Atari Is Trying to Start a Cryptocurrency Casino

So… Atari is trying to start a cryptocurrency casino? 

Atari Logo Red

Yeah, you read that read. It was weird for me to type it out. At the same time that Atari is trying to start this casino, they are also trying to get into the hotel industry as well.

What is going on?

Well, I’m sure you have a lot of questions, and so do I, so let’s try and unpack some of this together

What Is Going On With Atari?

Does Atari seem to be the same to you as when we were kids? The company used to be an absolute powerhouse. The first atari gaming console came out well before I was even born, back in 1977.

Jump ahead to 2020 where we are now, and now Atari is trying to push out a VCS system. So, yeah, Atari has a lot on their plate right now. What are they thinking?

Why are they trying to do all of this? I’m not entirely sure, but I definitely don’t think its the right move for them. Personally, after the number of delays we’ve seen and the breaking contracts with their designers and getting sued, it just doesn’t seem like the right move to keep piling on more and more.

Why a Casino?

Maybe the better question is, why a cryptocurrency casino? I have no answers that I could find as to exactly why they are breaking into the casino industry. One can only imagine that they are trying to take advantage of any financial gain they can get right now. 

Publicity even? Bad press is good press, right? Isn’t that the saying? I don’t know, and it just is all so bizarre to me.

All of that considered, honestly, maybe it’s a great move on their part. Maybe people will love it, and it will really take off and be great for their business. Even though it seems odd to me, it doesn’t mean the next generation won’t love it. I’ve been around, and I know Atari a certain way, so having it run a casino is just really out there for me.

Who knows, though, people younger than me that don’t know any different might send them to the next level!

Oh, and maybe the hotel will take off as well!

When Does the Casino Launch?

According to Atari’s website: soon. 

I couldn’t find an exact launch date, this is what I found from Atari themselves:

Atari Cryptocurrency Casino Launch Banner

Multiple reports that I found definitely think that it will launch this year.

Along with this, they are releasing two official tokens, the Atari token, and the Pong token. They are doing this by partnering up with another company that will help strengthen their case in the ICO world. 

The Wrap Up

I just don’t know, guys. It’s too weird for me. Atari and a casino? Still, it just odd to think about. 

Will I play at the casino? Maybe. I might try it out to see what it’s all about, but not till some kinks have been worked out. 

What do you guys think about the news? How does an Atari crypto casino make you feel? Let me know in the comments below!