Arcade-Style Gaming Could Become the Norm in US Casinos

Marcus Yoder

To attract millennials, casinos across the United States are considering adding arcade-style gaming to the casino gaming floor.

Today’s casinos are not like those of years gone by. Players who frequented the casino gaming venues in the United States for decades are now very different and gaming venues are having to come up with ways to bring in the younger generations. Known as the millennial crowd, the younger generation are not as impressed with the flashing lights of slot games or the mystery of the blackjack table. The younger crowd grew up with video games and ever-changing technology, so casinos have to try harder to bring in this group.

Arcade-Style Gaming Could Soon Take Over

Arcade-style gaming is being created by software providers to give the younger crowd something more exciting. Because this generation enjoys video games, gaming creators are adding elements of wagering to video gaming style machines. This gives the younger crowd the excitement of an arcade style game but still has a wagering element like a slot machine. Such casinos as the Rivers Casino on the North Shore are looking to offer such games along with party pits to be able to attract the younger crowd of gamblers.

Marcus YoderGamblit Gaming is a company based in California that creates digital gaming options for casinos and one that is looking to arcade-style gaming for the younger crowd. Vice President of the company, Marcus Yoder, stated that the younger crowd is so surrounded by awesome technology all the time that the concept of a slot machine is boring.

The American Gaming Association has found that the younger generation of individuals from the age of 21 to 35 will visit a casino more than any other group. Yet out of this same group, only around 2% of millennials will play slot games. According to Yoder that even though the slot games are beautiful with lovely graphics, the function is still boring and not interesting to the younger crowd.

States Looking at Arcade-Style Gaming

There are several states in the US that are considering passing legislation to allow casinos in their state to offer arcade-style gaming. Such states include Massachusetts, New Jersey and Nevada. Legislation was actually approved back in June within the state of Pennsylvania but the Senate has yet to pass the measure, leaving the state in flux when it comes to offering such games as well as expanding on gaming.

Examples of Arcade-Style Gaming

Gamblit has been working on video games to provide in casinos that will combine both skill and chance elements. One game known as Smoothie Blast has a player fill a blender with fruit. By filling the blender quickly, the player can earn a big payout depending on the fruit inside. These games still provide an advantage for the house but players are experiencing larger wins as they grow more experienced it the game.

Interestingly enough, some gaming manufacturers are creating games that are tabletop versions where two to three people will play the game at one time. Virtual gaming options are also being considered. As technology is rapidly changing, more so than even a decade ago, states may need to look at easier ways to evolve the gaming industry. New technology as well as player needs will arise and new games will need to be developed quickly as well as introduced so that players will stay interested in casino gaming. Entertainment needs are far different than they were 50 years ago and even just ten years ago. Players want more exciting options and casinos have to be able to come up with content that will keep players interested.

It will be interesting to see which states begin to offer arcade-style gaming in 2017 and how players respond. Will casinos be busier with the younger generation or will such gaming not be enough to entice gamers to visit?