architects to figure out how this California casino roof collapse happened. As of Tuesday, there are no real leads. We will have to wait to hear more information over the next couple of weeks.

California’s Casino Industry Continues to Grow

There are a staggering amount of casinos in California. At the moment, only Native American Tribes are eligible to operate full-scale casino gaming establishments. There have been some attempts to legalize commercial casinos here, yet lawmakers in the state have pushed these requests to the side.

Many individuals choose to play at online casinos in California. At the moment, lawmakers here have shown no willingness to regulate internet casino gaming. It’s a shame because California is well-known to have one of the biggest casino markets in the country.

Fortunately, there are many amazing casino websites available here right now. Most of them offer a wide range of different casino gambling options including internet slots and table games. All of the ones that we recommend provide a wide range of safe payment options, as well.

All in all, this state’s casino industry is growing quickly. It seems like every single year, a new gaming venue opens up here. The California casino roof collapse is unfortunate, yet no one was seriously injured and the Lucky Lady will be up and running again soon.

Stay tuned for more news on how this casino’s roof collapsed!