Atlantic City’s North Beach Getting Push From Casinos

Competition in Atlantic City is higher than ever. That doesn’t mean casinos here can’t work together for a common cause. This week, three different gaming establishments here announced they are working together to promote Atlantic City’s North Beach area. Atlantic City's North Beach

It’s somewhat of a surprise to see these casinos teaming up, yet it makes total sense. Today, we’re talking about why these three casino venues are working with each other. We’ll also discuss what this means for Atlantic City’s gaming industry moving forward.

Casino Competition At An All-Time High in AC

There’s no doubt that Atlantic City is in the middle of a serious comeback. This New Jersey city has experienced waves of growth and decline over the year. Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court gave the green light for New Jersey to legalize sports betting by shutting down PASPA.

Legalized sports betting helped Atlantic City in a major way. Billions of dollars have already been spent on sports wagers here. This industry has, in turn, helped to generate massive revenue for casinos in the area.

Today, there are ten different land-based casinos in this city. Each one is working hard to attract new players. Some, including the Ocean Casino, is even changing its entire approach to marketing in order to bring in more casino gamblers. There are a few casinos here that continue to outperform others.

The Borgata Hotel and Casino remains Atlantic City’s biggest earner. The Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Caesars, Harrah’s are all posting solid revenue earnings, as well. The aforementioned Ocean Casino continues to struggle. With so much competition here, why are casinos deciding to work together?

Three Casinos Now Marketing Atlantic City’s North Beach Area

This is a case of seeing the bigger picture. Atlantic City’s North Beach area hasn’t exactly struggled over the years, but bringing in more visitors here will benefit everyone. The Hard Rock, Ocean Casino, and Resorts Casino are teaming up to boost their earnings.

Starting this summer, these three casinos are launching marketing efforts for both gambling and non-gambling activities in this part of the Boardwalk. Block parties are scheduled to take place. These casinos will even hold live music-themed events in this area.

New CEO of Ocean Casino, Eric Matejevich, commented on the decision to team up with new casinos this week.

“We were all working together for the first time to highlight what is a great experience here in North Beach,” he said. “A guest can have three totally different casino experiences with maybe 40 different restaurants within a 10-minute walk.”

Atlantic City’s North Beach area is getting a huge push. It’s an unprecedented move to see casinos in this competitive town working together in such a way. Will this benefit Atlantic City overall?

How Will this Teamwork Affect Atlantic City in the Future?

Mark Giannantonio, President of Resorts Casino, believes this is the perfect time to launch a coordinated marketing effort for North Beach. “It makes no sense whatsoever not to work together and promote this end of town,” he said. “No doubt about it, it’s a new way of looking at things. It will raise all boats.”

Gambling revenue continues to increase in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, much of the earnings here are going towards just a few major casinos. A number of the smaller, newer casinos in this city are struggling to stay afloat.

The fact that different casinos are now working together is a great sign. In the future, we may see this same strategy take place throughout the city. The efficacy of this multiple-casino marketing effort will dictate how other casinos team up in the future.

It’s hard to imagine this being a bad thing in any way. When multiple parties work together, it benefits everyone. As these casinos earn more and expand, the gambling experience for bettors here also gets better.

Do you think the marketing effort for Atlantic City’s North Beach will work out? Will we see more casinos here working together in the future?