Caesars Entertainment and UNLV Join Forces

A new education center is being created in the southwestern region of Las Vegas. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and Caesars Entertainment have partnered up to build a hub that will focus on gaming and hospitality technology. The goal is to push the gaming industry forward with an educational setting, emphasizing the technical aspect of gaming.

New Education Hub

The education hub will be 43,000 square feet in size and focus on several aspects of gaming. The hub space will have simulated hotel rooms as well as a casino floor and sportsbook. The Harry Reid Research & Technology Park of UNLV will house the new hub. Titled Black Fire Innovation, the academic location will include virtual reality facilities along with an e-sports arena.

The new space should be open before 2019 comes to an end. The goal is to provide an educational hub where emphasis is placed on technology in the gaming industry to help push the industry forward. Black Fire Innovation will be situated in a four-story building on the UNLV campus. Caesars Entertainment has a four year lease on the space and two automatic extensions for a four year time frame. The Black Fire space will take up about a flour and a half. The total price for the hub project has been estimated at around $35m. This is a huge investment and will hopefully be lucrative for investors.

UNLV President Marta Meana said:

This collaboration with Caesars Entertainment will strengthen UNLV’s role as a research leader and further elevate Las Vegas as the global intellectual capital for gaming and hospitality. Collaborations like Black Fire also give our students unparalleled access to experts at the forefront of the industry.

Hub Details

Caesars Entertainment CorpAccording to UNLV’s associate vice president for economic development, Zach Miles, the fourth floor will be home to a mock resort. The space will have a casino and hotel rooms as well as a café, all of the future. Reportedly, there will be robots moving about the facility, with testing taking place as to how they engage within the facilities.

The project is a step by Caesars to be a leader in innovation when it comes to casino gaming. The company plans on using the hub to work with emerging student talent as well as technology partners. According to Les Ottolenghi, the chief information officer and executive vice president for Caesars, the facility is being designed to spur both creativity and entrepreneurship that will shape the future of the industry.

Research is expected to be conducted within the facility that will include several technologies that are emerging in the gaming industry, including ideas involving artificial intelligence and blockchain. By conducting research on the emerging technologies within the industry, Caesars will be able to remain on the edge of development. The company will be able to stay ahead of competitors and hopefully provide fresh ideas to the industry.

The education hub is a unique idea that should help to spur development in several sectors. The gaming industry, particularly in Nevada and primarily Las Vegas, is focused now not only on gaming but also on additional amenities. The younger generations are not as apt to play the slots and table games like the older generations. Newer amenities are being added to casinos to focus on offering something for the younger crowd.

The new educational hub should help Caesars be able to develop products and/or amenities that will meet visitor demand. It will certainly be interesting to see how the expensive development of an educational center will assist the industry and what comes from the research and experiments completed onsite.