California Welcomes Skill-Based Casino Games via Gamblit


GamblitCaesars Entertainment properties become the first to offer Gamblit Games skill-based casino machines.

Skill-based gaming is quickly becoming the hot new trend in casino gaming. For the past two years or so, gaming cities like Atlantic City and Las Vegas have been trying to figure out how to appeal to the millennial generation. The younger crowd are used to using new technology and are introduced to new options each and every day. Because of this, gaming operators are having to think outside the box when it comes to gaming offerings.

Skill games have become the new go-to for operators and Gamblit Games is quickly becoming the top provider of new skill-based solutions. Just recently, one of Caesars Entertainment properties of California became the first to launch a new product by Gamblit in order to provide skill gaming content to visitors.

Harrah’s Resort Southern California Installation

Yesterday, Caesars Entertainment and Gamblit Games announced that two Model G real money gaming tables of Gamblit were installed at the Harrah’s Resort Southern California, a casino located near the city of San Diego. With the launch of the new games, the casino becomes the first in the state to offer skill-based gaming products.

Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure

Gamblit has provided two of their products to the Harrah’s casino, Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure. These are the exact two gaming products that were recently added to the Planet Hollywood venue, also owned by Caesars, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last month, the two games began a 30 day trial in the Sin City casino. Gamblit and Caesars were able to sign a new deal last year which stated the California location of Harrah’s would be the site for new casino gaming provided by the software and product company.

Darrell Pilant is the General Manager of Harrah’s who stated that the product by Gamblit is evolutionary and is a step in the right direction for modern gaming. The end goal is to add even more Gamblit products to the gaming floor of Harrah’s as final regulatory approval is given. The games are located near the Spiked bar which is an area that already attracts millennials. On top of the location, the games have an added bonus of a USB charging port. Players will easily be able to charge their mobile phone while enjoying the new gambling game.

Darion Lowenstein is the Chief Marketing Officer for Gamblit who recently spoke with the San Diego Union Tribune about the hardware production of the company. Lowenstein stated that they have been unable to keep up with the demand and are currently filling orders that were place a year ago. MGM Resorts is the next company Gamblit will be working with to try and draw in younger gamblers as well as retain the millennial age group, keeping the players coming back for more.

The younger crowd seems to find the standard slot machines and table games boring or too passive. This generation grew up with gaming consoles and mobile devices so they need more technical aspects and skill to be involved. Gamblit Games is currently working on developing new products that should debut later on this year and will include a variation of Catapult King and Jetpack Joyride. Gamblit has obtained licensing for the Jackpot Joyride game via Wicked Witch Software and Halfbrick Studios of Australia.

It will be interesting to see how well-received the games will be in California and if Harrah’s’ will be a starting point of which other casinos will be interested in offering similar gaming, perhaps with their operators trying to cut deals with Gamblit Games as well!