Arizona Lottery Adds Newest Generation of Scientific Games System

Arizona Lottery

Arizona LotteryThe Arizona Lottery is working with Scientific Games, having launched the software company’s latest generation of lottery system.

Many states across the US offer some type of lottery. Players have the Powerball and other options that allow for a big win when the right numbers are chosen. Each state uses the lottery gaming to earn revenues that are needed for state-funded programs, education, roadwork, etc. Each state chooses what type of lottery gaming they will provide as well as where the money will go.

It is not uncommon for states to add new lottery terminals or gaming software to keep the lottery options fresh and exciting. In the state of Arkansas, the lottery is quite popular with players spending significant amounts of money to play the games. To keep players excited, the Arizona Lottery has now announced they have launched the next generation of lottery gaming systems by Scientific Games.

New System in Place

The new system is now in place and live within the retail terminals located across the state. The Lottery is using the new generation gaming system as part of their strategic plan to grow sales within the lottery as well as see financial returns.

The new advanced gaming system was created by Scientific Games and installed by the company within the state. The system provides improvements to the overall player experience as well as provides advanced options for promotions. Content delivery capabilities have been streamlined plus enhancements put in place in regards to data security. Communication between the retailers and Lottery have also been improved.

Arizona Lottery Executive Director Gregg Edgar commented on the new installation by stating that the Lottery could not be more excited about the success of the gaming system conversion. The collaboration between the Arizona Lottery and Scientific Games has been unprecedented during the nine month project. Retailers have been pleased, according to Edgar, with the new equipment for point-of-sale. The new system will help the state lottery move forward to grow retail sales significantly as well as increase the contributions by the lottery to the state beneficiaries.

July of last year saw the Arizona Lottery give Scientific Games a new contract to provide a gaming system. The Evaluation Committee reported that Scientific Games is an industry leader with innovation and has the ability to offer the best opportunity for lottery sales to grow in the ever-changing environment.

The new contract will last for five years and took effect on the 28th of August, 2016. There is an option to extend the contract for an additional five years. With the new contract, Scientific Games will be providing an integrated lottery gaming system along with facilities management services for the central computer systems. Software is include along with the operations of a data center, network for retailer telecommunications and website for retailers. Services are also provided for promotional and marketing means.

Scientific Games Global Lottery Systems Vice President Pat McHugh, commented on the new contract by stating that the company is pleased to see so much excitement surrounding the conversion. The company has aligned themselves with the strategic goals of the Lottery and the teams have been working together along the way. Several systems provided by Scientific Games have been integrated including the AEGIS system, WAVE and Flair point-of-sale terminals and the Lottery InMotion digital advertising system.

Scientific Games has worked with the Arizona Lottery since the lottery first began back in 1981. The company now operates in six different continents providing services such as lottery games, systems, retailer technology and more. The company is at the forefront of lottery gaming and is a solid choice for the Arizona Lottery to continue to work with as they provide lottery gaming for residents as well as tourists.