American Gaming Association Partners with NDAA

American Gaming AssociationIn an effort to cover the subject of illegal gambling, the American Gaming Association and the National District Attorneys Association have partnered up.

The American Gaming Association is a group focused on gambling and gambling within the United States. The AGA works to ensure fair gaming practices in the US and recently announced they are partnering with the National District Attorneys Association to focus on the subject of illegal gambling. Illegal gambling is an issue in the United States in regards to land based gaming, online gambling and crime organizations.

What Will This Partnership Include?

Within the partnership of the American Gaming Association and the NDAA, training will take place for law enforcement officials. Law enforcement officers will be trained during the next Global Gaming Expo, which is the largest gaming trade show in the world. The next edition of the Global Gaming Expo is set for the 27th to the 29th of September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The training will be comprehensive and will be a first for law enforcement officials. The training is part of the NDAA’s Comprehensive Training Series combined with the American Gaming Association’s Stop Illegal Gambling—Play it Safe campaign.

A Joint Effort

The presentation during the Global Gaming Expo will be a joint effort by the NDAA and the American Gaming Association. Prosecutors and representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be on hand to take part in the training along with officials from the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Texas Lottery Commission. Additional casino representatives and tribal interest groups will also be on hand. Adam Laxalt, the Attorney General for Nevada, has stated that representatives from AG offices in Mississippi and Arizona should also be in attendance.

American Gaming Association CEO and President, Geoff Freeman, stated that the partnership between the NDAA and the American Gaming Association offers the latest evidence that illegal gambling, which includes the massive illegal sports betting market, is a priority for law enforcement at every level across the country. Freeman further stated that the Global Gaming Expo is the perfect platform for the district attorneys to convene along with others in the law enforcement field to work with gaming industry professionals to be able to learn the best practices to be able to expose shady operators that are connected to organized crime groups. Such groups siphon revenues from the government as well as the legal gaming industry, which is regulated.

The President of the NDAA, Mike Ramos, stated that with the partnership with the American Gaming Association, the NDAA will be better equipped to work at exposing and cracking down on operations of illegal gambling across the country. The training is about focusing on the best practices and being able to build relationships in an effort to protect consumers from the predatory operators of illegal gambling operations.

Illegal Gambling Initiative

To fight illegal gambling in the United States, the American Gaming Association has created a new initiative titled Stop Illegal Gambling—Play it Safe. This program was created to bring together individuals associated with law enforcement as well as gaming to work to expose the illegal gambling market which continues to grow and prey on consumers. The illegal gambling groups are able to fund violent crime as well as take away from tax revenues.

Since April of last year, the American Gaming Association has used the initiative to gather over 30 law enforcement leaders from across the United States for the Law Enforcement Summit which took place in Washington D.C., to help officers to better understand the illegal sports betting market in the US and its massive size. Steps were learned as to what can be done to address the issue.