Caesars Entertainment UK Fined £13 Million

Caesars Entertainment UK has been slapped with a £13 million dollar fine. Ouch.

Caesars Entertainment

This fine comes in relation to failures that relate to VIP schemes. And, it comes not long after online casino Betway was hit with an £11.6 million fine back in March.

Why Did Caesars Receive a Fine?

So, the main reason behind the find is that Caesars UK was found guilty of failings in their treatment of their VIP’s. The VIP’s are typically offered perks and other comps to entice them to spend more money.

However, the failure on Caesar’s part came in for neglecting to catch gambling addiction in some of their VIP’s. Such as allowing a customer to lose £323,000 in one year and gambling for five hours or more on more than 30 occasions.

Others also had fallen prey to gambling addiction. Unfortunately, there was a gambler that was very common to sign up to “self-exclude” from gambling had started again, and lost £240,000. Another gambler who was a nanny lost that reported she was borrowing money from family, and playing from her overdraft was had lost £18,000 in a year.

Neil McArthur, an executive of the Gambling Commission, had this to say:

“In recent times the online sector has received the greatest scrutiny around VIP practices but VIP practices are found right across the industry and our tough approach to compliance and enforcement will continue, whether a business is on the high street or online.”

Caesar’s Response

In response to the fine given by the Gambling Commission, Caesars UK said that they:

“acknowledges falling short of its standards and accepts the settlement reached with the British Gambling Commission”

What Can Caesars US Learn?

If there is any takeaway from this it’s hopefully that Caesars other brands can learn from these mistakes. While the actions of one brand certainly don’t reflect the actions of all, the responsibility does come down to Caesars as a whole in my opinion.

I believe the response to their actions was acceptable; however, I also believe there is more that can be done in the fight against problem gambling.

Right now, there isn’t much gambling action going on, as all US casinos have closed due to complications with the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak.

The Wrap Up

To close this up, I will say that I will do my best to keep you updated with news that develops in regards to Caesars and the Gambling Commission. Be sure to check back for more of my news here at