Caesars Announces New Policy for Hotel Guest Rooms

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars EntertainmentCaesars Entertainment has announced a new policy where staff will be able to check guest rooms every 24 hours, regardless of Do Not Disturb signs.

Security is a must within a casino facility. From Nevada to New Jersey, casino gaming operators enlist the help of the latest technology to ensure the property is safe from criminals and those who mean harm to customers, staff members or the property itself. Such technology has helped to capture potential robbers as well as other criminal activity. Caesars Entertainment has just announced that they have created a new corporate policy in an effort to boost security at their properties within the United States.

24 Hour Room Check

Caesars Entertainment will now be enforcing a new policy where staff members will be required to check every guest room within hotel properties every 24 hours. The checks will take place even if guests have placed the Do Not Disturb sign on the hotel room door. The investigation will be made by security personnel. Harrah’s and Bally’s as well as Caesars in Atlantic City will be affected plus properties in Nevada.

The policy was created in the aftermath of the horrible shooting that took place last October within the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. A guest in the suites of the casino hotel, Stephen Paddock, open fire during a concert killing 58 people and injuring many more.

An investigation on the incident found that the staff members and security staff basically ignored Paddock as he moved luggage into the hotel room ten different times, with the bags containing weapons. Thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in the guest room along with 23 assault rifles. The Do Not Disturb sign was placed outside his door for several days running.

Enforcing the Policy

Caesars will begin running their new check point program over the next few months. The plan took some time to create as the hotel officials had to determine how to configure the enforcement aspect of the program.

In the beginning, the plan was to have the staff of the housekeeping department perform the checks as part of their cleaning rounds. However, the United Here Local 54 staff labor union were concerned for the housekeeping staff’s well-being as the checks could be dangerous. Now, Caesars has concluded that the security staff will be the best choice for making the guest room checks.

The guest room checks have the potential to find other issues within the property as well. One might happen upon a guest who needs help due a medical condition or stop a fire or other damage incident. Just recently, the Tropicana in New Jersey was subject to a fire after meth was being made in a guest room. With a guest room check, the fire could have been avoided.

Guest room checks should also help to deter any potential shooting incidents from taking place like the one back in October involving Mandalay Bay and Paddock. Had his guest room been checked, the weapons would have been found and perhaps the tragedy avoided.

It does beg the question as to if guests will be happy with the room checks. Some might become upset if they do not want to be disturbed but find that security is coming inside anyway. We shall see in the coming weeks and months if guests are open to the security checks in the hopes of working together with hotel staff to ensure an overall safe environment for everyone.