Betfair Casino of New Jersey Reintroduces Let It Ride

Betfair Casino New JerseyAfter losing a large sum of money via Let It Ride, Betfair Casino took away the game from their online gaming site. The brand has now announced Let It Ride is back in action within the state of New Jersey.

The online gambling industry in the state of New Jersey is vast with online casino as well as online poker gaming in the mix. Top international operators offer services within the state including BetFair. The Betfair brand provides casino gaming online within the state, with a large selection of top casino games. Players who are located within the borders of the state, be it visiting or as a resident, can take part.

When Betfair Casino began to offer gaming in New Jersey, the gaming selection included Let It Ride, a popular variant of poker. The casino was soon short a ton of cash after a player at the site was able to earn more than $1.5 million when playing the Let It Ride game. Just one hand gave the player the win and Betfair soon eliminated this gaming option.

Players soon found that Let It Ride was nonexistent. For months, the game was not available but now it seems that Betfair has had a change of heart. The game has been placed back in the gaming categories at the online casino as well as other games.

Why Was the Game Removed?

It is unusual to see the game removed when it is so prominently seen at most online casinos. The online casino has yet to officially state why the game was removed but we do know that on Valentine’s Day of last year, a player was able to earn a ton of cash during game play. The player wagered $500 on the first three bets and then an additional $500 for the 3 card bonus. The deal resulted in a Royal Flush of diamonds which gave a $20,000 payout on the 3 card bonus bet. The main wagers had a 1,000 to 1 payout which meant the player earned a payday of $1.52 million total.

It could be that regulators in New Jersey decided to remove the game on a temporary basis so that the game rules could be considered. This is not anything unheard of as land based venues will regularly shut down games such as slot machines after a big win to ensure the game is operating effectively.

Another excuse could be that the game was not as lucrative as Betfair thought it might be. The game is found to have less than stellar performances in land based game play due to the house edge and slow pace. Betfair Casino has also made changes to the maximum bet offered for the game, lowering this amount to $75. This is far less than the $500 that the big winner put down on the main game and 3 card bonus.

Additional New Games at Betfair Casino

Along with reintroducing Let It Ride, Betfair has also decided to add a few new gaming titles. Slots, video poker and table games have been added to give players more options when it comes to casino game play online. Such new games provided include:

After the new games were added, Betfair now offers 170 slot games, 12 table games and 9 video poker games. This is a solid selection of gaming options and helps Betfair to be a top provider of online casino gaming content within the state of New Jersey. Players can check out the new gaming options by visiting Betfair Casino while in the state.

On a side note, Betfair works with the Golden Nugget to offer online gaming and recently hit the top spot when it comes to revenues. The brands actually surpassed the Borgata who has been the leader in the industry for some time.