Bonus Cash Giveaway at Caesars Casino NJ

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Caesars CasinoEarn extra cash by participating in a special giveaway at Caesars Casino NJ.

When it comes to online gaming in the United States, the most successful market can be found in the state of New Jersey. Online casinos in New Jersey offer value with promotions, contests and tournaments as well as quality gaming options ranging from slots to table games and specialty games. Players are offered online gaming via major operators such as Caesars, Golden Nugget and the Borgata.

Online gaming was first legalized in the state in 2013 and since that time, the industry has grown exponentially, with millions earned each month as players continue to log on to play their favorite games. One reason that online casinos in the state are so popular are the many contests and promotions on offer. This month alone, players have access to several options, including a bonus cash giveaway at Caesars Casino.

$2500 Bonus Play Giveaway

From January 1st to the 31st, players of Caesars Casino online have the ability to compete for bonus play cash. The $2500 Bonus Play Giveaway will provide 250 players with $10 in bonus cash. This may not seem like a lot but it’s totally free to enter! Many promotions or contests require players to make a deposit or spend so much money with wagering to be able to earn any bonus cash. With this promotion, you don’t have to do anything but log in!

By logging in to your Caesars Casino account each day from the 1st to the 31st, you can earn 1 drawing entry. Players can basically log in each day and earn one entry. From now until the 31st, that’s quite a few entries into the drawing. You don’t have to play any games or place a wager. Just log in to your account and you should see your drawing entry logged in the My Bonuses section.

On February 7th, the online casino will then hold the drawing. 250 lucky players will be given $10 in bonus cash. Give yourself a chance to win a little bonus play cash by logging in to your Caesars Casino account when in New Jersey to take part.

Additional Promotions

If you do want to earn extra cash without having to wait, Caesars Casino is also offering a deposit bonus. Deposit $100 at the online casino and earn $50 in bonus play. By using the code GET50, players can deposit $100 or more to earn $50 in bonus cash. This code is good from today until the 15th, giving players the entire weekend to take advantage of this deal.

This is just one of many promotions on offer at Caesars Casino in New Jersey. Players can easily visit the site and view what options are on offer and what meets their game play needs. Every promotion is different and offers players something new, from bonus cash to prize drawing entries.

It is promotions like these that make online casinos in New Jersey so popular. The operators in the state have spent decades offering land-based services and they know what gamers want. It is not hard to find a good deal online, the same way that players can find deals in land-based gaming. New Jersey continues to make smart decisions when it comes to the overall gaming industry of the state and they remain a leader when it comes to land-based gaming and online options.

With online gaming, players have to be located in the state physically. Geolocation technology is used to determine the location of players before game play can begin. If you find yourself in NJ or live there, be sure to take advantage of these Caesars Casino promotions as well as offers from other providers!