Barona Resorts Named “Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas”

San Diego’s Barona Resorts has just been given a prestigious new title. USA Today has officially named this resort the best casino outside of Las Vegas. It’s a tremendous accomplishment for this popular tribal casino.

Barona Resorts

Now is the perfect time to look at what Barona Resorts offers. We’ll also look at the state of California’s casino industry, and what may come here in the next few years. Let’s get into it!

San Diego County is Home to the Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to many of the very best casinos in the world. Not long ago, Wynn Las Vegas was named the top casino in the country. There are, however, a huge number of incredible casinos found in other parts of the country, too.

California is home to the most tribal casinos in the United States. There are casino venues located all over this state, from the south of San Diego up to the northern area near Chico. This week, USA Today names Barona Resorts the best casino outside of Las Vegas.

Barona Resorts was founded in 2002. It’s located in Lakeside, near San Diego. This casino features more than 75 table games and over 2,500 different slots and electronic poker games. Unlike many California casinos, the legal gambling age here is 18.

Rick Salinas, general manager of this casino, commented on the reward to the media this week.

“At Barona, we pride ourselves in providing our players with the best gaming experience in the country so it is an honor to receive recognition as the ‘Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas’,” he said. “It is almost poetic to receive this top distinction because Barona is patterned after the casinos from the Golden Age of Las Vegas when the casino player was the focus. We recognize, reward and welcome casino players.” 

This casino-resort has been one of the most popular in Southern California for years. Thanks to its wide range of restaurants and high-end casino floor, it’s now earned the title of the best gambling venue outside of Sin City. There are many other casinos in this state that could have easily been awarded this title, as well.

California’s Casino Industry Continues to Thrive

As we just mentioned, California is home to a huge number of world-class tribal casinos. 62 of the state’s 109 Native American tribes own and operate casinos. Most of these casinos are highly profitable and bring the state millions in tax dollars every single year.

Interestingly, some major companies are now working to open new gambling venues in this state. In June, news came out that the Tejon Tribe was working with Hard Rock International to open a new gambling venue in Mettler, California. The specifics of this deal have not yet come out.

Since June, there’s been very little news about this new casino. Hard Rock International is currently working on several major projects across the country. They’ve also recently sold their casino venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

The California casino industry isn’t slowing down. Many are still calling for lawmakers here to officially legalize commercial casinos, as well. There are many forms of gambling that many soon make their way into the regulated California casino market.

More Gambling Options in California

California has a fairly liberal set of gambling laws. Tribal casinos are obviously legal here, and over the past year, several politicians have begun calling for new gambling options to become regulated in the state. Sports betting, in particular, is being looked at very closely right now.

The Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. Now, every state can set laws on the sports gambling industry. State Assembly member Adam Gary has been working extremely hard to get this form of gambling legalized in the state. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made on this front.

There are a huge number of CA online casinos available right now. The state does not regulate these sites, yet most of them are completely safe. Generally speaking, these casino websites offer more gambling options than the top land-based casinos in the country.

Of course, many still prefer to wager the old fashioned way inside a brick and mortar gambling venue. Those in Southern California may want to head over to Barona Resorts, which is now said to be the best casino outside of Las Vegas.

Make sure to stay tuned for more California casino news over the next few months!