Caesars Entertainment Casinos Attempting Social Gaming Option


Casinos across the United States are looking into skill-based gaming as a way to bring in millennials to the gaming floor.

Across the US, land based gaming venues are trying to find new ways in which to entice the younger generation to enjoy casino options. Gone are the days when the blackjack and roulette tables were full of guests. The older generations loved casino gaming but it seems millennials are just not into it. The younger generation were raised on the internet and mobile devices, plus gaming consoles so they want more than just traditional gaming.

Caesars Entertainment to Step Up Their Skill-Based Gaming Options

GameCoIn an effort to reel in the millennial crowd, Caesars Entertainment has decided to step up their skill-based gaming options. Three properties of the gaming company will be installing a skill-based game by GameCo known as Danger Arena. Bally’s, Caesars and Harrah’s will all three offer the new gaming option which is based on a first person shooter style game.

GameCo created the game to be a more cartoonish version of Call of Duty or other first person shooter games. Players who take part in the game will have 45 seconds to shoot robots, trying to hit as many as possible on the video screen. Those playing can wager from 50 cents to $20 in the hopes of winning a prize based on their shooting skills. For players to break even, seven hits must be made. Ten or more hits will result in a maximum prize of 25X the bet.

Blaine Graboyes is the co-founder of GameCo who stated that Atlantic City was his first choice to showcase the new skill casino game due to his childhood. Graboyes spend much of his childhood enjoying the arcades located along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

GameCo will be rolling out the new skill gaming option shortly at the three casino properties as they now await the final approval of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The company is also looking to extend their reach with their new game Danger Arena and are already in talks with regulators in several states including Pennsylvania, Nevada and Connecticut.

Unique Gaming Creation

According to Graboyes, the new Danger Arena game has 10,000 different video screen maps. Some are more difficult than others which helps to promote the avenue of skill. The maps are provided in random order so players will find that one round might be difficult while another is not. Speaking about the new game in Las Vegas during a trade show, Graboyes stating that GameCo is a data-driven company and they look at the distribution of skill across many of these types of games and found similarities. Less than 1% of those participating are perfect or considered highly skilled.

The jackpots of this new gaming option are not as high as a traditional slot game. Players will be able to earn as much as $500 when defeating 10 robots with a $25 wager. There is an opportunity to win even more cash by earning the power up round. This will be triggered at random and will help players earn in-game aids as well as the possibility of an instant cash prize. The most money a player can win is $5,000 from the instant cash option.

Caesars Entertainment feels that the new option will position the casinos of the company as a destination of choice for loyal customers as well as the next generation of customers. It will be interesting to see how the games are received once they go live after gaining final approval. Will millennials be willing to try the first-person shooter for the chance to win cash or are millennials just not interested in casino gaming at all?