Arcade Gaming vs Online Casino Options in the US

Arcade gaming at land casinos

Arcade gaming at land casinosLand based casinos in the United States are starting to add arcade games to attract the 20 and 30 something crowd. Is the need for such gaming going to interfere with traditional online casino gaming within the US?

For decades, gamblers have visited land based casinos and enjoyed casino games such as blackjack and craps. Back in the early 2000s, players had access to online casino gaming in the United States as well as poker gaming. However, a crackdown by the government did away with such gaming until the Department of Justice decided to change the language of the 1961 Wire Act. Now individual states have the option to pass legislation and offer online gambling with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey taking advantage of this option.

Other states are looking in to passing legislation to provide online casino gaming but none have yet to do so. As far as land based gaming venues are concerned, revenues are low. New Jersey has seen several casinos close back in 2014 and the city is actually struggling so bad right now that it could soon be taken over by the state in regards to finances. In Nevada, casinos are looking to attract the younger crowd, a group who just doesn’t seem to be attracted to the games as past generations were.

No Interest in Traditional Gaming by Younger Crowd

In decades past, individuals would travel from far and wide to visit Nevada and hit the slots or blackjack tables. Today’s 20 to 30 somethings are just not as interested in the classic games as previous generations were and casinos are having to come up with ways to bring in the younger crowd. For the past few months, casinos in Las Vegas has been considering and even adding video arcade style gambling. The younger generations enjoy gaming on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 so operators have to find solutions to appeal to this audience.

Gamblit Gaming is a company based in California that operates games for mobile and online providers. The company is focused on the UK but has begun to consider placing their skill based games in the United States. Casinos are considering adding video gaming options such as those enjoyed in the 90s to the casino floors.

A Mobile Generation

Skill games are enjoyed every day online with mobile phones and tablet devices. Players want to have access to this type of gaming wherever they go and casinos are taking notice. Casinos can add such gaming and players of the younger generation will be more apt to visit and spend money on the gaming features.

But what does this mean for the online casino industry. In the United States, this industry is young. All three states who offer online casino gaming have done well, with steady revenue earnings. But will traditional casino games be able to stand the test of time? Will younger generations and the generations to come want to be involved in such online gaming sites, trying to win quick cash while playing the slots or roulette?

Standard Casino Games Can Hold On

The trends could vary. There are still older generations who show such games as Texas Hold’em or blackjack to their grandchildren who can end up enjoying the game online or in a land based venue. It is interesting to consider the need of arcade style gaming as Nevada operators see it and compare what could become of online casino gaming.

Over the next few years we may see a new trend in online casino gaming, shifting from offering just standard casino games to arcade style options with wagering potential to bring in the more seasoned gamers who enjoy the skill based games. The industry will certainly be interesting to watch!