Caesars Gamers Can Now Earn Rewards Online with Surveys

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars EntertainmentVisitors to Caesars properties now have the ability to earn loyalty rewards online via surveys.

Caesars Entertainment is one of the most recognizable gaming brands in operation today. Owner of several gaming venues, including Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the Caesars brand offers players in the United States and abroad the best in casino gaming. A large part of the popularity of casino gaming is the incentives provided by operators. Players want to be able to enjoy their favorite casino games but also be rewarded for their game play. Caesars Entertainment recently partnered with SSI in order to offer more reward opportunities for players, this time online.

A Partnership First

The new partnership between Caesars and SSI is a first for the gaming company. The two have worked together to create a new loyalty rewards partnership option titled Say and Play. Caesars currently offers Total Rewards, a loyalty scheme that has 50 million members. Players of the Total Rewards program can now earn more credits by taking part in Say and Play.

With Say and Play, Total Rewards members are being asked to give their opinion and take part in surveys. This new online survey community, that is completely free, was created for Caesars Total Rewards members. When a survey is completed by a member, reward credits are earned. The credits will be placed in the account of the player and then can be used for various rewards such as free gaming at the casino, hotel stays, dining options, spa treatments, shopping, etc.

Upon completing their first survey, members will be automatically given 500 reward credits. Caesars Entertainment has stated that this new option has allowed players an easy way to earn reward credits. Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer of Caesars Entertainment, Michael Marino, commented that SSI is a premier provider of data solutions and technology that now offers the reward members of Caesars with a unique and new way to earn Total Reward Credits. In a press release, SSI Chief Product Officer, Bob Fawson, commented that SSI is thrilled to be working with the Total Rewards program.

Taking It Online

Rewards are an important part of the gaming process and loyal gamers will always be willing to complete a task or activity in order to earn reward points. Taking the reward earning action online is genius of Caesars. Mobile usage continues to increase, especially among gamblers. With players always on their phone, completing a survey will take only a few minutes and provide a reward. The online activity will keep players interested in the Caesars brand and with more loyalty points to earn, players will be trying even harder to earn free stuff including hotel stays and game play.

With more rewards to earn, it means players will be spending more time at Caesars properties than before. By partnering with SSI, the engaging technology is there to ensure player interest and repeat customers.

Caesars operates in New Jersey as well so there is potential to earn even more credits for residents and visitors the state. Online surveys will reward credits as well as online and land-based game play. This is three ways in which to earn credits, which means even faster rewards for players. Anyone can sign up for a Total Rewards account with Caesars. Players can do so online or on-site at a Caesars brand property. Players should create a loyalty account if in New Jersey or other areas in which Caesars gaming is provided. New Jersey is a great option for players as online game play and land-based Caesars casinos are in the mix.